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Why do you play gta2


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Mainland Marauder
I play gta 2 just because its down right FUN!!!!

Best answer right there.


This question is no different from why you would play any other classic game when more technologically advanced ones are available. There's nothing wrong with being oldschool cool.gif

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Just because people play GTA2, doesn't mean they don't play the 3D ones too. As for why, because they enjoy the game, new doesn't always mean better, and it certainly doesn't mean old games are boring.


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that question is almost like asking why people still play pac-man or space invaders. theyre called classics and people are allowed to play them to escape from the heaps of sh*t developers like to call games nowadays (with the exception of a few, including the gta series). this fits in with movies and music too; if it is any good it will be played/watched/listened to for many years to come. what a dumb f*cking question......

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I pop in GTA 2 for PS1 every now and again, it's just a lot of fun, like blowing up peds so they fly up towards the screen and land on top of a building lol.


I don't do missions however, i can never find the church to save the damn game suicidal.gif

I noticed this one day while playing the game, if you hop into a TV van, the little radar on top will always point toward the save point smile.gif pretty neat little trick if you ask me


also I play the game just because it brings back great memories, and the radio is funny lol, and I like the way that you do missions on the game, I think they should go back to doing it that way, building up and losing respect for gangs

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Omnia sunt Communia

Because graphics isn't everything? Just because a game is in 2D doesn't mean it's inferior in any way. GTA 2 is still a classic game, with some brilliant features and some interesting game play. No other GTA following 2 has offered us the same experience GTA 2 has.

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yeah gta 2 has a lot of cool features and introductory things that later games may have...ill list them from the top of my head (some important and others not)





1. the first gta to have a health bar

2. weapons on cars

3. first to have hidden packages

4. a flame thrower fire engine

5. millitary authority

6. the ability to hook up trailers to lorries

7. the whole retro futuristic thing going on

8. taxi diversion

9. peds doing things (like using cabs, trains, busses, car jacking, robbing you and so on)

10. blowing up trains

11. electro gun

12. romero car

13. those hidden cars that you find, collect them all and i think you can pick one to drive

14. mr whoopie

15. mini games after completing a level, like the one where you have to blow up increasing numbers of icecream vans in a time limit

bonuses missions for working for all gangs in a level and completing all of the available missions

16. a cool gang system, your actions and consequences really affect how a certain gang will feel about you...unlike in say gta 3 where the mafia hate you all the time cus its in the story, in this game you choose who hates and likes you if your good at manipulating them

zaibatzu coperation (in later games zaibatzu pharamsuticles)

17. if a gang likes you they will fight the police and any pedestrians that try to foil or cross you to protect you

18. cops will chase anyone who comits a crime, not just you, includes gang members of alies and enemies

19. you can beat up on a gang and the police wont care for a little while

20. gangs fight each other, will probably ignore you until they see fit to go after you, same if fighting the police

21. picking up weapons after someone dies

22. cluade


theres probably more i cant remember them right now

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I see that quite many ppl are still playing gta2.

Why? Why don't you play gta 3D games instead? What do you find interesting in that game?

gta 2 is 3d

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