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GTA IV System Requirements


Do you meet the requirements?  

4,326 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you meet the requirements?

    • Yes (Recommended Requirements)
    • Yes (Minimum Requirements)
    • No

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Popular Posts

Can it run on my laptop? Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) N4020 CPU @ 1.10GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.1GHz Graphic Card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 600 128MB VRAM RAM: 4GB  OS: Windows 10 Home Single L

Well yougamers finally released their benchmarking tool for GTA IV. You can test your PC here. Although I have to say, it is very odd that it puts the minimum / recomended requirements so close to eac

1080p 60 FPS? Most powerful rigs can't maintain a solid 60, usually drops to low 50's. But this:   Intel Core i5 4690K 4GB DDR3-2133 GTX 760   Should be able to come close. This game runs great

Recommended Posts

My laptop had specs way above the recommended requirements for a game called Racedriver GRID. But i had problems with freezing. I emailed them and said about this problem. They replied by saying that laptops don't always work that well and not all laptops are supported because of something about the drivers (what ever those things are). So i would like to know if gta4 will be the same or wil it be fine if i have pretty good laptop that passes recommended requirements?? Does it support laptops??

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My laptop always fails on games, yet when I push ahead and get them.. a few tweaks I have got every game to work.


I recently got PES2009, a warning came up saying "the game is below minimum requirements", it still runs amazingly well.


I'll still be getting GTA IV, (I have it on PS3 but refuse to play it).. I think with a few tweaks, turning certain stuff down most PCs will be able to handle it.

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Stupid CanYouf*ckIt site...

I dont trust this dumb ass site, I 'll wait until I buyed the DVD and I'll see it if works.

Hopefully on December 3th or some days later.

Btw, could somebody please explain what the E and the P means?

Like C2D E8400 and C2D P8400.

I have ithe P.

P goes for porn

when you watch porn, you will have a much better expirence with those


just kidding, but as nobody has 'em, i think E8400 would be better


thats strange.. my system C2D E4600, 8800GTS 2GB RAM passes the 2 there? somethings not right here..

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i cant paste it here did you guys right click and copy or ?

dont worry it just makes my pc go Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gifmonocle.gifbarf8bd.gifsuicidal.gifcry.gifangry.gif

You will need to make an image (you can use PRINT SCREEN, paste the image into Paint, trim it and save as a jpg), upload it to some image host (like imageshack) and then post it here. On imageshack they give you the forums link so you need just to copy/paste it.

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I think the worse things about these is that they don't account for two processors. Yeah it says 2 CPUs but I just takes the speed of one of them (1= 1.60GHz 2=3.20 GHz cool.gif ).

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-Intel Core2Duo T9300 @2.5GHz


-9500M GS 512MB

-300GB HDD

-Vista SP1


user posted image AND



user posted image


Bah the YouGamers didn't detect my graphics card properly. Is 9500M GS = 9400 GS?

But I'm surprised with the result from CanYouRunIt.com I pass the minimum. Yeah !

Edited by TheRealPcGamer
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I like the people that are shocked their computers are above the recommended when their computers are clearly above the recommended. It's cute...

We love the justification, people's eyes light up when the ''benchmarks'' state that their system is capable of playing CRYSIS


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user posted image


this only because i have 2GB of ram rather than 2.5 and a dual core rather than a quad core processor. i call bullsh*t.

Umm you do realize that the GFX card matters too?

Edited by oc student
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I just want to call bullsh*t on the bloody Quad core requirement. I'll be damned if GTA IV can tap into all 4 cores on a quad. Almost no PC games did so far. If indeed you don't need a quad core to play this game optimally, then why the hell put it in the recommended requirements? To me the recomended requiremnts look like the "What-you-need-to-MAX-the-game requirements". Instead the recommended requirements should be the ones that are needed to play the game at the same quality level as a console.


Is it possible that GTA IV is more CPU intensive than previous versions? Perhaps. But I seriously doubt it. The Graphics might have improved significantly, which is handled by the GPU, but I doubt the AI improved that much. Can the physics be that intensive? Who knows. Crysis has some of the most intensive physics models in a PC game yet, and I doubt GTA IV could even touch it on that, and it still does not require a Quad core in the recommended requirements, even in its most recent iteration: Warhead.


I'll wait and see till release date, of course.


Edited by medfreak
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OK, quad is obviously bullsh*t. IMO not needed for recommended not max. They jsut sputed that crap out there to raise some hype among geeky GTA fans out there biggrin.gif


Not one single game made use of a quad before, are we going to start with a console port (yeah OK, a ground up build... sure)? The fact remains, this game is not THAT advanced nor new to need some hardware not one game ever before required.


Maybe in those preview they ran few [email protected] clients in the background so it seemed like the machine had trouble coping biggrin.gif

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I like the people that are shocked their computers are above the recommended when their computers are clearly above the recommended. It's cute...

Ha ha no I didn't shocked. Just PROUD



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i'm trying to "test" my pc with this yougamers.com test but it doesn't want to run it... it get this message:


Futuremark Systeminfo could not be installed or the installation was canceled. The library is required to use the Game-O-Meter. Please note that you need administration privileges to run the installer.


I've got Vista (32) and i only have one account, so i don't see why it doesn't want to run it...


my pc contains:

E8500 @3.16ghz


HD3870X2 Asus

Benq 20" 1680x1050

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