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Youtube Problem


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Okay, so whenever I go on to youtube and go to watch a video no video appears. The whole page loads (Comments, vid description, the little toolbar which says : Add to favourites, Add to playlist etc etc.) but there is no video! angry.gif There is a little message saying something along the lines of: Hello, you either have Javascript turned off or an old version of adobe...but the thing is the videos were working long before I got this message. And also I dunno even how or if I turned of javascript, plus my bro download adobe 9 and it still ain't working. Does anyone know what I can do to stop this???

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It's FLASH video based, so in your computer's CACHE memory, it will be seen listed in a long URL ending in FLV.


These files can be saved to your HDD and played with a FLV enabled viewer like VideoLAN. Just type ABOUT:CACHE into the browser window or have IE Internet options in the control panel get to where the pages are stored... you can find them under IE, and that method works for AOL users as well.


Save the file in OFFLINE mode to save from the Cache RAM, or the command will save it off the LIVE stream/Internet. This takes as long as it does to download.

You can use either method to get a video saved to a file on your HDD to view whenever you want. Download Adobe's viewers off the link, they are free. Then get Classic Media Player or VideoLAN for the best methods. VLAN plays DVD video as well as MPEG and Nero stored compressed files on one's drive!

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