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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang IV

Recommended Posts


Yes, smile.gif Thats okay, you can write between both BUYG's, theres no pressure on you.

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I'd like to join the Petrovic Bratva at the Cabaret Club.

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bmx rule

Chapter Eight


Pegorinos mansion




The several sentinels drove up the driveway

‘’hide’’ pegorino said as they got out of their cars, I ran to my dresser and picked up my knife to assassinate them some entered but some stayed out, they came through both the front door and the side door I slipped under my bed a guy walked in I crawled closer to the end of my bed when he lifted the bed I leapt at him my knife went through his throat the bed fell fast I grabbed it in time but had been spotted someone fired I dodged the bullet and ran through the window.


Glass was shattered everywhere when I landed I grabbed a bit of the shattered glass and threw it at a guy and started running down the street hoping that Pegorino and Paul would be ale to get away from the second wave. I got to a house and hid there were sentinels driving around the streets, then I notice a guy coming this way from his car I hid as he looked over, then I sent my knife through his throat and got into his car.


I got to Hove Beach and drove into the taxi business place, I got out of my car and walked to the door, I knocked and a European man opened the door

‘’hi can I come in’’ I say trying to walk past ‘’who are you’’ he says looking at me ‘’I need to see your boss’’ I say shoving the guy out of my way ‘’hi im in need of a taxi’’ I say to the man at the desk ‘’you have no right to be in here’’ he says ‘’who are you’’ I say aiming a gun at his face ‘’roman Bellic… NIKKO!’’ he yells scared, I turn and look the European guy is aiming a colt at my face, I grab the gun and rip it out of his hand

‘’you guys are coming with me’’ I say walking away

‘’no’’ the Nikko character says

‘’well then ill blast you’’ I say aiming the two colts at them, they follow me into my car and I drive them to Faustin‘s.


When we arrive we get out and head into the mansion I knock on the door and Dimitri answers

‘’these are the guys who your gonna make work for you’’ I say pushing Nikko and Roman through the doorway, I then went back to my car and drove back to my old apartment. When I arrived the burnt apartment had been fixed up with a new wall I still walked in and got to my apartment door and opened it there was ashes everywhere I decided to look at what happened, so I stepped forward and smashed a bit of glass I kept walking, it felt as I was walking on a burial ground. When I got to the kitchen my dog was lay on the bench I petted him his head lifted and I put him on the floor and everything turned white, I found myself lay on the ground in front of my apartment door I must have passed out I opened the door and walked in, it had a carpet laid and had everything fixed I walked out and got back to my sentinel I opened the door and WHACK!


I woke at a building somewhere tied up to a chair, I looked around to see I was with no one, but there was a note placed on the wall so I walked forward and read it


You have been kidnapped and need to find a way out before the bomb blows, you have 20 minutes see ya


Signed American gang


I looked around I could see that the doors lock had been broken and a small window lay at the top on the roof I knew that if im to smash the window and work away up I could escape and get back to Paul and Pegorino, so I got a plank of wood off the ground and threw it through the window glass shattered down to me as I grabbed hold of the wall and started to climb when I got to the broken window I pulled my self through cutting my hand. I got out and herd a beeping sound and I leapt from the building I was on to the next BOOM!! The building shattered pieces flying around every where I leapt through a window in the next building and landed on the ground with every one staring at me


I jumped up and punched the first guy with my cut hand and blood pissed from the sides of my fist, he dropped his gun and I grabbed it in time to shoot him in the head. I rushed to turn and shoot another guy and saw a left handed pair of scissors, I rolled dodging the enemies gun fire I grabbed the scissors and leapt at the guy on the left holding the scissors in front of his wind pipe and using him as a human shield. Someone fired and hit the guy in the head I dropped the body and threw the scissors at the guy who fired and drew my colt to shoot the last guy when there was a crackling sound from the roof and the chandelier fell on the guys head knocking him on the head and sending him to the ground I walked forward and shot the guy in the head. I walked down the stair way to the door and turned the knob it was locked I drew my gun and blasted the lock to pieces, I ran through the door and got into a sentinel on the kerb and drove towards Pegorinos mansion.


When I arrived there were no cars parked outside the building but as I entered the building I was greeted by someone I grabbed his head and sent an knife through his head I walked forward and found a note on the wall:


You cant run you cant hide you will die and will die soon.


Signed American gang


I turned to my bedroom to see a note left on the covers I picked it up a read muttering:


Me and Paul have gone to hide meet us at the docks as soon as you get this message.

Oh and if you don’t find us there we will be in a boat…


I walked to the door swung it open to have 4 people aiming their guns at me and I guy staring me in the eyes without a gun I stepped forward and the guns followed my head out of the door and the man walked forward more closer to me…



i had to end this otherwise i was going to be doing it forever i have the next chapter planned out in my head, i don't want to tell you about the deaths at the ambush because i think you'll like it

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Looks like im going to need that BUYG account password after all Phusion.

Seeing as no one has updated this topic for some time.

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I'll take Pegorino Crime Family please. Recycling plant.


Was the only good option I could find that was free. Now, I don't know entirely a lot about these guys, so I'm unclear about the general purpose, goal, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Worth a try.


Chapter 1: Pegorino Crime Family. "Shady deals in a shady world."

"Oi you! Get over here will you!" a distant voice called out to me, my ears picking it up faintly. Must be the boss of this old recycling plant, derelict mostly, but a few sections still soldier on in this city. Some people drop by, paying good cash to ditch something or two in the machines and that, but nothing else is really worth noticing.


Edging my head just around a couple of rusted useless pipes, I saw the leader of our group, Kalim Miscofki. His name always did confuse me, the way it was. Well, generally just the last part, but in this city, best not to question such things, especially if that person you are questioning is much higher up than you. A heavy stench infiltrates the air here, clouding one of everyone here's senses, blinding them in that aspect. American Dream...more like the American Nightmare at times like these.


"Where the **** you been?" Kalim demanded of me.


"Pays not to rush, although that's probably a bad thing to say, so I'll take it back" I snorted back at him.


"Yeah yeah, well I can't care any less at the moment. We got some dudes coming in here soon, 'round half a hour or so. To drop off some junk. Just stay ice cold when that moment comes, if you can."


"Yeah...suuureee......". The words came slowly, shallowly, out of my mouth, I'm not sure why, I never was. I always seem to doubt others, even though it was me who was the under. Memories from my past I'd guess. Need to shake that off, doesn't help to underestimate anybody in Liberty City. Even if they do seem rather small time, like the Irish now. Fierce guys them.


Time past rather hastily, by no surprise two vehicles rolled in through the gates, spurting fumes out all over. Generally a bad thing due to the attention such exhausts attract. Nobody appears to have any weapons of any kind, crude or not. Place was littered with them though, hazardous place for these operations. Silently checking the side pocket, he felt a sharp tang of pain in the tip of his finger. He slid a shattered section of glass in there for desperate situations, but nothing here seemed hostile or anything.


"Hey you guys, where we kicking this stuff off to?" A heavy accent boomed out into the mist.


"Just over there, Section 2B. Says up there if you forget one way or another...idiots..." Kalim reported, sliding on the last word quietly, the cold air grasping his mind slowly.


All seemed to be going sufficiently okay at the moment in the Recycling Plant. Nothings exciting. Nothing worth noticing, we never get any loot here, why where we even stuffed in this small corner anyway. Later. His eyes was drawn into the setting sun, it never gave any heat in here, watching it settle down for now, settling down, for now...




I hope it was sort of okay... whatsthat.gif

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Hate to be rude, but why hasn't anybody added me or anyone else to the gangs? I joined the Petrovic Bratva at the Cabaret and some other guy joined the Spanish Lords, or was talking about it.



A quick complaint: the Pegorino Mafia Family is there, but how come the Gambettis, Lupinellas, Pavanos, or any other Mafia families aren't added? If that's a problem, then just combine them all into the Commisson. I'm sure we can find territories for them. And what of the Triads? I'm sure there are Triads in GTA IV?

Edited by puffinslaughter

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Ugh, I think Mark got on but didn't rate anything.


Okay, I'll go through the stories tonight. Someone should send you the pass later Sci.

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Build Up Your Gang

@Scifen: $41, short but a good intro.

@BMX: $20, $24, $21. They are okay but there is far too many grammar areas.

@Ung: $34, definitely good for a first story.


EDIT: Puff added and radicell removed


All done'd.

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To BUYG, I think we need to rate some of the SA BUYG stories. There's about four or five new ones now.


Thanks for adding me.

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First thing, I noticed I'm in the Garbage Disposal Inc, yet I said Recycling Plant. Was wondering if this was some sort of mistake, if not, carry on.


Chapter 2. "Whispers in the Dark."


Darkness crept in, consuming the city in its shallow grasp. Me, Kalim and some other dude were stalking the target. Dark, faded gray suit, whiteish purple tie, pants appeared to be the same as the suit. What we desired was in that case, held solidly in his left hand, a death grip. This was going to be difficult with this level of awareness around. I have no idea what's really in there that we require so heavily, my mind was too clouded by the frost to think clearly.


"Oi you two, eyes front. That suits going into 'round there, barely any light in there, we can take him in a bit" the leader reported to us. I could just see where he was indicating to us, giving a slight nod in response, indicating positive. Looks like an auto shop, closed down for the day, but the guy was sliding in through a back door. Kalim motioned for us to stack up right behind it, ready to force it open with a good ol' kick.


It felt rather hot somehow, faintly, sparks maybe? Or perhaps heat from some wielding or something similar inside? Doesn't matter. It'll fall just the same.


"Right you two, ready to breach this sucker open?"


"Aye. Just pop the word and it's down."


"Okay...three...two...one...hit it!"


I swang around from the corner, slammed my boot right in the middle, smashing the door right open, shoving it to the side. It bent easily to my will, letting myself proceed through, followed by the others.


*Click. Click.*


"Halt. Anybody hear that?" the third guy questioned. His hand facing upwards, indicating to stop dead.


"Hear what?"


"This weird clickin- *Bocckkkkffff*


The world swirled around me, consuming me in a dark haze of unconciousness. Everything stung so much it was the only thing I could sense at that one moment. One moment where, I lose everything, one moment, one moment...


"Haha. So you guys heard about it eh"...those words rang through my ears, very faintly, infiltrating them. It was the only thing left, along with the pain, that I knew before unconciousness sank in on my soul.


Second chapter, not really professional but, I guess it beats nothing. Wasn't too keen on putting *Boom* near the end, so I put that, thinking it would sound rather like an explosion.

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Slavic Flavor

The Torres Cartel

A New Beggining.


The clock struck exactly 17:46 when Krystian 'Slavic Flavor' Zagajewski woke up. He still had about thirty minutes before the expected call from the Torres Cartel. Living by the rule that every minute is precious , Krystian decided to get out of bed earlier , get dressed and ready for meeting with who he hopes will be his future gang. His vision of a perfect gang transcends the gloomy image of ruthless individuals struggling for personal profit. His nonpareil vision presents a brotherhood of men , fighting for more than money , fighting for ideology of respect and regarded business. Brothers , which stand next to each other arm-to-arm at all times , reaching the zenith of benefit under every aspect of the black market. Of course this might seem a ideal schematic for every organized-crime gang but he knew that things here in Liberty City were far from what he dreamed of. Liberty City is one colossal pandemonium , acme of crime. The air is polluted with violence and the streets are living tales of macabre.

The time has arisen for someone to unbolt the dirty business from chaos.


Comprehensive thoughts flew through his mind as he pinned the last button of his suit. Although Krystian is a man of orderliness , at this point he had no clue how business with the Torres Cartel will splay. As if drugged with toxic fluid that his mind ejects , he nearly didn't hear his phone ringing. He digged his pockets for his old Nokia 9910 and accepted the call from the unknown caller in a self-confident manner , pressing the phone towards his ear before he started speaking.


" Hello? Who is this? " he asked as if he didn't know. The luminously red numbers on his alarm clock showed exactly 18:11. " It's the TC. I heard all about you , we all did. In Vice City you got your self a good name rolling with the Haitians. It's a shame what happened later on though. Aight' look , we'll talk once we meet. Come over to the pub on the other side of the street from the Old Hospital. I'll be waiting.". " Yeah..See you there. " Krystian replied quickly as if he wanted to speak his last words before the caller hanged up.


He locked his humble apartment and headed down the cracked stairs. The apartment was cheap because it was located on the highest floor and no elevator was available , since the building was in such a poor shape that it probably couldn’t support one even after renovation.


~The Old Hospital~


Krystian got out of the Taxi spending his last dollars on the fee , wondering how he is going to get back to his apartment. He instantly spotted a Latino man standing with his back to the wall at the agreed location.

He slowly approached the target in a cautious manner.


“ Hey brother! You’re Kris right? Right? Great , man , great. Follow me. “ he said whilst moving into a dark alley on the back of the bar. “ I’m Deniro. Member of the Torres Cartel. “ he added. “ Nice to meet you , Deniro. It seems to be like you know who I am already. “ Krystian said. “ Yeah brother , you’re well known in this region , especially when everyone heard you were coming to Libery City. I remember seeing you more than a dozen times at the docks , making deals with us as the representative of the Haitians. We and Haitians be close on those matters , bro. “ Deniro speech was relaxed and Krystian felt more welcome to his new hometown every minute of conversation. “ Aight’ so listen , bro. “ the TC member continued. “ I’d introduce you to our boss , Eliza , our dear Eliza , what a shame , she was taken out not so while ago. Great loss bro , great loss. For the cartel , for the city , for business , you see? The thing is that recently there’s been much quarrel about the new boss. I myself bro , am in control of recruitment and most deals done at the docks. You know? Snow , black powder , those types of stuff. “ Deniro stopped like he waited for a sign of acceptance of everything he said. Kris nodded. “ Continue. “


They walked toward the Old Hospital while the gang representative continued his dialogue. “ So , brother. The gangs in real mess and we need a person just like you , you know? None of those freelancers that sh*t their pants on the sight of cops. Ya know? Taking your experience under consideration you shouldn’t have any problems , bro. “


They reached the abandoned hospital , it was mostly ruins with some rooms hidden within the complex of debris. “ So , bro , as I was saying. We need a person that take hold of deals with other gangs as well as within the gang. You know? Teach those posers who the real TC are , it ain’t matter you be a gringo , you’re a well known man on our territory. “


“ You repeat yourself too much , brother. “ Kris interrupted with a confident smile. Deniro’s cell phone started ringing. “ Aight , I got a message man , I have to be in another place in another time , you know how things be? Anyway , this will be our meeting point , bro. The phones might be traced , who knows , so never speak of this place as our hotspot through the cellular. I’ll give you a call soon , get you a car , perhaps a apartment too maybe , who knows? Alright ma bro , it seems like I do the only talking , next time we meet you’ll say something about your visit here. Go check on those new nightclubs in Bohan. Peace , my gringo. “


The meeting ended with a very fashionable handshake. Krystian saved Deniro's number on his phone and proceeded down the street by foot to his apartment. Taking the Bohan nightclubs under serious consideration.


Notes ;

I have written this very fast because I am about to leave for a party. I hoped you enjoyed reading this , next pieces will be much more efficient. Sorry for any vocabulary and tenses mistakes but I am Polish and this is the best excuse I can think of to earn some extra money for the gang. =)

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My first story......


UPDATE-I'd like to buy the knife



Petrovic Bratva


Chapter I-Frozen Tears



November 18, 2008


I was born in Voronezh, Russia, in 1991. My name is Julia Morova, and my younger sister and I grew up in an orphanage, in poverty and desolation.


But all that is going to change. We were taught English in the orphanage school, and as a result, some of us are going to America. My little sister, Leya, is with me, along with my friend Yuri.


Leya was an adorable and cute girl. Her eyes were large and blue, like an anime character, and her hair was a soft brown. Her skin was pale and her body small and voloptuous. Yuri was a tall and lanky man, who looked more like a scarecrow than a man. All of us were headed for Liberty City, New York.


I awoke and got on my jacket and sweatpants. After about six hours of driving through the snow, we reached St. Petersburg.


St. Petersburg, the epitome of beauty. The Greco-Roman architecture and the gold domes were stunning. No wonder the Czars lived here, this was a city truly fit for a king. The ship, docked in the old harbor, was not fit for a king. It wasn't fit for a pauper. It was a small fishing trawler, rusty and gray.


The captain of the boat came to us and said "You must be the Morova party from Voronezh. Let me guide us to your quarters."


We went about two floors below deck and were guided into a blank, gray room. It felt like a prison cell. There was only one cot. Leya and I would share it, Yuri would sleep in the cold, hard floor.


We set sail about five hours later. The room was even more cramped and dark when we were at sea. The only light came from a dim bulb in the center of the ceiling. Boredom and claustrophobia struck deep. The food was even worse. It was mostly bland oatmeal and coarse bread. We had to suffer this for three weeks.



But finally, after the dark and dank misery, we heard the captain's voice screech over the loudspeaker "LAND HO!"


We ran up and saw the bright lights of Liberty City. Great black skyscrapers stuck up all profound and official as dots of light cris-crossed them. The ship docked and we were guided out.


A man with a black car was waiting for us. He wore a suit and tie. He looked down at some picture and walked over to us. He said "You guys must be the Voronezh passengers. I'm with the orphanage. Get in the car, we're going over to Broker." I could tell by his accent that he was Russian.


After hours stuck in noisy traffic and bright city lights, I began to develop a splitting headache. But I heard the driver say "We're here." and he guided us to an apartment building.


The apartment halls were plain, with white walls and hardwood floors. The man handed Yuri a key and left us at apartment #129. We entered a bland room, with off-white walls, a gray carpet floor, and sparse furniture. The couch was worn-out, the chairs were rusted folding chairs, and the TV was on a stack of milk crates. And the coffee table was a large wooden spool. The kitchen was empty, no plates or bowls, or even silverware, only counters and a fridge. The bedrooms were empty except for a bed.


But it was better than the orphanage and the ship. Yuri found a phonebook and a newspaper on the spool, blew the dust off, and began looking for a place to work. Leya went to bed. I kissed her cheek and went in the bed with her, cuddling her to stay warm, just like on the ship.


We drifted off to sleep, wondering what our lives in America would turn out to be.


The next morning, I awoke. After showering and dressing, I was encountered by Yuri. He said "Julia, I found us two jobs at the Cabaret Club on Wolf Street. I'll be a janitor and you'll be a waitress. We'll earn some money and get some income. It's managed by the guy at the docks. His name is Pyotyr Smirnoff and he sponsored Leya. That's why he knew who we were. I talked to him on the phone. We need to get dressed and go there."


We walked down the crowded sidewalk, my headache returning from the noise of the traffic. But we saw the bright neon sign of the cabaret club. And we knew that this was the place to go. We entered into the finely-decorated club. But a tall, burly man in a dress shirt, black pants, and a tie met us.


He said in a thick Russian accent "What are you doing here? Who are you?"


I said "I'm Julia Morova and this is Yuri Kalashovic."


"You're not on the list! And you need ID before you can pay!"


"We're here for the job applications. We'd like to talk to Mr. Smirnoff."


The man's face lit up and as he giggled he said "Oh, I understand. Follow me and Mr. Smirnoff will see you soon."


We walked through the club. The bar was fine, trimmed with silver and stocked with bottles of fine liquor. The tables were small and round, draped in white sheets and topped with candles. Finally, there was Mr. Smirnoff's office. It was full of bookshelves and there was a fine mahogany desk in front of a large chair and a wide window. Sitting in the chair was Pyotyr Smirnoff. He was a short, stout man, with a cupid face and thick, wavy brown hair.


He said "So, you two want jobs?"


"Da" said Yuri.


"Well, Yuri, meet me tomorrow in the morning for your janitorial work. Now, as for Julia, I was reading her dossier and it says she's only seventeen. So, she cannot work in the cabaret. Instead, she will have a job running my errands. I'll pay you on my own dime, but for now, just go home for today. And keep one of my cars."


He threw the jingling metal keys toward me. I asked "What's this?"


"My old car, it's out front. Drive it home, as you'll need it. My errands cover a wide area of Broker, and I have a reputation to uphold. So, I need you to do some small work. Also, you need some advance payment. Take this."


He handed me a $20 bill and sent us home. I picked up his car, the dusty black Rebla out front and I drove it home. Yuri walked. In all honesty, considering Liberty City traffic, he made the better choice. It took me an hour to drive three blocks. But I had to get it to the apartment parking garage.


After the tiring walk and drive, I took a drink of Sprunk and fell asleep on the couch.

Edited by puffinslaughter

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Build Up Your Gang

Ung: $31, a solid second story. You might want to add more to each chapter, this chapter was one half one-line dialogue and another half description, more description would do you good.

Slavic: $38. A great start, that was a good read. Keep it up. icon14.gif


puffin and $$Smith have been removed from the topic. To see why, here. There will be NO discussion of this in this topic, mainly because we've gone through it so many times in the SA BUYG and we don't want to clutter up the topic.

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Chapter 3: "Let me free or let me die."


Faint traces of conciousness sank into my mind, sight, smell, and hearing flooded back, along with relief that death had not marked me down. The vision I had regained was still blurred, but edging more and more clearer as the seconds skimmed by.


"Hey you, do I need to cave in your goddamn skull to get you to reply one inch?!"


"Oh...*Cough* what the...hell...you expect...an answer that quick...*Cough* I spat back, at whoever this person was...whoever was requiring words of me, sentences, answers.


"Oh hell I do. You stalked me all the freaking way here. For the items in THIS case! It was that important to you and your two mates, to go all this way out of that stinking recycling plant eh? In fact...you know what.."


Through my slightly shocked eyes, I saw an image reach its hands out, curled around something...and lifted it up, the other hand sped down the side, performing...something with this object that I was glaring at with fear, at what it was, what was going to happen, what was he going to do.


"Alright you son of a, you feel pressured enough on the spine to give a few little words out that clearly ain't dirt to me?" this figure inquired viciously at me, with me still wondering what that thing was in his hand. Ahh dammit...it was a Mac, a Sub Machine Gun, with a fully loaded magazine obviously slammed in the receiver that was also the pistol type grip.


The shock suddenly wiped away by the realization of this fact, the whole room came into play. Old, abused walls sat silently, as lifeless as those born and gone centuries ago. They were heavily shredded, damaged...sodden planks of splintered apart wood concealed a few gaping holes in the material. The floor, an old tiled one, the shine long gone, dirt and muck embedding it with dishonoring filth. Several shell casings littered it, long forgotten by the firers of them, they were...truly nothing in this world now. Mangled beyond reuse as yet another bullet, the shine also twisted by chaotic filth and the like.


Ceiling was rather...the same as the floors, abused, long lost in the thoughts of the men in it and the people swarming around, oblivious to the brutal events residing inside. Smell was revolting to my senses, clouding it in a haze of gas that caused me to start breathing only through my mouth, the smell was just too distracting and overpowering to fight.


"Yeah, I can see that ******* fear in your goddamn eyes. How about you just spurt it out to my ears, it'd be like music to me at the moment, and the enjoyable type as well". I was getting tired of these proddings and pokes at my resistance, so I decided to perhaps do a little something to him.


"Hey, I think that chamber might be a little empty don't you think?" I completely randomly shot at him.


"I'm not a dumb peasant you know. Of course it's not empty."


"Hahaha...you really are pathetic ain't you? Not that chamber, how about that one back home?"


"Oh, you trying to put me in a cursed state of depression or something you jerk eh? How about I give you a little something..." I was shoved back with, him pulling the handle on the side of the Mac, making double sure it was ready, a round in the chamber, prepared to complete its life by ending mine, from that chamber, into the depths of me.


The door just behind him, a bit to the left, suddenly burst open, revealing Kalim and the other guy, who's identity to me was shrouded in darkness and hazes. They had a single handgun, aimed right at the soul about to diminish mine, with the bullet clearing the one section of that gun, a report booming through my ear drums, with the single round entering my torturer through the spine, it breaking up inside of his body, the fragments spreading all around his insides, devestating it from the inside out. He fell to the ruined floor, lifeless as all those extinct creatures back then. I had a odd, random spike of depression, which quickly vanished in the face of adrenaline, at what happened, while they hastily untied the bands of rope gripping my wrists, bonding them together, which was unnoticed by my senses completely due to the situation.


Kalim just simply motioned for me to follow, with me scooping up the Mac, and putting it on the guys chest, left there. I've no idea why I put it there, I'm just odd I guess. Remembering that case, I just saw it drawn out on a desk nearby, I scooped it up, not daring to open it a inch, with us requiring to move out of here as quick as we freaking can. Going through another desolate, completely wrecked room, we found the outside, and acquired a Sentinel lying about. We hopped in, with me as the back guy, stashing the case down the seat.


In around fourty minutes or so, we arrived back at the Recycling Plant. As we burst through the gates, with blood scattered around our faces and such, one of the other members jogged up hastily to us, and while struck with panic and fear, he managed to inform us of the situation.


"Hey! You three, we...we saw a few guys gazing down here a few minutes ago for ages, around twenty minutes. They looked like the group you guys went to get something off of...I think they...they are going to attack here eventually or something!" he finished in one quick breath. We could not understand most of the words, but we got the gist of the situation, that we are possibly going to be attacked soon in our own territory.


"Ahh..you gotta be kidding me. These sons of a here already?"


End. Now...that was quite long eh? Tried to describe a bit more as suggested. As I remember, Pegorinos are listed as having a pistol and a Sentinel am I right? So those parts in the story are legal right? BTW, reason why the character didn't ask how the other two got out was due to need of getting out of there, the rush, adrenaline, ye know? smile.gif


EDIT: I checked the lists anyway and yeah, we have a pistol and a Sentinel...

Edited by Unggoy1957

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Slavic Flavor

I would like to spend 100$ on a pistol. It is essential for my next story.

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Pegorino Family



Chapter 2


Back to normal


I felt really bad after my last murder. George was a good friend of mine but I knew business was more important than friendship. And why should I even care about him? He was a f*cking rat, he betrayed me and everybody he loved. No I can't feel bad for him anymore, life goes on. Life must go on.


Suddenly my phone started to call. I answered and Ray told me to call back on an outside line. I knew there was a payphone on the other side of the road.


Hey, Ray, it's me. I started.


Ally, I got some urgent business. Ray said.


Oh sh*t, what? I asked.


Someone saw were we hide that scumbag Martiano. Ray said.


f*ck! Who? I asked


Just meet me and two other guys I would like to introduce you to in Northwood. Ray said and hung up.


Next chapter coming soon.


I would also like to buy 2 gram cocaine for the Pegerinos.

Edited by Rucke

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Build Up Your Gang

Ung: $39. That was a great improvement, good job. Would you please not post your story in blue next time, however. It's an off-putting color and hurts to read.

Slavic: Pistol bought.

Rucke: $16. That was way too short, it was not a story. Work harder on each individual chapter and you will earn more money. And you must write one story for each purchase or selling of a drug, so until you write the drug-buying story, I cannot give you the cocaine.



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Oh okay...apologizes for that, I was trying to make the story part stand out to avoid any people getting confused and all that. If it'd be better, I'll line the story section off with, obviously a simple line, so it does the same purpose but no difficulties reading or anything.

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Oh okay...apologizes for that, I was trying to make the story part stand out to avoid any people getting confused and all that. If it'd be better, I'll line the story section off with, obviously a simple line, so it does the same purpose but no difficulties reading or anything.

Yeah, a good idea that. Or you could use colors that are less hard on the eyes, such as yellow, orange, or light-blue. The staff will appreciate it. smile.gif

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Chapter 4: Sonplicia of Corrupt Minds.


The few, silent shattering cracks of shoddy breaks punctured the mist. Faded black doors were heard abiding to the souls insides will, opening the way for them, letting them unleash a deadly wrath upon us. Dull thuds rang in my ears, my mind acknowledging it. We were all scrambling for cover, a torrent of blind, inaccurate fire shreading the air to pieces just barely over our skulls.


"Hey! You guys! Ian! Chuck that old Vodka bottle 'round there, give 'em something else other than us to look at!" I heard commanded of me, required of me, demanded of me.


The haze of battle made it sort of faded, kinda. It was clearly Kalim though, and I knew it was me, and just me, due to the fact my own, single, unimportant insignificant name was mentioned, rang out, called out to thin air. I directed my eyes behind, the retinas showing me that the bottle indicated was there, the messages sent to my brain made the image become clear, the item I had to hold, I had to contain, and sentence it to a life of misery in pieces. In a few numb seconds, it was in my grasp, in my control. Its life was nearly over, the last purpose of the blue tinted glass to draw the enemies eyes from us, their attention stolen as well from their souls for a single, lone critical moment.


*Ccchhhhkkuuuukkk*. As hoped, the bottle was making the enemy confused at our true locations, with them staring and gazing dumbstruck in the wrong and mistaken position. I swiped a quick glance at Kalim, but he wasn't there now. I poked my confused mind out, hidden by the skull and skin. I saw him poking around the enemies vehicles, a faint shadow with the Colt 45. in his grasp, ready to end another life, or another soul? Or will he himself, end today?


*Booofffkkk.* The report of a round going out of the chamber into another persons life was definitely obvious. The rest of them would notice him around the flank, so I decided to get out that shard of glass which life has ended ages ago, shattered, broken, into another realm since so long ago. I broke from behind the old crates I was taking shelter behind, and sprinted right at the cars, as hard as my legs would do, as hard as they would follow my desire. When I was close enough, I prepared myself for it, then leaped right on top of one of the dark blueish, purple Sentinels. Directly on the other side was an enemy, aiming at Kalim with a single lone handgun. One round finished its purpose from it, which could've hit Kalim, but it also hit me, in dispair and anger if it did take his soul away from him.


I lunged right at that person who I wanted to maim, to injure, to destroy, and my arm followed my desire, causing the sharp shattered section of glass to puncture his side, and the force was so heavy on my attack that it went completely in, embedded in him, wrecking his internal organs and causing the blood in his veins to spill out over the dark, wet filthy concrete, destroying it even more. Since that lone enemy was pretty much dead or too heavily injured, I scouted the area again for the rest, but they were all fallen in vain, but there was a possibility there was something they did...


"Kalim! Damn man, You alright? God...all the blood you've lost, we need to get you outta here!"


*Cough* "No...I'm done kid...get those cars to a garage on *Cough* Chase...Point...they'll deal with...them...the Pegorinos need a leader kid...*Cough, cough* and after I'm gone...it's you...make sure none of the others...go out like me...*Cough*" he somehow replied to me, spurting out blood every time he coughed heavily.


My one last look at him was one of dispair, sadness, it all whelmed in me, overtaking my senses, that our leader, was now dead. He stopped moving completely, which marked the end of his life. I stood up, hoping to get a grip on myself, and turned around to look at the rest of the gang.


"Right you guys...let's move these cars to a garage on Chase Point...get rid of them there" I croaked to the rest, and they all nodded in return, destined to follow my orders, to continue what we have to. I gazed into the darkness, hoping inside that Kalim rests in peace.



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Pegorino Crime Family



Rat Trap


I put on my leather jacket and got in my new black Sentinel. I bought it last month when Ray forced a car salesman to sell

a bunch of Sentinels for half price to me and some other guys in Ray's crew. I drove all the way to Northwood from Little Italy. Ray told me to be there 22:15. We were gonna meet on a big parkinglot near the projects.

When I got there around 22:10 Ray and his boys were already there.


- Hey, Al, glad you could come.


- Anytime boss, you know that.


- These are some friend of ours, Anthony Corrado and Michael Stabino. Anthony here works for Pegorino himself and Mike was one of Martiano's boys.


- Nice meeting you guys. I hope some dead bodies won't make you scared, huh?


- Hah, no I've seen plenty already. Anthony Corrado said.


- Nah, but this is my first. Mike Stabino said.


- Yeah whatever, come on kids. I said.


Me, Ray, Anthony and Mike got in Ray's car. I liked Ray's new car too, a grey Oracle.


- So where is this guy, Ray? I asked.


- The witness is called Ian Foreman. Some irish drunk that hangs around the docks in Alderney where we got rid of George.


Ray drove very slow around the docks area while we were all looking for Foreman. Ray stopped his car near an old warehouse where Ian used to spend his time. We found him sleeping on some old newspapers.


Get him boys. Ray said.


Anthony hitted Ian with a pipe while me and Mike beated him with our fists. About 20 seconds later Ian was dead. We dumped him near the docks and maked sure that nobody was watching us.


3rd chapter end


4 coming soon




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I have a quick question. If somebody's gang have a pistol or such, does it mean in a story, if it included three guys, can they all have a pistol or just the one until we buy another?


Thanks. Just had to wonder, it's why I had my guy use a shard of glass instead.

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You all have the pistol, smile.gif

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Build Up Your Gang

Unggoy1957: $40, you're improving a lot, congratulations.


Rucke: $29. Improving, but still, I'd advise using quotation marks " " instead of script form when doing dialogue.



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Okay I'll try your advice.


Pegorino Crime Family



Hey little sister


I closed the restaurant early this night, I was tired and just wanted to go home. I live in a little house in Westdyke. Well the place it's not so little but compared to the mansions surrounding it it's very little. I lived there all alone, I didn't want a wife or a family. Well I use to have som hookers in my house every Sunday but that was a different story. My favorite was called Cloe. When I woke up next morning my sister called the phone.


"Hey it's your sister"

"Hey Angie, how you doin'?"

"Not very good"


"Remember my boyfriend, the one I introduced you to for a couple of weeks ago"

"Sure, David Mesarino right?"

"Yeah he got some problem with rage and this morning he punched me really hard in the face"

"You kidding me! Why?"

"Becouse I wanted to break up with him. That f*cking asshole!"

"Where is he?"

"At the Honkers Club getting a f*cking lapdance!"

"I'll take care of this, don't you worry."


Who the f*ck got problem with rage now. I always had a weak spot for my sister and if anyone hurt her I'll hurt them back.

I was so angry I couldn't even think clearly. The car radio played "White Wedding" By Billy Idol. But I wasn't going to kill him, just teach him a little lesson.

I walked in the club and completly ignored the doorman. Then I saw him sitting on his f*cking barchair trying to touch a stripper on her ass.


"Hey asshole! How gave you the right to hit my sister?"

"Yo, Albert I'm really sorry for that man. It won't happend again I swear."

"Oh yeah you swear huh?"

"It's my f*cking temper you know but I'll seek professional help about that."

"You f*cking son of a bitch!"


I punched that dick really hard in the face and then when he was laying there on the floor I picked upp my gun and pressed it into his mouth.


"If you walk closer than 100 meters from my sister again I'll f*cking kill you, you hear me? I'm gonna f*cking kill you!"


"Sorry but I didn't hear you?"

"Mhhmm! Yes, yes, ohh yes. Please don't kill me"

"f*cking punk"


I walked out the club and when the doorman saw who I were he just smiled and said "I'll take care of that guy for you".

"Just throw him out of here, I don't think Jimmy would like to have that f*cking loser in his club."


Next day at my restaurant I felt really good about myself. Suddenly the Corrado kid came to visit.


"Hey kid, how you doin?"

"Wassup, Al"

"Can I get you something to eat?"

"No thanks I'm good. Listen, Pegorino wants you and Ray to know that he's gonna have a big poker game in the backroom of this place and he wants to cehck with you if that's okay."

"Sure, if that's what Mr. Pegorino wants."

"Of course you'll get you share of the game too. Well I got to go."

"Okay then, see you kid."


This was my lucky day, I helped my sister to get rid of her f*cking bad influence boyfriend and now Pegorino himself wants to have a big poker game at my restaurant. Man right now, life was perfect.


4rd chapter end


5 coming soon

Edited by Rucke

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter #5

Poker Broker


"I check."



The poker game was going on it's 3rd hour and the stakes was the highest I ever seen. No wonder, the tonight players was

Ray Boccino, my capo, Phil Bell who was Pegorino's consigliere even though he was 90 % irish, Dominic La Villa, who was appointed new capo after George Martiano, James Thorne, a big construction tycoon and even Jimmy Pegorino, the boss himself. Me, the Corrado kid, Mike Stabino and some made guy working for La Villa called Doug "Dog" Corella was serving drinks, food and cigars. Maybe it doesn't sound so stressfull but it was. These guys wanted more all the time and since we wanted to move up in the family ranks we had to do everything they asked.


"So Jimmy have you ever considered to get in on the construction business?" James Thorne asked.

"I don't know. I know the Ancelottis and the Gambettis are in that business and they are doing pretty f*cking good. But Alderny isn't a very popular place to build." Jimmy said.

"Sure. That's why I bought me a piece of land in lower Algonquin. Maybe we could be partners? You got alot of unions in your pocked right?" Thorne asked.

"Let me think about it, James." Jimmy said.

"All in." Phil Bell said.

"Hey Albert, give me a cigar will ya?" Dominic La Villa asked.


Dominic was a man in his late forties, he had black slicked back hair and an little mustasch. I didn't like the way he gave orders. He had no respect for us even though both me and this Doug guy were made mens. He never said thanks or gave us any extra money like many of the other guys.


"Yo Albert, how about passin me a drink?" Phil Bell asked.

"Sure thing Mr. Bell. What do you drink?" I asked.

"Gin & Tonic" Bell said.


I gave Bell his Gin & Tonic and he gave me 30 bucks just for serving him a drink. I liked Bell, not many guys from were he came from was able to climb so high in the mafia ranks.


"Hehe. Don't give him too much Phil, He's earning alot since he works for Uncle Ray over here." Ray said.

"f*ck off, Ray. If you only could be more like these guys working for you. Hehe." Bell said.


Well the poker game was far from over and I got the feeling that I not would walk away next morning with empty pockets.


Chapter 5 end


6 coming soon

Edited by Rucke

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Build Up Your Gang



Chapter 4: $37, that was much better.

Chapter 5: $33, quality is fine, just a tad short.


updated by radicell.

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Johnny Klebitz

Oh man, B.U.Y.G. looks cool. I'd love to join-- but I'm not a fancy writer, too bad. Oh, and good chapters everybody icon14.gif

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Y'all can take off my name from the North Holland Hustlers as I'm no longer part of BUYG.

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 6

Heist of Liberty


The Pegorino family didn't have much money at all compared to the Liberty families. We always had to do big things to come somewhere. In this case, a bank robbery. We had planned the heist for month and if we succeed the Commission would possibly let us become a mamber. Pegorino ordered Ray and Dominic La Villa to organize some of their smartest and best soldiers and associates together. It was me, Anthony Corrado, Mike Stabino, "Dog" Corella and some associate of "Dog" called Matthew "Fat Matt" Barca. We planned to whole thing in the backroom of Drusilla's. The plan was almost done and the heist was planned to go down on The Bank of Liberty in central Liberty City. It was me and "Dog" on security, Corrado and Mike on collecting the money from the basement and "Fat Matt" on the civilians.


"So everyone know what to do?" I aksed

"Yeah it's all cool" Mike Stabino said and everybody agreed.

"Okay let's do this then!" I said.


We got in the van outside and drove all the way to City Bank. The van steamed of nervous feelings and especially within the young kids. We stopped the van outside the bank, put on our masks and walked in the bank with loaded guns.


"This is a robbery, nobody f*cking move! Down on the floor!"

"Alright boys you all know what to do!"


Anthony and Mike runned down the stairs leading to the basement while I pointed my gun at a security guard.


"Down on the floor you f*cking bitch!" "Fat Matt" yelled to some civilian women.


It was a very stressful situation and I had to keep my eyes on every single security guard without losing control. Every secound felt like an hour. I looked carefully down the stairs to see if Anthony and Mike were on their way and suddenly one of the security guards open fire towards us. Before everybody even knew it me and Dog shot bursts of gunfire into his body.


"Guys come on let's go!" I yelled.


Anthony and Mike got up from the basement with 4 bags of money and we all ran out the backdoor becouse we figured that a whole army of cops would be outside if we got out the maindoor. The backdoor lead to an small alley behind the bank with several exists.


"Alright, Corrado, Matt you wait here with the bags. All you others check the exits." I said.


There was three exits and I checked the one I believed would lead back to the van. I looked around the corner and saw that it was no problem for us to enter the van and get out of there. Suddenly I heard a gunshot back from the alley.

I ran back and found Corrado shot in the leg, bleeding like a pig.


"sh*t what heppend? Where is the cash?" I asked?

"f*ck it. That Fat Matt stole all the money and ran of." Corrado said.

"sh*t! Hey guys get back here and dail 911!" I said.


I ran back to the van and drove to the other side of the alley where I saw Matt with all the bags running to a car parked outside the alley. I started fallow him and hoped that he would not see that it's was our van. I fallowed him over the Brooker Bridge. I tried to keep a good distance between him and me.


To be continued...


Chapter 6 end.


Chapter 7 coming soon.

Edited by Rucke

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