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Can't auto aim..


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For some reason, I can't auto aim on vice city.. I have the controls set to classic, yet it's not letting me auto aim, the right mouse button doesn't work, neither does del.. the button I map it to doesn't work, none of the buttons do.. I have no idea what's going on with it, but I'm about to reinstall the game entirely.. anyone have any idea what's wrong with it?

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I suggest you go for a re-install and delete the .set file in the user files folder. Alternatively, you could assign other important keys like LSHIFT, space to the auto aim and see if it works?

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I've deleted all the files under current user , the SET files and even the save / replay files that were in there.. then reinstalled the game, attempted to play it and still no luck.. Can't auto-aim and I hate using the mouse / keyboard with a game I'm so used to playing with a gamepad.. any other ideas?

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I'm at the beginning of the game, as I deleted my save file.. I can't auto aim with bare hands / pistol / etc..

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Well you can't auto aim with fists or melee(?). You can't do it with rifles either (Sniper, M60, M4, Ruger) though it works with handguns, shotguns, and of course Uzi's. Personally I think it's rather hard with auto aim, specially when the PC is superior to the consoles in terms of shooting and when using the console system you can't manual aim or shoot anywhere you want with auto-aim weapons.
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Well, I just found out that I can manual aim with the target button when using a Rifle.. For some reason, it knows that the button is mapped to that but won't auto aim. I understand that the PC controls are superior in quality, but my fiance who dislikes PC games plays Vice City more than I do, as I've already beaten the game 4 or so times. She's more comfortable with auto aiming things and not having to use the mouse and keyboard set-up. So, the issues are..


1) Can't Auto-aim with any of the keys / buttons / mouse buttons.

2) Can manual aim with a rifle in hand with the button set to target when on Classic Controls settings.


The fixes I've tried..


1) Uninstall game, reinstall, didn't work

2) Delete all of the Vice City user files, uninstall, reinstall, didn't work.

3) Smash the button on my controller 500 times to see if it by some chance starts working, didn't work.

4) Did a barrel roll in a car, fell onto the roof, stayed in it out of frustration, killed self.




If anyone has any idea why my game is deciding to be lame like this, plz halp. Most of the missions require some sort of aiming and switching from classic to standard all the time gets old quick.

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  • 1 year later...

im having this problem as well. i CAN set 'Target' to a key or button on my controller but it just doesnt work, i cant autoaim with any weapon, is there a file for targeting that i might be missing in my file folder?

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ok so i wasnt missing anything i just needed to put it into classic mode.... but i still cant zoom in with the sniper rifle and i also cant pan around with the camera.

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