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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang IV

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El Zilcho
I'd like to join the Angels of Death, Navy Yard.


May I post the first section of my story straight away?

Yeah, your allowed to do that mate. Welcome icon14.gif

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Chapter 1 – The Wrong Decision

I remember it like it happened only yesterday, the rain was dropping onto the slippery pavement I was running down. I felt my heart pounding like a drum, every breath I took gave me less hope of surviving. There was nothing to see as I lifted my head into the distance, only darkness. This was the end, nowhere left to run, the two men chasing me from behind, both with nothing on their mind but to catch me, get their revenge and end my life.


It all happened before I could blink, a car appeared from just in front of me, its headlights darted past, only just avoided hitting me; the loud screeching sound of tyres sliding on the hard ground burned my ears. All of a sudden the screeching noise stopped and a great thud noise happened ending in silence. I turned my head slowly and saw both men lying on the floor, flattened by the car. Blood was spread across the pavement, it split into small streams, one caught my eye in particular, flowing towards the edge, and then small drops fell into the gutter. The rain quickly washed the rest of the blood away, but being replaced by more blood coming out of the dead mans arm. Multiple emotions hit me, shock and horror firstly coming into my mind, but quickly flushed out by relief, the relief that I was safe to live another day.


As I woke up early next morning, I thought enough was enough, the event last night was a huge wakeup call, I had to move away, start a new life with nothing holding me back. The small spark of hope quickly got put out, as I thought about my responsibilities. I had a child to take care of, as well as a girl friend who had no money mostly because of me. I had gotten into a lot of trouble, got involved with the wrong crowd and ended up with many things taken from my life, including my job and my parents. I couldn’t go on as I do, I have gotten into a lot of trouble, more people could be at risk; something must be done.


The baby made a loud cry from the next room, as I entered the room I felt sadness as this could be the last time I see my baby.


The sun shone in the clear blue sky as I walked down the street, I had to clear my head from the horror I went through yesterday. It was the best day England had all year, not a cloud in the sky. I continued walking, having no idea where I was going to, I just felt the further I walked the less I was forgetting about my problems. I came to a rest on a creaky bench which I sat on. The phone in my pocked began to ring, I reached for my pocked grabbing my phone to see who would be calling at this time of morning, and to my great surprise it said the caller was my Uncle. I answered immediately.


The walk back to the apartment was much more pleasant, I felt refreshed, alive, but also guilty. This was my only opportunity, to get away, I was going to move to America and start a new life. I mustn’t tell anyone, not even my girlfriend as it could put everyone in danger if the wrong people found out. I timed it well, my girlfriend had gone out shopping with the baby; I must pack my things and leave as quickly as I can.


There was something holding me back from zipping my bag full of clothes as I was about to leave for good. I told myself, I must return back one day. On the bedside table was a family photograph, I grabbed it and stuffed it in my crammed bag. I struggled down the stairs, opened the door and left the apartment. My uncle was going to meet me at the airport, he told me he came to England for the day to meet somebody important, he wouldn’t tell me who, and I took this opportunity to ask if I could go with him, he accepted my offer. He didn’t even question my about staying and looking after my girlfriend and baby. I entered my car, turned the ignition and drove off; the start of my new life was to begin.

Edited by Sprinks

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Lighting up Mr. Fux Rice box



I Stepped out of the taxi and paid the man his 27$. My brown tuxedo jacket blew with the harsh wind as I made my way up to Pegorino’s mansion doorstep. It had been 3 months since Pegorino was killed in some factory, but somehow his gang kept on. My brown loafers made a crunch sound as I stepped over old newspaper and stopped. I don’t know what happened and frankly I didn’t care. I worked for Peg though, and I came to his mansion to make a proposition. Of course I don’t mean to him, but to his heir grandson, Jason Pegorino. Now Jason wasn’t a hothead like Pegorino, and he knew how to run business with other shmuck mobs, so I figured I would offer my special services to the newly appointed Pegorino. I knocked on the dark Oak door and listened to the other side. “You piece of sh*t! Get out of my grandpa’s house you don’t disrespect him like that!”

“Mary shut up! I jus’ said that he shouldn’t have let those Korean’s on to our turf that’s all!”

“You called him a f*ggot and you know it Jason, f*ck it I’m leaving!” The door slammed open as a heavy-Italian skin toned lady ran out and jumped into a sentinel, then speed away. “F*cking Christ man! Hey, how the H*ll are you?”

“My name’s Joey I was a friend of your grandfather-“he held his hand up in friendship, so I shook it. His black Italian suit seemed impervious to anything other than charcoal black. “Come on in, my friend,”


I took a seat on the green and brown silken couch and stretched my arms. The house looked almost empty, no pictures or furniture except for the couch and a T.V. “Sorry, but my poor grandma took everything and sold me the deed to the house, don’t worry next week this place will be decked out with fine Italian art,” I nodded and stood up, “That’s nice and all but, the reason I came down here is for business, not a family visit. Now I want to help you gain Alderrney back from anyone in your way.”

“Really, well I could use a guy like you. Alright meet my “Acquaintance” and pick up some things from him, then he’ll tell you what to do next. I was going to do this myself, but h*ll I need to find my sister, you know that girl you saw?”

I nodded once more and walked outside, while Jason was busy calling someone. I got into the unlocked Sentinel and started her up. The engine sounded quiet as the tires skidded off.


My Sentinel stopped in an old back-alley by the Alderrney Bridge. The Moon was out and clouds started coming together. The wind blew even harder as I locked the door and walked into the “Acquaintance’s” building. The old bar reeked of scotch and burnt- cigarettes, which I could see why, since everyone inside was holding either. I looked around and quickly walked up to the bartender, unknowingly, and asked,” Do you know the ‘Acquaintance’ “? He snarled his nostrils and furrowed his brow. “Far left table, be careful though he shot a man once for askin’ him what type of suit he had on,” I turned to look at the man he was talking about, and only saw a small pale man wearing a tweed coat and pants, drinking vodka and looking at the T.V on the table. I walked up slowly to him and asked him if he was the man I needed. “Yeah, I am him. But who the h*ll are you?”

“Joey Queblanc, Jason said you would give me something to take out his problem?”

“Yeah, come with me,” he raised himself up and walked into a back room. I stepped into the room and watched as TA (The Acquaintance) opened up a box full of old rags and opened Lager bottles. He sat the damp box onto a small table and gave me a note. “Go into that Korean piece of crap’s rice place, and give him that note, then torch it with these,” then he handed me a lighter and picked up the box…


11:54, the now clear sky shined down on me as I sat the box down by a fence. I lit up a bottle then threw it into a window in Fux’s office. Muffled Korean screams were drowned out by the sound of the raging fire. Two short Asian men ran out and started firing at me. I quickly ducked down and pulled out my pistol, and shot one in the eye. His blood spat on the second guy, who threw down his gun and wiped it off. I shot him twice in the chest, then lit another Molotov and launched it at the entrance. After I finished the rest of the bottles, I got back into my car and drove off, knowing that Jason would surely be proud of my work.




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Colt M14

Can I please be moved to Outlook pay'n'spray? I'm going to start my story again if its not a problem.

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El Zilcho

Execution - Finale Part 3 of 3: Chapter 19


The window buffeted the chopper and impacted on my face as I carefully leaned out of the door of the Helitours Maverick. I kept on firing on Packs Maverick, until I eventually shot one of his men from the side of it. He fell, screaming all the way until he smashed into late evening traffic. No only 7 men remained in the M.O.B. We followed his Maverick as Pack's pilot skillfully flew under and over the elevated train tracks, Jimmy Brasi struggling to not disatrously crash, and still stick close to our enemy.


"Jimmy, we've got to get these bitches out of the sky, but we don't have an RPG. You got a plan?" I asked him, leaning back into the chopper and closing the windswept door.


"Yeah. I've got an idea." He said, squinting as the setting sun cast it's beams into his eyes.


"Like what?" I asked, getting curious.


"Haha, just you wait and see!" He said, smirking.


Our chopper came close to the ground, maybe 20 metres above the cars in the traffic jam below. Pack was obviously desperate to shake us off, but we kept near him and Paulie Donut fired some shotty blasts, unfortunately a little too far away to take effect. He rose up and headed for Star Junction, hoping to lose us in the various bright adverts. He flew higher now, dodging between skyscrapers and meandering through the beautiful skyline. I fired on them again, hitting the engine of his chopper and slightly damaging it.


Our chopper barely clipped a building with the landing gear, but we lost speed none the less. Rising up again, we got quickly back into the chase, taking us over Middle Park. The two helis flew right over Middle Park Lake, making the birds floating on it panic and fly away. I decided I would put everything into bringing them down now, and as we heading towards Alderney, I loaded a grenade and launched it.


I exploded right next to Pack's chopper, blasting sections of the fuselage off and sending him spinning. I punched the air in victory, watching his smoking chopper spiral down. But then, he recovered control and they headed for Alderney. We flew over them and I fired again, this time at the rotors. The grnade missed and exploded lowering, however this knocked one of Pack's men back. They grabbed him before he fell, but I sprayed him with M4 rounds. He dropped off the heli; dead.


They were getting really desperate now, spinning and spiraling and trying to lose us at any costs, even flying under a very low bridge, which we just flew over. They tried to go back into Algonquin, flying under various bridges on the waterside, but we stuck close and forced them onto the other side. They fired back at us, the 6 of them and Pack all that was left of M.O.B. They stood no chance of surviving and starting again now, this was their end game.


Jimmy Brasi took the chance he was waiting for.


"Hold onto your asses!!" He shouted, and flew forward. As we were directly over South Alderney's Acter region, we were just above a clearing. Pack's chopper tried to turn west, but Jimmy rammed into it full on. We jolted back and the impact was huge, our rotors snapped clean off. But so did theres, and we also took off their tail. Both choppers fell 30 metres to the gronud below, splitting the heli's in half. 2 of Pack's men fell from the chopper and two more died on impact. Pack and two last guards limped away.


Paule Donut was out cold but still alive; and Jimmy Brasi's stupidly crazy idea worked, but we were trapped inside an upturned chopper. I smashed the window, took my M4 and pursued Pack before he could escape. I ran along the Acter coast into the trees where I saw one of his guards who was bleeding badly from the head. I shot him and he sprayed gun fire into the air before he fell down dead. I saw the second guard behind Pack running for a distant boat. I shot both of them, bringing Pack to the ground and killing his guard.


Pack was all that was left.


I drew my M1911 and walked over to him, he was lying on the ground and propping himself up with his shoulders.


"Hello, Pack. F*ckers like you don't last, I tell you. First Cash X, then Wheelman, Jermaine, Jyler, Lil Smoke, Ruffer, SloMo and finally you. Just goes to show, bitches die alike, huh?" I said, chuckling.


"F*ck you. We were winners, we did something."


"Yeah, you screwed up. And now your gonna die for it." I fired two shots into his knees, and one into his balls. He fell back screaming in agony, and I planted two into his shoulders and chest.


"You M.O.B are finished! Everybody is dead, and now your gonna die. You can eye that M.O.Bitches gun over there, but I'm afraid there's no way your gonna reach it in time. Your finished." I fired another shot through his neck, and Pack spat up blood and coughed.


"Please, Please, I'm beggin' you. Don't kill me. I'll disapper, you'll never see me agian. Please, pleasees!" He was crying now.


"Oh damn Pack, can't you die like a man. All that tough talk, and now your dying like some stupid bitch. I guess it suits you." I took aim.


"Please, NO!!" I smashed the gun into his face to shut him up, but still he weeped and sobbed. I aimed again. "Please, I'll do anything. NO!" I fired, and his brains splattered across the wall behind him, trickling down. For all his gang life style, no doubt his former homies would have been ashamed to see him die like that. Like a rat. Like a pussy. Like he deserved.


"Hey Adriano, let's go!" Jimmy was calling me over from the Mafia PMP, some Pegorino's had put Paulie Donut in the car. They were all getting in. I walked over to the PMP, looked back at Pck's lifeless body. I stared at the setting orange sun, and got in the car. We all left, just as the sirens approached. The job as done, M.O.B were finished, Pack was dead. We won. The PMP drove us back to Bohan were I met Carlos, who had remained behind when we stole the chopper.


"You mean we've won! We can do business without those bastardos interfering! That's great!" It sure was.

Edited by El Zilcho

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Build Up Your Gang

Sprinks: You've been added to Angels Of Death, Navy Yard. A good start, hope it becomes even better in the US. You get $36.


Unoriginal44: I liked your work back at SA BUYG and you seem to be a pretty good writer here too. You get $37 for your first story.


El Zilcho: I great final on the gang war with M.O.B. $44.


Colt M14: Moved from XXX Video Shop to Outlook pay'n'spary. Write something soon.


Rated by Rucke



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El Zilcho

Aftermath: Chapter 20


Life was good for the Torres Cartel. The bloody gang war that claimed so many lives and nearly tore the whole of the underworld apart was finished, and the Cartel had won! With the war out of the way, we started making good money. $500,000 per month went to the business itself, some going to the Mob families, and the rest split between all of our amigos. We made great money and soon we ahd expensive apartments and safehouses across the city. The trade was lucrative and everyone wanted to do business with us; our powerful allies stopped any f*ck overs so we did straight jobs, everytime.


A few days after Pack's death, we had fully taken over M.O.B's former territory in Steinway, the Irish Mob started working with us too. Eventually an unexpected guest showed up; none other than our good friend Giovanni Spoleto! He hadn't been killed at all, but the knife used by the coward Pack only scraped his thigh and head, but in the ensuing escape from the area Gio was shot in the back. He was put in a secluded hosital while recovering; he had been in a coma for the last 2 weeks. When he awoke, he was overjoyed to hear that jon gravelli helped us, that the Commision was at peace again and that M.O.B and Pack were finished.


"Adriano, my good friend!" Gio had a nasty scar over his face, from his cheek to just above his left eye. I guess it made him look even more intimidating. "I'm so proud of you! The things you've done; I hear you and your goys are doing really well for yourselves. Well, I got some good news, another shipment in coming in. And we want you to be the seller of it. In return you get 35%! isn't that great?" Gio was happy to be back on his feet, but Carlos wasn't.


Carlos stumbled in, very drunk and very high. He took one look at Gio and started swearing.


"Look who just appeared, Mr F*cking-Dick-Head Wop Thieving Maricon!" He was shouting and cursing. He fell forward and just missed Gio, throwing a punch. He tripped and fell flat on the floor, further insulting Gio as he rolled around. Enfuriated, Spoleto left.


A few days later, we had the shipment safely on the streets. But Carlos was totally unstable. He was doing stupid deals, thinking he could betray people who were just as powerful as our allies. I had to hold him back, his blazing trail of drugs, booze, women and vice were his way of celebrating and mourning his dead sister all at the same time. He had taken to hard drug use, and turned to Heroin. No matter what I did, I couldn't stop him from shotting up when I was away. He was ruining us, and if he continued he would destroy all our hard work.


Gio called me the next day, exactly 2 weeks after Pack's shooting.


"Carlos is about to be whacked."


"WHAT?!?" I shoted down the phone.


"He just killed one of my Capos, and I can't take it anymore. I'm the Don now, and I'm sorry but I have to do it. He's about to get shot in Broker, he's doing a deal with some black street gang that comprises of 5 members. they're all in a black Landstalker. So if you wanna save him, get this bullsh*t wild antics out of his head. You've got 5 minutes before my guys arrive." He hung up.


I frantically ran down the steps and called Carlos.


"Where are you?" I desperately shouted.


"I'm by the Beer Gardens, why?" He asked, I heard talkingin the background, probably his buyers.


"It's Gio, he's gonna wh-" The call cut off, and I saw my phone credit had ran out. I got to the bottom of the steps and jumped onto my trusty Bati 800 and drove; speeding through Bohan and into Steinway. I was late. By 3 minutes. I arrived at the scene, and saw three cars leaving. I looked at the Landstalked and saw it as utterly riddled with bullets, covered totally. I got off the bike and ran to the Landstalker, and saw Carlos in the front passenger seat, riddled with about 50 bullets. Everyone else was dead too, but he was barely breathing.


"Carlos, man you're real bad."


"Adriano, ad, I, arg. I don't have much time. I, I, I just wanna say, you were alway, always my kid, hrgh. You were my kid brother. Arg!" He coughed up blood, and I took his hand.


"Just hold on." I shouted, but he was gone. Carlos Santiago was dead. The next week was terrible. The funeral was horrific, he had always been my friend. And he even called me his brother. But I knew I couldn't go for revenge, Gio was the Don, everyone would want me dead if I killed him. So I let it drop. I kept working with him, I didn't learn to hate him. I just blanked it over, forgot about it. It was all I could do. But deep inside, I felt horrid.

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Colt M14

M.O.B Chapter 1 Part 1


It was time. The gangs were tearing the city apart and if I didn't join one, I would most certainly be killed. The extreme amount of gangs fighting wars in out very streets. The Bratva, Irish Mob, hillside posse, Torres cartel, motorcycle gangs, foreign gangs and finally... M.O.B. One of the largest gangs in LC.

My father was in that gang in his last years until he was gunned down by a triad. Furious I wanted to take my revenge on the immigrants of the city. I was not a violent man, but I wanted to continue my fathers legacy.

I walked into the Pay'N'Spray in Outlook. There were tall and buff men staring at me cracking their knuckles. I half jogged to where a man was that looked like he could lead the gang of the hood.

Stopping right in front of the heavy set black guy I stare for a second as he stands up. He was about seven feet tall. Looking up I gulped. "Could I join this gang?" I mumbled.

"What 'chu want fool? You wanna join, talk to Blues." The man boomed, pointing to a scrawny little man yelling at someone.

"Sorry for that sir..." I replied.

"You talk like one of 'dem white cracka people from England." He said again. I quickly walked away from the man.

"So you're the leader of this gang right?" I asked the man named Blues.

"Yeah sure, could you kill this Muthaf*cker please?" Blues told me.

"Yeah if it gets me in." I said and he stared at me.

"I like your attitude. Here take this pistol. I want you to take Stefan here and cap some of those triads in the shops at pier 45." Blues told me.

"Stefan? Who's that?"

"Him." Blues told me pointing to the man I was talking to before who was now cutting an apple and eating it. I sort of chuckled. Maybe smiled a bit. But he saw me. Walking over he pushed me onto the dirty floor. I was about to get up when he threw the knife and it wedged itself in a crack of the concrete. "Now now, Stefan this is a new recruit. He needs to be canonized." Blues said laughing.

"Pier 45..." I squeaked out.

"Whatever, just don't talk about me. EVER." Stefan boomed grabbing me by my collar and slamming me into a Sabre GT with rust down the side.

Flying down the street I was holding onto the side of the window nearly throwing up. "Could you bloody slow down a bit?! I Screamed.

"We gunna get 'der slower man. But whatever." He slowed down about 10 miles. Rolling back in my seat I breathed slowly. "So what's you're name dawg?" He said trying to start conversation.

"I don't have a name. I don't even know who I am. All I know is that my father was a M.O.B member and the rest is fuzzy. But my friends gave me a name. Colt. Because I was found on the beach with a Colt automatic rifle (Carbine rifle, Don't own it yet so I'll but it when I write more stories.) in my half dead arms. I was nursed back to health by a group of people who found me. It was about four years with them before I decided I wanted to start again. I left Alderny and came to Broker. The gangs tore my place apart and killed my girl. So I want to join in on the action. I want REVENGE." I told him as we pulled up to the pier.

"Dat's a long story yo." He said as he slammed a Pistol on my lap.

"I got my own." I told him taking out my Micro-SMG and slammed a magazine into it. "Let's roll."

Slamming open the door I spotted a group of Triads. Maybe ten or twenty. I couldn't be bother counting. "Those ones." I told Stefan nodding over to the group.

"Fo' Sho' dawg." He laughed loading the pistol.

It was sheer instincts. Like I was a trained killer. Running over I whipped one over the head with the heavy Sub machine gun and blasted the others. The blood splattering over my shirt and face. I didn't even know I had moved. Taking out my knife I stabbed a triad in the throat listening to his gurgling screams I pulled the knife sideways. Blood all over the pathway I saw Stefan blasting two triads from behind an over turned table.

Looking over to a few fleeing cowards, I shot their legs right from under them. Sprinting over one of the triads glanced at me. I noticed he was crying. "Please don't kill me... I have a wife and kids." He cried out to me.

"Should have thought about that before you messed with the M.O.B." I said blowing his brains all over the wall behind him.

Grabbing a glass bottle off the table next to me I smashed it and hid around the corner.

"He's over there!" One said as I stuck my arm out to lure them in. They ran around the corner probably not even thinking at all. Whipping around I sliced their throats in quick movements, like something off a movie. I jogged over to where Stefan was gutting one of the Triads with a long knife.

"There's reinforcements coming. 'Dis Gonna be a full gang war, yo. You sho' you can hold yo' own?" He asked nervously.

"Leave it to me." I told him sprinting to the edge of the pier to get a good look of where they were coming from.

"Good luck dawg. You'll need it." He said quietly running off to get some backup.

Bullets flew over my head and I noticed that they were coming up fast. There was only one thing to do. I wasn't sure I could do it. But it worth a go. I chuckled and climbed onto the railing. Timing is the key. I swiftly jumped. I thought I was going to miss but my hand flew out and grabbed the back of the Jetmax.

"Where did that guy go? I saw him on the railing a second ago." A high pitched voice came from on the boat. Pulling myself up I relised I was holding onto the back of the boat.

"Oh S*it." I yelled as they turned around. My leg got sucked into the propellor of the boat catching on my soaked canvas pants and spinning my around. The Triads stopped the ignition to see what was going on. THANK GOD. Ripping my leg free I cried. Blood sifting through the water. Pulling myself under the boat bullets flicked on the water. I couldn't stay under w=here forever. My weapon was clogged with water so that wasn't an option. My head felt like it was in a vice. Everything went black...



My first NEW chapter. Forget the first one I decided to start again. Part 2 coming soon.

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Build Up Your Gang


That be another excellent installment from you, $44.


El Zilcho

$43, $100 bonus for 20th story. Choose a vehicle under $500, and you will get it for free. Also, you've unlocked the Cavaclade for your gang.


Colt M14

$34, lots of dialogue over description, and you might wanna befriend paragraphs, they make it all easier to understand and look better.


-- rated by radicell

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Sorry for my inactiveness. Will write a story soon.





And to El Zilcho, Andriano's not dead, not yet.

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Colt M14

Befriending means to put spaces between paragraphs? Hopefully that gives me more monays. I already have a wishlist biggrin.gif


M.O.B Chapter 1: The Triads part 2: Noose around the neck


The water made my head ache even more. I didn't know where the hell I was. Looking around I saw Blues, Stefan and another strange figure.

"Who's this guy?" I asked my throat sore from holding my breathe.

"This guy saved you. He's from the M.O.B, been in the gang for a few weeks. He helped restore the main M.O.B hideout, the outlook Pay'n'spray." Blues explained nudging towards the guy.

"Name's Franky. Nice 'cha meet you." Franky told me in a strange italian accent.


Standing up I walked over to where there was a boat, the same I was under, with triads hanging out the side. I took two steps and collapsed. I forgot about my leg. Looking down it was so messy I couldn't find the piecing from the rotor. Sand between the blood, I ripped the bottoms off my canvas pants and wiped most of it away. wrapping the other piece around the cut, I stood up.


"We going to get revenge? Or are we going to sit here like wussy little babies?" I told the gang.

"We fight. Not for revenge, but for honor. Let us go brothers." Stefan boomed.

Franky had brought some cars. There was a Sabre GT similar to Stefan's, A Landstalker, a Manana and a Futo.

I hopped in a Landstalker that Franky had told that was mine for the wiping out a group of Triads. Sitting in the new car I opened the glovebox and found a suitcase. In it was an Assault rifle. An AK-47 model. Not my favorite but it will do.


We took off towards Chinatown, My car in the back of the escort. When we got there a homie ran out and wired a bomb to a twenty story building. "This is the Triads main hideout. Straight into the hornets nest right?" The Guy said as he hopped back in my Landstalker. We took to a safe distance and I hit the button. Nothing. No boom. Hopping out I walked around the corner to see a large groups of... You guessed it. TRIADS. They disarmed the bomb and were running to our location.


Two options. Number one, run in guns blazing and kill as many Triads as possible until I get taken down. OR Number two, We get in the cars and run down the Triads to escape. I liked the second one. Jumping back in my car we started off. Smashing the window I aimed and started blasting with my AK-47. They fell, one by one. When we drove by one grabbed onto the door, scrapping along the ground. I looked out the window and shot his hand as he fell off and got crushed by the Futo behind us.


When we got back to the Pay'N'Spray we noticed nobody was outside. Taking cover we slowly walked in. It was empty? We started to walk normally walking around. There was a note on the wall. Picking it off I read it out loud. "Dear M.O.B Scum. You have taken those who are dear to use. So we did the same. Also, Enjoy the package." It was signed by a man named Shogu Hotaru. Who the hell is that? Who ever he is, he is going to pay.


I turned around, "Does this mean I'm in the gang?" I joked.

"What gang." Blues said kicking a bolt on the ground. This was no joking matter.

"I'll get the Homies back okay? You just sit tight." I assured them.

I didn't know if I could fulfill that promise. Buy I can try.


Pulling myself up in the Landstalker Stefan hopped in too, Loading a gun. "Lets go teach 'dem fools it's wrong to mess whit' the M.O.B 'Kay dawg?"

"Sure Stefan." I told him starting the engine, smoke puffing out of the rattling exhaust pipe.


Pulling up to the building I saw that the security had boosted dramatically. I couple of bullets here and there and the security was less stronger. Running into the lobby I shot the bodyguards following Hotaru and I missed him as he ran into the elevator.


Looking for another elevator I relised there was only the stairs. Oh man... Taking about twenty minutes to get to the top, throwing triads down the staircase, we finally reached the floor where Hotaru was hiding in. Walking in casually to blend in to the office, I was surprised to see many of our gang members tied up in here. Releasing a few, a squad of NOOSE officers smashed through the window, shooting at us.


I returned fire but most of my attempts failed. The team had arrested me and was tying me to a column until the police arrive. The homies were treated as civilians held hostage by me. The NOOSE were assuring them of their safety. Stefan on the other side of the room was picking the handcuffs with a paper clip. I chuckled as he ripped them off and grabbed an officer.

"Don't fire of I kill him." Stefan boomed. "Put the guns down and nobody gets hurt."


But the NOOSE officer being about five and a half feet tall and Stefan being seven feet tall, he was an easy target. The started shooting, but Stefan just cracked the mans neck and fired the crappy rifle back at the men. I was getting freed by a homie when one of the officers shot him and pistol whipped me. I could see the blood in my eyes. Stumbling around, I hit the part of broken window and it collapsed behind me.


Thinking I was going to die I screamed as I hit the balcony below our floor. I felt extremely embarrassed as the other guys started climbing onto the balcony and piling into the elevator of the floor I was on. As we hopped into the many cars below I passed out in the sideseat of Stefan's car.


When I came to I was lying in a clean bed, probably in Blues office. Standing up I was in my boxers with bandages around my leg, arm and head. Sort of dazzled at all the blood soaked up in the bandages. I walked out and saw Blues talking to some guys. "Hey Blues, Where my clothes?" I mumbled as I wobbled across the room.


"Hey Colt, don't strain yourself. Have a seat, I'll get you a soda." He said placing me into my seat. He walked over and jammed a few coins in a machine and came back with a small bottle of Sprunk. I didn't like it very much but I was thirsty so I gulped the whole thing down.


"What happened?" I mumbled again.

"You were shot, caught in a boat rotor and hit in the face. Sound like fun?" Blues said laughing.

"I think I'm going to like this gang." I replied laughing. My head feeling like a bad of bricks.







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El Zilcho


Sorry for my inactiveness. Will write a story soon.





And to El Zilcho, Andriano's not dead, not yet.

Make him dead. I'm not concerned with your writing. Honestly, just have him dead. I don't want anyone writing you about how he survived or whatever, I told you I didn't wish to collaborate with you anymore, so that's final. Anyway, I'd like to have the PMP please for free please.

Edited by El Zilcho

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I'll update this all now, biggrin.gif

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Build Up Your Gang

@Colt M14: $26, I'm assuming your new to BUYG. A few areas you could fix up are making your sentences flow better, various times throughout the story I had to stop and re-read over some lines.


$1,060 + $26 = $1,088


Story count = 1 (2) + 1 = 2 (3)




A new gang has been added, The Gambetti Family



The Gambetti FamilyLocationPropertyGang MemberStory CountBroker
Gravelli Mansion
Al Dente's
0 (3)
Masterson St. Dry Cleaning
Jacky Fiend
0 (2)
Italian Bakery
WeaponsKnife, Micro-SMGVehiclesSentinel, PMP 600Money$100Assets---Drug Facilities---Drugs---NEW WEAPONS


The Lost & Damned arsenal has now been added in for your own personal use.


Pool Cue - $10

Pipe Bomb - $50

Assault Shotgun - $500

Sawn-Off Shotgun - $250

Grenade Launcher - $600




The Lost Brotherhood to be added

Uptown Riders MC to be added


Added Jacky Fiend to Gambetti Family

Added mark-2007 to Gambetti Family


editted by Lochie

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Colt M14

I'd Like to buy the pipebombs for the M.O.B please.


M.O.B Chapter 1: The triads part 3: Meeting the crew


Walking into the restored pay'N'spray of Outlook, I put my hand on my holstered pistol. Looking around I saw the usual Blues, Stefan, Franky and many of the others.

"Any news Blues?" I asked him as I walked up.

"Yeah, You've been chosen to be in somebodies crew. So how about it, Colt?" Blues said to me smiling.

"Sure! When do I meet them?" I asked.

"Right now, here they come." Blues said pointing to the group of men walking in.


One walked up and I shook hands with him, "I'm Colt." I told him proudly.

"The name's Jack. I'll be leading the crew. Meet the others, they like new faces." The man about my height told me.

I walked over to the group of three others. A shorter guy came up and introduced himself. He said his name was Carlos, He dealt with explosives. The next man was Lee, he supplied weapons. And the last was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen Bow chicka bow wow, her name was Tyra. She fixed up cars.


"Nice rack." I said walking up. "Wait... No, I mean on the car. Yeah the car." I lied pointing to the roof-rack on the Land-stalker.

"Smooth." She said laughing. Her laugh made her sound way cuter than she was. "Wanna take down some Triads? Carlos and Lee will hook you up with weapons and I'll provide a ride for all of us." She added, walking over to the car.


We hopped in the large Land-Stalker, me and Tyra in the back with Jack and Lee driving with Carlos in front. While we were driving down the street, Carlos turned around and dropped a large package on my lap. "Here are some pipebombs. You're going to have to throw these out the window when we start a chase." He explained. I just nodded and opened the box. I held about ten large rectangular shaped explosives.


I just sat back the whole ride admiring them. When we pulled up I was told to activate a bomb and throw it into an abandoned shop. Taking out one it was quiet heavy. I activated it and lobbed it through the window of the shop. The wall shook as it went off and a car flew around the corner shooting at us.


"Colt, get on the roof-rack and fire at them." Jack told me. I wasn't really aware he was there but he was across from Tyra. I nodded and pulled myself out the window. Placing my feet on the door I held on tightly to the roof-rack, shooting across the street and onto the car. Bullets flying past my head, I shot the driver. The car spun out, swerving off of the railing next to us and down to the BOABO district. They landed hood first into a dumpster, the car exploding on impact.


"That 'ought to get their attention." Lee said smiling. "The day has only just begun."

"Take us to Schottler, Lee." Jack ordered. I got something in store for the Triads."

We flew down the street towards the Schottler area. When we pulled up we all got out and busted down the door of the Triads hiding spot. AK bullets flew across the room slaughtering the men who were playing Poker.


Lee walked over and took the pile of money off the table. "Okay, we're done here. Lets meet up back at base in a few hours." Jack told us. I waved goodbye to Tyra and walked out towards the nearest Burger shot.


When I got there I ate a nice juicy burger and rested. About an hour later of reading a book and eating Burgers, I called Tyra to get picked up. I hopped in the Futo and we took off towards the Outlook. When we got there I walked over to where Jack was giving a speech.

"These Triads have been a pain in my ass for too long. They need to be wiped off the map of Liberty City." Jack boomed. All the mob members cheered. "We are going to the top of Liberty City. And this is phase one. Lets go everybody."



Edited by Colt M14

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Build Up Your Gang

Colt M14: Quite a good story there Colt, but if I were you I would skip the blue text. $33.


Rated by Rucke

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El Zilcho

I'd like to be added to the Gambetti family, and I'll write my farewell to the Torres Cartel later today. Thanks icon14.gif

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Colt M14

MrPain I can't wait until your next chapter icon14.gif


M.O.B Chapter 1: The Triads Part 4: Phase one


"This is Phase one brothers. Get strapped." Jack repeated. I picked up a belt with Pipe-bombs on it and slung it over my shoulder. Taking the usual Uzi, Ak-47, Glock pistol, knife and molotov cocktails. Hopping into a Tan Futo with a black hood, I looked over at Tyra. I really like her. Really, Really like her. But I'm out of her league. I sighed.


Not saying a thing the whole trip to the Triad Stronghold, we hopped out strapped up and wore Bullet Proof armor. About fifty to a hundred men ran into the building, My ears ringing from the gun shots. I saw a large crowd of suprised Triads and mowed them down.

"Lets take the next floor!" Jack yelled running up the stairs. A guy ran up next to me and I saw he was sweating badly. I looked down and saw he was shot. He fell on his knees and passes out. We couldn't just leave him here.

"Jack, This guy is shot!" I yelled out.

"Leave him there." Jack said from the top of the stairs. Guess he doesn't care about our fellow M.O.B members. I Dragged him over to the wall and wrapped his shirt around the wound.

"I'll be back okay?" I assured him. He nodded slightly and I ran up the stairs where there were bullets flying all over the place. I ran up with my knife and gutted a man. Then pulling the knife out, I felt a pistol jammed in my back.

"Don't move. You're going to be a hostage, Okay?" He told me. Yeah right I flipped him over my back and down the stairs, his back snapping halfway.


"Ohhh, Thats got to hurt." I laughed. I jogged up the stairs and shot a few triads. After a few hours of shooting I was low on ammo. But I didn't worry because we were in the main targets office. We ran up to the desk where Shogu Hotaru was higing behind him desk cradling a bag of Heroin in his arms.

"He's melted him mind." Jack said shooting his brains out. "But atleast we got some free heroin, isn't that right Guys?" Everyone cheered.

"Wait, I don't think we should take it. I heard it was cursed." I yelled and everybody moved to show me standing in the middle of the hall.

"Are you defying your Crew leader you lowlife." Jack insulted. Why did he have to go so far. I aimed my pistol and shot him straight between the eyes. He fell out the window and the slight sound of a body crunching at the bottom.

"Why the f*ck did you do that?" Lee yelled out running up and grabbing me by the collar.

"Because he was working for Hotaru." I told them.

"How the hell do you know?" Lee said.

"Jack was the one that left the note and empty package, He was the one that led the M.O.B to the tower to get ambushed and held hostage. JACK was the one that wanted the heroin for him own when Hotaru denied his payment. He did it all." I said.

"Well... Now who's going to lead us." Lee asked.

"Carlos can. I told them. He was Jack's second in command." I said.

"Hmm. 'Kay seems good to me." Lee said and we walked into the elevator down to the bottom floor.


Later that day we were all sitting in the garage and I was getting my stitches from my stomach removed. When they were done they turned the Nitrous off and I stood up. I wobbled around and fell face first into the floor. Blues walked in and helped me up. "Colt. Your going to have to lead Phase two." He said.

"Why me, isn't Carlos first in command?" I asked.

"Carlos is dead. We found him tied to a pole that had been blown up with his own equipment." Blues said sadly.

I looked down to the floor. "Phase two is now in action, Let's roll."





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Colt M14

M.O.B Chapter 1: The triads part 5: phase two


Sitting in the car, I revised the plan. "Okay, so we kidnap a Triad and torture him until he gives us information about this 'shipment' okay. Then we intercept the shipment and take it for our own." The plan was fool proof. We pulled up on the side of the road in a Land-Stalker and jammed a Triad in the back.


Right away we tied him up and I started the interrogation. "When is the shipment coming in?" I demanded.

"I'll never tell you Ptah." The triad spat on me.

"You dirty F*cker." I yelled at him. "Okay heres how its going to be. You tell me the info. OR. I break one finger at a time. When we run out of fingers to break. I will cut them off. And then I will rip out your tongue. Then you will be useless, so I will tie you to a car and dump you in the Humbolt. Get it?" I ordered.

"I'll never tell you anything!" HE yelled. CRACK. "Please no! I have a family." CRACK. "F*CKING DIRTY GANGBANGERS!" CRACK CRACK CRACK.

"Second hand. Better tell us." I said laughing.

"Never." Crack. "Okay I'll tell you!" HE screamed.

"Good boy."


"The shipment is coming in by a speed boat. It will be holding 20 grams of cocaine and a total of 5 million dollars worth of diamonds." The Triad fessed up.

"Break his legs and dump him in the Humbolt." I said solemnly.

"Wait, I told you what you want." The Triad cried.

"Yes, but we don't you to tell your boss now do we." I told him.


He screamed as we chucked him down the side of the bridge. A large clap was heard at the bottom. We hopped back in and zoomed off.


2 days later.


We sat in a Futo on the waters edge. I looked at my watch, It was 11:58. The shipment was coming in 2 minutes. I had no plan in what I was going to do. All I knew is that I was going to take the car over a jump and land on the boat. From then on it's plan B. But what was plan B. Oh man, the boat came flying around the corner.


I braced myself and timed it right. Zooming over the set up jump, I yelled. "Holy SHH****TTT!" The car landed on the middle boat of the escort crushing the driver and defender. I hailed bullets down on the other escort boat and jumped onto the back on the main boat. Woah, there was a hell of alot of Cocaine in here. I shot the two men and drove the boat to the lockup.


I was lighting up a smoke and was puffing on it. I wasn't a smoker, but I was hyped up as sh*t. I heard a buzzing sound over the boats engine. I turned around and saw a squad of attack boats. Both were equipped with rockets and machine guns on the back. Going full speed they caught up easily. I pulled out my Uzi and tried blasting them But they just shot it out of my hand.


I took out my crappy Glock. I had never used it before, but now was the time. Ducking down I blind fired at the driver of one boat, it crashing into another both exploding. The water from the other boat splashed up all over my face and in the boat. I went to shoot again but the gun jammed. I opened it and a whole lot of water came out of the magazine.


I hesitated and jumped over to the back of the other boat, slicing one of the Triads necks with my knife. The other one started shooting and got me in the arm. I grabbed him around the neck and twisted it around. Crack. I jumped back over to my boat which was on cruise control and turned it around to get to the lockup.


When I got there Tyra ran up and kissed me. I kissed her back not knowing why she did it. I took her back to my place and we watched a rental.


"Why did you get caught up i this gang stuff Colt?" She asked while we were watching a movie and eating.

"I got sick of being pushed around. Now it's my time to be in the spotlight, not as a target, but as a well known gang member."

I told her.


I moved over to her and kissed her lightly on the lips, and I led her into the bedroom. As I was going in my phone rang. I flipped it open. "Hello?" I said

"Phase three begins tomorrow. Its Endgame." The man on the other side said.

I laughed. "Thanks, blues. See you in the morning."

We walking into the room and had a good night. I think it was the start of a good realtionship. IF you know what I mean...



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Cool the Lost And Damned weapon have been added! Cant wait for The Lost MC to be created.



MrPain I can't wait until your next chapter icon14.gif

And why would that be?



Oh I have changed my usual EPISODES into just Chapters




I would like to buy the sawn-off shotgun and the grenade launcher



Chapter 39: When you have Enemies, you also have Friends



Lil Smoke, Drift, SloMo, Ruffer and me got out of the building with the victory over the Torres Cartel. We walked over to Andriano's body and saw him in a pool of blood. Andriano's cap and sunglasses fell off him while he was falling to his death. I checked Andriano's body and to my surprised, it was just a lookalike!


Three gangs then surrounded us. It were the Torres Cartel, the North Holland Hustlers and then I did not know why, the Angels of Death.


Andriano arrived for the Torres Cartel and said, "You think you can get rid of me that easily carbron? All of us hates you."


Dwayne Forge then stepped up for the NHH, "You boys wanna act like tough homies? Well you are really tough right now with three gangs on your ass."


Ken Will, the new president for the Angels of Death, came out and said, "I still remember back in the day where the M.O.B kill some of my brothers. Well right now I want to avenge my Angels. We three gangs have formed a connection called The Liberty Gangstas. The Liberty Gangstas are going to conquer the criminal underworld of Liberty City."


The Liberty Gangstas then loaded their guns and prepared to fire the M.O.B. It was only 5 of the M.O.B versus 3 gangs combined togerther. We were screwed. Everybody held fire and we heard the roars of chopper bikes engines. It was The Lost MC.


The Lost MC stopped in front of the M.O.B there and Johnny Klebitz got off his bike. I knew Johnny well as I worked with him before. Johnny said to me, "Liberty Gangstas? Haha like they were ever gangstas."


I laughed at that and said, "You here to helped us out?"


"Of course The Lost will help out the M.O.B."



Johnny then told The Liberty Gangstas, "Alright all you f*ckers, The Lost MC and the M.O.B are good friends so if you mess with them you mess with us. Besides, I hate all of you."


The Lost MC then took out their shotguns and fired at The Liberty Gangstas. Johnny told my homies and me, "Get out of here, we will hold them off. We will meet at your Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts!"


I got into the Landstalker followed by my homies and sped off. We reached the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts and waited for The Lost MC.


The Lost MC arrived with their bikes and a van. Johnny said, "Hey we got presents! Yo Terry opened it up!"


One of the bikers called Terry opened up the back of the van and I was happy. Inside the van was sawn-off shotguns and grenade launchers!


The Lost MC would supplied us with sawn-off shotguns and grenade launchers now.


I talked to Johnny, "So we an alliance now?"


"Of course Pack. Shall we called the M.O.B and The Lost MC The Liberty Takeovers?"


"Sure Johnny. Great to work with you."


Few moments later, some Angels of Death came and disrupted our enjoyment. The Angels of Death managed to kill one from The Lost MC and one from the M.O.B.


Johnny and The Lost MC got on their chopper bikes while M.O.B and me got on our Sanchezs. We were on the Angels of Death asses at high speeds.


I took out my sawn-off shotgun and kept shooting at them. Johnny got near one of them and swing his baseball bat at him. The Angels of Death tried to take a shortcut through an alleyway but it was a dead end.


I got off my Sanchez and shot my grenade launcher at the Angels of Death. It was a beautiful display of fireworks.


I thanked Johnny and The Lost MC for the presents.


Johnny said, "No problem, we are going to take down this so called Liberty Gangstas together alright?"


"We will Johnny. We are now the Liberty Takeovers right?"



The Torres Cartel, the North Holland Hustlers and the Angels of Death were The Liberty Gangstas while the M.O.B and the Lost MC are The Liberty Takeovers.


If everything falls apart, who knows what hell is going to come.

Edited by mrpain

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Lethal Nizzle





  • The crisp but cold Liberty City air lashed against me as I stepped into the open, leaving the warmth of the port-cabin behind. I made haste to light up a clove cigarette, a favourite of mine which I had consumed ever since my youth. It took a second light before it lit, and the spicy aroma and taste greeted my senses. I let a smile spread across my pursed lips as some of the bitter smoke escaped from my mouth and twisted into the sky. For some odd reason, it felt good to be unemployed again.


The port-cabin door swung open and I turned to see my rather rotund boss charge out, his fluorescent orange waistcoat, looking as if it had been designed to fit a toddler, stretched across his red chequered shirt. His round face was a slight shade of purple, and his fat fists were curled in an act of anger.


I could hear my name at the end of each sentence, before my name came a torrent of cuss words in both my boss' Spanish native tongue and universally used swear words. I didn't stop however, but if this was a different scenario I would be sure to retort, but in this case I just wanted to leave.


The dockyard had been my home from home for at least half the time I had been in Liberty City. I had came across from Eastern Europe, or more specifically, Russia, to escape the nationwide battle with their American rivals from across the pond. Ever since then I had worked as a forklift driver around the dockyards in BOABO, earning enough pay to keep me well fed and kept, yet too little to get me any further than the dirty docks.


Then a business proposition came up; one that would change my life in more ways than one, and would completely overhaul my status in Liberty City.


I didn't want to hang around the dockyard for much longer, and quickly found my parked Ruiner. I could still hear my boss whining on about how I, one lone forklift driver, could've brought down the whole operation there at BOABO. It was obvious that this man wasn't the best at English, or just mixed up the words. Either way I didn't want to ponder over this and quickly started up the car, easing the battered, second-hand car into ignition.


“I swear to God Ryanov, if you start drivin' away!” My boss was becoming increasingly agitated, and was now standing still, arms hanging limply at both sides. I gave a heartily wave before driving off, hearing the words “pendejo” repeated constantly.


Suddenly, interrupting my small laughing fit, my phone began to rang. Instantly my attention was snapped from the scene of my now ex-boss kicking out at a wall to my compact mobile. I looked at the screen to see that the number was withheld – nonetheless I brought the phone up to my ear.


“Hello, Alexei speaking.”


“Ah Alexei! Nice to see you've kept your old phone, eh? It's Petrovic” The familiar sounding voice stated his name, and a wry smile across my lips.


“Lenny, it is good to hear from you. How have you been.. it's been a while since I we last spoke, eh?”


“Me?” Lenny gave light laugh before returning to the subject. “I've been better, but I'm not bad at all. And you? How is the dock job?”


“No longer of my possession, I just quit.” I took a longer drag from my cigarette, rolling down the window as I did to let some fresh air into the car. I wasn't a fan of having a 'hot box' in the car.


“Ah, I see. That's actually good.. very good in fact.” There was a brief pause as the line went silent. “We need you back Alexei.”


I myself went silent for a few minutes, letting what had just been said circulate my mind as I inhaled more of the toxic smoke. “I thought I told you Lenny, I didn't want to dirty my hands in your father's mob no more.”


“I know, I know; but business has been tight recently, and we need enforcers like you back on our side.”


“Why can't you get Korkachev, or Faustin to do it? I want to settle down and live my life as a, well, normal citizen.”


Lenny began to laugh again, and there was the sound of beer glasses hitting one another in the background. “Korkachev is dead, and Faustin is too fat and coked up to do sh*t.


“Please Alexei, we need you back in the Bratva. You're the guy that can get the Bratva back on track.”


I smiled and finished my clove, flicking the butt out of the window. I let out a prolonged sigh, closing my eyes and breathing the last of the Kretek smoke out of my system. I was the one that would get them back on track, eh? It sounded like the Petrovic Bratva had gone to sh*t, sounding by the use of words Lenny had used. If they needed me that bad, I myself needed to step up to the challenge.


“Lenny.. I will do it.”


“You will not regret it Alexei, trust me. Spasiba.”

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El Zilcho

Farewell Torres/Epilogue: Chapter 21


After everything we had been through, I was now the leader of the Torres Cartel. Carlos' death was tragic, but now the Cartel had gone from strength to strength, and we wee the biggest drug Cartel on the East Coast. No one messed with us and no one touched our assets and we had backing from the Five Families. The last problem we had was we had to kill a Federal Witness by the name of Che Che Hernandez. He was being transported by a federal convoy and we were to ambush it.


"Che Che is going to the court house in City Hall, we have to strike now while we still can." Paulie Donut loaded his M4 and we started to follow the prisoner transport van in a convoy of 3 cars, 2 PMP's and a Cavalcade. Once were were behind the convoy, we attacked. Bullets went everywhere but we kept close and blew up a patrol car. Two more plice cars attacked, but I kept close and rammed one of them off the road and into the Posieden Statue.


One of our PMPs stalled, the passengers dead from the flurry of bullets coming from the transport van. The cavalcade I drove smashed another car and Paulie Donut shot the driver; it flipped over and burst into flames. Finally it was just us and the van. I smashed the side but had to duck down to avoid the N.O.O.S.E guns shooting at our car. Jimmy Brasi took a shot to the face and slumped, yet another casualty. I cursed and rammed the van again, and this time one of our attackers fell and was crushed by our wheels.


I took the steering wheel and swung it left and right, and finally smashed the back of the van, caused it to spin out and land on it's side. We stopped the car and killed all the N.O.O.S.E, leaving only Che Che on the ground. He shouted to us that we'd never last. I took my shotty and blasted his brains all over the side of the van, and we made good on our escape, leaving the old memories of when Che Che was a good friend behind.




"So what you gonna do now?" Paulie asked.


"I'm gonna move to Vice City, and start expanding our business down their. it's time I took a break anyway. This city does strange stuff to you, makes you crazy, makes you thristy for revenge. It kills you inside. But I'll keep in touch, your friendship has meant a lot to me. Stay safe." I said, tired.


"Will do Adriano."


The next day, I took my bags, money and items with me. I bought a ticket to Vice City in first class, and never looked back. My mind was now ahead, always. I had the business ahead to take care of, and the past of killing friends and losing the people you love would be forever history.


First off, I hope everyone enjoyed the Torres Cartel stories I wrote. I certainly enjoyed writing them but now I'm moving onto writing in The Gambetti family so I guess this is a farewell.


Secondly, mrpain I told you not to use Adriano in your stories anymore. Leave him out because I said I didn't want to collaborate anymore. I am revoking your permission to use him mmkay? Anyways, thanks for reading everyone. Gambetti stories soon to follow...

Edited by El Zilcho

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could I buy assult rifles?


Family Problems part 1 of 2


Koreans, midget communist bastards is all they are. They don’t care about family, or property they just want revenge, against us. I think I might have really f*cked up to tell the truth. I forgot how evil those Koreans can really be.


I parked the brown sentinel in the mansion drive-way and walked inside. Jason seemed to be in a panic, holding a note and waving his arms around, as he paced back and forth. “Peg, are you alright man?”

“Look d*mmit look what they put on my doorstep!” he walked over and handed me the note. “You filthy Italians, you burnt my store, so now I’m going to f*cking kill your sister! Have a nice day Pegorino-“I stopped and looked at Jason. He shook his head and ran outside; I could feel the anger rising in his Italian loafers. I quickly ran after him, hoping he wasn’t going to do something very stupid. “D*mmit don’t try and stop me Joey, I’m going to gut that piece of sh*t with his own knife-“

“Alright man but listen, if you just run over there you’re a dead man. Ok, let’s call up some guys and head to the armory, then we’ll show these pricks never to mess with the Pegorino’s”


Me, Jason and 12 other Mafioso walked into the Armory. Our personal stash of whatever we needed, located on the Alderrney waterfront. When I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. There were weapons, cars, and if we needed either prostitutes or drug dealers were right around the dirty old corner. We loaded up our suits with pistol and m16 ammo, then loaded the assault rifles and colts. Then we loaded up in 4 sentinels and as a barricade, drove off. The smell of hooker spit was slowly starting to fade as we passed the Algonquin Bridge, and as the moon waned into the horizon. “So I thought those Korean’s stayed in Alderrney?”

“Yeah, but there making a deal with the feds right now, something about money for gang locations and sh*t like that,”

“F*cking snitch’s you know? Well maybe we can cut them off before they’re done?”

“Yeah, if you want the D.E.A on out *ss retard,”

“Whatever, alright hey Joey and Jason where are we headed?”

Jason turned and told Cerci “ this alleyway in broker”…


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El Zilcho


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Chapter 40: Liberty City Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us



Ruffer and me were told by Johnny to meet him and one of his bikers, Clay Simmons, at their newly rebuilt clubhouse. We took my Sabre GT and drove to the clubhouse. We reached there and saw Johnny and Clay standing near their bikes.


I asked Johnny, "So what seems to be the problem?"


Johnny answered, "We don't have a problem but we are going to cause a problem with the North Holland Hustlers."


"What are we going to do with them?"


"Their 2nd in command, Jazy, is hanging out with his Hustlers in North Holland. I suggest we kill them to gain an upper hand over The Liberty Gangstas."


"Do you have a plan then Johnny?"


"A plan? sh*t I forgot about that. Tell you what, we find Jazy and his boys then we think of a plan."


We got to North Holland and saw Jazy hanging out with some NHH guys. There was about 15 guys hanging out with Jazy and I was sure they had guns. Patriots vehicles were just beside them so it must be theirs. Clay told me, "Just to let you know, we have pipebombs." That gave me an idea.


I told Ruffer, Johnny and Clay, "Here's the plan, Johnny and Clay will get on your bikes and speed past by their Patriots. You two must throw your pipebombs at the Patriots so they can't flee. Ruffer and me will clean up the rest of the guys."


Johnny and Clay got on their bikes and drive-by at some NHH guys. They then threw pipebombs at the Patriots and blowing all of them up. Jazy tried to run but he had nowhere to go. Some of the NHH guys were killed during the explosions and there were about 6 of them left including Jazy.


I took out my AK-47 while Ruffer took out his new grenade launcher. I fired at one of the NHH and another in the head. Ruffer killed 3 of them with a single shot of the grenade launcher. Jazy was making a run for it.


I gave chase to Jazy and eventually pinned him down.

Jazy begged, "Don't kill me please! I will do anything you want!"


I chuckled at that, "Anything huh?"


Jazy begged once more, "Yes anything you want."


"I want you to die." I then shot Jazy in the head.


I got a call from SloMo, "Pack! Andriano is out of the Torres Cartel and moving to Vice City!"


"sh*t SloMo, has he left yet?"


"Well he did but the Torres Cartel are still after us."


"Damn it. So much for killing Andriano."


I was pissed I did not get to kill Andriano as he caused a lot of trouble to the M.O.B. Oh well you can't always get what you want.


SloMo continued on the phone, "Also, a biker from the Angels of Death is going to Vice City too for a major drug deal. That biker is called Drake. His flight leaves in an hour time. Better hurry up."


Ruffer and me quickly got into my Sabre GT and drove to the airport. We made it in time with half an hour left until the flight takes off.

Ruffer asked, "How are we going to take him out when he is in the plane?"


"Easy, we crash through the plane runway and shoot the wheels of the plane. It should stopped the plane or at least destroy it."


I sped through the airport runway and saw the plane Drake was in. The minute I got onto the runway, cops were already swarming in on my ass. I asked Ruffer to shoot his grenade launcher at the cops while I tried to reach the plane. The plane was already moving to take off. I got near the wheels and Ruffer shot his grenade launcher at it. The wheels burst, but the plane was still moving. Ruffer asked, "What now?"


"Explode the engines! We are going to take down the whole plane!"


I got beside the engine and Ruffer shot 4 times at it causing it to explode. The whole plane was already up in the air when the engine exploded. The plane then crashed onto the ground and then was dragged into the sea because of the impact. Ruffer and me immediately left the scene.


We got to SloMo's apartment and SloMo said, "Holy sh*t guys. The plane that Drake was in was completely destroyed! The news said it was terrorists who did it!"


Ruffer laughed, "Terrorists? Wow the M.O.B has really done it this time."


SloMo then was puzzled, "You guys took out a whole plane and killing most of the people inside? sh*t I wish I was there."


I patted SloMo on the back and told him, "You will get your shot at it one day my homie."


I then went to Al Dente's, a Gambettis owned restaurant, to meet Jon Gravelli Jr. I met him there and he gave me a hug, "It's been a long time since I've seen you my boy!"


"A long time indeed."


"So I heard the M.O.B and The Lost MC are The Liberty Takeovers? Then the Torres Cartel, NHH and the Angels of Death are The Liberty Gangstas? Wow this is like The Commission."


"Yeah it is. So do you need help with anything?"


"Thank god you said that, I need help for you getting my heroin back. A guy from the Torres Cartel stole a truck of heroin from one of my guys. Here is a picture of the truck. It's possibly at Chase Point."


Jon Gravelli Jr handed me a picture of the truck. I was looking forward to this as it involves me killing some of the Torres Cartel guys. I took a taxi to Chase Point and look around for the truck. I found the truck and told my taxi driver to stop in front of it. I got out of the taxi and examined the truck. I saw a guy smoking in the truck and I asked him, "Heroin in here?"


That guy replied, "f*ck off. This is for the Torres Cartel."


"Well you are wrong. This belongs to the Gambettis so you are the on who suppose to f*ck off." I then took out my sawn-off shotgun and blasted his brain out. I threw him out of the truck and took over the wheel. There was blood all over my ass as the blood from the guy I just killed spilled all over the chair. I had an uncomfortable time driving.


As I was driving, I noticed 3 cars were following me. I got out of the truck with the sawn-off shotgun behind my back and the 3 cars stopped. Torres Cartel guys came out of the cars with their guns. I got into cover and shot my sawn-off shotgun at them. I killed most of them and the rest was still shooting at me. I threw a molotov at one of their cars and that car exploded into a flaming ball of death. The explosion impact killed the rest and I drove to Al Dente's with the truck away smoothly.


I got the truck to Jon Gravelli Jr and he said, "Great job. Now I'm throwing you a bone to fetch."


"What's the bone?"


"Dwayne Forge. I got his location. He's at North Holland on this address." Jon Gravelli Jr then handed me a piece of paper indicating where Dwayne Forge lives.


"Thanks Jon."



This was going to be a big thing as Dwayne Forge was the leader of the North Holland Hustlers.

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El Zilcho

The Gambetti Family


Strictly Family Business: Chapter 1


"Frankie, Frankie get over here!" Gino D'Arcangelo called me over to the table, where a pizza was freshly made. I sat down and admired the warm atmosphere of our beautiful bakery,Pane Celeste. Many wiseguys - good friends of mine - were all eating and talking. Generally having as great time. It just so happened to be Gino's nephew's First Communion, and everybody was here. All the wiseguys from our family; the Gambettis. Not to mention some guys from the Messinas, Lupisellas, Pavanos and even a few from the Pegorino's. Everybody was here to honour one little child. He probably had no idea who two thirds of these guys were. But it was the thoughts that counted.


"No listen Frankie. Your a good kid, and we appreciate what you did for us. I know you've been working with a lot of different people. Those Torres Cartel people, you done some work for the Pegorinos and such. We know that, and I'm glad to say you've done a lot for the family. And you know, I talked to Sonny about, you know. You being made. And he says if you keep it up, he'd be happy to do the ceremony." Gino was smiling and patting my back.


"Well, thanks a lot Gino. It really means a lot to me." I couldn't have been happier; by the looks of things, I was being made! It was amazing, for the past year I had done work with just about every friendly gang in Liberty, and this was my reward. I was really going up in the world. I shook Gino's hand and I got up. Then Paulie Accardo beconded me over.


"Frankie Gargano! What a guy!" It was an understatment to say he as drunk, he was over the moon. I tried to walk off but he noisily pulled me back. "Frankie! We're gonna rob that place again, remember? The truck depo-" I clasped his mouth shut.


"What the f*ck you doing? Shut up, stop annoucing business like a bloody loud speaker." He fell back, and continued to drink his beer, looking back at me occasionly with a dirty look. I laughed at his drunken stupor and went over to Al "The Fish" Piscano. He brought me down and whispered into my ear.


"Some dumb f*ck is shouting stuff outside the bakery. Two of our guests have left already. He's being a prick, could you get rid o' him Frankie? Go on," he slipped me a $50 and patted my back, nuding me towards the door to take care of our unwanted guest. I looked back, gave the thumbs up and he nodded, then went back to his guests. I pushed the door opened and was greeted by a flying bottle of Piswasser.


I ducked and it smashed on the front of the bakery. I looked left and there was the source; Bobby Fitzgerald. He was throwing stuff at the bakery and shouting profanities.


"Hey, you guido pricks! Go back to f*cking Italy, you mafioso bastards!" He threw another bottle, and I narrowily avoided meeting it face first. I walked over to him at a quick pace.


"What the hell you think your doing? That's Angelo D'Arcangelo's Communion party. Don't you have any respect, said with a look of disgust on my face. "He's only 12." I pushed Bobby away, towards the dark alleyway.


"Get your hands offa me! You think you rule this city don't ya? You don't. I work hard my whole life so some fat wop pricks like you can rob me for every stinking cent. I don't think so. I'm gonna give you the hangover of a lifeftime! I'll gut you like a fish!" Bobby lunged forward with a small pcket knife, aiming for my heart. I wrestled with him, tripping him into the alley. He got up and attacked again, but I knocked the knife away.


"Clear off!" I shouted, my last attempt to avoid bloodshed. He wholeheartidly ignored me and jumped ahead, slicing and stabbing at me with the knife. I kicked him back and did what I was hoping not to have to do; I drew my pistol and shot him in the foot. He screamed out as crimson blood trickled through his trainers. He shouted in rage and jumped up again. I blasted his brains across the alleyway wall. I angrily kicked his body once, then twice. He groaned; still alive.


A moment later, the rest of his head met the wall. I holstered the gun, grabbed his legs and dragged him away. Opening the trash skip, I flipped him up and over, he fell into the moist garbage. I shut the lid, dusted off my hands and went back to the bakery, re-joining the party. Piscano nodded, and smiled. He was pleased with my work.

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Sorry for the lack of activity.

Id like to buy an assault rifle.



user posted image

Chapter eight

Lucky winkles was buzzing, it was a packed house, the jukebox played the usual tracks from Flogging molly, The screw city saints, Fiddlers green and The Mahones. You couldn't hear a thing with the heavy, fast paced celtic punk that drowned Lucky winkles. Beer and ale stained the floor as drunken mobsters jumped up and down to the music. Packie was getting up close to some college girls, Gerry and Gordon were having a game of darts, it seemed that Gordon was winning. Over by the door was Aid, he was drinking a large whiskey like it was Sprunk.

"Hey, Pack, we got business down in Schottler" I shouted, trying to drown out the music

"Ah, you go without me, cant you see Im busy here" Packie said, whilst smiling at the girls "Isn't that right ladies"

"Whatever, Aid, get over here, we got business, go home and get strapped, I'll meet you in ten minuites"

I was the only sober one in the pub, so I had to take the liberty of driving.

After rummaging through the boot of my new Hakumai, I got myself my old uzi and 9mm, I decided to leave my shotgun behind.

The sound of the horn was enough to let Aid know I was ready, he shortly followed and got in the passenger seat. As he opened the door, the bitter cold air hit me in the face, I zipped up my coat and took a sip from my hip flask.


"So, whats happening Brandon man?" Aid asked with a slightly glazed look in his eyes

"Uh, we just got a good coke deal with some of those Hillside posse guys, they seem pretty legit" I interpreted.

"Ah, well, lets get out of this dump" he slurred

There was something wrong with him and I couldn't quite get it, maybe he had a little too much to drink.


I pulled up outside of the Bean machine coffee shop and equipped my 9mm pistol. The jamaicans wanted to meet near the back alley gun shop. I leaned against the wall as I waited for the foglights of the voodoo to brighten in the alleyway. It was about 7.30pm, we had been waiting by the Bean machine for around 10 minuites. Aid was nervously texting on his cell phone, he seemed secretive and tense when I asked him who it was.


"Yo, were ova ere me breda" whispered a Jamaican posse member from the alleyway.

I jogged over, Aid followed anxiously.

"Hey, you got the drugs? I asked hastily

"Yeah breda, right here in the trunk" the mysterious man said.

He was accompanied by two other men who were sat in the back of the car, they were both wearing purple suits and smoking a blunt.

The Jamaican liften out a small package of cocaine and threw it to me like a rugby ball.

"looks good to me, heres the money" I handed him the bag of money and waited as he counted.


A Cognoscetti pulled up near the entrance of the alleyway, Aid rushed to the back as the windows rolled down.

"What the f*ck, where are you going Aid?" I shouted

Before I was able to apprehend to the situation a surfeit of SMG bullets bejewled the Voodoo and catching the two intoxicated gangsters inside.

I quickly dove for cover behind the Voodoo as the Jamaican fired back with a pistol causing no damage whatsoever to the assailants.

After a brief gunfight the men inside the car riddled the Jamaican full of bullets. I popped up from behind and fired a handful of bullets with my 9mm.

The voodoo smoked heavily, so I dove behind a small brick wall.

As I was busy trying to fight off the men I was hit from behind with a Liberty city swingers baseball bat.

I was,by this stage, disconcerted to say the least, al l I could see was the time when me, Aid and the gang were hijacked by the Ancellottis and the times we drank together, I was hoping this whole ordeal was just a cruel nightmare. Aid was just a kid, 23 I believe, it was obvious that it was the Ancellottis behind this.


I opened my eyes, an argent of light blinded me causing me to blink, I could feel the back of my head throbbing rapidly, to the left of me was Packie who was watching over me.

"Hes awake..Nurse, hes f*cking awake!!" He jumped around shouting gleefully. "I knew you'd come through man!"

I was completely anonymous to what was going on, I shifted my stiff neck to the right where a noticeboard read "Schottler hospital" with lots of notes attatched to it with pins.


"Aid..that motherf*cker..he betrayed us..he betrayed me" I said uncomfortably under my breath.

The nurse came in and Packie sat down gritting his teeth.

"dammit, I knew that kid was too good to be true!" He said in sheer animosity.

He stood up and circled the room

"We will get him, and those motherf*ckers, the Ancellottis, this is the last straw!"

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El Zilcho

The Gambetti Family


Robbing the Depot: Chapter 2


Me and some of the Accardo Crew were going to rob a truck that was travelling through Alderney. The crew consisted of Paulie Accardo, Phil Marino, Anthony 'Ant' Lombardo and Angelino DeMio. We were all in an old and smelly Primo, which rattled and the engine shot continusly. But we held the rustbucket together and we managed to catch up to the truck, carrying a large shipment of expensive designer clothes, shoes, suits, shirts, trousers, track suits, trainers. All sorts, excellent for personal use and for sale. And for the fun of the robbery itself.


"Alrighty boys, let's do this well." As the truck exited the depot, our old rickety Primo rumbled forward. We made sure Alfonso 'Fonz' De Luca stopped anyone from calling the cops. The Primo blocked the path of the truck, and while Angelino waited in the driver seat, we all ran forward and with balaclavas on, we carjacked the Benson truck. Pulling the two Hispanic drivers out, we threw them to the ground and I hit both with baselball bats.


"Don't f*cking move, no one!" I smashed one on the head, and knocked him out cold. The other made a break for it, but Phil grounded him with a smack to the stomach. He fell down, coughing and passing out. My guys opened the back of the truck, displaying Perseus suits and various thousand dollar two piece suits. I sifted through them and found some good looking pairs. But we had to hurry, the guard shift occupied by Fonz was about to change, and the guards would find the two stunned drivers. I closed the doors, and Paulie gave the signal for Angelino to leave in the Primo, I took the wheel of the Benson and we set off, the boys in the back and me and Paulie in the front.


By the time we left Alderney, Paulie started talking to me.


"You know Frankie, your definetly gonna get made now. And you've got the suits for the occasion!" He laughed coarsily and I smiled, when a Capo says such a thing, then you know your gonna make it. I was glad; and honoured to become a part of the Accardo crew. Ever since my Dad became a Capo of his own crew. It was a shame though, that he was in prison at the time. I couldn't wait until he was released, it was only a few weeks time. He would be so proud, his son being made.


"First, Frankie. You gotta 'make your bones'. You gotta do a contract killing. Now when you popped Bobby Fitzgerald, that didn't count. You've gotta do a paid killing, then you'll get made. I've got just the guy; but let's not discuss that now. You've got some driving to do!" Paulie laughed again.Soon enough we had the truck in a lockup in Bohan, were we intended to sell them off. We had to pay off the Pavanos as the robbery took place on their turf; but the profits were more than enough. Of course, I kept more than a few sharp pieces for my own, I had to look good for my making.


Once you get made, no one messes with you unless your in a gang war. So I couldn't wait. Of course, that didn't stop entities outside of the Mafia going after me and escapnig harm by killing me in cognito. But it was a risk I was willing to take, I was in the criminal business. You can't help those risks in this business, and I was ready for taking on the families responsiblities and troubles. My excitement was really building, I was really looking forward to being in 'this thing of ours'. This Cosa Nostra.

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I've never, ever seen any sort of Itallian mobsters in Broker, and where is the gravelli mansion? I must know ¬_¬

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El Zilcho

The Gambetti Family


Making my Bones...: Chapter 3


I laid on my simple musty matress and counted the money made from the truck robbery. It was a tidy sum and I was pleased with our job; then just as I finished and put the wad of $700 down next to my bed, the phone rang. I slowly rose up and picked the phone from the desk next to the matress, it was Al Piscano. I answered.


"Hey Al, what's up? Julie giving you trouble?" I asked, a smirk on my face. For one of the most powerful Capos in the city, Al sure let his wife push him around.


"Nah, it's not that bitch. It's your making, we're gonna make you a made man and your gonna work in the Accardo Crew. But first, we need someone whacked. His name is Jim Santoro. He works in the Backdoor Gambling rooms at Hove Beach Hardware store. He likes to leak info about us to the Ancelotti's, and the Ancelotti's don't like him anymore either. He's considering becomnig an informant, specifically about our white collar fraud network. Take him out." Al was deadly serious, and for a request like this to be so sudden; I was surprised.


"I'll do it." I hung up, grabbed my car keys and my 9MM on the coffee table. Exiting the flop house, I started up the old Willard, I needed a new car. The cold engine came to life and I drove to the Denver Hardware Store. When I arrived the twilight was setting in and Jim left the backroom poker room. He locked up and walkd down the street, probably arrogant enough to believe he was safe from any retribution for his actions. He was probably thinking where the witness protection program was going to hide him after he testified. I parked the Willard and exited.


Tailing him down the street, I followed him until he caught a Cheetach Bus. I bought a ticket too and sat four seats behind him, when he got off I tailed him until he went to his tenement. As he entered, I followed thirty seconds later and waited for him to fumble with his keys, finally finding the right one and wlking in, but he didn't lock the door just yet. I walked in and he went to the toilet to piss. I clicked the cartridge of my 9MM and hid behind the sofa. He came out from the toilet and wat on the couch, switching on the TV and watching Weazel News. He watched for a while, and switched the channel. Finally I made my move.


Standing up from behind his sofa, I fired four shots into his back. He fell forward gurgling blood and coughing. He rolled over to get a look at his attacker, and saw me standing there, aiming at him. He choked and said,


"F*ck you. Arg, hurg. I knew I should've have put the wire on earlier. I should have put scumbags like you away." He coughed again, and before he could continue cursing I angrily put another shot into his chest. As his eyes started to cloud over, I put three more shots into his head. Satisfied that he was departed, I walked away, leaving the rats apartment. I walked outside and hailed a cab that took me back to my house. As soon as I was inside, I called Al back.


"Al, it's done. When's the ceremony taking place?" I asked.


"Nice work. It'll be at the Opium Nights Luxury Suite. Be there at 6 PM, Friday. Your gonna be a one of us, Frankie!" He sounded happy, he took me under his wing ever since he lost his own son to the cops; I was more than happy to keep my friend happy. I couldn't wait, not only would I be made by Friday, but I'd finally meet Sonny Botino, the Don of our family...

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