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the hubster

Documenting GTAIV memory addresses

Recommended Posts



typedef cell DWORD;


0x15AD8B4 : (cell**) Global Variables Pool

And for 1.0.3?

EDIT: already found it with IDAFree

Edited by CheaterNo1

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the hubster
How do i get the address of GTAIV.exe?

Its dynamic on vista, 0x0040000000 on xp.

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Thank you guys for these offsets. Unfortunately they no longer seem to work. I'm trying myself to get the offset for the Camera Aim Vector. I'm still not sure how to find this address. It's very complicated to find the address you are looking for. By the way I'm using IDA pro. I was hoping you could help me out. Any link to tutorials that explain how to do this in detail, would be much appreciated. I have little ASM knowledge, and I'm trying to make a modification for my son. He likes to play GTA4 a lot!



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the hubster


@MikeHall there is some decent tutorials here: http://community.reverse-engineering.net/


I think everything in this thread is probably outdated/ for a previous patch by now.

Edited by the hubster

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Native Injector:




For use like this:


NATIVE n_ABSF = { "ABSF", 1 };


DWORD objectHandle;





Still very experimental... so it's highly likely the limited testing I've done with it hasn't ironed out all the bugs

Can someone post new links?

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Old thread, but whatever. Also, I don't know if it's already know, but again - whatever tounge.gif.


I reversed the weaponentries in-memory. This way you don't need to edit weaponinfo.xml if you want to shoot rockets from your deagle. Can be viewed at:



It's from vanilla GTA:IV v1.0.7.0, though I wouldn't expect the Episodes to have a much different structure.



I haven't reversed the whole structure yet. Weapon flags and model properties have yet to be done.

Edited by thaCURSEDpie

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will be waiting when everything will be done and added))

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