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GTA: Dark Knight Begins

Recommended Posts

Midnight Special
thanks superpowermind, i needed that, btw, i saw that you can make cleo, ive not tried the bomb in breifcase, but it looks ery very good, perhaps you can do the coding for me, plz man, cause no one will even bother to reply to my PMs that i send, so plz, i will help ya this time, with all i can, not saying i can do much, but i really do need a damn coder suicidal.gif anyways, ttyl man, peace smile.gif




PS: plz get onto msn today, so we can talk business tounge.gif

Hey! I can try..

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omg really, thanks so much superpowermind, btw, we can work as a team, me you, and my friend joe, cause im also learning coding now, well, gonna try to tounge.gif, anyways, lets see what all we can work up tounge.gif, ttyl, peace



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hey guys, listen, i have some codes for TDKB mod, but atm they arent working, also, srry to double post, but i really want these codes to work, i wanna see what they are like, anyways, anyone willing to give this a shot at finishing or fixing them, here is the link to the download, oh and below is the coding list for my mod, anyways, ttyl guys, peace smile.gif




http://www.mediafire.com/file/3boommmdywd/Scare-Raz-Joker Missions V1.2.rar



--------PEDS LIST--------Names(DFF/TXD):2facealfredfoxgordonharveyjokerjokerpunchjokerthugjokerthugajokerthugblauloebninjaaninjabrachelrasghoulscarrow--------LINKS TO MOD--------http://www.mediafire.com/file/onmyy5mmlyu/GTA_Dark_Knight_Begins_3.0.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/qnhn525mzth/GTA_TDKB_Update_1.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/im1rizqktjn/GTA_TDKB_Update_2.rarhttp://download328.mediafire.com/pihzcdylmblg/tdjngmkfzkk/GTA_TDKB_Update_3.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/mmjnmmu0agz/GTA_TDKB_Update_4.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/znjh20zyoov/GTA_TDKB_Update_5.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/mzemniwmmno/GTA_TDKB_Update_6.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/jrgh4jmdxnm/GTA_TDKB_Update_7.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/v5mqmmgmriw/GTA_TDKB_Update_8.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/wyjy2mlnnzv/GTA_TDKB_Update_9.rar--------MISC CODING--------grapple gun - i want to be able to fly/glide with the desert eagle gun in SA, i want to be able to shoot the gun, and where ever the bullet hits, you can press and hold the fire button and be zaped very fast like to that spot, i want there to be no limit of distance or height in this, cause all i want is this gun, the grapple gun(desert eagle) to act as a grapple hook type that can be shot(the bullets) and can be glided to that spot, and thats it...vigilante submissions for tumbler and batpod(bandito and fcr900) - all i want is for the bandito(tumbler) and batpod(fcr900) to have the SA vigilante missions availble for both of them, just so incase we get really bored of the missions, or have passed them, we can still fight the criminal of gotham city(san andreas), and thats it...run faster and jump higher - i want to be able to run very fast and jump very high, like 3x or 5x the dephalt games speed for both jumping and running, and be able to just jump and land insteand of falling, and thats it...batcape parachute - i want the parachute to auto respawn as a weapon for the player, i want it to go faster like a glider and not a paracute, like 3x the speed both verticaly and horizionaly, i also want it to not kill you when ya hit the ground, but yet just land on your feet insteand of you falling, and thats it...spawn at wayne manor/savepoint - i want a savepoint at wayne manor, its in the woods of back o beyond in that mirror lake there, i also want to spawn when new game starts in the black tanktop, black dress pants, and black dress shoes, the goatee, and thats it...savepoint at bunker - i want also the same thing as for the wayne manor, but only these to, i do not wnat to spawn here, just have a savepoint, and thats it...tumbler and batpod can shoot rockets/guns - i want to be able to shoot rockets from the front of the bandito(tumbler) and fcr900(batpod), and also shoot guns from the batpod and tumbler, have these setup with diffrent keys and such, and thats it...cheats to change into and out of the suits - i want it setup to be able to change into diffrent suits(Ninja suit, Pre-Begins batsuit, begins batsuit, TDK batsuit), with cheats, i want a diffrent cheat for each, and to be able to also change into and out of the suits with the same cheat(deactivate), and thats it...--------MISC INFORMATION--------Suits:LOS Ninja suit - hockey mask, leisure suit, biker bootsBegins pre-batsuit - fullface helmet, racing suit, grey/brown bootsBegins Batsuit - cornrows, rural clothes, grey/brown bootsTDK batsuit - gimpsuit------------------------------------------Weapons:AK47 - Jokers GunKnifecur - Jokers KnifeColt45 - Twoface' Gunc*ntgun - Ras Al Ghul' Cane GunKatana - Ras Al Ghul' Cane SwordDesert Eagle - Grapple GunBrassKnuckle - BatarangGrenade - Mini MinesParachute - BatcapeJetpack - Batwing Glider------------------------------------------Vehicles:Tumbler - BanditoBatpod - FCR900Jokers Truck - Petrol/PetroltrAlfreds - WillardBruce Waynes - TurismoSchool Bus - Bus------------------------------------------Maps:Wayne Manor w/ Batcave/Island - Batcave(DFF/TXD/COL) and Tiny_Rock(DFF)Rock(TXD)Dynamic(COL)TDK Bunker/Batcave - Twoplayer(DFF)Icons4(TXD)Dynamic(COL)Bat Signal - Bats(DFF/TXD/COL) Bats2(DFF/TXD/COL)--------MAIN CODING--------gta: the dark knight begins - story line/plot introduction/opening scene:gotham city...(text)batman arrives ontop of the Los santos police station, gordon then tells him that they cant find scarecrow or half the criminals of arkham asylum, but batman insists that they will and can bring gotham back, then, gordon gives batman a joker card, with a number and a name, telling him that he has committed double homiside, got a taste for the theatrical(like batman), and that he leaves this card as a motive for us to try and find him, then gordon says i never said thank you, but batman insists he doesnt have to, then, batman flys off of the top of the police station and then into the camera....------------------------------------------one year before...(text)------------------------------------------BATMAN begins(fear)Mission 1: The will to actyou are bruce wayne, you have a objective to learn from a man named ras al ghul in the mountains(mt chilliad), your goal is to become a great and powerful warrior/ninja, after you train, armed, and unarmed, you must fight ducard to gain the respect of ras al ghul, once ducard is defeated, you must destroy the place, and save ducard from the building(cabin on mt chilliad), then, once he is safe, return back to gotham city, and regroup with your old friends and family....mission 2: you are not aloneyou are bruce in the pre/half batsuit(pimp suit), you must make your way into the los santos police station and find gordon, once you find him, you ask him how to take down falconie, once he tells you, you must leave, the cops will chase you, with a 2 star wanted level, untill you are out of site, then the wanted level is gone, run from rooftop to rooftop till the cops and wanted level is gone....mission 3: lighten upscarecrow has decided to try and destroy the evidence of his drugs, you are batman, your objective is to fight the 3 thugs of scarecrow, and then once we get to scarecrow, he poisions us and he then throws a molotov at us, we fall off the roof and land on the streets below, both poisoned and holusinatiing, we drag ourselves to a nearby street and collaps on the street, we then wakeup the next morning inside wayne manor....mission 4: a taste of your own medicinescarecrow has captured and poisioned rachel dawes, the DA of gotham city and your closest friend, as batman, you must take down 5 gaurds and stop scarecrow himself, then, once all of the gaurds and scarecrow are down, you must take rachel back to the tumbler, and drive her to the batcave, you will have a 3 star wanted level, which can incress if you destroy too much stuff on your way back to the batcave, once near the cave, the cops and wanted level will disappear, you will have 8 minutes to save rachel and to escape the police that are following you....mission 5: the fight isnt overyou are bruce wayne, you are celebrating your birthday at the manor, you find out that ras al ghul is not dead, but yet ducard is really ras al ghul, then you must chase ras al ghul and fight him, we cannot win, he then beats us and tryes to kill us by burning down the manor, but luckly afred saves us and we head off to dress in out batsuit in the batcave, we then take the tumbler and find gordon, once we find him, we must find ras al ghul and stop him, before its too late....mission 6: all that is nessesary as batman, we fly with our batcape till we find ras al ghul, he is on a tram/train in san fierro, we must fight all of the gaurds and ninjas(3 of each, 6 alltogether), then once we make our way to ras al ghul, we must fight him, destroy the vapor machien that is destroying gotham city, and wreak the train in which ras al ghul is on, then we must leave the train wreak and find gordon, the once we find gordon, we retreive our tumbler and then the missions are over....------------------------------------------gotham needs you...(text)------------------------------------------THE dark knight(escalation)mission 7: the beginning of the endscarecrow has setup a drug deal inside the carpark in LS, our job is to get there in 5 mins from the bunker and stop scarecrow and the mob form making the deal, then, once we stop scarecrow and the mob, we must find gordon, once we find gordon, we must talk to him and he tells us that joker has struck again, and that we need to hit them where it hurts, but we insist not to let just one man ruin the chances of getting the mob, then we leave and return to the bunker till the next day....Mission 8: a taste for the theatricalthe joker has just entered into your party, hes looking for harvey dent, but then, he sees rachel dawes and starts to tease and try and hurt her, then, we must fight joker as batman, fight all 3 of his thugs, and then stop rachel from dieing after the joker throws her out the balcany window, then, once rachel is safe, we must find harvey and help him and gordon to stop the joker....Mission 9: slaughterharvey dent has took on the roll of batman, and has been arrested and is being transported to a holding block for trial, but, as they transport him, we must try and stop the garbage truck and jokers big-rig from destroying the van in which harvey dent is in, once we stop the garbage truck, we must then go with the batpod and find joker and his truck, once we flip jokers truck, we must follow him secretly to the police station and make sure we are not seen by any police, we follow gordon and the joker to the police station on the batpod....Mission 10: everyone has a choiceafter we talk to joker in the police station, we must try and find harvey dent, and save him and rachel from the jokers plans, once we find harvey dent, rachel will die, then, we must get harvey safely outside, but after we do, we must take him to the hospital, because his face is burned from a chemical catching fire....Mission 11: and here we gowe must find the joker and stop him before the joker blows up the 2 parked ships in san fierro bay, then, on the way, we must take out the swat team that is trying to kill the hostages, once the swat is down, we must find and fight joker, once we defeat him, he is captured buy the swat and taken to arkham asylum, then, we must find harvey, now twoface, and stop him from killing gordon and his family....Mission 12: one rule brokenwe find harvey(twoface) holding gordon and his family hostage, once he shoots us, we then have no choice but to kill twoface and stop his madness before its too late, then, once we finish off twoface, we tell gordon that we cannot do this anymore, that we cannot be batman anymore, that we do all that gotham needs us to, and that we have to stop, then, we run away to batpod, with a 4 star wanted level, we must return back to the bunker and once we escape the police, the missions are over....------------------------------------------outro/ending scene:gordon is standing ontop of los santos police station, with the bat signal in the skys, but no batman, just as soon as the signal goes off, gordon destroys it and leaves, then, it should show gordon talking to alot of plp about harvey dent and how he faught for gotham city and for the batman, that the batman is no criminal, but only a earthly protector, a dark knight....


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