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Build Up Your Gang

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Recommended Posts

Master Mind

Thanks, I have another question.


Will you make a special event for Christmas?


And if we were to participate, we should put the title in a color like blue?

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Here it is:


But there’s no election!

Chap 3




“We should go to Donald and ask for his campaign van” Said Toni brilliantly.

“You know Donald Love?” Joey said clueless.

“Ya, I do, so Sal do you think it’s a good idea?’ Toni asked nicely.

“Sure let’s give it a shot” Said Salvatore.


So the two of them drove over to Donald’s, before arriving they saw a; Guy getting mugged and a woman getting shot at a Burger Shot. As they banged on the door Sal saw a Kuruma go by which looked like it had Triads and Mitch in it, Sal knew this was not possible as Mitch is one of his people.


“Hello Toni boy, is this Salvatore?” Donald questioned.

“Yes it is” Toni replied.

"So Sal are you the Don" pondered Donald

" Yes i am but let's get down to business" Demanded Sal

“So Donald we need to get troops, you need the votes for the election from all mafia members, what do you say?” Asked Toni.

“But there’s no election” Donald complained but Sal pulled out his Ak-47 and Donald was convinced.

“Fine, Fine by me, but bring Lucy back at six o’clock” sighed Donald.

“You name your cars?” Sal said trying not to laugh.


They drove to Saint Marks and got three hundred troops. Here are some phrases they used


“Defend your leader”.

“Triads hate you, not just Sal”.


So all the members got Ak-47’s and the battle began as the first triad fish van pulled up…

Sal, Toni, and Luigi were all inside while they were watching their troops die for them, such dedication, Sal wished he had more loyal men, more willing to die for him, more risking their lives everyday just for the don. Then he realized his cell phone was ringing.


“Hello” Sal said wondering who it was.

“ You don’t know me but if you want the attacks from the triads to stop, LEAVE LIBERTY CITY” The voice sounded awfully familiar.

But right when he was about to ask whom it was he heard: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Dial Tone)

“I’m going to help our men” Luigi said politely.

But Salvatore was getting paranoid, as he knew the battle had been won as when he peeked out the window there was only one Triad left, but he wasn’t Chinese, so Sal didn’t say anything.

Two hours later,

(Ring) Sal’s phone rung, he figured it was Luigi, as he had not seen him since he went out to help,

“Hello” Sal Answered.

“Yes it’s not anybody you know, I have Luigi if you want him back LEAVE LIBERTY CITY” Said the voice.




Meanwhile Toni was getting a call on his cell


“Toni Cipriani here” Asked the voice.

“Yes it is” Replied Toni.

“Listen, it is Vincenzo, do me a favour and meet me at Bellville Park in Staunton” Completed Vincenzo.


Back at Sal’s Mansion he was trying to get his Banshee back from Joey, because he wanted to make way too may improvements, and then the news came through his radio in his house.




“Today, hundreds of triads and Leone members were killed today in a violent gang war outside Salvatore’s Mansion” Said the woman of the news.

Salvatore had this to say: I’m not in any way responsible. The triads were the one’s who invaded my turf, NOT Vice Versa!


More later on LCN.


“Why did you choose to comment this time Mr. Leone?” Toni asked confused.

“Because a suspicious media is a dangerous one, and we don’t need news headlines on top of the other stuff we’re dealing with” Sal explained.

“How are we going to get rid of the triads” Asked Toni

“A Good Bomb specialist and a Hit man” Started to say Salvatore when he was interrupted by Tony.

“Who did you have in mind?” Said Tony.

“Because I know a really good…”

“No you don’t Toni, we’re going to ask 8-Ball, and the hit man Claude Speed…” Finished Salvatore



New protaginist Named Jack (after me!) coming do you think this is a good idea pople

Edited by housejack12

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Master Mind

Story in about 30 minutes or 1 hour.

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Can i buy kenjii's Casino

good length yes/no for chap 3

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Master Mind
Can i buy kenjii's Casino

good length yes/no for chap 3

It'll cost you 300$


For the lenght, maybe making it a little longer and it'll be perfect. (Kinda) tounge.gif

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not worried about money i'm worried about my brand new character nex chap. he'll be new protaginist, i dont know if good idea, he'll do jobs for sal though, and you'll still hear abotu sal's storys

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Master Mind

Maybe (If they accept your purchase) you could make a story when you bought the Kenji's Casino

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ya i'm going to start it when they accept my purchase (Hopefully the still check this thing on saturdays) mad.gifmad.gif

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Master Mind

Huh.... When you buy one racket or buiseness, you get a free asset



Until then, continu to make stories at Sal's mansion.



Still waitin' fo' mae rates

Edited by Master Mind

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Mugging in Bellville Park: A local Criminal belived to be called "Jack- off" (friends call me it!) Was seen mugging a twenty year old man, he took $100 dollars off the man before killing him with a baseball bat, More later on LCN!



I'm thinking about doing Jack's and Sal's story that go together and tellign each side in a diff story good idea or not

Edited by housejack12

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Master Mind

I guess

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sal and jack story coming today or tomorrow, idk



Eventually i'll do diff stoies for each, but AT LEAST 5 will be connected



Aslo note* Not trying to sound selfish, but i've not yet been added to Sa'ls mansion, and i'v got fiv stories almost finished

Edited by housejack12

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Master Mind

Changed my mind, I got a bowling tournament and I must leave at 7:00 a.m. So I'll post my story tomorow afternoon or night.



Rates? sad.gif

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Same here, can't hink of anything...


After these nxt 3 stories,c i'm challinging Yamifly to a gang war, will look

Edited by housejack12

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Master Mind

I'm back biggrin.gif



Story in no times (I think)



Good luck with your war.

Edited by Master Mind

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I'm alone 'sigh' i guess i'll start my request to buy stuff:


thanks for th luck, i need it! biggrin.gif

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Master Mind

I know that with my three rates not shown, I have more than 1400$.


So, I'd like to buy Crystal Meth Ounce (28 grams) costing 1400$ for a revenue of 2000$. (When I'll sell it obviously)

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Chap 4 Have a holly jolly Christmas …

“Is Luigi okay was that him on the phone, did he…” Toni nervously asked (too many times) “No it was not so shut up and go back to your apartment before I get aggravated!” Sal Screamed. No wonder I can’t get rid of these Triads everyone’s too scared to fight them! Sal thought to himself. Well I’ll need some help. (Phone dials) “Yo” Said… “C.J. It’s Sal I need your help getting rid of some triads” Sal said. “Sorry bro can’t help, but I’ll send my friend Jack” Replied C.J. “Tell him to meet me at burger shot” He told C.J. before hanging up on him.


Two days later at Burger Shots; “So You ‘re Jack, to prove yourself I want you to take this Dessert Eagle and…” Sal said before hearing his phone go off. “Hey’s its Mitch I found Luigi.” He stated “Okay I’ll be right over” Sal replied. “ Sorry I’ve got to go I’ll catch up with you later kid” Sal told him before leaving.


When Sal arrived at triad HQ , he found Mitch was waiting with a AK-47, so Sal grabbed his 9mm Silenced and killed him before he even fired two bullets, but Sal found Luigi had been shot dead.


Sal had sent Jack out to get a deal striked up with Azuka, but when he came back we gave him the news, he had never even seen luigi in person, what a shame.


Liberty news

Traitors are not uncommon in gangs, but they are in the Leone’s as today Mitch killed luigi in a bloody murder, then Salvatore killed him. The newswoman had said.

More later on LCN.


“No more of this” Sal stated, “If this ever happens again I WILL kill the traitor, no mercy At all.” Sal said aggravated


“So what do I do”? Jack asked impatiently

“Go home its Christmas Enjoy yourself, but be back by the January 1st.




“Antonio dear boy set down and have some crab” Donald insisted

“I’m not hungry, so just give me the new 9mm silenced and shut up,” Toni stated

“Okay here it is” Donald handed him the gun then left Toni’s apartment.


Toni starts to head over to Vincezo.

When he arrives Vinny tries to throw grenades at his car but Toni snipes him dead and goes to His MA for the night


On Christmas morning they all spend time with their friends and family and try to forget about Death…



I seriously doubting the war now, as i've got three more chaps. to post later(But i can't double post)

Edited by housejack12

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Oh so you are challanching me for a gang war? Ill get some pumped up gear!

I buy the sniper rifle, the satchel, and the chainsaw devil.gifdevil.gif

I buy a Savanna too!.


Christmas Gift:


I woke up at the hospital. I could hear "Code blue, code blue!". I was being carried away.Then I fainted again.


"Are you ok amigo?" I could hear.

"Aww Sh*t" another voice said


I opened my eyes slowly, and I saw CJ and Sam.


"You woke up holmes!" Sam said.

"What happened?" CJ asked.

"Smoke...." I said faintly.

"What? Smoke?" CJ said surprised.


Three weeks later:


"Im up and good! I said.

"Aww, what happened there?" CJ asked.

"Those pendejos" Sam started "They satchel charged your car!".

"Well, we have your Christmas gift!" CJ said all exited.


I looked at him, and then at Sam. CJ guided me to the spot with my eyes shut.


"Open your eyes!" CJ said.


I opened them and I saw a bright new Savanna.It was dark red. I go and take a look inside and there is a beautifull chainsaw and a sniper lying in there. A nitro fuel was there too.


"Open the back holmes" Sam exclamated.


I opened it and it was full of unnaplied Satchel Charges.


"I got some pumped up gear" I exclamated.


"Let's bring this beauty to the Grove!" CJ said.


We drove to the Grove slowly.We were talking 'bout everything that happened.At the grove we parked the car in my reconstructed garage and we took all weapons out.It was pitch black outside and a storm was going to appear.


"We better go back home" Sam said.


Back there I stored all my weapon in my closet.You can never imagine to find some weapons in a big black closet.The satchel charges were left in a bag with satchel wrote with marker.I went to see WCTR.


"After the great explosion caused by some satchel charges in grove street, Carl Jhonson, the headbase of Grove Street families talks in front of us" the reporter said.

"Thank you, thank you" Carl started "The incident is said to be caused because of a new gang called The Dreas League created by Vagos and Ballas"


I was glued to the TV.I muttered "And Big Smoke".


"Then, It all happened" CJ said with a strange face "A gang member was hurt in the explosion but he left the hospital today."

"That's good!" the reporter added "We will go on with the gang fight of the Leones and the Triads after the following messages"


I turned off the TV.I went over the basement.I dug the wall to find the letters from Smoke Sam took out of his jacket before he escaped with his Ballas and Vagos from the hospital.I started to read one.The upper part was cut off.


That's the secret.You didin't answer any of the letters.We hope to meet in Las Flores.Watch out, some guy is coming.


This part was cut off too.I punched the wall.Then I went over my bed to get some sleep.It was dark outside and thunders could be heard.Nice to get slept and carried away.


"Wake up"


Note: (spoiler for the judges the wake up is the end of the story, not an unfinished one

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Wait to start the gang war until i post chap 7.

I also buy a :Satchel charges, And grenades.

We'll begin shrotly


Chapter 5 Jacks beginnings 12/24/99


It was a dark night when we went to meet Claude and the Yakuza; it was in the alleyway in between Ammunation, and the “Punk Noodles” Diner. “Will you do it?” Sal whimpered into the air silently. “Sure, Claude is up for it too” Replied 8-ball happily, because they were getting an Eight thousand Dollar payday. Sal then went home and lied down to try to get some sleep. The next morning Salvatore called me; “Do you know who this is Jack?” Sal asked to confirm it was me. (We had met two days before in a Burger Shot) “Yes I do” I replied trying not to be too loud as I was in a Cluck n’ Bucket, “Good so do you think we can trust Claude and 8-ball as they are new” Sal asked hoping, no praying for a yes, which I gave to him. “ I think we should talk about what I can contribute to an organization such as yours,” I told him “I’m two things, Broke and a good Sniper” I recommended myself by doing this. “Then that’s what we’ll use you for, but I need you to buy me Kenji’s Casino” Sal instructed me.



So I headed out to meet with Asuka, to talk the terms of the deal, when I noticed my car had been stolen and to think all that money on a stretch for nothing. So I stole a car off the streets (It was an Angel) When I got to Azuka’s Place she was waiting for me and we discussed the deal, “Salvatore would like Kenji’s Casino.” I explained to her, “What’s his asking price” She replied, then I replied “Three- hundred dollars.” She agreed and I went back to Sal’s Mansion to find everyone crying. “What’s wrong” I asked

“Luigi’s dead”. Sal moped

I had never been given a chance to meet him, but I had talked to him on the phone, we were to eat tonight at the Taco King, Or the Burger Bell. Either way tomorrow was not going to be a jolly Christmas for me. Then I got the news Vinny died and was actually happy, as he is a mean guy. I then went home listened to Head Radio and called it a night.



On Christmas morning they all spend time with their friends and family and try to forget about death… On Christmas morning I called Joey as I had no Family and he let me come over for the night.




Two stories In One!!!!!!




Reed Tucker 1/1/00 Chapter 6


Sal gets a text message from Jack, “Call me” He sent



(Dialing) “Hello” I asked “hello Its me Sal replied, “What did you need”, “I would like to let you know I found out Reed Tucker was working with the Triads.” He told Sal. “Okay, who told you this?” Sal asked “El Burro” Jack replied. “Okay, so let’s kill him!” Sal said happily. “It’s not that easy, El Burro won’t tell me where Reed is, unless I do him a favor” Jack let Sal know. “DO THE FAVOR” Sal demanded

So I set out, I don’t really like driving in Hepburn Heights, but I had to, if I wanted Reed Tucker.


“You El Burro?” I asked as I saw a Hispanic bald fat man. “Yes I am, I want you to kill Jane Hopper” “Okay” I replied, so I went home grabbed my chauffeur suit, to sneak into her limo and set out. She was at the Amco, so I killed her Limo driver and got in.

“ Chinatown” She demanded, “You got it” I replied. So I headed to the Shore side Vale Bridge and drove the car on and under the lift and jumped out and she drowned.


Meanwhile at Sal’s mansion.



“C’mon Joey we’re going to Lugi’s funeral” Sal told his slow son. “I’m coming pop”

He replied. So they drove out to the docks to dump the body in the sea, but all of a sudden Joey fell, then Toni fell, and the Sal realized why, Sleeping gas! So Sal quickly tried to escape but was shot with a Sniper rifle, in the leg. As he was falling he thought it was the Triads, but saw a gang symbol and knew it was the…

I found a note at Sal’s mansion

Went to Luigi’s funeral

Will be back in three days.

So I decided to call Claude and 8-ball.

“Yo, it’s 8-Ball” He answered

“It’s Jack, I need you to blow up the Chinatown train system, and so no one can get to the docks, as the gates are closed, because it’s luigis funeral.”

“Sure man no problem”

Two Hours later…

Where’s Sal, I thought to myself as I was watching Weasel Television, so I went out to the docks, but found Sal, Toni, and Joey were knocked out. Sal was shot. So I took them all to the emergency room.


Two and a half days later…


“Jack, Jack are you in the waiting room?” Asked Dr.Measel

“Ya are they okay?” I asked praying they were.

“Yes, just sign here and you can… BOOM

A grenade went off, I thought it had blown off my ears it was so loud.

Then I passed out.

When I awoke I found Toni, Sal, and Joey had climbed in ambulance and drove off, probably thinking I was dead, they survived because they were outside at the time.

Then I saw the guy he was ugly and he was apart of the Triads, Reed tucker the guy I suspected to use the knockout gas on my three friends…


I pondered how I was going to escape…

I Knew I was risking my f**king life if I got up

But I had to escape, quickly!

So I jumped up and bulldozed over Reed Tucker

Then dodged one bullet, before the stupid triad realized he only had one bullet.

Since I carry my new 9mm silenced with me I pulled it out and killed Reed Tucker,

Before learning Lazlow had knocked out Sal earlier, I got super pissed and drove to the mansion.


Edited by housejack12

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Master Mind

He fled the battle before it started. What a fighter tounge.gif

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Chapter 7 Making of…1/2/00



“Sal why did you leave me behind?” I asked furious

“Because I knew you would kill Reed Tucker, and now I’m making you a made man.” Sal calmly replied

“But Sal…Wait a minute, you’re promoting me to a made man?” I asked confused.

“Yep, the ceremony’s at Bellville Park at 3:00 today.” Sal told me while I was in a state of shock. “I also found out that…” Jack said before being interrupted by Joey

“Save the details for later, kid”Joey interrupted.

So I headed home as it was only 1:00 p.m. Then I decided to ask Claude a favor, (Dialing, but it goes to voicemail) “Hey Claude it’s Jack, can you get me Jd o’ Toole’s number, thanks bye.” I said to the machine.


“Get ready, here he comes Claude!”8-Ball stated as I drove by his house figuring he had the number. “Now!!”8-Ball blasted into the air. Gunshots of an AK-47 hit my Sentinel like hammers hit a nail. I quickly backed out of the driveway, still being shot at by Claude and 8-ball. My car then blew up and I found myself captured by Claude and 8-Ball.


“Where is he?” Sal wondered because it was 4:14 P.M.


Back at the house I found myself staring at a wall, bloody and dazed, maybe that’s why the wall was moving; anyway I figured out that I was lying on Claude’s bed in Portland.

Then a fist, Claude’s fist, hit me like I called his momma fat. Then he had me handcuffed and beat me unconscious. I woke up two hors later inside the Banshee in the Sunshine autos next to the bomb shop, and then I realized my car was fitted with a bomb!

I had to deactivate it so I shot it, actually worked pretty well; unlike in the movies I’ve watched on Weasel T.V. Then I drove to Sal’s to explain myself.

“Sal, Claude and 8-Ball betrayed us!” I said quickly


“They beat me up,” I explained to him.

“I knew they were working with the Grove street!" Sal Bursted

“Let’s call em’ out.” I exclaimed



-nevermind on what i purchased-

Will start on chap 8 Gang war 1, with...

Edited by housejack12

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Master Mind

Story in half an hour (I wish)

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Master Mind, please go easy on the 'reply' button. We really don't give two sh*ts how long your next story will be up; and please stop replying to every single story posted, if you really want to say something to the writer, just PM him. You're really starting to piss me off now.

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When will rates be up?

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Master Mind

This is finally a story brought to you by user posted image




Varios Los Aztecas

Chapter 22

Aztecas against Aztecas prelude


I waked up in a hospital chamber. Yami Fly was in front of the bed. I tried to get up, but Yami stopped me and said that I was pretty bad injured. The only thing I was remembering was when I got shot down by Jacky and his men. Hoping that they captured him, I asked Yami if they caught him. He answered positively. He was being hold in CJ house. I told him to bring him here. After fifty minutes, he was in front of me, the hands tied and a bag on his head. Tough he was gesticulating, the two Grove boys, were not letting him leaving the place. Yami made them a sign to put off the bag of his head.


“Are you mad?” Asked and cried Jacky.

“No, you are the one who’s mad” I simply replied to him looking him in the eyes.

“Stop looking at me like that puta!” He exclaimed angrier.

“Why?” I asked him to play on his nerves.

“What ‘chu want puta?” He asked.

“Why you attacked me?” I asked him looking another at him in the eyes.

“Power” He simply said.

“Why?” I asked trying to make him say something he would not want to say.

“I was just wanting to be the big boss puta” He replied.

“You could have made Sam your ally” Said Yami entering in the discussion.

“He’ll never be my ally!” He exclaimed.

“Why?” Yami and I asked at the same time.

“I would have been forced to make him my assistant” He said coming red.

“That’s a lie dude” Replied Yami.

“Hijo de puta, sut up puta” He exclaimed angrier.

“Sut?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“You mean shut” Completed Yami.

“That’s the same thing puta!” Cried Jacky.

“It’s not the same holmes” Said Yami with a bad Spanish tone.

“He’ll make you pay” He said giving the bed a kick.

“Who” I asked simply happy that he cracked.

“Virgil puta” He said trying to calm down.

“Thanks, that’s all what we wanted to know” Said Yami coming right to me.

“What the.... Oh sh*t” He started to say when Yami made sign to the guards to take him out of the chamber.


Then, I asked Yami to leave and to take him out. I was surprised and sad that he betrayed us to work for Virgil and the FBI. I tried to get up and failed. I made a second and a third attempt and failed them both. After ten more attempts, I was up and walking. As I tried to walk away from the support that the bed was giving me, I felled on the ground. One of the hospital women staff entered the piece at the same time and helped me to return in my bed. I slept for at least two or three hours.



Around eleven o’clock of the morning, I got a visitor. It was Tommy and he said me his apologies about what happened. He even gave me some of his bodyguards and promised me that he’ll help me getting revenge. At least he was a good guy. He stayed at least for another twenty minutes when he leaved for business. Four Grove Street boys and four Vercetti boys was enough to protect me. At least, that was what I tough. Here’s what happened, someone managed to throw two Molotov cocktails by the window. Luckily, the guards smelled the fumes and got me out of here. The firefighter arrived about half an hour later. The fire damaged the majority of the east wing of the hospital. The south, north and west were not appropriated for me. The west was for the fools and other kinds of mental illness. The south was for those with legs or arms or anything missing and the north for persons that I don’t know the category. I was forced to leave the hospital to go to the one in Montgomery. As all the ambulances were out, they made me travel in a Savana. My eight bodyguards were following after in two Savana.



At one o’clock after the dinner time, I was there fair and well. I entered my new chamber and tried to get to the window. Unfortunately, I felled down on the ground another time. I was forced to ask one of my bodyguards to open it. Before he quitted the piece, he gave me a package that he received when the east wing of the Los Santos hospital burned. I opened it to see that all the territories owned by me were lost. The Aztecas on the photos were looking like Jacky men. I tough it was an error, that Jacky was death. I called Yami to see that it was one of his bodyguards that opened his cell. He told me that he was pretty wounded. He got attacked by Jacky who managed to escape. All came to my mind when I stopped the discussion with him. It was Jacky or one of Jacky men that set on fire the east wing of the hospital. I asked in a hurry to my bodyguards, to call all the numbers that I wrote down on a piece of paper. In total ten of my one hundred twenty men answered the phone and said they would come right away. We locked up Montgomery and made it our official come back hood. At the same time, an ambulance containing Yami arrived. The paramedics settled him to my right.


“What happened puta?” I asked fearing that what his bodyguard told me and what I thought were to be true.

“Jacky....” He started to say when he fainted.

“Hijo de puta” I exclaimed high and loud that my eight bodyguards came in a hurry with their guns out.

“What the matter boss?” Asked one of the Aztecas.

“Jacky is alive puta” I said trying to contain my rage.

“We just have to kill him then” Said all of a sudden Tommy who had arrived.

“So you know?” I asked him.

“Yes. The good new is that no one is death” He said trying to make me smile.

“Looks like were going to make a war” I started to say.

“Stop!” He interrupted me.

“What the matter puta” I said coughing.

“I saw who attacked the hospital” He said giving me a package.

“Are you Dios puta?” I asked him happy.

“Maybe, but I am not sure” He said before laughing.



I opened the package to see that it was Cesar men that attacked the hospital. I was so surprised that I nearly got a heart attack. By chance, one of the hospital staff was passing near.


After some times, I came to my mind. Tommy and the others were staring at me. Even Yami who had the time to wake up was staring at me. They had all the times to look at the photos. Some were shocked and others were surprised. Only Tommy was not shocked or surprised, he was just happy to have helped me. I tried to get up and this time, it was a successful try. I took the photo fast and finished to look at them.

“Why Cesar?” I asked to myself loud.

“I don’t know” Replied Tommy.

“He tries to kill his best agent so I’ll call him a stupid punk” Said Yami.

“Shut up holmes” I said to him tired of violence and wishing that Christmas would be peaceful.

“Sorry Sam” He said.

“We should plan.......... a plan” Started to say Tommy with the effect of surprise and finishing it stupidly.

“Good idea hombre” Said Yami.



We started to plan our plan as Tommy said. It included the cars, the weapons, the cash and the drug we would need. I must admit that at first I did not understand the need of drug in all that. Tommy explained me that it was to make cash. Then he started to say what training we should do and all the stuff needed to do in a war. It was nearly nine twenty of the night when we finished talking.



I followed Tommy outside with the help of a cane that I found under my bed. He bought a house not far from the hospital. To be more precise, it was in Montgomery. He entered his car and we said good night and all the stuff to say when someone his leaving. I was about to enter the hospital when he returned to say me that he was having someone in mind for the drug deal.



I leaved him and entered the hospital. I walked up the stairs and got the end of the corridor, opened the door and entered the piece. I got in my bed and turned off the lights.


“What took you so long ese?” Asked Yami still having difficulties with his Spanish.

“Nothing important” I simply replied.

“Nothing is not important” He said.

“Shut up hombre” I said to him.

“Why?” He asked.

“I want to sleep” I said harassed.

“Sorry dude, good night” He said.



He closed his light and we began to sleep. I knew that tomorrow would not be an easy day. I was hopping that I would have enough energy to train or at least to go outside and to give orders.


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Chapter 8 Grove street vs.leones 1 1/21/00


So Salvatore and I called them to Liberty City, and told them to meet us at Toni’s Restaurant, we had six snipers, forty seven Guy’s with AK-47’s, and us top members had Molotov’s and grenades, I was also carrying a satchel charge with me. Then the first car came, “Get Them!” Sal said very loud. And we attacked I first threw a Molotov and burned two groves; and then placed a Satchel while waiting for the next group to show up. They parked on the charge so I blew it Sky High!


Then Claude came and killed four of our snipers, so I grabbed a Sniper rifle and started to kill more groves, but Claude retreated. One by one I sniped them, but ran out of ammo, so I grabbed a grenade and chucked it at a car destroying all the groves in it! Then I shot all of the tires out of the next car, but 8-ball started to slaughter my men, so Sal and me jumped on the 2 BMX’s sitting there, but 8-ball gave chase in an angel, so Sal diverted from me and I lead 8-ball back to my place where I ran inside and when he came in I held my 9mm up to his face.


“Why did you beat me, and betray Salvatore?” I asked ready to shoot

“Cause, you killed my friend…” 8-ball started to say

“Who did I kill?” I asked

“Not you Toni!” He screamed, “Toni killed Vinny!” He also screamed

Claude ran in and aimed a 9mm at me.

“You shoot, I shoot!” I told him.

“Come out with your hands up!” An LCPD officer said.

So I had to drop 8-ball


Claude started to shoot, but was arrested before he could.

I then jumped out the window…

I landed on my arm and that’s what kept me alive. So I started to head to Salvatore’s mansion when I noticed, I was losing mass amounts of blood, but I couldn’t go to the hospital, or I would get cuffed. So I took some pain pills, and headed to the mansion. I then met with a Leone doctor and got treated for my arm. I’ll admit it was stupid, but I couldn’t get arrested, as I would face life in prison. Then I realized my cell phone got a text: Sal: Meet me at the Punk Noodles Diner. I headed over there where I found Sal outside waiting, “Kid, I need you to find Claude, he’s going to kill me, I’m a marked man” Sal said

“Relax I’ll bodyguard you for a couple of days.” I told him…

Meanwhile Toni was out dealing and having good luck...


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Master Mind

Finally, I won't buy the drug I mentionned before



note that this post, was also posted to help housejack12 to make his other story without double posting.

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Chapter Nine Battle of the Hit men.

“Oh, thank you Jack, I could’ve died by now if you…

“Shut up, already!” I yelled

“What did you just say?” Sal asked ticked off.

“Sorry, so would you like me to kill Claude?” I asked impatiently

“That would be nice!” Sal replied sarcastically

“Okay, do you know where he is?” I asked

“Yes I do, he’s at 8-ball’s funeral, so snipe him, but then there’s somebody else.” Sal explained

“Who is it?” I asked

“C.J.” Sal replied

“S**t” I replied back

But then I picked up my trusty sniper rifle and headed to the funeral near the crusher.

There I found two things Claude, and the rest of the Grove Street Family.

So I pulled out a Molotov and was going to end it all, but then a sniper round shot me…



Two days later I awoke in the hospital, and could just barley hear talks about after getting treatment being sent to jail. I had to escape, but there were no windows in my room, and there were two bodyguards at the door waiting, just in case I tried…



Two weeks later I was taken to jail.


I sat in my cell next to my inmate buddy, C.J.

“I hate you for sending me over here, because one of us is now going to die” I told him

I then rolled over and got seven hours of sleep before waking up at five A.M. Then I had my chance as I saw a cop with a gun all alone, I strangled him, and took his gun, then made my escape, killing all the cops in the joint, before leaving and telling Salvatore what happened…


When I arrived at the mansion Salvatore was dead, from a gunshot wound, I figured Claude did it, but then I found a note…


Dear Jack,


You’ve done a good job, but I can’t take this anymore, so I’m committing suicide, please be the don.


Thanks, uncle Sal


P.S. Take my mansion.


No!!!!!!!!!! I screamed sadly!



Toni was still having good luck selling all of our coke for….




Then I decided to call it a night, ordering pizza, and hanging out with my buddy Joey, but I knew I must get Claude, Sal would have wanted it that way. When the pizza arrived it was odd, the usual delivery guy wasn’t the guy who delivers normally, “How much.” I asked.

“Your Head!” Claude jumped at me, try to slit me with a knife, but I threw him off of me, and grabbed my Ak-47 and killed him instantly.


Joey then continued to kill the backup in the truck with a sniper, before realizing I would need a bodyguard, so I called up Mitch and he accepted the job.


Toni did not take it well that I’d got the don position, telling me to F**k off, or he would kill me, so I told him to chill and come back the 1st of February, as this was Sal’s funeral date, on the 2nd was my birthday, so we would mope, then celebrate, but I’ve got to remember, life is not about how you choose to spend it, it’s about how you cherish every moment of, So I pray that Salvatore was forgiven for his sins and let into heaven, as he was a good man.


Hey Master Mind did you already dop out of aztecs

pm me the answer or the moderators will get super pissed for the off- topic disscusion


note* thanks for helping me out with the double post Master Mind


NOTE*** Funeral of Sal next time, do not call it a chapter, it just sets up chapter 10



-Nevermind on the switch part-



Note* I'm staying with the leones, until after christmas

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Master Mind

Huh.... You can't switch gang when you're in gang war

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