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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang

Recommended Posts


Benji, I think you are the ONLY active staff member.


I personally think BUYG needs some fresh staff members. All the others are just... not active.

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I could be staff. I'd like to volunteer.


Also, my story needs to be rated.

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We just got new staff members...


Slingaa and I got the new staff jobs. We had a recruitment audition a while back...

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New staff = rates more often = more stories = better BUYG!

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What do you mean? Did you even read my post? I am new staff! And you saw me as stories piled up on the previous page. Mainly everyone else was probably having holiday goodness and I was stuck with BUYG duty.


Don't expect rates today, I just woke up this morning. AND ITS BLOODY CHRISTMAS.

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I thought you were staff before...


Well, my Christmas won't be so Christmas because we are not going to celebrate it.


We created another day to replace it as majory of the family doesn't believe in God.


I have tons of free time that's true, Im not busy anyday. I will surely come at least once per day to BUYG to check things.

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Hey all, hope you all had a merry Christmas. I'll be active from the 27th; as today I'm off to watch Man City vs Stoke. Ura.

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I WON'T let BUYG die!.


Voodo People:

Chapter 6:

Warehouse Searching.


Pegasus and Blake kept on searching. Nothing yet. Tons of shootouts, and some evidence. But this was the last one.


"Let's get in!" Pegasus yelled.


Blake kicked the door and took cover on the wall. He quickly shot to his immidiate right and killed him. Pegasus bling shot all his view, hitting some in the way. With the SMG, Blake sprayed of shots a guy and then headshot the other. He quickly broke in and took cover behind a crate. Pegasus, killed another guy that was about to shoot Blake and took cover. They kept on shooting the people in there. Finally they moved on and collected a little intel. Some guy went down the ladders and shot an ammo crate behind Blake and Pegasus. The crew jumped and Pegasus rolled and killed the last one in the warehouse. They went to the car.


"Let's go to the lab, Im going to analyse this intel..." Pegasus said.


Blake drove to the Grove.


"I think we need somewhere new for the lab..." Blale excalamated.


Pegasus and Blake went down to the lab. Pegasus investigated, and Blake sat down.


"Woha!" Pegasus yelled.

"What?" Blake asked

"Look, the intel makes sense!" he answered.

"What does it say!" Blake asked.

"Go to..." Pegasus said "Liberty City!"

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i read rules ill join at t.v's mansion.


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This is my short and sweet intro:

Vercetti Gang intro before finale


“Lance get your sh*t.” Tommy said trying to rush to the airport.

“Ok, Tommy why are you in a rush?” I asked

“Lance, shut up.”

“I’m just saying, Vice City isn’t all that great.”

“Better than Liberty City.” He then put out a signal saying to end the discussion. We then left the apartment we were staying in. As we drove I asked Tommy a question.

“Did you, know my brother?”

“Yes, we were, friends during the vacation he took in Liberty, why?” He finished

“It’s just that…he didn’t really like me.”

“He did, he just thought you were weird, but the good kind.”

“Thanks man, thanks.” I said, we then arrived at the Escobar international airport.

“Ticket please.” The lady said as we handed her our tickets and boarded our plane.


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No longer double post. Ok?


On topic. I will join or if you prefer to enter into the Russian Mafia

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Voodoo People:

Chapter 7:

Liberty City:


"Pegasus!" I yelled

"What?" he asked

"Get over here motherf***er!" I demanded "The plane is about to go off!"

"F**k it!" he said as he sprinted to the place.


Five hours later:


"We are finally here!" I exclamated.


Liberty City was dark.


"Do you got any contact in this place?" I asked him.

"Yeah, some guy called... Niko Bellic?" he answered "And another one called Claude Speed"

"Oh, CJ told me 'bout him." I said

"What did he say?" Pegasus asked

"Mute f***er" I answered

"Im going to phone them" Pegasus said


After a long phone talk from Pegasus, a car came up. It was black, looked like a cab. The window went down.


"Hi Niko!" Pegasus said

"Hi, what brings you here?" he asked

"Just.... really long" Pegasus resolved

"Are we going?" I asked

"Yeah, get in" Pegasus demanded.


I went in.


"Oh s**t!" Niko exclamated.

"What?" I said, then I turned back.

"LCPD, freeze motherf***ers!" a cop yelled.

"F**k!" I cried.


I broke the window and took out my SMG. I started shooting.


"Come on Pegasus, shoot motherf***er!" I cried again.


We shot the cops. Some cop pulled up close to my window and broke his. Suddenly, he tried to grab my weapon. I made a headshot. Suddenly a BOOM!. I turn and see the rest of a car.


"Good job Pegasus!" I yelled.


I shot a wheel of one of the cars. I started to shoot to the window. It broke and I killed a cop. The driver lost control and crashed with a pole. He flew out of the car and fell near me. I shot him to make sure he was dead. I procceded to shoot the a car that was catching up.


"BAIL!" Niko yelled.


Me and Pegasus did as he ordered. I jumped out, and so did the crew. I hit a car that was coming, Niko hit a pole and Pegasus landed normally. I killed the driver of the car and took cover. Took out a molotov and threw it. A car caught fire and drove right before me. I ducked and rolled away. The car exploded. A tire almost hit me. Niko suddenly took out an AK and started shooting. I put a satchel on the already damaged car and got in. I drove to where the cops stopped and bailed as I pressed the button to explode the satchel. The car broke in the roadblock and exploded, killing cops in the way.


"Let's get the f**k out of here!" I yelled


Niko sprinted and grabbed a cop car. I got in and so did Pegasus. A chopper showed up. We woulden't last a lot, so we went in the pay and spray nearby. No cop saw us getting in so we finally got em out.


"The place Pegasus?" I asked.

"It's in, uh , Happines Island?" he said.

"I got a boat at the coast." Niko said.


I saw around Liberty. Nice. As we bordered water a boat appeared.


"Here!" Niko exclamated


We all jumped in the boat. We arrived an Island.


"Thanks Niko!" Pegasus said.

"Ok Pegasus, where?" I asked as the boat Niko was in faded away.

"Look, an old abandoned warehouse is north-east our position." he said


We walked to the place. Happiness Statue was next to us. We arrived a big warehouse. It was not big, it was gigantic! We approached it and searched for the door.


"Prepare your ammo, do you got armor?" Pegasus asked

"Nope..." I answered

"Come, Niko talked about some armor left around... here!" He said as he picked up the armors.


We put them on and broke in. Some crates were there and a lot of gangsters. I took cover behind a wall and so did Pegasus. We shot through the door. A gangster triggered a big explosion that make smoke come out of the warehouse. I started to shoot. Pegasus took out a fire extinguisher and started putting off the fire.


"Dude! We neeed to put this fire out, or it will reach the ammo stocked over there!" he said as he pointed the crates "If it does, it will blow the whole warehouse up! Cover me!"


I moved forwards and shoot the gangster falling down a ladder. Some showed up from a door, and I killed them. After Pegasus put majory of fire off, I advanced. Pegasus stayed to put the rest off, and I took cover behind a pilar. A granade broke the window, so I quickly ducked as it exploded. Some guy got in and another rolled from a wall. I killed them both. Pegasus sprinted to the place and helped me. From a big door, around 50 gangsters came out. We started to kill them. We got rid of them, with just some of the armor gone. We quickly sprinted to the big door and took cover. I put a molotov in the place. I took a look after, and no ammo crates. Pegasus started shooting, and then he put off some fire so we could walk. I killed a guy who fell from a vent. After all were dead I sprinted to a little door at the end of the place. I opened it and three guys tortured Z and Ice.


"F***ers!" I yelled as I fired my AK.


I killed them three. The place was pull of ammo crates and barrels. I got in and untied the guys.


"Let's go back home!" I said.


As me and Pegasus helped the guys get out, I left three satchels on the room. I left satchels all around every room we moved. When we got out, I detonated the thing, and the whole warehouse exploded. I jacked a car and drove around with the guys to try to stop the cops. Pegasus called Niko. I drove to the docks and waited for the boat. There it was. We all jumped in and Niko drove away. We got in another car, with Ice (who was badly injured) in layed on our legs. Niko drove to a pay and spray, and then he drove us to a hotel.


"Ill pay everything, for now, rest here OK?" he said.

"OK, thank you!" I said.


He drove away to bring Ice to the hospital.


"Im beat, lets go to sleep guys!" I said.


We went to sleep. Ahh what a day...

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I would like to write for Russian Mafia....

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What asset for the Russian Mafia?

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Grey Imports

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What asset for the Russian Mafia?

The Atrium.

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I would like to join the Leone Mafia familly please.

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What asest for the Leon Family?

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how long do i have to post a story and any tips? Pm me!!

Since i start with a melee weapon ill choose a bat.


Vercetti Gang chapter 2 on the plane and beyond


“So do you think business will still be good in vice city, you know we were gone for three months.” I asked him as we took off

“Sure Lance, why wouldn’t be?” He asked me

“The Cholos made a comeback.”


“Don’t worry about…wow!” He started as we made an unexpected turn and a voice got on the intercom.

“This is a Cholos attack we’re looking for Tommy Vercetti.” The man said.

“I’m here, what do you need?” He yelled

“Your Throat!” He screamed looking for Tommy.

“Are you Tommy?” He pointed at Tommy.

“Nope, it’s the Mexican behind us.”


He said as the cholo knifed the man. Following that Tommy lunged out with his Colt 45. And shot the man dead. Now we needed to get the pilot. So we ran and each took a side of the cockpit door, we then kicked it open. As we ran in, no one was there; the terrorist had jumped out the windshield with parachutes. None of us could fly.

“We’re all going to die!” I screamed

“Sit down, shut up, I got someone on this plane, for when you screwed up!” He yelled

“Tommy, do I always screw up?” I asked

“Yes Lance, you do!” He yelled, “Claude, get in here. Listen he’s an old friend from San Andreas, he can help us out, him and his girlfriend are on their way to Liberty, but he’s a mute.”

“Great, more freaks.” I complained

“Listen kid can you fly?” He asked ignoring me.

Claude nods.

“Good, land us at Escobar International, ok?” He asked

Claude nods once more.

“It’s a good thing I screwed up.” I moaned

“Oh, shut up, I just know him, he didn’t come with me, and don’t you pay attention?” He said. As we landed, tons of police were outside the plane.

“sh*t.” Tommy said

“They’re here for the terrorist, not us!” I said, “We’re as free as a dog with no leash Tommy!”

“No, Lance its not that easy, if they see me, they’ll arrest me.” He said

“Why what’d you do?”

“Murder.robbery, rape, drugs, prostitustion…” He said

“I’m pretty sure that last one’s legal…” I tried to make him chuckle, but failed

“Listen, we’re going to have to kill them all.” He said

“How Tommy?”

“Capture and destroy.” He said, “A simple mafia tactic, here’s how it works, lure them in, a little smoke and blocked exit ways, maybe a bat or two.”

“There is some bats in the sporting goods store next door.” I said.

“You go get them, I can’t get out, then right before you walk back in, yell I see a criminal! Ok?” He said and asked

“Yes.” I answered


So I walked over to the store, and grabbed two bats, meanwhile, Tommy put cheese cutters at each door way to the plane, that way when they walk in their legs get chopped off.



“Lance, come in through that window.” He whispered.

“Hold on…Look a criminal in the plane, here’s your bat Tommy.” I said.



Two people came in each doorway, all four got their legs chopped off, but my cheese cutter broke and we got swarmed, but we managed to kill ten, but we were waiting as twenty more were coming.



“Take this plane seat, and push it in front of your door. He said while struggling and then finally ripping a seat of its hinges. As they came we let the operative cheese cutter do its thing and then the people who were blocked by the chair ran over to the other side, and got their legs chopped off.


As the coast cleared, we made sure all of them were dead with our bats. We then got in a luggage carrier went to the Vercetti mansion.

Edited by TV1213

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TV, You don't choose the weapon, the weapon is already in the gang... agh whatever.




There's a story pileup tounge2.gif

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Russian Mafia

Chapter One

Silencing bodies


Los Santos - city of crime, drugs, races... I have not been here before, but I heard a lot about gangs and everything. Let me present myself: I am Vladimir Putkov, from Moscow, and I am agent of Russian Mafia on a mission to retrieve marijuana from Vagos drug dealer Alejandro Messoti, and deliver it to Ocean Docks without being detected by LSPD. Ballas who are supposed to help me are waiting in Glen Park. I better take my Sentinel and go there fast.

*Few minutes later*

Ballas don't like newcomers: while I was driving through Idlewood, two of them were shooting my car, and I was lucky to get out there in one piece.


Glen Park is rather neat place, with high palms and long bridge which is cutting park in two perfectly equal parts. Ballas are common here, there is one group on nearly every important spot. Now I just need to find car park and park Sentinel there.


"Hey, you", yelled fat Balla gangster, while he was reloading his silenced gun, "who the f*ck are you?"

"My name is Vladimir Putkov, from Russian Mafia. I came here to talk with two of your comrades: Alexander Stix and Mickey Lonestar.", I was calm, but I prepared my knife.

"So, you're that one.", he said, "Get the f*ck out!"


This is bad. He has silenced gun, and I have only knife, which I can throw....Yes!

"Come on! Motherf*cker, get out!", Balla was angry, "I will kill you!"

"Just try!", I said with smile in my face, and threw knife at him. Haha, I'm from Russian Mafia, you stupid man.

9mm silenced pistol is great for this mission, and I will pick it up along woth my bloody knife. And how can I find Stix and Lonestar now?


"Hey man", someone said, "you have problems?"

"Why do you ask?" I was filled with anger because that's another Balla there.

"I can help you...unless you are cop or soldier.", he was very nice.

"Yes, thank you. Can you please take me to your home? It would help me much.", I tried to be good as he is.

"Well, I would if I had place around here, but I live in Idlewood. And I don't even have ride.", Balla felt sorry for me.

"Don't worry, here is my car. What's your name?", I put my knife in pocket.

"Josh. Josh Staller."

"We better get going."

*Few minutes later*

His home is nice, and it reminds me of my house in Russia. I found out that he listens to Radio Los Santos, unlike other Ballas, who, from what I've heard, listen to Bounce FM.

"Hey, Staller", I was curious, "where are you from?"

"I lived in Ganton - Grove Street Families turf.", Josh took wine, "Yes, I was GSF member, but now it is Ballas 4 life!"

So, Mr Staller is ex-GSF member, nice. I knew that he isn't Balla for his whole life.


"Sorry, mate.", Josh put his silenced pistol on my neck.

I think it's time to use my knife again, but now it's not necessary to throw it.

"Haha, I thought you Ballas are not worth killing, but you are!"

This is not good. I have to find Alexander and Mickey, fast.


Ok guys, rate.

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RATES plox.


Story coming soon...





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rates plox? wtf.. mercie_blink.gif


do you mean you want your story rated sigh.gif

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Armaggedon Day

Hey, I think i'll join. I'll check gangs though.

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I will not let this topic DIE! I'll edit and post a story here soon.

Multiple account...who do u think i am? i was on here once, but that was like 2005 and i cant remember my password either

Edited by TV1213

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you didn't have to create a multiple account.. sigh.gif

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You don't need to spam this topic...

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Stop youself first!


I losted my story so I will post it later than tough.

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Voodoo People:

Chapter 8:

Liberty Finale part 1:


We woke up. I quickly snap my phone and called Niko.


"How is he?" I asked

"Im driving him home." Niko answered.


After the crew reunited, we decided to stop the Voodoo People.


"I have found this." Z said as he gave me a piece of paper.


It was a liberty map with the important warehouse marked. The mother warehouse was a giant complex in Algonquin.


"Look, we need to finish these guys!" I yelled.


We jacked a cab. We went to the mother warehouse.


"Now." I yelled


As soon as I opened the door part of the room exploded. half of the room was mixed with the next room. I took cover and threw a molotov and started shooting. Z jumped and rolled to a crate, after killing a guy. I took out the AK and shot the gas tank of a car someone was taking cover in. Ice blind fired his AK while Pegasus started to kill like a maniac. I jumped and rolled to the side while shooting the guys that where on the other room. Pegasus took out a phone and called Niko for backup. I took my Chainsaw and two heads of some guys behind me. A guy ran but I dodged his shot and put a satchel on him. He ran away but I exploded in midway, killing some others. A ladder was there, I climbed it and eliminated the snipers. After I took out my own sniper and shot the guys. I left some satchels on the roof of the other rooms. I went down the ladders, and told Pegasus and Ice to take cover on the walls. I opened it and ducked while Z shot. Some guys from other rooms appeared, so I detonated the satchels and the roof came off.


"Hey! What the..." I said as I saw Big Smoke.

"F**ker! It's Smoke!" Z said.

"Ice, Pegasus, kill those, whe are going to kill them." I demanded "Remember to shoot over or under Ice and Pegasus Z!"


I rolled to a crate. The whole roof was coming out. It looked like the apocalypsis. I detonated the other roof and opened the door. Almost got headshot, but rolled and took cover. There where bullets flying. And then the backup arrived.


"We got reinforcments!" I yelled


I helped the guys to kill the Voodoo People gangster. Suddenly, one of the ten goons was headshot. I rolled and threw a molotov, finally killing all in both rooms. This is going to be a long way.




EDIT: Sorry guys, but Im going to loose internet for a while, probably around half a month. Just to tell you, I won't be able to connect daily, and maybe not even connect. I'll come back to you guys in some days.

Edited by YamiFly

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I think its time this topic ends, because benji is the only staff member left....Anyway im dropping out until more activity, then ill rejoin bye!!

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