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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang IV

Recommended Posts

Colt M14


MrPain I can't wait until your next chapter icon14.gif

And why would that be?



Because their so awesome. Keep up the good work.


M.O.B Chapter 1: The triads part 6: Endgame


I woke up next to Tyra, at about eight am. I flipped open my phone, looking down at my bandaged arm. Blues answered. "Hey Blues, I'm going to need about twenty mob members for this Endgame alright." I told him, stroking my goatee.

"Sure man, meet us at Outlook Okay." Blues said.

"Okay see ya there." I said, hanging up the phone and putting my my T-shirt.


I gave Tyra a kiss on the cheek and snuck out. I hopped into the Land-stalker outside and took off. When I pulled into the Outlook pay'N'spray, I noticed a whole lot of guys around a table. I pushed my was through and saw a box full of Sawn off shotguns and Grenade launchers. Grabbing one of each I also took my usual. Uzi, knife and molotovs.


I started my speech. "We have put up with these Triads for weeks. It is time to take it to The Jaoming family." I said. Everyone started to cheer. "They have been the ones supplying the Korean Mob and the Angels of death with drugs. Take them out and the AoD and the Koreans business is screwed. Right into the hornets nest right? Lets roll." I hopped down from the top of the table and hopped into a Sabre GT with Stefan.


"Long time no see Stefan." I laughed. Looking over at him while driving.

"Yeah, since you joined that crew I haven't heard from you in ages." Stefan said. "Hey man did you hear about that crew in Algonquin?"

"Yeah, the guys at the Rubin Swingers Basketball court." I replied.

"Yeah, those guys took down a whole plane full of people just to get to one guy." Stefan told me.

"Holy sh*t those guys must be crazy. Hey didn't that Pack guy used to work at Outlook?" I asked.

"I think so, and that Ruffer guy. I had a few drinks with him last night and he told me about the plane." Stefan told me.

"Okay next time tell him I said Hi okay?" I said smiling.


We were both silent the rest of the way to Chinatown. When we got there I hopped out of the car, Covered in weapons and ammo. All the other M.O.B members pulled up and got out, getting ready for my signal. "Let's go!" I yelled and it echoed through the empty street. I slammed the door open with my shoulder, blasting the Triads sniffing coke.


"This is mine now." I said taking it off the table. There was an underground base in this building. I stomped on the hatch and it caved in. We all piled onto the crappy elevator, It didn't even have doors. It rolled down on the weight of the homies. When we got to the bottom there was a whole drug packaging factory.


Hundreds of Asian laborers stuffing coke and heroin into Teddy bears and bunnies. "Take 'em out!" I yelled and the M.O.B guys blasted them all and took a Bear or a bunny for their own. Slamming down the door of an office I saw him. Hsin Jaoming guarded by hundreds of Triads, holding assault rifles.


"Oh sh*t." I mumbled. Gawking over the massive group. I had forgotten. The grenade launcher. We all took cover over the bullets and one by one shot grenades into the trigger happy Asians. When the grenades detonated, the limbs of Triads and guts flew all over the walls. Standing in the middle of the Triads, Hsin Jaoming Stood, a grenade rolling between his legs.


"My son will take vengeance on you dirty Gangb-" He was cut short when the grenade went off, Blowing him into pieces.

I walked up and spat on his remains. "Screw. You." I said angrily. Taking as much stuff as we could, we busted out of the building and hopped into our cars.

"Stefan, you do the honors." I said handing him the detonator.

"Thanks buddy." He said flicking the switch, The whole street behind us exploding.

"Nice..." I said smiling.


When we got to Outlook was noticed a bunch of Triads in cars shooting the pay'N'spray, Blues right in the middle of the hail of bullets. "No!" I screamed out. I sped up and slammed into the back of the car, it flipping it over. The crunching sounds of the car crushing the Triads inside the convertible. I dropped a pipe-bomb on the car, and took off towards Chan Jaoming's hideout.


Screeching up at his building similar to Hsin Jaomings's I hopped out. Everyone else did aswell. This time it going to be hard. They're waiting for us behind that door. I took out a Sawn-off from the weapon land-stalker, I blasted the door off. He all piled in shooting the Triads. I grabbed one by the hair and blew his brains out, throwing his into the crowd, Knocking some over. They were strong, but no match for the M.O.B. No way in hell would I let them get away.


When they were finished Stefan jogged up next to me. "He's on the roof heavily guarded." He told me.

"Let's go then." I said grabbing an assault rifle off a M.O.B member. Running up the stairs I blasted the Asians that were to stop me. Slamming open the door at the top he stood there with a RPG. A ROCKET LAUNCHER.


"Drop your weapons." He told me in Bad English.

"F*ck you." I said spitting on the ground. He signalled and a guy came over and whipped me over the head with a gun. I shot him and ran behind a wall. A rocket flew past my head missing me by inches.

"You're Colt Right?" He asked.

"What's it to you bitch" I said running over to another wall.

"I'm pretty sure I killed a guy that looks like you but older. My father No it couldn't be. Angered In threw I pipe-bomb at his guards blowing some up, some jumping off the building to dodge it. Chan Jaoming didn't move. He just kept firing.


If I time it right, it takes him ten seconds for him to reload. That give me enough time to run out and shoot him. I picked up a pistol as I ran to another wall closer to him. Boom. I ran, shooting him between the eyes. He stopped for a second. Then fell back off the building. When he hit the bottom, the RPG went off, blowing the body to pieces.


Walking casually back to my car we all hopped in and drove off, the building in flames. When we pulled up to Outlook, the paramedics had already taken Blues away. I couldn't believe he was dead. Who was going to lead us now. As I climbed to the top of the table. I thought about it. "Blue would have wanted Stefan to me leader. He was Blues second in command. Enjoy your spot Stefan." I climbed down smiling, shaking hands with Stefan.


When I was about to sit down and have a sandwich, a M.O.B member ran in. "Colt, come quick." He said. I stood up and followed him running. When we got out there was a car with a homie tied to the front, the car in flames. I looked away.

"It was the angels of Death. They weren't happy when their drug supplies weren't coming in.


I kneeled down, laughing. "The End of one war starts another." I said. I stood up and picked up a gun. "Let us roll brothers!" I yelled.




Edited by Colt M14

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I'm fairly rusty.


The Gambetti Family - Prolouge


The cold wind swept his coat up in the air. Sammy Botino was a tall, middle-weight man, and at forty-three he looked young for his age. His cold blue eyes were legendary throughout the streets of Broker, known to make even the bravest man shudder when they made eye contact with him. But at three am in the morning, Sammy Botino was not himself.


A newspaper lay discarded on his penthouse floor; the headline was something that took Sammy, one of the most courageous men in Liberty City, and reduced him to a child. A trail of broken china and whiskey bottles led out to the veranda where Sammy stood, teary eyed, smoking a Redwood cigarette.


The great Jon Gravelli had passed.


Jon Gravelli was not only Sammy’s best friend, but he was his mentor, his brother and most of all; a father to Sammy Botino. Sammy let out a muted cry and took another swig from his bottle of whiskey; it was finally time to return to Liberty City.


“Jenny, it’s Sammy, how is everything?” Sammy stood outside Francis International on a payphone.

“It’s all okay Sammy, the funeral is today. It’s a shame your still in Vice.”

“I really want to be there Jen, you can hold me to that, your old man -” Jenny interrupted;

“Sammy, every time I answer the phone all I hear is how great of a man my father was.”

Sammy quickly diverted the subject, he asked how the wayward son Jon Gravelli Jr was, and he asked if Roy Zito was running the business after the great Gravelli’s death. He got the answers he needed from Jenny, wished her well and hung up.


Sammy checked his watch, it was 12:46 pm. He whistled for a cab and as it came near he got in.


“Al Dente’s please.”


The cab trip was short, but it gave Sammy time to observe how the city had changed. More hybrid cars were driving along the streets, more policemen were out on patrol, a strange resurgence of European immigrants gathered in groups on the street corners. He was pulled back into reality when the cabbie came to a screeching halt.


“Al Dente’s, that’ll be twenty five bones, ese.”


Sammy threw a fifty at him and got out, it was colder in Liberty City then it was Vice. He pushed the green door open and was transported to a whole different atmosphere. Big shot executives sat down at tables discussing the latest shipment of cocaine from San Andreas, showgirls sat with pimps pleading for pay rises. Corrupt policemen took payments from small-time crime bosses. Sammy was all too familiar with this.


A stout old man approached him, “May I help…” he paused and studied Sammy’s face closely.

“Sonny, my boy, you’ve returned?” the man said, he had always called him ‘Sonny’ much to Sammy’s displeasure,

“Yes Alberto, do you have somewhere private we could talk?”

“Of course Sonny! Come with me.”


Alberto was in his mid-60’s, overweight but always joyful, he was considered a ‘Moustache Pete’ by many of the new bloods in the Gambetti Family.


They talked over coffee; apparently the Russian’s had really started to gain a foothole in Broker, the Negro’s had been confined to their turf and the Irish mob were doing anything for money. Sammy steered the conversation to the point where he wanted it to be;


“Where is the funeral?” he asked, taking off his sunglasses and starring into Alberto’s eyes. Alberto shivered and glanced away,

“At Suffolk Church, are you sure it’s wise to go? I mean the fed's are probably still after you.”

“Of course it's wise, I need to see an old friend.”


And that old friend was Roy Zito.

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Omnia sunt Communia

Gambetti Family - Prologue


Pressing his fingers against his temples, Roy Zito rubbed them in circular fashion, trying to relieve the tension that was slowly building up in his cranium. His eyes fluttered open and shut as he attempted to keep himself awake. He could feel his eyelids growing heavier and heavier by the second, ready to close on him and send him away to the land of nod. Roy hadn't slept for over seventy-two hours. Instead he chose to spend every waking moment at Schottler Medical Center, keeping an watchful eye on Jon Gravelli, his close friend; and head of The Gambetti Crime Family.


He leaned back into the rigid hospital chair and sighed. Looking over at the bed besides him, he could see Gravelli dozing away peacefully, how Zito envied him. Though he knew Jon did not have it as easy as he made it out to be. Suffering from a terminal kidney disease, Gravelli also had to deal with the police hounding him to make a court appearance to face the racketeering charges against him. He was lucky really, if it wasn't for his illness, Jon would have surely ended up in front of a judge and sent to jail without question.


Roy stood up and walked over to Jon's bed. Placing his hand on his, he lifted it to his face and kissed it gently. "Good night Jonny," he spoke softly, "In case we never see again." He placed his hand back down on the bed and headed for the door. He was finally going to head home and get some sleep. I'm sure his wife would appreciate it even more than he would, he hadn't seen her for even longer.


Just as Roy turned his back on Jon he noticed a slight irregularity in his heart monitor. The constant beep, beep that rung throughout the room was beginning to slow down. Roy faced Jon against and grabbed hold of his hand. Gripping it tightly he shouted out to the ward: "Nurse! Nurse! I need a nurse in here!"


It was no good. The heart monitor slowed down more and more over time. Until a constant beep was all that could be heard. His heart had stopped. His body had given in. Jon Gravelli was dead.


Roy buried his head in Gravelli's chest. Sobbing quietly to himself. He retained his grip on Jon's hand. Squeezing it tightly as if through some miracle his heart beat would transfer itself into Jon's body and bring him back to life. It was no use though. He was gone, and with it, his position of Don. It was now up to Roy to take over and run the family.


"Jenny? Jenny is that you?" Roy said down the phone.


"Yes, Roy, it's me," Jenny replied, her words interspersed with yawns.


"It's about your father... He's dead."


"What? No! It can't be."


"I'm sorry Jenny, he passed away a few minutes ago."


"I can't believe it," her voice began to break and fracture. Soon only her painful tears could be heard over the telephone. Roy bit his lip, not wanting to subject Jenny to the same ordeal Jon's lifeless corpse has to go through.


"Look, look," he said, "I'll be around in a while. Get the kettle on wont you?"

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Notice: Me, Lochie, and Jacky Fiend are working together on an intertwining story revolving around the future of the Gambetti Family, which closely follows the GTA IV canon, but does not follow anyone else's but each other's stories here.




The Gambetti Family




“Jon.” The teary-eyed face of Jenny Gravelli gazed into her brother’s face through the other side of the Perspex pane. “It’s Dad. He died last night.”


Jon thrust his face into the palms of his left hand and let it run through his unkempt mat of black hair. His right hand clutched tighter on the phone handle, turning the knuckles white. He and his dad had had a turbulent relationship in the past decade or so to say the least. He’d lost count of how many times his old man had disowned him, only to take him back sometimes hours, often weeks, and on the odd occasion, even up to a year, later. His dad, regardless of whether he and his son were on speaking terms, had always ensured Jon’s safety, and had never let any harm come to him.


“sh*t,” he replied, and anxiously tapped on the receiver. “The old guy put up a good fight though. When’s the funeral?”

“This Saturday afternoon, at Suffolk Church,” Jenny said. “Everyone’s going to be there, you should be able to get an escort there too. Or so Mr. Ligner believes.” After a few more minutes of friendly catch-up, the two siblings parted way.


Dressed in the finest suit, brought to him by his lawyer, Patrick Ligner, Jon Gravelli Jr. made his way along a prison corridor, flanked by two large Police guards. Combing his hair back into its old, sleek style, Jon waited for a third guard to run the metal detector across his contours and allow him to step outside of the prison walls.


A cold Atlantic breeze swept across his cheeks, causing Jon to retract back in the collar of his trench coat. Whilst not being the best send-up the world could give Jon for his return to Liberty City, it’d have to suffice. This was the first time Jon had seen the murky streets of Alderney in seven months, after having been sentenced to a year inside for being caught with an ounce of cocaine. Seven months down the line, and Jon had gone through the prison system fairly unscathed, thanks largely to his father’s reputation. If word was to get out that the don of the Gambetti family’s son was someone’s bitch inside, then sh*t would hit the proverbial fan. A thin salt and pepper stubble clung to the gaunt cheeks of Jon; gaunt because, despite seven months away from hard drugs, he hadn’t quite managed to kick his addiction.


With a guard at each shoulder, Gravelli walked the quick few steps to the awaiting Police car and, ducking down, took a seat in the back. As the vehicle rolled away from Alderney State Correctional Facility and through the polluted streets of Acter Industrial Park, heading north to the Booth Tunnel, Jon gazed at the world outside; a world full of new threats, and a world where he was no longer safe from these threats.




Thanks for reading. I'm feeling a bit shabby; haven't written in a while.

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Looks like theres a lot of rating to be done here , well done. Always nice to see alot of activity icon14.gif

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Build Up Your Gang

El Zilcho: Your stories in the Torres Cartel were awsome, keep up the good work in The Gambetti Family. You have been moved.


You get $36 for your last story in the Torres Cartel.

Nice start on your Gambetti storyline; $42. I'm excited to see where your story is heading.

Chapter 2; $39

Chapter 3; $39


Unoriginal44: You need to be more active before you can buy it. About your story, which was WAY too short. You get $29 for it. Try to write something longer next time, you already have the good quality.


mrpain: Your story contain mostly dialog and some small strings of description. Try to work more on the description part. $37.

Same thing with chapter 40; $37.


Oh, I'm glad you decided to have chapters instead of episoded, make things alot easier for me icon14.gif


Colt M14: It felt like it was just ACTION, ACTION, ACTION all the time in your 3rd chapter. I'm giving you my old advice: Add more descriptioon in your chapters. $33.

Chapter 5 was a little bit better and you get $35 for that.

Chapter 6: Now that's how it's gonna look. $41.


Lethal Nizzle: Nice start there pal, write some more soon. $36.


Pr0xy: Nice to see you back man. Assault rifle bought.

Chapter 8: You can really create that Irish feeling and your storyline rules. $40.


Lochie: Wow man, you're a master on adding good description. $43.

Jacky: Alot of good drama in your story. $42.

Mark: That was good man, a few more stories and you will be back on track! $39.


I think that was all of you, keep up the good writing everybody! smile.gif


Rated by Rucke

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Pr0xy: Nice to see you back man. Assault rifle bought.

Chapter 8: You can really create that Irish feeling and your storyline rules. $40.


Thanks, Im going to do a series of stories to end the feud with the Ancellottis.

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 32: Ashes to ashes


Dog Corella's white Sultan and Phil Bell's black Intruder showed up outside Benny's mansion. Me, Benny and Johnny was sitting inside the livingroom, waiting for them to come in. Then we all gathered inside Benny's office. The reason Benny got us all here was to see if any of us knew where Mario might be hiding.


"Has anyone checked out his pizza parlor in Little Italy?" Benny asked.

"I had Sally Boy Florente do it, but Mario wasn't there." I said.

"What about Luigi Faletti's nightclub in North Holland?" Benny then asked.

"My guys checked it out, Mario wasn't there either." Dog Corella said.

"Maybe he have went underground or something." Phil Bell said.


In the middle of our discussion our boy inside, Lumpy called. He had promised me to call back if he had something on Mario. Lumpy wanted to meet us near Francis International Airport in Dukes.


"Albert, promise me you get Mario. For me and for Benny Jr." Benny said.

"I promise boss." I said and got out from Benny's mansion together with Dog, Phil and Johnny.


When we got out someone had left Johnny's Sentinel outside the mansion. It was completely torched and destroyed. Johnny had left his car outside the hospital when we picked up Benny in the ambulance. We assumed that it was payback from Mario and the rest of the Ancelotti's.


"Son of a bitch!" Johnny screamed. "Albert, promise me you get Mario for me too." He then said.


Me, Dog and Phil got into my PMP 600 and headed to Francis International. Lumpy wanted to meet us at the parking lot near the airport. When we got there Lumpy was standing next to his Ruiner.


"Mario is leaving Liberty City for good, he got a private jet waiting for him at the other side of the airport." Lumpy said when we approached him.

"Is he here yet?" I asked.

"Yeah, he is hanging out with Luigi Faletti and the rest of the guys in his crew near the entry of the airport." Lumpy said.


Me, Dog and Phil got back into my car and headed for the main entry of the airport. When we got in we were directly spotted by Mario and his guys and a shootout between us started. Dog and Phil tried to finish of as many of Mario's guys as they could while I was keeping my eyes on Mario. When most of the guys in Mario's crew had been killed Mario escaped out on the airfield. I tried to fallow but were surprised by Luigi Faletti, who had survived the shootout. Luigi pulled up his combat shotgun and was ready to shoot me. In the meantime Dog Corella reached for his gun and shot Luigi three times in the chest, killing him. I fallowed Mario out and the airfield and when I got out I saw him enter a car that was parked up nearby. I got into another car and started to chase him. He headed out on one of the runways and tried to shake me by drive beneath an landing airplane. After awhile I saw that he was heading for his private jet at the end of the airport. When he reached the jet he got out from his car and started to run for it. I was right behind and started to shoot at Mario, I missed every single shot except one that hit his leg. Mario fell bleeding to the ground right infront of his jet.


"Kill me Albert, I don't regret anything." Mario said.

"Yeah I will. This is for you Benny Jr." I said and shot Mario once in the head.


Dog and Phil showed up behind me and we all got out of the airport before the cops arrived. The next day was Benny Jr. funural. Most of the Pegorino Crime Family members showed up to pay their respect to the boss's son. I was standing next to Benny, Phil, Dog and Mark Toro while the priest said his lines.


"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the Lord bless him and keep him..." the priest continued.


Benny had a cold look on his face. His face expression was the same as always even though his son was laying in a chest right infront of him. After the ceremony Dog, Johnny and me walked towards the parking lot. Johnny wanted to show us his new car and I was surprised when I saw that he had bought a Perennial family car. He always talked about getting a sport car.


"It's not really a Turismo but..." I said.

"How come you bought a family car?" Dog Corella asked.

"Well me and my wife talked about getting a kid. It's time for me to settle down and create a family." Johnny said.

"No sh*t? Congratulations Johnny, I know you will make a good father." I said and hugged my old friend Johnny.


Chapter 32 end.


Another 16 chapter has passed since I took that time off, and I feel it's time again. Right now I'm all out of ideas, but give me a week or two and I promise you I will have another story up. Of course I will still be here to rate your chapters.




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El Zilcho

The Gambetti Family


A Made Man: Chapter 4


I leave Pane Celeste and take my rusty Willard, driving through the chilly evening weather of Broker. I drive across the packed Algonquin Bridge, and find myself arriving at the site of the ceremony; the Opium Nights hotel. I park up and let the valet take my car. I meet up with Paulie Accardo and Luca Delluci, my childhood friend and a good earner who is on his way to becoming a Capo. I shake their hands and Paulie speaks.


"How ya doing Frankie? Ready to get made huh? I tell you, you the guy who deserves it the most, some people getting made recently, it's a shambles." He was reffering to Bo Lorenza, the greatly dis liked and bumbling Soldato of our family, who was only made due to his fathers long standing friendship with Jon Gravelli, may he rest in peace.


"Yeah, I'm fine Paulie. I can't wait. Let's go." We all entered the building and I went up with the boys to the 12th floor, where I was surprised to find none other than Roy Zito there. I heard the news about him taking over as Don, but I was expecting Sonny Bottino to do that instead. I had heard he would be here, so I asked Roy what happened.


"Hey Roy, long time no see huh? But, ah, where's Sonny."


"The Feds nearly got him. He's not able to be here, but I tell you that he extends his warmest regards to you in this time of great hapiness. I gotta tell ya, everyone is real proud of you. Jon was proud of you, you did good work in Los Santos and your doing good work here, you definetly deserve this. You had it coming, so here. Let's do this." He shook my hand and gave me a photo of Saint Francis of Assisi. Al Piscano pricked my trigger finger, and my blood dripped onto the pciture I held so tightly in my hands. Roy set the card a light. I then recieted the oath of silence, Omerta.


"As burns this saint, so will burn my soul. I enter alive and I will have to get out dead." I said, looking down at the picture as it was enveloped in orange flames, I tossed it about between my two hands and then dropped it onto the marble table to the left of me. It shrivelled away, and I completed the oath. I was now a made man. Everybody cheered and we had a round of drinks before leacing the suite. When we returned to the parking lot, three black men were waiting at our Stretch Limousine.


"Yo, how's it going Pops!" The man on the right said, waving at us.


"Who the f*ck are you? Clear off you stupid bastards, before I smash your heads in." Al Piscano's racist temper broke out, he was ready for a fight.


"No no no. We've got a message for you." The second man drew an Uzi, and so did his three homies. I drew my 9MM and fired at them before they could take us out, but the third man shouted and one of his shots hit Luca in the shoulder. I hit him in the head and his associate in the leg, while an enfuriated Al finished them off. He ran over to the downed first man and stamped on his head before firing three shots into his face. He kicked his lifeless body with pure rage long after he was dead. I helped Luca up and took him over to the Limo.


We all got in and left the scene before the approaching sirens closed in. Luca was bleeding pretty badly, but I stopped most of the bleeding by the time we got back to the Gravelli Mansion. Just as we left, Paulie spoke.


"Who the hell do you think hired those goons?" He asked, clearly aggitated at the attack on the day of my making.


"We'll have to find out. Angelino caught one of those bastards outside the hotel, apparently their getaway driver. And we're gonna torture him till he talks."


"Who's gonna do the dirty work." I asked.


"You will, Frankie. Your a made man now, prove your worth." With that, he turned and helped the injured Luca inside the house, letting me contemplate my job ahead.


Lochie, Mark and Jacky's 3 way story is looking really promising, I can't wait for the next bit. I'm sure you guys are gonna make it a brilliant piece of work, it is definetly a unique way to tell the story, and the first installment already caught my attention. Good work!

Edited by El Zilcho

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Colt M14

Theres somethings someone has to add when they mark.

1. I get a $100 bonus for my 5th story right?

2. The pipe-bombs, sawn off and grenade launcher were purchased for the M.O.B

3. My story count should be 6 (7) not 6 (3)

4. Rucke marked chapter 3 twice.

Thanks guys, will write my second chapter later.

Edited by Colt M14

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El Zilcho

The Gambetti Family


Anyway you want it: Chapter 5


Angelino had caught one of our attackers and he was being held in a warehouse in Port Tudor. I drove their with Al Piscano, who started talking to me about the new crime world.


"You know, these new criminals. They disgust me. These Russians, and Triads. I personally hate 'em. They don't have any honour, they'll cut off your balls and kill your whole family. Us Italians, we've got honour. You don't touch the family, you don't go after the kids. I knew this guy, Boxy. He was friendly, you wouldn't think he was cut out to be a mobster, always polite, respectful. Then one day, he doesn't pay some Slavic prick money for protection just 'cos he lives in Hove Beach. So this Slav kills his wife and baby daughter. We never caught the Slav, but it ruined Boxy. He never spoke again." Al had tears in his eyes. He was a racist, but incidents like that only made things worse for him.


We soon arrived in Port Tudor and Angelino greeted us. I walked into the office at the top of some stairs that clung to the side of the warehouse. Entering, I found the black gang member tied to a chair, he was looking almost lazily, like he was high. I stepped over to him.


"Hey, buddy." I said, he didn't reply. I clicked my fingers in front of his face and he only then looked at me.


"What you want homie. Come to beat the sh*t outta me?" He said it matter of factily; scars on his face showing me he was used to it.


"Yeah, actually I have. I want you to tell me who sent you. Was it another Italian family? Ancelotti's? Or perhaps Petrovic? Huang Lee? His people have been especially active recently, yeah?"


"I'm keeping my mouth shut." He couragesly held strong agianst me. I stood back, shook my head and took my jacket off. Resting it on the desk behind me, I rolled my sleeves up, I didn't want blood on my expensive suit. I took the knuckle dusters Paulie gave me at the making, and I put them on my hand.


"Looks like I'm gonna have to go to town on you then." He turned his head bravely to face me, sternly preparing for the beating. I brought my fist down and smashed his face, hitting him again and again and again. For about five minutes. I couldn't say I enjoyed it, and I'm sure Al would have. But this wasn't my idea of fun; we had to find something out, and this was the only way. Smart ass punk wanted to be a hero, I'd beat the chivalry right out of him.


Another five minutes, and he showed no sign of breaking.

"Anyway you want it my friend, we've got plenty of little tactics." I stepped over and their was a blow torch on the desk, and the gang member eyed it with the first signs of fear he had displayed for the whole interrogation. I lit it up and waved it in front of his face.


"Last chance. No need to get roasted. Who sent you."


"Go to hell, bitch!" He cursed, spitting at my shoes. I stepped back, sighed and put the blow torch to his ear, and he let out a blood curdling scream of pain. Kicking around but held strongly in plae by the ropes, he desperately kicked out and started to rock back and forth.


"Who sent YOU!!!" I shouted again, louder than his shouts and momentarily pulled the torch away from his face.


"They'd do much worse to me, than you ever could." He looked away. I put the torch to his neck, and he jumped back in agony, toppling the flimsy chair and falling to the office floor. I put the torch to his eye, but only left it their for a second. I put it next to the ropes and cut through them, releasing our prisoner. But before he could get away, I lifted him up by the neck and smashed him into the window of the office.


"You wanna fly, smart guy? You'd better grow some wings." I held him mere inches from the edge. All it would take would be for me to weaken my grip and he would fall 2 storeys down.


"Screw you." He squirmed, and I let go. He fell to the ground screaming, legs broken, but very much alive. He shouted and rolled at the bottom, and Angelino went to get him. I was angered at his perseverance, and disgusted by my own as of yet unknown ruthlessness. I stepped back from the window, and put my jacket back on.


"You boys can take care of it. I've done enough." I left the warehouse, just as they brought our unlucky guest back in for more questioning...

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Build Up Your Gang

Hey there,




Rucke - $32, I felt it lacked description and was rushed in places, still very good. Hope to see you return again.

El Zilcho - $38, just a pretense change, very nice

El Zilcho 2 - $40




Cheers, Lochie.

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Colt M14

I'd like to buy a Zombie please. Enjoy the new chapter.


M.O.B Chapter 2: Angels of death Part 1: Nice Bike...


I walked into the pay'N'spray after a long weekend. "Any news?" I asked Stefan.

"Actually there is." He said in his usual deep voice. "We bought some bikes from a Transfender in Alderny."

"Sweet can I have a look?" I asked following him out. When I saw them I stopped. There were ten of them, Black choppers with red-wall rims. Very nice.


I walked up to one, rubbing the seat and sitting on it. It was extremely comfortable. I started it up and took it around the block. Cruising around, the wind blowing my hair back. It was totally awesome. When I pulled back up outside I jogged in and grabbed my weapons.


"Come on guys lets go." I yelled and other members came over and hopped on the bikes. We pulled off the side of the street and took off. Driving through Broker, Dukes, Bohan and Algonquin, we pulled up at the clubhouse. You could still see the burnt paint under the new coat. I hopped off my bike leaving it revving. I slammed open the door and shot a guy having a smoke on the other side.


I walked around the corner where there was ten or eleven Bikers. "Who killed a member of my gang!" I yelled at them. One guy pulled out his gun and I shot him in the chest. "I said. Who killed a me-" I was cut off by a biker.

"A guy named Joe Jon. I swear it wasn't us. He is part of the Alderny chapter. Please, we don't want another war with the M.O.B." He said butting in.

"What do you mean another war with the M.O.B?" I said staring at him.

"We're part of the Liberty Ganstas. We are at war with the Rubin Swingers Gang. That... Pack Rock." He told me. I've been hearing that name all over the place. I hope to meet him one day. I'd have a couple of things to ask him.

"Thanks for the info. Too bad a war with the M.O.B is a war with the M.O.B." I said signalling and my homies fired, taking out most of the bikers.


We walked out smiling. When I got to my bike some more Angels came driving around the corner with a Patriot behind them. The North Holland Hustlers? And a Cavalcade. The Torres Cartel? What the hell. Why are they working together. They all hopped out and walked up to us. There was about fifty of them and twenty of us.

"We don't want a war with you. Leave and you will not be harmed I assure you." A Torres Cartel representative told me.

I spat on him and shot his legs out from under him.


The NHH and the Cartel opened fire, while the Angels ran inside to get backup. I flipped open my phone while we were speeding off. Stefan answered. "Hey man bring a Sabre Gt around will you?" I asked.

"Fo' Sho' dawg." He answered.


The NHH were right up my ass, shooting their crappy smg's. I threw a pipe bomb behind me and the two Patriots flipped over, smashing the Angels bikes over. An Angel flew up next to me and tried hitting me with a Bat. I ducked and grabbed the bat, pulling him off the bike. Dragging him behind me I was laughing.

"Please don't let me go..." He pleaded.

I laughed my head off and let him go, his body rolling under a Cavalcade, jamming the wheel. It spun out and crashed into the other Cavalcade.


All that were left were the gaining Angels. I pulled into the ally next to me, the other member following. I jumped off my Bike and grabbed onto the Sabre GT door, pulling it open and jumping in. I started the engine and screeched down the allyway, killing most of the stupid members that were following. Stefan hung out the window, shooting the slower ones. We were closer to the base than I thought. We were just pulling up to Outlook park when the last Angel fell of his bike and died on impact.


I pulled into the garage and the M.O.B member came over and started fixing up my car. I hopped out and walked into my office. It was about five feet squared. Pretty squashed in there was a desk with my laptop, a fridge and a TV. All I needed for finding out more on these 'Liberty Gangstas' I laughed at the name that they chose.


I opened my Laptop and checked my emails. There was one about a deal going to be taken place and the M.O.B is welcome to buy 2 grams of cocaine. I thought it will be a good way to make some money. I closed the laptop and walked out. I gave Tyra a soft kiss on the cheek. "We're going to be doing a drug deal tomorrow." I told her.

"Sounds like a plan." She said laughing.

"How about we go by my place and have some fun?" I whispered. She nodded and we hopped in the fixed up Sabre Gt and stopped by my apartment.


I got out and we went in. I think we have a future with her. But I still don't want to put her in danger. The deal is tomorrow. I wasn't ready for what was going to happen. And who was this 'Joe Jon.'




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El Zilcho

The Gambetti Family


Archangels: Chapter 6


"We ain't finished, you scum bag." Another hit in the face with a baseball bat and the gangster's face was coming apart. His nose was broken in at least 5 places, and Al had really gone to town on his arm. But I stepped in and stopped another smash of the bat, holding Al's hand back.


"Listen, what's your name." I asked as politely as a former torturer could possibly ask.


"Cream T." He said, struggling to speak through the pain.


"All them ni**ers got the same bullsh*t names. Worthless pricks."


"Al, would you please shut the f*ck up! All you ever say is 'blacks this'. 'blacks that'. There ain't nothing wrong with them, so just shut up. Damn, your one racist son of a bitch. Shut up and let me talk." I was angry enough that I had been woken up so early just to come back here, but his incessant curses were wearing me thin.


"Listen, Cream T. Your in a bad state. Broken bones, looks like a few months in intensive care. No biggy. But I swear down, if you don't tell me who sent you, your a dead man. I'm serious, I'll cut you from ear to ear. I've had enough of this macho bullsh*t, and so have my friends. This knife here," I picked up a large meat cleaver "is going straight into your brain in 5 seconds unless you tell me."


"5, 4, 3, 1-"


"No! Please, don't do it, please. I'll tell you. It's this Russian cat, Chausova or some sh*t. I don't know. Just don't do it. It's all I know, I was just the driver. Don't kill me." Al stepped forward with the gun, but I stopped him again.


"Let him go."


"He can't walk."


"Then dump him at the hospital." I said, annoyed at Al's constant want for blood.


"Excuse me? You've only just been made. I'm a Capo, you follow my orders, smart ass. You don't give them, yet." And with that Al, pushed me back and he shot Cream T, 6 times in the chest.


"F*ck! What the hell is wrong with you, you backwards prick! You killed him, he told us what we wanted to know. Just leave it." Just as Al stepped forward to punch me, and I prepared to defend myself, in came Gino D'Arcangelo, immediately the smile on his face disappeared when he saw Cream T.


"What the hell happened here?"


"It's a long story, Mr Righteous objected to the eliminating of one of his attackers." He looked with disgust at me, and I stepped away from the impending fight. Ten minutes later Gino had the body in the Humboldt River, and I was on my way back home with his son, Tony. Just as we turned the corner onto Mohawk Av. at Hove Beach on our way to a racket when all of a sudden 4 Russians stepped out of the 69 Diner and opened fire.


I swerved Tony's Huntley left and right and then just avoided hitting a bystander. I ran over one of the attackers, but then suddenly a shot rang out next to me. I accelerated fast away, running over the shooter and leaving Hove Beach behind. Caught up in all the adrenaline, I looked to my right and saw that Tony, was dead.

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El Zilcho

The Gambetti Family


I'm only Bleeding: Chapter 7


I awoke with a distinct pain in my head. I was bleeding from the temple, and I realised a bullet had just grazed it. I looked around and noticed the car was on it's side in a ditch, where I had barely kept the car under control before I was shot. I then saw Tony, laying with his brains in his hands. I couldn't move, my legs were badly hurt from the crash but only minutes later the ambulance arrived. I passed out in the back of it and awoke in Shottler General Hospital, my head still sore. Paulie and Gino were there, Paulie was talking to him and when I awoke, he dismissed the grieving Gino.


"Frankie? You up yet?" He asked, concerned and curious as to whether I was fully or semi-conscious.


"I'm up, I'm up."


"I've got some bad news. It's Tony."


"I was right there. He died next to me, I'm no idiot. It was Ivan Chausova, that Russian Loan shark who thinks he's more powerful than he is. Stupid idiot though a hit on us would slow us, he was aiming for Al."


"I know. But there's more. The black man you interrogated, he was from M.O.B."


"Who are they."


"Money Over Bitches. A street gang, who got big time recently. They had a conflict with the Torres Cartel and the two gangs lost many men. There was a stalemate, and M.O.B are quite powerful. They work as hired guns, you the type. They also tipped off Chausova to your location, that's how they ambushed you. Gino, he's baying for blood. He want's Tony avenged, an eye for an eye. Our family, the Gambetti's would crush M.O.B. Except, it wasn't the whole gang."


"What are you talking about?"


"M.O.B. This guy called Pack, their leader. He hasn't got anything to do with this. He's not an idiot, in fact he's quite smart for a gang banger. He'd neer cross us, he knows he'd be finished. No, it's one of his subordinates that hangs around at the Outlook Pay N Spray who did this. I think he is called Colt. Some black nickname no doubt, we can't find out. So I'm thinking, what do we do?"


"So you want to go after this Colt?"


"Yeah. That's the idea."


"Alright. I'm being discharged soon so we'll find this prick and take care of him."


That afternoon, when I arrived back home, a huge black man was standing in the main room of the house. He had a shotgun in his hands, and he was at least 6 foot 6. I stared at him for a moment before shouting.


"Who the f*ck are you?"


"Stefan. I'm here to pop your sorry ass" With that, he fired the shotty. I jumped back and fired my 9MM into his hand, which blew the gun out of his arms. I ran forward but my gun jammed, and he sucker punched me in the chest. I fell down mock knocked out, and rolled to the side avoiding his huge fist that hit the floor next to me. I dove over the kitchen counter, and grabbed a huge kitchen knife, and approached Stefan.


"You wanna play rough you f*ck!" I ran forward and he smashed a chiar onto my chest, but I thrust the knife into his stomach. He shouted at full reath and fell back.


"Go to hell you prick!!" I stabbed him again and again and again, and he couragesly attacked me. Grabbing my neck, he stared to strangle me against the wall. I refused to go down quietly and stabbed him in the neck, and blood went everywhere. His artery burst and he choked, falling down and crashing onto the floorboards, making a huge thump sound. I collapsed myself from the asphysiation, and called Paulie.


"Yeah, what is it."


"Those M.O.C or whatever there called. This Stefan guy attacked me. I'm barely alive. Can't say the same about him. No one knows about this, and I don't want any of his friends knowing. So let's make him 'disappear' and no one will now what happened to this gangbanger, yeah?"


"Alright, I'm coming." As Paulie hung up, I chopper Stefan into about 20 pieces, pakaged them in black bags, and chained them to cinder blocks. I loaded them into my old and rust Willard, and when Paulie arrived we took them to Port Tudor. I put his body onto a Trawler and dumped the car in the harbour. I steered the boat out to sea and methodically me and Paulie dumped Stefan's chunks into the ocean, and watch them sink.


"Good, no one knows what happened to him."


"It's gonna stay that way, ok Paulie? Certain problems could arrise, so no one knows and no one will."


"Ok." We took the boat back and left it where it was. Annoyingly, I had a lot of blood to clean up when I got back.



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Nice to see the activeness here. Oh and the M.O.B bought the pipebombs, sawn-off shotguns, grenade launchers and a Zombie bike so why isnt it put up on the list?




Will write a story soon

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Build Up Your Gang

Colt M14


  • 5th Story Bonus


Pipe Bombs Purchased


Sawn-Off Shotgun Purchased


Grenade Launcher Purchased


Zombie Purchased


Chapter 2

Some interesting action, though you don't have the description to back it up. Very bland and ripe with spelling and grammar errors.


Current Funds: $285


El Zilcho

Gambetti Family

  • Chapter 6

A great chapter with an interesting narrative and well told. The only problem I can see is that you are using weapons and vehicles that your gang does not own. That is a major part of BUYG. Please refrain from doing it in the future. I'm warning you now, but next time I will have to start deducting funds from your gang.


Chapter 7

Another good chapter, though it suffers from the same fatal flaw. Make sure to use weapons/vehicles your gang possesses. Otherwise there's no point in having the weapons/vehicles system pointless.


Current Funds: $511


rated and updated by Jacky Fiend

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El Zilcho

Oh, well sorry about that. I didn't realise that the vehicles/weapons rule was so important and as in the past I had done it I thought it was ok. Well, thanks for the pointer. I'll be posting another chapter soon. icon14.gif

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Omnia sunt Communia

This is a revised version of a old feature that me and mark-2007 are looking to incorporate into BUYG. They will allow gangs to face-off against each other to earn money and tell and interesting story.



Reward: $500

Gang Wars in BUYG are not only a way to add excitement and realism to your story, but are an interesting way to make money. Set over the course of three stories, gang wars can be face-offs between writers, and the best will win.

• To declare war on another gang, one player must challenge another from a different gang. If they accept, the Gang War begins.

• Both gangs must post three stories, detailing the beginning, middle and end of the Gang War.

• Any possessions destroyed by the winning gang will be removed from the losing gang's inventory.

•The victor will be decided by a BUYG Judge who will read and rate all six stories before coming to an decision.

Please let us know what you think, and how you think we could improve it. This is only a basic idea at the moment and needs a bit of work before it will be ready to release into mainstream use. Edited by Jacky Fiend

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Colt M14

Pretty nice idea but I don't like the destroying of the possessions though. Because the opposing gang will just go for the most expensive items. I'd like to see it soon icon14.gif

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Hey guys,


I'm going to start PM'ing the inactive members and remove them from the roster if they don't reply in a week, so be sure to check your PM's later today.

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Omnia sunt Communia
Pretty nice idea but I don't like the destroying of the possessions though. Because the opposing gang will just go for the most expensive items. I'd like to see it soon icon14.gif

The point of allowing gangs to destroy each other's possessions is to add a inherent risk to Gang Wars. Otherwise there is no downside to losing, which isn't right. Don't forget that both teams have the chance to destroy their opponents possessions, though it is only the losing team who will have their items removed. Giving added incentive to write better and win.

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El Zilcho

I'd like to challenge Colt M14 to a Gang War. Part 1 coming up.

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Sorry still don't have a computer.

Is it okay to right an investgation story on your gang? Likfe from the view of the FIB?

Also I'd like to buy an Mirco SMG for the Pegorino's and be moved to Honkers. My Story will come very soon. Oh yea in my story Gambetti Underboss Roy Zito was killed, doesn't that mean that the Gambetti and Peg's are at War now?

Chapter 2: Part II

With old man Ancelotti dead and his family ripped apart Domenic decided to hurry up and rid of his second enemy, Jon Gravelli, but first he wanted to reorganize the family, Tommy Vallario was dropped to Capo of Ray’s old crew and Pip made his son Jackie Underboss. I was bumped up to take over Steinway and Beachgate if the hit on Gravelli was a success. I met with Loopy Lupisella to help organize the hit.


South Bohan Projects


Loopy pulled up in his greenish black Comet.

“Carlo, how is it going?” He said in broken English.

“Fine, so do have my guns?” I said in Ital

“Ci, Ci just hold on?” He said.

He pulled out a pistol and a Micro SMG


“What the hell is this all?” I asked.

“There was more but the truck got highjacked by some blacks.” He said.

“Fine, but you owe me next time.” I said getting into my car.


(Little Italy) I was talking to Tommy about the hit and if his crew would do it.

Tommy doesn’t want to murder his uncle, he asked me if could get Big Pete to do it.

“Big Pete is unreliable, one time when I asked him to whack Tony Black, he charged me 100k. Pete shot him twice and he lived. He costs me 50k a bullet.” I complained.

“Fine, Crazy Joe can do it?” He asked.

Joseph “Crazy Joe” DeMeo was really a f*cking maniac, but ever since being bumped up to Captain he hasn’t accepted a hit.

“No, Fat Tony won’t either. Just do it.” I said

“I gotta go and meet Tommy at Honkers okay?” I said.


(54 Mins Later)

Right when I was going to pull up a white primo was parked outside the club.

I got a closer look and it was a hit squad.

Tommy was walking out of the building with a shotgun and started to have a gun fight with the hitmen. I got out my car with my Micro Smg and fired on the hitmen.

When it was over Tommy was shot in the leg and the hitmen were dead. One of them was Sal Bottino’s son.


Domenic had now threw a large war against The Commission, The Ancelotti’s are down, the Messina are too week to fight and the Gambetti’s were caught off guard.

Angelo ordered me and Phil to kill Jon while we still had the strength to get him.



Phil and I busted into Jon’s house and started to look for him, we killed his Cumar and his cousin. There was no sigh off him, so we set the house on fire.

Then I got a phone call. “Hey Carlo it’s Gas, Jon is out of town but I know were his son stays at." He said. (Triangles Club)

Jon Gravelli Jr is a coke head, we manged to catch him off guard and kidnap him.

Jon wouldn’t shut the f*ck up so we drove to the Lupera and hid him there.

(Angelo’s house)

“We didn’t find him but we got his son.” I said.

“I stationed the Gallos to watch him.” Phil said

“Where’s Domenic?” I asked.

“Shut up and pay attention, okay the Gambetti’s are gonna come back hard on us okay so be prepared.” He said. this is gonna be fun.





Edited by VinnieLeone

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Oh yea in my story Gambetti Underboss Roy Zito was killed, doesn't that mean that the Gambetti and Peg's are at War now?

Your stories are your stories, and don't fit with other peoples'. For instance, in my, Lochie, and Jacky Fiend's stories, Zito is still alive.

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I'd like to start a gang war with Jacky Fiend; something tells me it will be interesting: devil:


I loved this in BUYG: SA with Johnson.


And could I buy an AK-47?



Family troubles: part 2


Our cars were parked under the Rain-blockers in the Triangle Club. Rain poured down like bullets falling from the sky. “Alright, Jason, Cerci the rest of you go to the Back and wait, I’m going to start a distraction out front,”

“Hey, Joey, my sister’s in there, don’t go killing everybody you see Ok?” I nodded, cocked my AK and headed over to the entrance. The bodyguard at the door looked at me, then grabbed for his gun. I quickly shot him until his corpse fell to the ground, blood dripping on the wall behind him. Screams came from inside as I made my way into the Neon-lit club.


I crouched down over the bar counter, pistol rounds firing across the table-top as I went. I pulled my Rifle over my head and fired blindly into the crowd, then remembering what Jason said, stopped and re-loaded. “You motherf-“ An AK round fired into the Korean’s head as he fell down to the club floor. I stood up and fired at the group of men behind the curtain, killing them all. I ran over to the curtain and strafed behind the stripper’s make-up room. As I re-loaded again I heard Jason and the rest of the crew break into the back entrance and firing around the corner. One F.B.I agent tried to run across to the door, but was quickly shot by Cerci, and kneeled down. Cerci ran up to his whimpering body and slammed the butt of the gun into his head, crushing his skull. The crack was so loud I could hear it over the loud Def Leppard music playing. I walked over to Jason and asked, “Where is she?”

“I don’t know man. I thought she-“

“Hey *ssholes look what I have,” came an Asian voice from the private rooms. Fuxx came out holding a Glock to Mary’s head. “You take one step forward and I kill her Pegorino!”

“Mary! Are you ok?” Jason took a step forward and reached his arm out.


That’s where it all went to sh*t. I guess Mr.Fuxx thought he was attacking and fired the Glock into Mary, killing her instantly. Jason’s face turned from sad, to a weird face. Almost like a mix of Hate for everything in this life and no emotion at all. His eyes turned a heavy brown as tears welded up in them. Mr. Fuxx dropped the body and aimed at Jason, but without flinching at all he shot Fuxx’s hand, and then held his hand up, meaning not to shoot. He slowly walked over to the Korean man and pulled him up to his knees, looked directly in his eyes and pointed the gun into Fuxx’s chest. He emptied the whole AK clip into the old man then kicked him down and started pulverizing him with the butt of the gun. “Jason, stop man we need to get out of here!”

“He’s not even listening, f*ck Joey we need to get out man!”

“I’m not leaving Jason or Mary c’mon,” I ran over to Mary’s corpse to pick it up, then Jason turned to me and said,” Let me, please. I-I didn’t want this man; I wanted her to stay out of the mafia’s business. I can’t believe the last words I said to her were ‘shut the f*ck up’. I Loved her so much Joey,”


We Speed off in our cars, Police now chasing. Somehow everything seemed calm, even ominous. Me and Jason were just staring at Mary, thinking about Retaliation. Cerci and everyone else was shooting out the window and trying to out-drive the cops at the same time. Time seemed to stop; I thought I could see the bullets flashing by the window. I knew what Jason was going to do. He was planning something big alright. I knew he wouldn’t rest until every member of Fuxx’s family was dead.


When we got back to the mansion he got out of the car, and said to me,” I gotta bury my sis’ man,”

“I understand. So when do we attack?”

“We don’t”


“I know how it feels now for your most loved thing in the world to be taken from you. I’m sure Fuxx’s family will already feel this pain sadly, but I’m not killing any of them. I’m going to bury my sister and think about this Joey,” and with that he drove off. The rest of the men went into the Mansion happy to get away like school children pulling the fire alarm. I brushed the dirt off my coat and walked to the door, thinking about what Jason would do next…


hope you like it biggrin.gif

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Colt M14


I'd like to challenge Colt M14 to a Gang War. Part 1 coming up.

*sigh* accepted. You write the first chapter.

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The Gambetti Family - Chapter 1


Alberto Zambito was an old enforcer back in the day who made his bones through extortion. He was mostly bald but kept a sleek black combover like most of the elder men in the Gambetti Family did. He was old school, the "Moustache Pete's". After growing up with Jon Gravelli on the streets of Little Italy, hijacking trucks en-route to Alderney in his youth, Gravelli pulled Alberto into the Gambetti family.


After making his 'bones' by killing one of the Pavano family's sons, Mikey 'The Wrench' Pavano, he was stationed to a little restaurant on the end of Calcium street. After gaining a notable reputation for being one of the more patient enforcers of the Gambetti family, Alberto took over the role of running the restaurant, re-naming it after the previous owner 'Al Dente' in honour of his untimely death (Al Dente was killed by a car bomb one night after a conference of the Five Families in Bohan). One day the 16-year old Salvatore 'Sammy' (Alberto was the only one who called him 'Sonny') Botino arrived at the door looking for work to support his family, and instantly those blue eyes sent a chill down Zambito's spine.


Soon 'Sonny' found some companionship in Alberto, as most of the workers at Al Dente were second-generation, they could speak some Scilian but did not understand Botino's rough accent; Alberto did. This led Alberto to take Botino under his wing and show him the ways of 'The Family'.


Alberto sat at the edge of the steel table, the bustle of the lunch time crowd had died down as the chef and his apprentice ducked out the back to smoke. The restaurant was virtually empty besides an old lady drinking coffee and a young buttonman that Alberto had taken a recent interest.


"Santino," Alberto cleared his throat; Botino looked up from his plate of spaghetti, "come and meet an old friend of mine."


A young and thin man walked out the restaurant area and into the kitchen, Sammy studied him. He looked third, maybe fourth generation. Tall, handsome and youthful Santino Farro was rising quickly through the Family's ladder. Botino was shaken from his vigirous study as Santino offered a hand;


"Santino Farro, pleasure to meet you Mr. Botino."

"Please kid, call me Sammy."

Alberto interrupted after slurping on a strand of spaghetti; "Sonny, call the man Sonny."

Botino laughed and starred Santino in the eyes, "Sure, call me Sonny."

Santino darted his eyes around the room; "It's nearly an hour boss, should I go get the car?"

"Sure Santino, me and Sonny will be waiting out the front."


Santino walked out the front, Alberto turned to Sammy and said; "He's a good kid, reminds me of a young kid who use to work under me," Alberto smiled and pat Sammy on the back affectionately, "Sonny, I'm really glad you're back."

"Me too Alberto, me too."


They waited outside the front, the cold wind of Liberty signalled that it was not far away from winter. Alberto and Botino waited outside for Santino to bring the car around. A black sedan pulled up against the curb and Santino rolled down the window;


"Hop in, you must be freezing out there."


The two men got in, Alberto in the passenger side and Sammy in the back. They made small talk along the way, Alberto mentioned that Gravelli Jr had formed a cocaine addiction and was in jail. Gravelli Snr wasn't impressed by the disgrace that Jr had bought to the family name, chose to ignore him rather then exile him from the Family name. Junior had racketed up various debt's with Russian loansharks and had been using his old man's position as a means for protection; but now with Jon Gravelli's death no one could save Jon Gravelli Junior from the ferocity of the Russian loan sharks.


"Some asshole, I think his name is Niko Bellic, hes been causing a stir around here too." Santino piped in, from the back seat Botino saw Alberto give the young boy a glance of anger, then spoke;

"Yeah, he hasn't been working with the family directly, only for late Gravelli's government connections. The day we mix our blood with those potato-loving f*cks is the day that the role model of the 'Scilian' man is dead and buried."


The rest of the drive to Suffolk Church was silent, only interrupted by the sound of the radio. As they finally pulled up there was an entourage of various vehicles, police, crime figures and even government officials, all coming to pay their late respect to the great Jon Gravelli.


"Santino, we're not gonna get a park in the street, drive up behind into the church's private parking."


They got out and Santino walked ahead, "Are you sure you want to reveal yourself? Some folks are still sore about what you did to that Ancelotti guy."

"That dumb fuck had it coming, he would have capped me if he had a chance. I plan on staying low for awhile anyway, y'know? Talk to Zito, get the fed's out of my ass and onto the street to take care of those Russian scumbags. Maybe run the family myself, hell, Gravelli would want me to run the family after what I did in Vice. People respected me, families would send me care baskets, these people consider me a hero Alberto, and like every hero I've come back to collect my reward, of course after paying my respect to the man who made me."

Alberto frowned, he was hurt by Botino's respect. Sonny had always been a smart man, but he always acted before thinking of the consequences. Zito, who was smart but also too passive, was still a better choice then Botino for the new Don. Then there was the Gravelli Jr problem, everyone expected him to try and claim heir to the throne.


They walked past old friends, many who didn't notice Sammy Botino due the large, dark-tinted sunglasses he wore. They walked into the chapel and sat down. Ray Zito was yet to arrive. Many people flooded inside and sat down on the benches, rival mob bosses from the Five Families, the Irish Mob and even the shattered remains of the Pegorino Family, who after Jimmy Pegorino's death were reforming and trying to keep a hold of Alderney from the Pavano's.


Everyone was solemn, until the casket was carried in by Roy Zito, two men Sammy couldn't remember and a third man who looked familar.


"Oh, they let Junior out today I see." Alberto whispered and chuckled.


That little f*cking sh*t, Botino thought to himself, the nerve of the little cocksucker to rock up to his old man's funeral after digracing the good name Jon Gravelli had built with his bare hands. Where the f*ck does he get off walking in grinning from ear to ear like his father has left him a fortune, he hasn't. Jon Gravelli hated his son, and his son was what held me back in Vice City for so long.


The funeral procession finished, many of those who paid their due respects quickly upskirted and left. There was a reception to be held back at Al Dente's, to mourn the death of the great Jon Gravelli. As various figures marched out of the church to see the coffin off, Botino told Alberto he'd meet him back at Al Dente's. Sammy ducked through the crowd, grinning at the stupid fat Giovanni Ancelotti. He saw a man waving the hearse off the down the street, Sammy pulled him too the side;


"Zito, I need a favour from one of the boss's old contacts."

"Holy sh*t Sammy, you're back?"

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Lethal Nizzle




  • Pulling up at the Burger Shot, I quickly cut the ignition to my Ruiner and stepped out of the car. It had been two days since my phone call from Lenny Petrovic, and the return to the Petrovic Bratva, and things had been kept reasonably mute between me and the family. I knew that I would resume a full role within the gang in no time, but for now I was stuck with an easy assignment.


Lenny had called me early that morning, telling me that I needed to do a routine job, nothing too tasking. There was a mansion in northern Alderney; old, battered and abandoned, left for the homeless and nothing else. I had been ordered to clear out the mansion for the Bratva, apparently it would serve as a “base of operations” in Alderney.


The task was straightforward, but what griped me was the fact that it was slightly isolated from the middle of Alderney, where most of the gangs were located. Still orders were orders and are meant to be followed, so I agreed to the job and left my Broker apartment early that morning.


Returning to the present, I entered the Burger Shot, but not to feed myself. Lenny had told me to “rendezvous” with one of their arms dealers at the food outlet, and as I stepped in, the pale man nestled in the corner stood out from everyone else in the room. He was a pale man, who had obviously not shaved for weeks, and wore a Ushanka hat, which was ironic since the weather outside was a far cry from the weather the hats were designed for. I wasted little time and sat down opposite the man, who was sipping quietly on what appeared to be a milkshake.


“Are you the arms dealer for the Bratva?” I asked, throwing the man off his drink and causing him to lock eyes with me.

“Isn't it a bit obvious my friend, with my Ushanka? But yes, I'm your man.”

“Okay, so what have you got for me?”

“Haha, you joke, right?” The man let out a wheezy laugh as he sipped more off his drink. “That mansion is home to bums, unarmed – and half the time drunk – bums! You seriously think you need firepower for people like that?”

A puzzled expression washed over my face as I leaned in closer by a fraction. “Why did Lenny send me to meet you then?”

“I'm going along with you, just in case. I only have a knife with my anyway.” The man then downed the rest of the drink and stood up. “Now we must move, y'ready?”


I nodded, stood up and left the booth in unison with the man. I noticed that was he left the Burger Shot he moved with a slight limp on his right side, and his right foot seemed to drag slightly along the floor. I discarded these thoughts however when the man spoke up.


“This your car?” The man asked, in a gruff tone.

“Sure is, had this for nearly four years. How did you guess?”

“It isn't because of the Russian flag hanging from your mirror, but the fact that everyone here in Westdyke drives at least a PMP 600. Rich capitalist bastards, the lot of them.” The man looked at me for split second before helping himself to the passenger seat. “Just keep that in mind.”


I gave a weak smile before entering the car alongside him. After starting the car up I carefully reversed out of my parking spot and turned to the road. I knew vaguely where the mansion would be located, but the man, who hadn't told me his name yet, had taken the liberty to give me directions. It barely took a thirty seconds when I found the dirt track leading up to the mansion, which was tucked between the odd tree or bush. After another few seconds of navigating the muddy terrain which encircled the abandoned mansion we arrived, and I wasn't surprised the mansion was abandoned; the windows had been boarded up, the masonry-work was eroding and moss had found its way into various cracks and was slowly eating up the house.


“Wow, what a sh*t tip.”

“Agreed my friend, however a group of builders are usually hanging round here.” The man exited my Ruiner and began to walk up to the house. “Anyway, you know how to fight, right?”

“Of course.” I rolled up my jacket sleeves, and kept my head held high. I spotted one of the bums, who was obviously intoxicated judging by the way he walked.


“'ey, who ah' you guys?” The black man slurred, managing to put his hands on his hips. “This is ma' home, what gives you rights to be here?”

“These.” I sneered, lifting up my fists briefly before swiftly landing a punch on the man, who wasn't anticipating the attack.

“What the sh*t, they just nailed Marley!” A bum had appeared from the garages to our right, and a few others back him up from behind. I took a mental note that one was holding a brick, and the other a baseball bat.


Then the bums began to charge. I saw out of the corner of my eye the arms dealer reach into his coat pocket, retrieving a shiny kitchen knife which, judging by the state of the hilt, had been used plenty of times before. I turned my vision towards the bums once more and readied myself. The first man swung wildly at me, and I nimbly evaded by stepping back. He began to move forward and without warning threw a quicker punch, but this time parried the punch away from me and landed a clean combination of hooks and uppercuts to see him off. I took time to spit on the body before running to the dealer's aid.


The man with the brick instantly launched the brick my way, and I instinticvely sidestepped to the right. What I would give to have a gun, but I picked up the brick, and made sure to hit the man as I threw it back. The brick smashed against the man's cranium with sickening precision, and he dropped to the ground. The man with the bat however was holding said object high above his head and charging towards the dealer. I could only be a bystander as the dealer expertly dodged the attack by a quick roll to the side, before plunging his knife into the bat-wielder's knee. When that happened, the remaining bums began to scatter. I gave a small laugh at the bums, who were obviously not fit for running long distances. I turned back to the dealer, who was crouching over the mortally wounded man.


“Sweet dreams, dolboeb.” The dealer spoke without emotion and with that, he thrust the knife downwards, piercing the man's chest and plunging it deep into his internal system.

Before we could walk away, the man managed to mutter, his last dying breaths barely heard. “All this... for a dirty old... mansion?”

I turned back to him, almost feeling sorry for the man who was drowning in his own blood. “Sorry my friend, but business is business, and sometimes it's a cold and cruel mistress.”

Edited by Lethal Nizzle

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Build Up Your Gang

VinnieLeone: You need to write at least 5 stories before you can switch property, same thing with buying stuff.

And for your story you get $29. It contained mostly dialog and it was too short.


Unoriginal44: Just like VinnieLeone you need to write a few more stories before you can buying stuff. You get $31 for your story.


Lochie: Awsome story man, reminds me of some of my stories icon14.gif $42.


Lethal Nizzle: You combined dialog and description very good man and for that you get $41. Hope we see another story from you soon.


Rated by Rucke


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