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NASA Sues Rockstar Games


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NASA Sues Rockstar Games after purchasing a video game that lags on their computers, Apparently GTA IV runs slow on NASA's computers.


Rockstar replied that the game is meant to be played on future PC's, NASA Replies that they cannot afford another project due to the economic crisis.



NASA Control room getting ready to play GTA IV:


user posted image


NASA Control room after 10 minutes:


user posted image

user posted image


NASA Trying to fix the problem:


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Edited by josh123ok
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Hehe nice post.Ty for the funny moments. biggrin.gif

no problem gringo, its a good time to put smiles on people faces cause you all seem so bummed lately including me...

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They don't have enough money for more equipment but they have enough to start a court case that could drag on for years? Their logic is flawed.

This post smells of seriousness. rofl.

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Boy i wish somebody would really sue them over this :



"The game is meant to be played on future PC's." dontgetit.gif



Thats absolutely the lamest thing i'v heard from a software company.

Edited by Olafgtaiv
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Topic of the year, period biggrin.gif

Crazy idea man.


@ Philll - are you retarded? This is not a rhetorical question. I'm serious. Are you retarded?

Yes moron, I'm serious. I had no idea this was a joke, thank you for pointing it out. What ever would I do without people like you on this forum filled with the worst grammar and spelling I have ever seen on the internet, someone like you to actually point out that things like this aren't real. I mean, those MSpaint pictures just convinced me so much - what was I thinking.

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