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[REL|IV] Asi loader

Alexander Blade

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hate to be one of those people. but alex. dude. ya gotta update gta 4 asi loader man

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On 12/4/2016 at 11:10 AM, deathfaceresidentevil said:

Dear Alexander Blade,


As you should know, Rockstar Games has finally updated GTA IV PC to Just letting you know.

I'll be honest, he's right. Alexander Blade, could you please update the ASI loader to work with version (sorry for necroposting by the way)

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Eh, doesn't the asi loader already work with 1080? You can grab Ultimate Asi Loader if not then.

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I'm going to guess that this never ended up happening and that we can no longer use ASI based mods?


JUST as I dip a toe into modding after twelve years of dull IV textures and thangs ... ☹️

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