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How to play on XP SP2


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GTA IV PC Works fine with Windows XP SP2, The trick is to let GTA think you have SP3 on. You can change/tweak what Service pack windows reports is installed by tinkering with the Registry.


Here is how: (Only do this if you like tinkering with the registry!)




Step 1: Run Regedit by Clicking on Start -> Run , type in regedit and press enter.


Step 2: Browse to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>Control>Windows"


Step 3: Modify the value of "CSDVersion" from "0x00000200" (SP2) to the Windows XP SP3 value of "0x00000300" (I suppose you could also go to edit > find, and search for CSDVersion that way)


Step 4: Close.


Step 5: Restart windows (but in most cases an explorer restart will do).


If your one of those people who think you might somehow mess that simple process up. Then don't try it.

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