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Walk under Water

KingBulleT 8747

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KingBulleT 8747

So, its really easy, get a car, park it at water place, like San fierro docks, park the driver door near the water so that you can stand next to the water and next to the car.


Screen: (painted)



user posted image




So now walk to street and punch a guy, wait till hes angry and want fight you, get in your car, let the guy jack your car, your on the water, and stand up, now you are under water and can walk around there (use cheats for cars)


you can start with planes and helicopters in water too, and you can fly out without problems.



have fun.

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Sounds cool I am trying it out in a minute.




Haha awesome, I am running under docks now! Great find mate! biggrin.gif

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ah, great finding which i havent known about until now. you could do it in multiplayer but not in single player.

now i can finally cruise in the ocean bottom and maybe find something there smile.gif


thx m8 and nice drawing smile.gif



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KingBulleT 8747

nice drawing xD tounge.gif


i found it out when i just played PS2 and didnt bought PC, that was some years ago.

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