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Catastrophic failure




I've just bought the GTA IV (37€ in Europe biggrin.gif ) and tried to install it several times - no luck.

I've got this error:

user posted image

(pic Says:

Feature Transfer error (name of the error)

Feature: Grand Theft Auto IV



Error: Catastrophic failure




Windows XP Professional SP3

Intel E1200 processor

GF7950GT 256MB


320+250GB HDD


Anyway, enough to RUN or at least to INSTALL but no luck. What to do? ph34r.gif



EDIT: Oh, it does that when it tries to install GTAIV\pc\audio\Sfx\cutscenes.rpf

Edited by boriZko

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Try this copy all files from the disc to the desktop after doin that make 2 ISO files make sure the names of the files will be GTA IV DVD 1.iso and GTA IV DVD 2.iso in the first one copy all files except data3.cab put it in the second ISO then try to run it with DAEMON TOOLS it worked for me (sorry for bad english)

Edited by RaHawK

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So i get the catastrophic failure too. Rockstar should BE able to answer that. ANyways, i'v tryed thigs descripbed in this thread http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23804, first post, tryed reinstalling Windows too. So first read, then suggest. And i got 35GB of free disc space of D partition. On C i have 3GB from ~21gb. It is not possible to uninstall Windows as you know, and why is space on C hard drive needed if i am installing into D disc? Well, any suggestions?

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I have the same problem it cannot be the DVD reader or something cuz i downloaded GTA IV and i installs it without a DVD or CD, Ive tried to install it in Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Vista home premium(Both 64bit) and i get the same error message. confused.gif

I have installed GTA IV with the same Files but now it doesnt work sad.gif

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biggrin.gif same problem/ but mine stops at manhunt_08.img lol f*ckin gta IV.. i think the problem is that file is damged or corrupted.try to return it to where you bhought it and ask for a new one.


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i also have catastrophic failure only after installing the second disc..


I have tried using administrator priviledge with compatibility of w7, vista, w8, and XPs..


i currently have windows 8 as my OS, but other latest games are working fine with me.


so i'm really down wasting money on buying games that waste my time.


for drivers i have installed fully updated


i have PC specs


windows 8 64-bit OS quad core

intel i7 extreme edition processor

high-end motherboard



7400/7500 RPM DVD DRIVE & 5400 RPM DVD/DRIVE

256 bit GTX 690 GPU

9-10 MBPS Internet Speedtest for Download


some technical support should help us with this game -.-

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Here are a few solutions try them one by one serially:-

1.search your pc, for "GTA IV", and then delete whatever the results are.
2.go to the registry and search again for "GTA IV", there are quite a few entries, delete them all as well.
3.And then try again installing from the disc.

2nd Solution:-
You may not be logged in as ADMIN. or you have permissions set that do not allow you to write or re-write critical core components. If you are not logged in as administrator then try that or try the install from "safe" mode.

3rd solution:-
Format and re install your OS. Which I am not exactly too thrilled about.

4th solution:-
Get a new Disc , in lieu of this one. Try that out.

Hope one of them will help. In all probability first one will help itself.

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