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RGSC.exe stopped working and needs to close....



Ok so ever since I just randomly restarted my computer when I try to run RGSC it fails and checks for solution automatically saying RGSC.exe has stopped working and is looking for a solution... There is none, however randomly trying to load it it will say sometimes something along the lines of press Cancle to Debug so I press that and then it sais Could not find default JIT debugger press Retry to Leave RGSC running to attach deubbger to....


Now I've heard of people getting RGSC working again running it through a debugger but I don't know how to do that. I had WinDbg.exe and attached to proccess RGSC.exe, I got that far but when it load up the text I don't know what to do from there, If anyone can help me on how to actually launch RGSC through it or what to type, or if there is a new way to fix this problem... It's really annoying I spend hard earn money to play the game, Went through living hell to get the missing textures fixed and get it running and now that I had it running for a couple hours it blkows that after a restart RGSC.exe just won't load anymore... So please any help would be great on how to get it running through Windbg.exe and actually Launching it or than again a different way to fix it completly....



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3 answers to this question

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have issues aswell


Downloaded the update and installed. Now im getting another error message : THIS APPLICATION HAS ENCOUNTERED A FATAL ERROR AND MUST CLOSE. Please restart or visit /link/




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There is a guide for RGSC and .net issues in the FAQ, follow it to the letter.

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