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Missing Hidden Packages


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I have a regular version of Vice City on PC.

I have only recently discovered this apparent glitch when I endeavoured to collect all 100 hidden packages (I used two different Hidden package walkthroughs- one with very explicit directions- as well as a map with the locations pinpointed, so I know I did not miss them, they simply weren't there).

I found that 2 were missing: #13 "On top of the tall blue-and-white building with the old white wooden fence" and #88 "On top of the southernmost helipad".

I quadruple checked, even going so far as to put the "lights" mod into the game and doing sweeps of the entire map with a helicopter to check that the "lights" I was seeing were not hidden packages, just rampages.

I then removed the "lights" mod and also my player skins, reinstalled the game and started a new game, completely cheat free.

I then began collecting all the hidden packages I could without having to do the missions to open up the entire map (skipping anything that required a helicopter or boat), but I only got to #29 ("Near back exit of Mercedes' house") before discovering that this hidden package was missing. In a cheat-free game, no mods.

My computer is in near new condition at present, it has been upgraded and of course reloaded. All hardware is the same as ever but 2 or 3 grades up, and I've never had a problem playing VC on another computer with the same exact hardware.

I cannot think of any possible causes and I thought I might as well see if you guys have any idea. confused.gif

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No ideas, however post your save file and let others take a look at it...


You can host it easily via this site... http://gtasnp.com/ Your original one missing the 2 packages if possilbe.


I'm a bit rusty on hidden packages but I don't recall one on the helipad-- it was by the back door to the house next to it-- I don't recall another one near that one-- (but like I said, its been a while).


the other building you are mentioning should be the one right behind the police station in washington beach.... unless you are mentioning the buildings with the swimming pools on the roof.


Shatterstorm should be able to find any packages you have left.




It is a replacement main.scm for your game-- go into your game files, rename your main.scm file to something else. Put the above one in its place. Load up your game-- it will collect all the packages and then prompt you to save. Rename your original main.scm to "main.scm" and then continue.


The above file is zipped... you cannot unzip it with winzip or winrar-- you have to use windows unzip utility.


I have an unzipped copy if you need it.

Edited by Spuds725
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Here's the save file: http://gtasnp.com/14138

Don't laugh at the last mission I completed I came back to it because I had problems with it lol.


Sorry about the location descriptions, I wanted to be brief and I figured that people might have used the list and have a rough recollection of the numbers.

I know where the items are supposed to be, the second one, yes, was supposed to be on top of the blue and white building behind the police station, but it isn't. I've checked several times.

The southernmost helipad, is near the freight and cargo terminal at the airport. The package is supposed to be on top of the helipad, but I have looked there and all around the helipad also but it is simply not there.


Very very weird. I did read about a problem like this in the bug list that's pinned in this troubleshooting forum, but the solution wsn't very helpful because the problem was for ps2:

"Problem #2 Missing hidden package/jump/rampage/anything."

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I did not have time to go through all the packages-- however I did DL and install shatterstorm and it found the last 2.


here is your save with 100 packages found... http://gtasnp.com/14153


If you don't want to use it (Demarest swore his tools will not mess up your game)-- then I urge you to repost your save to SNP and just ask for the locations of the last 2 packages-- you can refer them to this thread.


I did check the building behind the police station (before I tried shatterstorm) to see if it was a spawning problem with your game and it was not there-- that one is kind of hard to not remember getting before... are you sure that is one you had not got before???



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Thank you. biggrin.gif

Umm, sorry if this makes me sound stupid, but who am I supposed to ask for the locations of the last 2 packages?


I'm absolutely certain that I hadn't picked up either of the two missing ones before. The directions I had to the building behind the police station were a bit sketchy on that one, so I couldn't actually find the building they were talking about, until later when I got another hidden package walkthrough that explained it better, when I went to check it out the package wasn't there.

I was more thinking I must have done something earlier in the game to screw with it, but I have no idea, it seems that playing with no cheats or mods hasn't done me any favours either.


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It is a big request (to get someone to go through all the packages)-- but yes. If there are 2 out there-- you probably want to see the packages yourself.


I don't believe in the missing package glitch... so would be interested if someone could confirm your claim of 2 missing packages--

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Hidden Packages don't just disappear or not spawn. Something will need to screw up the game, or the game or game save will need to be screwed up from the start. Cheating, modding and screwing around with anything in the game or with the game files will do something to the game, whether it is stuffing up hidden packages, causing things not to load or causing glitches with missions.


For the blue and white building with the HP on top, I suggest you do enough missions to unlock the entire map. Get a helicopter, and land on the building. Because hidden packages are small, you may not notice it if you are hovering around the top of the building. Land the chopper and check each individual corner. It's on one of the north corners of the building.


As for the helipad package, it is in the dead centre of a pad. If it's not there, check every helipad in the area. In one of the hidden package FAQs (bradsnet one, I believe) he stresses that this package is the one that may not appear if you have cheated.


Also, the mercedes one is sometimes tricky to spot. I believe that it's on the north side of the house.

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Yeah I know where they all are, I've done it several times now. I had some things in the first game that may have messed with it, I used cheats and had player skins in the game. I had finished the main story of the game so it wasn't a case of not having places unlocked. I removed all of the skins and started a new game and didn't cheat and managed to find all 100, so it must have just been that first game save. Problem solved.

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  • 4 years later...

i have a copy of gta vice city for ps2 an today i was trying to get all 100 hidden packages and 2 of them were not there and i have never collected them before the one under vice port sign and the one in the car showroom upstairs ive gone over them in order from 1-100 and in the end ill have 98 out of 100 any answers?

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Above is link to bug list... Look at #2 in the 2nd post..... Follow directions.


I persinally don't believe in the missing package bug/glitch.



Are u absolutely sure those are the missing ones?


There are some that are hard to find even with a guide. I would use a guide with pics.



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