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DLC: Sony fanboys will never accept reality

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Think about it: as I said in another thread, Sony is not going to announce that their competitor is releasing something they have no access to.


Because of this, the delusional PS3 users who can't grasp the reality of what a $50 million exclusivity deal means will never accept it. The DLC popping up on PS3 (which simply won't happen) would prove them right but there will never be a single event that proves them wrong.


They'll always be maintaining "oh, the DLC is coming, we'll get it eventually!" and there will be no way to prove them wrong. Common sense will do the trick but this entire PS3 DLC delusion is based upon a lack of common sense.


Years from now they'll still be maintaining that it will be coming eventually. It never will and they'll still think they'll wake up the next day and that's when the announcement will be made.


The only possible end to the madness is the end of the current generation of consoles and/or the next full-blown GTA game. Until then they're never going to accept the truth.


If it's any consolation we'll be playing the content while they're just sitting around convincing themselves they'll be playing it soon.

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Pretty average topic but it pretty much sums the core of the DLC fanboynism up.

Anyway; didn't R* say in a preview that PS3 will get DLC, but much, much less then the xbox 360?

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The PS3 people WILL infact get Downloadable Content. Yes you heard me, you WILL get DLC. But it will not be the 2 Episodic content that rockstar is making.



Ok heres the thing, Let me clarify it all up for you.



Lets say PS3 gets 4 Things of DLC on the Playstation Store.


1) Niko Extra Clothes Pack

2) 2 Safehouses

3) 4 Cars/Trucks

4) 4 more Cars/Trucks




ok Now The Xbox 360 (Because they Paid in full for the extra) will get

1) The Lost and the Damned (Episodic Content Pack 1)

2) (Episodic Content Pack 2)

3) Niko Extra Clothes Pack

4) 2 Safehouses

5) 4 Cars/Trucks

6) 4 more Cars/Trucks



This is because Microsoft Paid Money for the 2 more things to be made FOR the xbox 360. Say PS3 paid for the Extra Episodic Packs. Then it would be ONLY for the PS3. So what i am trying to say is, please do not rant. You know that it will not work if you cry about it. And Microsoft PAID for it, and Sony did not. It is Sony's fault for not giving Rockstar money for the Extra Episodic Packs. So if you want to Rant, Rant to Sony not paying 50 million for there own "exclusive" DLC.

Edited by Emotion98.3

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I guess us PS3 users can't face the facts and are just hoping so much for the DLC to come. biggrin.gif

But it's probably because of the amount of 360 users boasting about it and rubbing it in our faces. I mean, there is no need to bring our hopes down cause we all know it might(won'tsad.gif) come to PS3.

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