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Auto set to MP3 station.

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I'd like to find a mod that will force GTA III/VC/SA (I put all three as i'm interested in any mods that do it to any, i'm not expected the same program to do all of them at once) anyhow, a program that'll force GTA to have Custom MP3 radio station playing whenever I get into a car.


I've tried the admin console which has this feature, but it never works.. I'm sick to death of listening to the same radio stations playing then having to flick through them to find MP3 Radio station.


Also, a side question? Is there a limit on GTA 3's MP3s? as I have around 25 tracks in there, but it only seems to play 10 odd constantly? and yes they are all MP3 formats.


Thanks for your time.

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this code might work in the MAIN.SCM

041E: set_radio_station 24

<< credits to the peoples in goin-god radio topic

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Well im no editor, I take it I open it up with notepad and place that code anywhere? or does it have to be in a certain area?

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I think the default.ide/vehicles.ide sets the default radio stations in the cars but I've never tested it before. You could try that out first.

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