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Build Up Your Gang

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We need our chapters rated someone.

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I'd like to be the Angels of Death and I would like to use the navy yard in BOABO, thanks.

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Petrovic Bratva


Petrovic's Mansion



Chapter 2: Paper Problems





I stepped out of my Rebla and walked into the diner. I hated places like this. It was the middle of Broker, and although I should feel at home in a Russian area, I was nervous. I'd never met my contact before. He was some hotshot from Serbia who'd become a big name in town the past month or two. I didn't know whether he'd hug me and offer me some tea or shoot me on the spot for saying "hello". I sat down at a booth with the seats torn up to hell and back. I looked around for a better seat, then realizing compared to the other seats, this one was the best one available. I sat down with a weird, twisted face. As soon as I sat down, i immediately took out a box of Misty Lights and pulled open the top, then pulling a white cigarette out of the carton. I pulled out my trusty zippo and spun the ignitor, immediately hitting the button and striking a flame. I put the flame up to the end of the cigarette, which was in my mouth, and waited for the orange glow that meant the cig was lit. I blew the first bit of smoke out. I set the cig in the ashtray, not realizing that over the course of the next few minutes, I'd leave it there. Just then, the waitress came up to me (she looked like "trailer trash", as the Americans would say) and just blew out with a nasal voice that shook the entire restaurant, "WHADDYA HAVIN' TODAY, HON?"


"Just a glass of water. With lemon, please. Nothing to eat; just the water."



I was ready to leave right then and there, but my instincts stopped me. And as i've told you before, I'm an instinctive man. It was good I didn't make an effort to leave, because at the same second that I put that thought out of my mind, a man in a white button-up shirt, a sports coat, and jeans walked in. I knew he was the hotshot that was my contact. He had that look to him. The look that said, "I know you're afraid of me". I was the kind of person who'd proved that look wrong many a time.


He sat right down in front of me. As I eyed my exits to be safe, I caught him say, "Name's Niko. I'm guessing you're Aliksander?"


"Your guess is correct," I said with a bland look on my face to show I wasn't intimidated by his presence. He must have felt my vibe, because he seemed to lighten up a bit.

"Listen, first off I want to tell you that I'm on your side here. I knew Leon and Kenny very well, they were good friends of mine."

"That makes me feel better," I replied with a hint of sarcasm, again showing that I wasn't scared.

"The guy who killed Leon--he wasn't working for any family. He was a private contractor. Hired by the head of a government agency codenamed 'U. L. Paper'."

"U. L. Paper? You mean the guys who own that old abandoned building in Algonquin? Why would they want him dead?"

"Beats the hell outta me. But that's all I have for you."


He sat up and left. I chased after him. I wanted to know more--he had to know more or he wouldn't have driven all the way over here from Algonquin. He thought i was dumb enough to let that fact slip past me. As I burst out the door, a man ran up to me. He was carrying a switchblade knife and had a goatee. He was wearing a patterened button up shirt and looked like he had been on cocaine.


"Gimme all your f*cking money!" he yelled.

As soon as he ended the word "money", I pulled my loaded Glock 17 pistol out of my pocket, turning the safety off, and aiming, all in one swift movement. "I don't think so, you son of a--"


Just then Niko burst into the situation. "What are you doing to this man, Roman?" He then looked at me and said, "I'm sorry he gets drunk all the time and sometimes I worry. Forgive him; he thinks he's a hotshot." He shoved Roman into the car before getting in the opposite side and speeding away in a black Esporanto.


I climbed into my Rebla, started the car, and set my GPS for a hotel. It was cheap, but it was getting too late to be driving home. The hotel was in Algonquin, in the southern area. "Inn of Holidays" or something like that. As I got onto the Broker Bridge, my cell phone started beeping. As i pulled it out of my pocket, i found it was ringing, not beeping. I answered, not looking at the Caller I. D. I soon found out it was Tommy, though.


"Alex. We've already set up the funeral for Leon. It's at 5:00 tomorrow at Flamern Graveyard. Well, the graveside service is at 5. The funeral is at 3:00 at First Catholic Church in Algonquin. There ain't going to be a visitation."


"Alright, thanks, bro. I'll talk to you later."


I hung up the phone. As I gunned it crossing the Broker Bridge, I thought of this U. L. Paper company. Why did they want Lee dead? I knew they would go to extremes to protect secrets; maybe Lee knew some of their secrets. Maybe he---HE WORKED THERE! My God, I had to find out why U. L. Paper wanted Lee dead. But I was unprepared for all the trouble it would bring. But I couldn't get one thing out of my head, and it made no sense whatsoever. I never got my ice water.

Chapter 2 End.


Chapter 3 coming soon.....

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 11: Chinatown Wars


I was eating lunch back a Drusilla's with Dog Corella and Mike Stabino. I was telling them a story about when I got made in the Pegorino family.


"Me, Ray and this Johnny Spaneglia guy I told you about had our own little gang when we was like 18, 19 or something. We did some minor criminal things like stealing, selling pot and stuff like that. And since Ray's dad was a soldier in the Pegorino family we got reconized. We started off like three low ranked associates but since Ray's dad was made and also had become a capo now he had his son made too. One year later me and Johnny got made two after we took care of murder for Ray Sr."


And then in the middle of my story my phone started to ring. I answered and it was Anthony Corrado.


"Yo Albert I need you to meet me in Chinatown, I've found "Bruce". But we're going to need some back-up." Anthony said.

"No problem we'll be right there." I said.

"Where?" Dog asked.

"I expain on the way." I said.


We couldn't take my Sentinel becouse it only had three doors so we used Dog's car instead. He had an white Sultan.

I explained all about the morphin deal for Dog and Mike. I felt that I could trust them. We stopped outside a bar where Anthony was waiting for us.


"Is "Bruce" Lee in here?" I asked.

"The Triads owns this bar. Kang Lee and his buddies has a backroom where they meet each other. I just saw him walk in" Anthony said.

"Alright let's do this then!" Mike said and loaded his gun.


We got in the bar and kicked up the door leading to the backroom. 6 men was sitting in the room counting money. They started shooting at us as soon we entered the room. I was quick with my gun and shot one of the triads in the head and another one three times in the chest. Two of the triad memebers escaped the shootout through another door. Anthony Corrado and Dog Corella finished off the remaining two members. We checked the bodies and none of them was Kang Lee. We got out the backdoor and when we got out we saw Kang Lee and his bodyguard take off in a car. We got back to Dog's car and chased them. Kang's bodyguard opened one of the cars windows and started shootiing at us with his SMG. Dog pushed a button and all the windows in his car wind down. Me, Mike and Corrado started to blast on Kang's car. After a long chase through Chinatown Kang finally pulled over near an small alley, he got out of the car and ran away. The bodyguard started to shoot at us again when we approached the abandoned car. Mike Stabino killed him with 4 shots in his chest. I checked the car and found or morphin hidden in a bag. Kang hoped to make peace with leaving the morphin but we wanted revange. Kang was gone by now but we hadn't forgot about him. We drove back to Alderney and stopped by a diner in Acter.


"He was f*cking lucky he got away, we almost had him." Mike Stabino said.

"That morph, were did you guys get that from?" Dog Corella asked.

"We stole it Anthony's hospital after the robbery." I said.

"Why didn't you tell us sooner about the deal?" Mike asked.

"What are you, f*cking stupid? It's embarrassing." Anthony Corrado said.

"So who are you gonna sell the morph to now?" Mike asked.

"Why do you ask so many questions? What are you, an FBI rat?" I asked.

"No!" Mike said and lokked angry.

"Jesus relax, I'm kidding with you. We're gonna sell it to Carlo Minto, the drugdealer at Honkers." I said.


The next morning I was over at diner again but this time in a whole different purpose. The owner named Burt owed me protection money and it seemed like he tried to avoid me. Me and a big soldier called Salvatore "Sally Boy" Florente paid him a visit.


"This is the last time I'm coming down here. Next time you don't pay you gonna find some bricks thrown through your window. You know what I'm sayin'?" I told Burt.

"Yeah I promise to pay every week. I'm sorry Albert it won't happend again." Burt tried to explain.

"Or even better, I send Sally Boy after you." I continued.


Chapter 11 end.


Chapter 12 coming soon...

Edited by Rucke

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Build Up Your Gang

Oh dear, I (radicell) was on vacation for the last week, so I couldn't update. Sorry about that!

Other Staff: get on with it, man!




9: $34.

10: $40.

11: $36.




Added to Garbage Disposal for Pegorino's.




Moved to your correct location, Recycling Plant.


Lil' Red


Added to Spanish Lords at Bohan project.



Damn this is confusing as f*ck as a thread. This sh*t needs a forum.


We wish. tounge.gif




Added to Petrovic Mansion. First story is quite good, $35. Second story, $37.




Added to Navy Yard for Angels of Death.

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Leon S. Kennedy

I would like to join the Angels of Death at the Hi-Way Auto Shop.


Speaking of "The Angels of Death", why aren't "The Lost" a gang? I don't know if they were eliminated at the end of GTA 4 or not, I havn't beat the game. If so, who are our rivals?

Edited by Leon S. Kennedy

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The Angels of death:BOABO navy yard:my main character


Name:Johnny Carter



height:6 foot 1 inches


preffered vehicle:Zombie

Appearance:short beard, scar above right eye, long, greasy hair(shoulder lenghth),often wears leathers, ripped jeans, black leather boots.

Occupation:Bike mechanic for fellow bikers. doesent really have a job, results in dealing marijuana and has extortion rackets on nearby businesses.

Criminal record: extortion,assault, speeding.



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Angels of death:BOABO Navy yard:chapter one


"Come on you guys, we've got some deals to get on with" shouts Johnny as he struggles to wake 5 other, drunken bikers.

"Come on man, what time is it?"says Mitch, a new recruit in the Angels of death.

"6am"Johnny pauses "you see, those Lost scumbags usually do there deals in Chinatown around 9am on wednesdays, so we need to get ahead of the game and cut those triads a good deal; now the roads are icy out there, so thats why were up so early."

"ok, whatever, I'll try and get these lazy bastards up" says Mitch.

Johnny hurries outside of the appartment in BOABO and starts up the bikes, Johnnys zombie has been misfiring so hes using a Hellfire, Mitch has a freeway and the other four men have Hellfire's.

Mitch is the first out the door, carrying a metal chain, stained in blood from previous outings. he is followed by Grant, a 40 year old veteran in the Angels, 25 year old Jim, the pshyco of the group, hes seems dependent on LSD. 2 minuites later Mike and Marky make there way out, Mike & Marky are the same age(33), they have known each other from elimentary school, they are never seem without each other.

"You guys ready?"Shouts Johnny as he tries to be heard over the rumbling of the engines.

Johnny leads the convoy of men over Broker bridge and into chinatown, the streets are empty, so they park up behind a small chinese restauraunt and wait for the deal.

"Whats the plan Johnny?"Asks Grant

"Well, there should be a couple of Lost members here in half an hour, they usually wait ten or fifteen minuites for the triads to arrive, so during that time, me jump them, and we'll give the triads a better deal for the horse"

"f*ck man, im still wasted, what if things get nasty?" asks Jim

"Dude, your allways f*cking wasted" says Marky

"Seriously, Jim, if your gonna f*ck around, I suggest you f*ck off back to Broker and get some sleep, we cant afford for this to go wrong".

Jim keeps quiet and clenches his fist.


30 minuites later, 2 lost members pull up; Johnny and the gang are hidden in a dark alleyway.

"Mitch, have you still got that chain?" asks Johnny


"Ok, well were all gonna walk behing them and f*ck em up quickly, I want me,grant and Jim on the big guy with the Freeway, and Marky and mike on that little fa**ot right there. then we'll jumt put there unconscious asses in that alley, along with there bikes"

"ok, man" everyone replies.


Johnny sneaks over to the other side of the road, followed by Grant and Jim. Johnny signals Marky and Mike over to the small guy.

Marky pulls off small guys helmet and swings it at his temple as Mike kicks him directly in his ribs. the small guy screams in sheer agony and falls to the floor.

Johnny, grant and Jim have already started a group attack on the big guy before he can respond. The big guy steps off his bike quickly and pulls out a switchblade and lunges for Grants heart, sending him on his knees. Quickly enough, jim swings the heavy, bloodstained chain to the big guys head knocking him clean out.

"Noooooo..." Screams Johnny

"Marky and Mike quickly rush to Grants aid, but its no use, as the gash in his chest pours with blood and his eyes rolling back into his head, Johnny acts quickly dragging all the bodies, including Grants, into the alley way.

"Help me out here, you to drag him back here, we'll bring the pick up truck here later for Grant, he has no family so I guess we could have this kept quiet." says Johnny.


As the triads arrive, all armed with Mac 10's, the guys seem panicky, Jim looks as if hes seen a ghost, Mark and Mike are keeping lookout around the corner as Johnny Approaches the Triads with a rucksack full of heroin, about 5K's worth in total.

"Its all here, the usual guys wont be here today, they had a little...accident..."Says Johnny

"Umm...ok, I guess you'll want to follow us then"

"Pssst...stay here..ok" Johnny whispers to Jim"just keep a good lookout"

The triads make the way up a small appartment building, Johnny follows, he stays about 5 feet behing them as they lead him into a small room, there is just a table and two chairs , a suitcase and a few crates of weapons in the corner.

"Sit down" says the triad leader

"Umm, ok, the other guys cant make it, this deal is strictly angels of death now, the lost have been giving you a pretty bad deal for a while now, we are here to give you a better deal and hopefully become your regulars."

"Ok then, well, firstly my name is Lee, I only accept the best H, so If this deal is as good as you say it is, we may have to become partners."

Lee checks the heroin and weighs it to its exact weight.

"Very good, I'd say about 5k is a decent ammount here, you seem to give quite alot more than those lost guys"

"well, yeah, we get it fresh off the boat, you see, its a finer quality"

"Well, here you go, its all there, may we have your number? for the future?"

"Sure, heres our card, you'll find us at the docks in BOABO, now we have to leave"

Johnny rushes out of the appartment, gathers the rest of the guys, and gets into the allyway.

"Right, we need to beat these guys down so they dont get back up, and marky, will you ring one of the guys to bring the bobcat, we need to get Grants body back to the yard, we need to give him a good send off. "

"sure" Says marky

Johnny looks at mitch "Sometimes things likew this happen son, theres nothing we can do"

"I understand, boss, what do you want me to do?" asks mitch

"just search the wallets of those Lost guys, okay"orders Johnny

Mitch finds a membership ID for Liberty city gunclub, the switchblade used to stab Grant and a wallet with $130 . The smaller guy has a wallet with some small change in and a spliffs worth of weed and a 9mm pistol. In the bike, there is a small bag with $500 inside.

"Mitch, bring that stuff over here, we'll load it into the bobcat when it arrives, along with Grant, and the Lost guys, we'll have to dump there bodies in the sea on the way back."whispers Johnny.


The black bobcat arrives, It pulls into the alleyway as Johnny and mitch place Grants body into it, Mike and marky put the big guy in and Jim struggles to put in the small guy, therefore is soon helped by Johnny.

Mitch places a huge rug over the bodies and puts the loot in the passenger seat.

"take this to the Navy yard, Ill see you there" says johnny, to the driver.


Johnny and the gang set off, the journey over Broker bridge is a difficult one, as the ice is unforgiving on the tyres.

After returning to the navy yard, they dump the bodies in the ocean at midnight, and put Grants body in a coffin with "RIP Grant:An angels of death legend" printed on the front, they put some of his closest possesions in there and drop that in the sea.

"Were gonna hit those lost motherf*ckers, they f*cked with us, now were gonna f*ck with them!" Says Johnny, as grants body is being lowered into the sea,


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Ignore this post.


Edited by Rucke

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Carlo Decicco- is a made man in Gene Pegorino's crew. Carmine "patsy" Marino, Mike D'palermo, and William"Tony Ducks" corozzo are members of gene's crew.



Thomas Vallario - owner of the drussila's.


This gap in the left Domenic with three underbosses


Ray Bocchino, Vincenzo Palmeri,Thomas Vallrio.


Capos - Anthony Corrado Jr

Joseph Demeo

Marco"Joe Cakes" Vendettio

Jackie Lombardozo

Eugene Pegorino




Nino Testa

Carlo Decicco

Louie D'amico



I still do not have a computer but I have been using my blackberry and libray computer I wish to have my formal story count with me. To continue some of my san andres adventurs I'm bring back Anthony jr. Peace out gotta go

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Niko the Great

iv got huge gang

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Chapter 3: Crushing the Pulp


I pulled my necktie tight and put on the dress jacket. I walked out of my door and stepped into my Rebla. I turned the key in the ignition and started for Star Junction. I arrived shortly.


When I stepped out a couple of blocks away from the paper company, I heard my phone ringing. I pulled it out and hit 'send'.



"Hey, it's Tom. Where are you? I can't find you."


"I'm in Star Junction. I'm going to crush some pulp."


"What are you talking about?"


"Pulp. Paper. U. L. Paper, you idiot. I'm taking them out where it hurts."


"No, don't, that's the first way to get killed---"


I hung up with a beep.




I walked up to the blocked off road and towards an opening between two cones and a wall. I got a bit of dirt on my black pants, but I took it with a grain of salt. Before walking in, I eyed carefully the white truck full of soft material in contrast to the window where I was headed--I knew where because I'd looked at the plans. I have friends. They got connections. I get my hands on things. I also made sure that my pistol was loaded. It was hung in a shoulder holster that I had grown to love. It was a Christmas gift from Old Man Kenny.


I walked inside the building. I made my way into the elevators and pressed 3. Everyone I met, I nodded at. Just to let them know that I was 'friendly'. I eyed a door labeled "Company President". The door required some wrestling, it was reinforced. I looked at the man sitting at the desk, his eyes staring into mine as he blew smoke from his cigar.



"I don't think I have met you before, but I'm guessing you want someone taken out." I could see the lies in the eye of the man in the beige suit.


"I want someone taken care of," I said, using the appropriate hand gestures.


"We're middlemen, so it'll cost you more, but we ALWAYS satisfy." He smiled coldly at me.


"I don't care. Money is no object."


"That's nice to hear. So, who is the man you want taken care of?"


I had been making sure I spoke at the surveillance camera's microphone while not letting it see my face. I laid a picture of the man whom I was talking to on the desk. As he stared at his own portrait, he gasped, wide eyed.


"It's you, bitch." I said calmly.



I'd been hiding my pistol under the desk. I withdrew it now and fired two bold shots--the safety had been taken off beforehand. He fell back onto the floor, the chair going with him. Blood spattered on the desk and his portrait, and it soon oozed onto the floor and almost onto my brand new one tip shoes!


"Tsk, tsk, tsk," I said. "You don't mess with the Petrovic Bratva."


I now prepared myself for the brazen move I was about to make. I said a prayer, and leaped through the huge window. I didn't dare look down. I was too scared of what I'd find. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Like when Lee died.


Fortunately, my calculations, while rusty, were correct. I had landed right in the middle of the truck, which appeared to be carrying some kind of pillow stuffing. I buried myself in it, shielding my clothes from the sight of the guards. As I thanked the heavens, another good thing happened. The truck actually started moving. It drove to North Holland, where it stopped. I jumped over the edge, and made it to the ground unscathed by the bold window jump. Just then, an unknown caller beeped my phone. I pressed send.


"Zdrastvuitye." said the man. He didn't have a Russian accent, but he was speaking my language. I recognized him as Niko Bellic.


"I've killed the head of the Paper Company."


"That's nice, but that doesn't get you anywhere. I know everything; I wanted to see that you were for real. U. L. Paper has something to do with it, but you don't get the big picture. Meet me in 60s diner, Algonquin, Friday. If you're not there.... you won't know what happened to Leon."



I found it odd and quite scary that he knew the name of the person whom I was seeking vendetta for.


I pondered my good luck. I had succeeded in my killing, made it through that window alive, and the truck had taken me to safety. And to boot, Niko wanted another meeting with me. I had good luck that day.



But I was to find out...



That good luck doesn't last long....

Chapter 3 end.



Chapter 4 coming soon!



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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 12: Contra Strike


I was down at the Alderney State Correctional Facility to visit Ray again. I had to do it very often so we could keep on running our day to day business. Today Ray looked quite misrible when I saw him sitting on the other side of the plexiglas.


"How you doin' today, Ray?" I asked.

"Rember that favour we had to do for Mr. Dawkins in exchange for his support in our construction?" Ray saked.


"Well it's time now. A guy named Kang Lee has blackmailed Dawkins so we need to take him out. Don't worry you don't have to whack him. I've already contacted a hitman called Emanuel "Manny Contra" Contreras, all you have to do is acting as a driver for him. Meet him at the restaurant, okay?"

"Kang Lee? Are you kidding me?"

"No, what you know him or what?"

"Oh, no not really." I said.


I couldn't expose anything for Ray about the f*cked up deal but I was so relieved that we finally were going to get rid of Kang Lee. And with the families support this time. I drove to my restaurant and met up with this Manny Contra guy. He looked just like a hitman in movies, leather jacket, sunglasses and bald. He had just finished a pasta dish when I introduced myself.


"Hey, you're Manny right?"

"Ah, you must be Albert? Our target is in Chinatown, he will be leaving a noodle restaurant very soon so we need to head over there now." Manny said with his mexican-american accent.

"Alright get in my car, I take you there." I said.


Me and Manny got in my Sentinel and headed for the restaurant in Chinatown. When we got there Manny got out of the car and headed up to a roof on the other side of the street so he could get a clear shot on Kang. I waited a couple of minutes then I saw Kang and some of his associates leaving the restaurant. Just when he was about to enter his car a loud short was heard. Kang Lee's brain was now all over the frontwindow. Manny rushed down from the roof and we took off with a burnout.

I dropped of Manny outside his apartment in Bohan. He lived near a Burgershot so I decided to buy a burger on my way home. When I had payed for by burger I saw Mike Stabino sitting with his back turned against me. When I walked closer to say hello I saw that a man was sitting next to him. I could hear them talking about stuff like: Pegorino is always careful, I can't belive that I'm ratting out my friends, when will I get payed. I turned around and ran back to my car and headed for Honkers where I knew Pegorino would be on this hour of the day. I couldn't belive that Mike was an FBI informant, it just didn't make sense. In the bar at Honkers Pegorino, Phil Bell, Mark Toro and the bartender, Tommy was telling jokes.


"Boss I got some really bad news." I said.

"What?" Pegorino asked in the middle of a joke.

"Michael Stabino is an FBI rat. I spotted him talking to an FBI agent at a Burgershot in Bohan." I said.


Everybody stopped laughing when they heard the word "rat".


"What? Mike is getting made next week togheter with Anthony!" Pegorino said.

"I know, it just don't make sense but I heard them talking about it." I told him.

"When you think about it he has been acting quite weird this month, asking alot of questions." Phil said.

"You want me to send some of my boys on him Peg?" Mark Toro asked.

"No we wait until right before the made cermony. Nobody tell anything important to this kid, you hear me? If he think he can take a wire into the cermony he can think again." Pegorino said.


No it was no way out for Mike. He was about the get whacked next week.


Chapter 12 end.


Chapter 13 coming soon...

Edited by Rucke

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Build Up Your Gang

radicell here.




$33, not bad at all for a 1st story.








$41. Nice job, you're really starting to earn more money now. icon14.gif

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 13: This family ain't big enough for both of us


Three monthes has passed since Ray was indicted and he was finally going to be released from prison. Right now I waited for the gates to open outside Alderney State Correctional Facility. I waited a couple of minutes then I well known figure showed up, no longer in an orange overall but in a nice black tuxedo. Anthony and Mike's made ceremony was later this afternoon so we had very little time to get on with our plan. Right now the only persons who knew about Mike's betrayal was me, Jimmy, Phil and Mark. We planned to cut Ray and Dog Corella into the plan so I could get some assistance in the whacking of Mike. Ray gave me a big hug and then we got into my car.


"Sorry to interupting your home coming like this but you ain't gonna belive this." I said.

"Oh yeah? What?" Ray asked.

"Mike Stabino is an FBI rat, we're going to kill him today before his made ceremony." I said.

"Mike a rat? He is like the last person you suspect. He was a good kid, but family comes before all that." Ray said.


I parked up just outside Ray's house in Westdyke. All the family members were already there to celibrate his home coming. While everybody was greeting Ray I told Dog Corella about the Stabino hit.


"This is how we do: we take your car, pick Mike up and telling him that we are driving him to the made ceremony. Instead we're driving him to a safe location where I can pop some bullets into his head from the backseat. Got it?" I explained for Dog.

"Yeah but the guy already knows that the cermony are going to be at the old mansion Phil owns." Dog said.

"We tell him that the plans changed. That's gonna make him a bit nervous too." I said.


Dog got into his car while I started to look for Mike. I found him celebrating Ray's home coming but also his own made cermony.


"Mike it's time to go. Alot of guys are already on their way to the ceremony." I told him.

"Alright Albert. I'm ready!" Mike said.


Me and Mike got in Dog's car and we all drove away. But instead of driving north like all the others from Ray's party did, we drove south. Mike looked around.


"Why are we not following them?" Mike asked.

"Planes changed. The ceremony gonna take place near the club." I said.

"But where are the others going then?" Mike asked.

"They don't know the plans has changed yet. But they will." Dog said.


Mike started to look worried. He looked back all the time to see if I tried to pull something behind his seat. He also looked very suspicious at Dog who was driving. Dog stopped the car behind a big warehouse in Acter Insustrial Park.


"We're early. Mike you got a smoke?" Dog asked.

"Sure." Mike said and just when he was reaching for his cigarettes I put 2 shots into Mike backhead.


The window infront of Mike became covered with blood and Dog who was wearing a suit for the first time in ages instead of a tracksuit got blood all over himself.


"Thanks Al. My suit is all covered with blood. I need to change this before we can get to Anthony's made ceremony." Dog said.


We cleaned Dog's car and got rid of Mike's body then we headed for Dog's house in Leftwood. Since Dog had no dress sense at all I followed him in to the house to help him pick something. Dog knocked the door and I was very suprised when his mother open the door.


"Douglas Francis Corella, what have you been doing with your new suit?" Old Mrs. Corella asked.

"Ma I can explain." Dog tried.

"Which poor man was it this time huh?"

"No ma it ain't like that. Me and Albert here was down at the restaurant, it's ketchup.

"Don't lie to me. You're lucky your father left some of his suits."


Dog got changed and we said goodbye to his ma. Then we drove to the real made cermony at the old mansion in north Westdyke. The first thing I did was finding Pegorino.


"Is it done?" He asked.

"It's all taken care of." I told him.


Then I found Anthony, ready to begin the ceremony. He looked suprised when he saw that Mike was missing.


"Where is Mike?" He asked.

"Don't you worry about that, enjoy your made ceremony now." I told him.


This was a big day, apart from Pegorino, Ray and Phil who always were at made cermonies becouse they belonged to the administration, family members including capos Dominic La Villa, Mark Toro, Nick Dilano had come. Also soldiers like me, Dog and Sally Boy Florente were also there. Pegorino called all togheter and the made ceremony was now started. When everything was said and done Anthony Corrado was a true soldier of the Pegorino Crime Family.


Chapter 13 end.


Chapter 14 coming soon...



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Chris L
Hi there, I might join the 'Algonquin Triads' at 'Underground Weapons Shop'. I just have to see if I can get a good enough idea to start a story. I aint a good writer, but this "Build Your Gang" thing looks great! Oh, and I don't have anything like Microsoft Word, since I don't know where to get it. But I'll try to get something like that.

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Hi there, I might join the 'Algonquin Triads' at 'Underground Weapons Shop'. I just have to see if I can get a good enough idea to start a story. I aint a good writer, but this "Build Your Gang" thing looks great! Oh, and I don't have anything like Microsoft Word, since I don't know where to get it. But I'll try to get something like that.

But everyone with a pc got notepad icon14.gif

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 14: Vice City


No harm was done with Mike being a rat. None of the family members was arrested so now we could keep focus on making money. Pegorino planned to get in the cocaine business. Our new contact was named Ruben Gomez, he was one of the biggest druglords in Vice City. Manny Contra who acted hitman in the Kang Lee job had worked for Ruben Gomez earlier and they knew each other pretty good. Manny told him about his guido friends up north and Ruben became very interested.

Right now me, Pegorino, Ray, Phil and Manny Contra were on our way to Vice City. At Escobar International Airport Ruben Gomez's right hand man called Carlos came and picked us up. Then he drove us to Ruben's mansion at Starfish Island. Carlos was short and he didn't speak english very well. Gomez on the other hand was elegant and carismatic. He was dressed in a white suit and a black shirt. Ruben showed us to his backgarden with a view of the ocean.


"So Manny tells me you want to buy some coke?" Ruben said.

"That's right. We pay good and we take the whole load from here." Pegorino said.

"That sounds good." Ruben said.

"Then Ray and his guy Albert here gonna move the load from the harbor in Alderney to a safe location in Liberty City." Pegorino continued.

"Then we are agreed. Now, let's have some lunch." Ruben said and showed us to a set table in the backgarden.

"So how come you know this guy Ruben, Manny?" I asked Manny Contra.

"I used to work for him as a smuggler and hitman. We go way back." Manny said.

"Yeah I can see that." I said.


The next morning Pegorino went back home to Liberty City while me, Ray, Phil, Manny, Carlos and some other of Ruben's guys were gonna load the ship at the Vice City docks. First everything seemed peaceful but when we were almost done some latino gang showed up tried to take the coke. Me and the guys gave the latino gang everything we got, and then we talk about bullets. When the gang was whiped out the ship left and we headed to the airport to meet the ship back in Alderney. When I had been back in Alderney a couple of weeks the ship finally reached the harbor in Tudor. Me and Phil's newhew Frankie Gallo went down to pick up the coke. On the ship we met up with Carlos and the other guys.


"Any problems getting here?" I asked.

"No senior, no problems." Carlos said with his bad english accent.

"Alright then, here is the money." I said while Frankie handed over a bag full of money to Carlos.


Carlos guys loaded the drugs into a truck for us. When the truck was loaded me and Frankie got in and headed for a warehouse in Northwood. On our way to the warehouse we got competition, some guys in Lokus and Feroci cars tried to ram the truck but Frankie was quick to scare them of with his uzi. I parked up the truck inside the warehouse in Northwood.


"I take it from here boss. Don't worry." Frankie said.

"I got a meeting soon. Tell your uncle that the drugs are taken care of, okay?" I said.


I was gonna meet Ray and Dominic over at the restaurant. Almost every crew in the Pegorino family was involved in the garbage business. Ray handeled the garbage in Algonquin while Dominic had south Alderney and Mark Toro north. Dominic felt that his garbages routes was too small so he started to expanding into Ray and Mark's territory. The meeting between Ray and Dominic was eberything else but civilized.


"You are a f*cking parasite you know that?" Ray yelled.

"You telling me? What about the construction, Ray? I worked like an animal to get that project started and you charged me with half of what I earned."

"It was on my turf! How many times do I have to say it?"

"You owe me money that's why I'm moving into your territory." Dominic said.

"Should we take this with the boss? From what I have heard you are not really his favorite right now." Ray said.

"Guys if we try to cool down." I tried.

"No Al, get this animal out of your restaurant." Ray said.

"Fine by me." Dominic said and left.


I ordered in Ray's favorite meal to cool him down a bit. It always worked. But I had to admit that this Dominic was getting on my nerves too.


Chapter 14 end.


Chapter 15 coming soon...

Edited by Rucke

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Build Up Your Gang



$37, $42.


Chris L


Added to Algonquin Triads @ Underground Weapons Shop. icon14.gif


Thanks to William. for...



Albanian Mob
Location Property Gang Member Story Count
Pill Pharmacy
Deli Grocery Tobacco Shop
Hardware Store
Weapons Baseball Bat, Micro-SMG
Vehicles Futo, Hakumai
Money $100
Assets ---
Drug Facilities ---
Drugs ---

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Can I be added to Algonquin Triads at RS Haul Warehouse?

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Chris L

Alright, here's chapter one. I guess it's more of dialogue than description, and I aint too much of a good writer. But, here it is.



Algonquin Triads, Underground Weapons Shop, Chapter One:



I looked around. Still no customers. It was only 3:57 AM, three hours before my shift was over.


"Screw it," I said. I was sitting behind a desk in the back of my gun shop. The place seemed vacant nowadays. I looked down at my desk, which was full of bills and other crap. "I'll sort this all out some other day," I muttered to myself, standing up.


I was about to lock the place up and head back to my townhouse for a much needed rest, when I heard the doorbell ring. "Come in!" I yelled back at the door. As the door opened, I gasped at who was there. It was Wu Lee, who was a well-known (and respected) member of the Triads. He was an aging man, so I made sure I was speaking loud enough.


"Sir! How may I do you for?! You need a knife? Or.. Perhaps a new Micro-SMG?"


"Calm down, Kim." The aging man talked so slowly, I was already starting to get impatient to what he had to say. "Call me dad. Anyways. Business men are on their way here from China to supply us with some more weapons. We're meeting them in Broker, their ship is going to be arriving in half an hour."


"Okay, so are we leaving?" I asked. My dad nodded, and we walked over to the door. Before we left, I told my dad I was happy to have him back from his trip.


After I locked up, I joined the old man outside. He was waiting inside a sleek, black Feroci. Feroci's were four door sedans, and they were the Algonquin Triads' main gang vehicle. I hopped in the passenger seat, and noticed someone else was in the car.


"Hello cousin," the Chinese man said. It was Huang Lee. After we exchanged our greetings, Huang turned serious. "Alright, here's the plan. I packed us some Micro-SMG's, two for each of us. We will meet them by East Hook, in the back of a warehouse by the river."


"What are the Micro-SMG's for? I heard that we could trust these guys." I pretended that I didn't know the answer, but really, I did.


"Just in case, you may never know.." Wu started up the car. There was an awkward silence for the rest of the trip, but we didn't have anything to say to each other. It took us a whole damn hour to reach our destination. My dad was a slow driver.


We parked on the side of the warehouse, on Mohanet Ave. We jogged around to the back of the warehouse and knocked on an old, wooden door. A tall, plump man opened the door shortly afterwards. A cheerful man, he was mid age and bald. We exchanged our greetings in Chinese and stepped inside. There were two other men inside, wearing traditional clothes from their homeland. On the ground, there were half-opened crates, showing loads of weapons and ammo.


As everybody talked about the deal, I started to drift off. I noticed we were in some sort of packaging building, although it was too dark to tell. I thought I saw some shadows, but I tried to reassure myself that nothing bad would happen.


"You're tired, Kim Lee. Your mind's playing tricks again," I thought. I cursed in Chinese. "Did I just hear someone cough back there?"


All of a sudden, I saw a dozen-or-so figures pop out from the shadows. They wore astounding, expensive suits and they appeared to be Italian.


"Deals over, you Triad f*cks! Pegorino says hello!" One of them screamed out. No doubt the leader of the group, he commanded his team to get behind some crates. They immediately started shooting with some M4's.


Time seemed to go slow. I watched as our deal associates were pierced with a rain of bullets. Huang and my dad took some cover, behind a nearby wall. I did the same.


BAM! The wooden door that I entered was smashed open, and some more Italian goons rushed in, heavily armed with weapon artillery. Uh-oh, this couldn't be good.

Edited by Chris L

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 15: Dirty Garbage


Today it was Mark Toro's 57th birthday and of course the birthday party was at Drusilla's. Many of the family members were there to celibrate, but one was missing. Dominic La Villa had decided to not attend at the birthday dinner since he had a beef with both Mark and Ray. I was talking to Mark's nephew and soldier in his crew, Joseph Toro.


"So no more problems with the garbage routes?" I asked.

"I don't know. I haven't heard from Dominic since he talked to my uncle about moving into his territory." Joseph said.

"He's propably laying low, he know that what he did was a mistake. I'm gonna smoke, you want one too? I asked.

"Nah I'm good, I'm gonna go and say hello to Nick. You now that poor f*ck got cancer?"

"Nick Dilano got cancer? How bad?" I asked.

"I'll find out." Joseph said.


When I got outside and pulled out my cigarette I found Anthony Corrado and Mark already outside. Anthony had been a wreck since he found out that Mike was a rat and we had to kill him. He had started to recover but the loss of his best friend couldn't bee easy. I started to chat with Mark and Anthony about tha party and that Nick Dilano got cancer when Dominic all of a sudden showed up.


"Sorry I'm late. Happy birthday Marky my boy." Dominic said.

"Don't call me a boy, I'm older than you." Mark said.

"I'm kidding with you, relax." Dominic said and tries to hug Mark. Mark stepped back.

"Have you layed of my territory by now?" Mark asked.

"No. I talked to the managers at your and Ray's garbage stations and they wanted to do business with me instead." Dominic said and smiled.

"What the f*ck did you just say?" Mark asked.


Mark who was reputed for his temper punched Dominic and the face and the two started a battle. Me and Anthony tried to stop the fight. Dominic fighted himself out of Mark's grip and got out of there. I got in to tell Ray about what happened.


"Ray you won't belive this. Dominic came by and according to him Carl Zanders, the manager at our wasting company has started to pay Dominic instead." I said.

"Son of a bitch! The first thing you and me doing in the morning is pay a visit to Carl, okay?" Ray said.


Next morning I met up with Ray and an associate of Ray called Luca at the garbage station in Fishmarket South in Algonquin. Ray ordered me to start one of the trashmasters and open up the back. Ray grabbed Carl and held him at the back of the trashmaster.


"So you are paying Dominic now, huh?" Ray yelled.

"Ray please. I'll pay you back" Carl begged for his life.


Ray didn't listen, he throwed Carl the manager into the back of the trashmaster and we could hear the sound of bone crushing and the pop of the skull. Now when Carl had been dealt with we needed to prepare an revange. The same night, me, Joseph Toro, Luca, a guy called Joey Tuna and a guy called Johnny Spaz managed to get into Dominic's garbage station in south Alderney. We torched three of Dominic's trashmasters and beated a several of his guys. Next day the garbage money came to Ray, not Dominic. We had won the garbage war. I was haning out with Ray at Honkers when James Thorne, the manager of our South Algonquin construction came to visit. He looked worried.


"Hey the king of spades." Ray greeted.

"Dominic is shutting down the construction." James said.

"He what?" Ray asked.

"He shut down and got away with the money." James explained.

"Albert, get Pegorino on the phone. I ain't takin more sh*t from this guy. Ray said.


Chapter 15 end.


Chapter 16 coming soon...







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Wanted Assailant

Alright. Hit me up with the Albanian Mob at the Hardware Store, me mateys. I need juice pumping through my writing for the time being.

Edited by Wanted Assailant

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hey man ima ahve to buy cars and drugs from you man real stuff right there man

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yah me man ima rastah me bredren , i need 1 kilo marijuana and 1 kilo heroin me breda how much do i have to pay you? i need to deliver real good man !

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im gonna start a Gang as soon as possible me and my friend are working together since a long time man

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hey man i need 1 kilo of Marijuana and i need 1 kilo of Heroin man how much would it cost? i need it now man i have to sell man, ima make a gang as soon as possible okay?

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 16: Shutdown


I parked up at the driveway at Pegorino's mansion. I was gonna meet him, Phil and Ray to discuss the Dominic La Villa problem. At the door I met my sister Angie and Pegorino's wife, alos called Angie.


"Hey it's the Angies. Where you girls going today?" I asked.

"We're going down to the new mall in Alderney City. What you wanna come?" My sister joked.

"Nah, you girl try to have fun without me." I said.

"Try to cool down my husband in there, he's upset about something." Angie Pegorino's said.

"I can probably guess." I said and kissed my sister and Angie Pegorino goodbye.


My sister and Angie Pegorino hanged out almost everyday since I became a part of Jimmy's inner circle. Inside Pegorino seemed very upset. He looked relieved when he saw my face.


"Albert, thank god you're here. Dominic needs to go and I want you to finish him off." Pegorino said.

"No problem. Where is he?" I asked.

"Some of his guys tipped us that he is going to the construction to get the last amount of money." Phil said.

"You gonna need some back-up. If you want I can send some of my boys. Ray said.

"No it's cool. I think I know the right guy. I said.


On my way to the construction in south Algonquin I called Dog Corella.


"Yo. I'm going to hit down on La Villa and I need your help." I said.

"Sure I'm in." Dog said.

"Alright, meet me at the construction and bring some back-up." I said.


When I got there Dog and his guy were already there. The guy looked like some wanna be mobster trying to move up in the ranks. They were well armed though. Dog picked up a pump shotgun and the other guy a micro uzi. Myself I was still going with my pistol.


"Hey Albert. This is my guy Jeremy." Dog said.

"Wassup?" Jeremy said.

"Dominic here yet?" I asked.

"Yeah his car is parked up right there so he must be in the office." Dog said.


Me, Dog and Jeremy entered the construction and when Dominic got out from the office with a briefcase full of money. When he saw us he dropped the briefcase and started to run. When he got to a ladder he climed up to the highest level of the construction. We chased after. Dominic who was armed with an SMG tried to shoot at us from times to times. Finally Dominic got to the back of the construction. Infront of him there was only water so we got him trapped. Dominic dropped his gun and raised his hands.


"Albert I'm sorry. Can you please let me go? I know I've been an asshole but I'll disappear for ever, I promise." Dominic tried.


Me, Dog and Jeremy pumped everything we got into Dominic's body for about 5 secunds straight. Then I finished him off with the last bullets in my magazine. Dominic's body fell into the water at the back of the construction. We got out of there before the cops arrived with the money who belonged to James Thorne. The same evening I visited a brothel in Alderney that the family owned where James Throne used to hang out. I knew the place pretty good since my girlfriend Cloe worked there.


"James, I got your money." I said when I saw him.

"So what about the construction? Is Pegorino still gonna be a partner?" James asked.

"Yeah now when Dominic is gone I think he will."

"Anyway, thanks for getting the money back Albert."

"You better not be touching my girlfriend when you are here." I joked.

"Nah, I got my own little girl." James laughed.

"I haven't touched me Albert so you don't have to kill him." Cloe yelled from the other side of the room.

"I got to go, see you around James." I said.


This was a busy day, now I had to be at a deal with the russian mafia. It was time to sell the coke we bought from Ruben down in Vice City. I met up with Anthony Corrado and Sally Boy Florente at the warehouse in Northwood.


"Wassup boys?" I asked Corrado and Florente who was shivering in the cold wather outside the warehouse.

"Hey Albert. The russians will be here in any minute." Sally Boy said.

"I hope it's not a setup couse I ain't even armed." Corrado said.

"Anthony, drugdeals is not your thing." I laughed when I thinked of the deal between us and Kang Lee when Anthony just gave them the morphin.

"I know what you are thinking at Albert. But that is our secret isn't it?" Anthony lauged.

"Yeah. Oh, here comes the russians." I said.


The russians stopped their cars infront of us and got out. One of them was carrying on a breifcase.


"I'm Oleg. Let's hand over the stuff." One of the russians said.


This time Anthony handed over the stuff exactly the same time is the buyer. It was fun to see that he had learned something. The deal was seccessful and 3 million dollars was now in the hands of the Pegorino's. The family was having a dinner at Drusilla's so we headed there right away. I left the breifcase with the 3 million dollars to Ray.


"I'm proud of you Ally. You're my best f*cking earner." Ray said and hugged me.

"This is what I do." I said.

"Yo Peg. Check out what Albert bringed, a christmas present for you." Ray said.

"Thanks Albert. You know what I think I should have Ray replaced with you as capo." Pegorino joked.

"Hey quit making up sick jokes like that Peg." Ray laughed.

"You better watch your back Ray." I laughed.


The dinner was nice and peaceful. I was so happy to be apart of this family.


Chapter 16 end.


I will take a pause from the writing awhile so I can make up some new ideas. But I will probably be back at the end of February. So far I got one idea, when I get back i'll be writing about the Pegorino Family after the events of GTA IV.



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confused.gif Actually i dont get it is this for multiplayer or what?

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hey man i could use Dwaynes apartment

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