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[CON][WIP] VCS models as peds in SA


Recommended Posts

This is a Release / Work in Progess topic . This is not a request topic of any sort . I will be releasing at my own pace .



I decided to try my hand at my own conversions from VCS since I own the ps2 game .


Lance pack





Vic Pack 1




Peds pack 1





Fixes pack





Vic pack 2








Peds Pack 2






Vic Pack 3








Mesh Fixes and bonus ped








VCS Peds Pack 3










Vic pack 4








VCS Peds Pack 4








Vic pack 5







VCS Ped pack 5







Embracing couple




Cuban Gang






Diaz Gang





Edited by LAD
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Your going to need to weld the verticies together if you want it to look smooth, sometimes gta breaks the mesh apart when you import it for some reason.


EDIT: oh I see you did it, goodo icon14.gif


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The smoothing looks really good, it seems like a 'Vice City' pedestrian now!


Only one thing, if someone could work on the textures to make them 'less pixelated', this would be perfect. (I hope someone shows up who is willing to do so...). But you already stated that yourself.


Anyways, nice job!


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my god is greedy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


very thanks LAD fot Lance (vc.vcs) very thx


LAD is my person god biggrin.gif

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Looks awesome, textures look a bit weird though, for now. Try to convert Vic in pastel suit and Armando/Diego Mendez as well.


Great job like always.

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Here is Vic smoothed in Camo pants ,


user posted imageuser posted image


not in game yet , I think I will finish up all the Lance CS models first . There are just 2 , I have the glasses taken off of the red shirt Lance as an alternate version .


user posted imageuser posted image


His textures look perfect in the editor like the vic camo , but in game ...... So after I get the Lance models are finished I will double their texture size , despeckle a little maybe another quick filter on the textures then it will be done enough for me to be satisfied with them . Suit Lance CS Model is next to be smoothed . In the release the original untouched textures will be in a TXD as an alternate , or for people to try their hand at improving them from pure source .

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Now if someone would convert the animations used in the Stories series, that would be awesome. I just have one question, how do you export the models from the PS2 cd?

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Hmm this is indeed very strange. Vic Vance looks awesome in the 'editor screenshot' (You know, the 'Army Fatigues' Vic).


Isn't there any way to make the 'ingame version' look the same as the 'editor version'? I mean, if you just 'double' the textures you'll still have the 'pixelated' effect, right? (Well, from what I know of modding/textures...).


Anyways, good job!


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Here is suit lance smoothed


user posted imageuser posted image


I won't be able to start rigging for another 8 hours , work just called , 8 hours of overtime today it seems ...


As for doubling their size it does something , doubles the pixels [ or cuts the current ones in half] when you use filters , maybe you didn't see my post for what it said . No worries , like I said originals will be included . Some are 16x16 in size ..... all psp spec after all .

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Cool Idea man.

VCS is my fav GTA, but i couldn't play it till yet. sad.gif

I really like Vic Vance, he is my fav GTA Chara.

The models look good. Make more.

Keep up the good wrok. icon14.gifbiggrin.gif

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Damn, I want the suit Lance for Vice City.


Like I said it would be good if you rigged the smuggler, pastel suit and/or smart suit.

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Only 4 hours of overtime in the end .

So ...

His suit is not to bad , the buttons do look like they are made of 32 pixels though , I think I will just release stock textures .


user posted imageuser posted image


That is just the inital rig , tonite I will spend more time on the rig job . Then a PS2 VCS CS Lance release . Most likely 3 models unless I put some sort of shades on the suit guy and casual Lance . Well a casual Lance easy fix would be to color the shades texture yourself , black .

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Hey LAD,

the peds are cool, but the Link doesn't work. confused.gif

Can you upload it again pls???

I really want this peds. smile.gif

Edited by Jimbo_V
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shiiiiiiiiiiiiit my game is no run sad.gif


my original dvd is sh*t cryani.gif

and my copy dvd is no run cryani.gifcryani.gif


LAD mayby rigedd Victor or Sonny


thanks very much


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G The Generous
Here is the Lance pack , beta , I may look into the reshaping of the mesh more at a later time . I spent enough time on it for now . Also this show room is for near finished mods so progress is needed to be a valid topic here .


user posted imageuser posted image




oh great!


This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.


This limit is reached.


To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector's Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information.


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Its on gtainside site now


Next pack will be a few of Vic , camo pants , open purple shirt and blue golf shirt . Just because thats the order I played him in VCS .

You mean the Army Fatigues, Casual clothes and the Leisure outfit. The blue one can also mean the Cuban style clothes, I'm unsure which one u mean.



The suit Lance is awesome!

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I called it golf shirt because the texture file names are "polo shirt" sorry for any confusion .


Here it is in game inital rig;


user posted imageuser posted image

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I called it golf shirt because the texture file names are "polo shirt" sorry for any confusion .


Here it is in game inital rig;


user posted imageuser posted image

Oh okay. That model just needs to be smoothed and it is perfect. But how do you export the mesh from the Stories games?? And textures?

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