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Grand Theft Auto IV Screenshots


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21 hours ago, thehambone said:

Yeah there's a glitch in that part of Bohan where practically every parked car that spawns is the same.

And if it's a sports car (which you can engineer by parking one at your safehouse) you can make quick $$$ selling them at Stevie's garage

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Edited by donnits
imgur deleted original screenshots so ima just add this one
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On 7/8/2020 at 9:46 PM, Lioshenka said:

It's an oldie - and the only GTA 4 screenshot I had saved. Just a funny occurence - all the cars on the side of the road are beat up ones.




Same thing happened to me two days ago. Look how many those rusty f*ckers are parked on San Quentin Avenue. I might buy one to restore and leave rest for parts.


There were 15 of them.

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It also does that to a lesser extent in South Bohan, you can trigger it based on what vehicle you have at the safehouse. Can take advantage of it by parking a high value sports car there and then going back and forth selling the large amount of them that spawn in nearby parking spaces to Stevie's garage round the corner. Quickest way to make money in the game.

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7 hours ago, Kubigz said:

Well, but there's nothing really interesting to spend money in IV.

Hospital bills (costing 10% of your money/$10,000 once you have over $100,000 each time) and weapons ($5000 for ONE rocket for the rocket launcher) are way more expensive in IV than in other GTAs though, plus you don't get a huge amount of money just playing through the story (the two big payouts are only $250,000 each) and side missions pay little or nothing, and you own no businesses so no regular income. So if you want the option of playing around using lots of ammo and dying without always reloading your save afterwards it can be useful to bank some extra cash. And selling cars is pretty much the only way to do it.


I just did it until I had over a million and then I was happy. I don't feel right not having a comfortable amount of cash in the bank in GTA lol

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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^ That second to last pic is amazing. So much atmosphere in that. Just outside the gunshop in Alderney I think. 

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It's a warehouse in Bohan. Mission Escuella On The Streets.

Edited by Kubigz
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  • 1 month later...

A Skyline Sunset 








I caught these three while testing the Skyline timecyc, really great mod. I also used Zolika's trainer to mess with the FOV.


Decided to make the following for my YouTube channel art afterwards, applying some 'GTA style' effect I downloaded, I'm interested in hearing some opinions. 



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On 11/13/2020 at 5:14 PM, Rob_ said:

A Skyline Sunset 

Great photos! Especially the first one.

Some morning shots I took a while back.


Edited by thehambone

San Andreas Countryside
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Nice @thehambone, I like the reflection of the city in that first pic.
Here's something different, got some cinematic cab depot themed shots lol 











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Sweet Autumn Timecyc


Ignore the disturbing textures in the second picture^ Those pictures are old 😅

Combo between Reality IV 2.0 Skydome + Shaders + VisualSettings, Better Motion Blur Shaders, 2DFX, and Sweet Autumn Timecyc


Edited by catsmackaroo
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Same combo as before, but with different dirt & vegetation texture and some Skyline timecyc texture stuff that changes light_occluders, coronas, and fx_rain, I think I changed the visualSettings too, can't remember.

Also 'removed' 2DFX, this is a new directory (for testing stuff) so I just forgot that


The vegetation texture was Vegetation Textures by Bison Sales, and the dirt one was HD DIRT Texture 1.0 by AIGE

The vehicles are from an addon pack which adds some GTA V vehicles (properly), link can be found here:


The vehicles are hit or miss imo, sometimes they fit fine, other times they don't

Also, I don't recommend the vegetation pack with this combo, the trunks can just glitch a lot, they're too HD for a vanilla+ sorta combo like this one, you can test it, ofc



Edited by catsmackaroo
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Who's that chad Catsmackaroo guy? Oh wait...

Also, edited picture of that helicopter thing:


What an epic picture

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  • 4 weeks later...
On 12/26/2020 at 4:45 PM, Michael2020 said:

Liberty City forever ❤️

Absolutely, which is why I post here after a long time: There are several ways to be bad in Liberty City.





Edited by GiveMeLiberty78
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  • 3 weeks later...


Nicky Bellic got himself a new car from Germany.

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