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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang IV

Recommended Posts

Build Up Your Gang

El Zilcho: I'm sorry that I forgot to rate chapter 9 last time.

Chapter 9 = $38; good but short chapter, like always.

Chapter 10 = $37.

Chapter 11 = $41; I'm glad you finally decided to write a long chapter. The story was good too.

Chapter 12 = $40.

Chapter 13 = $32; Too short again.



Chapter 35 = $41; One of your regular chapters, it was good.

Chapter 36 = $43; This one was even better.


Pr0xy: No need to tell El Zilcho to calm down, it's good with activity. And about the drugs, the money you got last time is money you get.


Colt M14: I hear you, hope we see another chapter from you soon.


greenhound: You've been added. Hope we see a story from you soon. The gang list is already updated, it's Pr0xy's sig that isn't.


Rated by Rucke






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The gang list is already updated, it's Pr0xy's sig that isn't.


No, The AoD is the gang im in, not in BUYG but in the actual Multiplayer gangs section.

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El Zilcho

Return the Favour: Chapter 14



Kaz walked into our apartment, he was smoking some weed. I waved the smoke away from my face and he started talking business.


"So yeah man, Pack gone and told Jon Gravelli Jr, you know the coke addict, about your plan. So now Gambetti's are paying money for you alive. Thing is, our contract still stands. So anyone bringing Pack in alive gets the $5,000,000. And M.O.B is still getting hunted. Pack's famous, people know him. But you Adriano, no one got any idea who you are. So they ain't gonna get you yet." Kaz was pacing back and forth, slowing with every drag of the spliff he took.


"Ok, I heard they got Gio and Old Man Ancelotti. They killed the old man like he was som kind of dog, one day, I'll return the favour. I gonna smoke those bitches, I'll burn 'em good. But this bad blood can't last forever. Sooner or later, one of us is gonna lose. M.O.B or Cartel. They've got Gambetti and possibly Pegorino backing. But the other families want M.O.B out, ever since that meeting. So I don't know, I'm going after the M.O.B." I loaded the gun, and told Kaz to walk with me.


"So Kaz, anyone got any suspicions about you being the mole?" I asked.


"Nah man, they think it's this guy called SloMo. He's real suspicous and people been asking questions. So meanwhile, I've planted the explosives at Big Bad Al's,and the detonator is in the Pavano car, and there's gonna be about 25 M.O.B's there. Loads of their gangs members, you can really weaken 'em here. I think Pack and Ruffer comin' too, I ain't so sure though. I'm gonna keep my head down, stay under da radar, get me."


"Yes, I understand. I'll be waiting with some Pavano's across the street from Al's in an alley, when the bomb blows, we'll mop up any survivors." I said, and walked out to great the 8 or so men waiting in Mafia PMPs. We drove into Broker and waited for the M.O.B members to arrive. They all went inside, numbering about 30. Thumping music eminated from the building. I waited in the car, and took out the detonator. I retracted the antenna, and twisted a small switch which primed the explosives.


"Alright boys, get ready. It's gonna be load!" I flicked the safety and pressed the red button, a huge ball of fire exploded. The three floors of Big Bad Al's collapsed and flames and debris fell everywhere. About 3 or 4 M.O.Bs stumbled out, on firing and missing limbs, a grim sight to behold. They fell to the ground, carbonsied and dead in a few seconds. 2 cars in the street were sent flying and about then I saw it, a black Landstaker with Pack, Ruffer, Lil' Smoke and some other guys arrived just in time to see the whole building explode, Pack quickly and skillfully J Turned and drove away. I sped away after them, and the four guys in the car were firing sawn-offs and Uzis at the Landstalker.


Our three PMPs were weaving in and out against on coming taffic, the M.O.Bs were doing the same. They dropped Molotovs but I doged the every time, I heard one M.O.Ber shout "Burn in Hell Adriano!" He threw a grenade which bonced up and rolled off our car, blowing up the second Pavano PMp behind us. We stuck close and Fat Louie blasted the back of the Landstalker and brought them skidding, but Pack kept the car on the road, narrowly avoiding a head on meeting with a bus. I rammed the back of the car and another car showed up, it had Doc Juarez, Paulo and Alonso in it.


I jestured out the window to them and they moved up, spraying the Landstalker with fire, and we came out of the highway and onto Algonquin, shotting through Star Junstion. Another M.O.B member was covered in bullets, leacing only Jyler, Pack, Ruffer and Lil Smoke. We stuck close, and again I smashed the back, and Jyler climbed out of the sunroof weilding an AK, he sprayed the other car and killed Paulo and Alonso! Doc Juarez was badly injured and with the driver dead, they crashed behind us. I had enough, I stamped on the gas and shot forward, hitting the Lanstalker again and Jyler fell onto the wind shield, and shot the glass apart.


I kicked him in the face while Fat Louie took the wheel, I climbed out of the sunroof and was smashed in the face 3 times with his fists. Dazed, I withdrew and then quickly bounced back, grabbing his neck and giving him a strong headbutt. He fell back, blood on his face, and fired his 9mm thre times into my arm and chest. The pain shot right through me and rage at him killing my friends sent me pushing him down, over the end of the car. He screamed, almost like a warriors last call, and fell under the wheels of the PMP, his head crushed. He rolled under an oncoming bus too, dying.


Fat Louie moved and I gracefully stuck close to the Landstalker. We found ourselves in Alderney, swerving high above on the Plumbers Skyway, the Lanstalker now smoking. I hit it again, and Fat Louie let 30 rounds fire into the Landstalker, and now I saw Lil Smoke lay back. He was either dead or passed out. I think we hit Pack again because the steering became jagged, and erratic. Then, we both did something stupid; we drove right off the skyway and land hard at 50MPH into the concrete of Acter below. Both cars were catching fire, and other were flipped upside down. Fat Louie was dead, so were the rest of the Pavanos. I got up and ran after them, but the explosion of the PMP sent me flying into some barrels, my nose broken and bleeding.


As I regained my composure, through blurring eyes I saw Ruffer and Pack desperately pulling Lil Smoke out of the flaming wreck.


"Having a nice time, El hijo de una ramera!" I furiosuly fired 4 rounds into Ruffer, who fell back heavily injured. Two more hit Pack, who fell back. I reloaded and fired back, moving in for the kill. Just as I near the two fallen M.O.Bs, Lil Smoke stood up with a shotgun. He limped forward, pumped it and-

BOOM! The explosion blew him apart, and sent Me, Ruffer and Pack flying in opposite directions. I landed, my ears ringing from the blast. Pack ran at me with a metal bar, I jumped up and kicked him in the stomach and face, but he fought skillfully and brought the metal bar into my eye.


The pain was immense and he drew his gun, but not before I drew mine. I shot him twice, and he fell behind the wreckage of the Landstalker. I heard him calling Ruffers name, and I walked over to him. He and Ruffer were bleeding badly, seriously injured. I put the gun to his head.


Click. Click. Click. No ammo.


I grabbed the bar and brought it down, but Pack grabbed it. Just when I brought it down again to crush his skull, another explosion from the petrol tank covered us in shrapnel, and sirens of police approached. None of us had any ammo, I dropped my gun and fell. Pack was dragging a bleeding and unconscious Ruffer away, I didn't have the energy to pursue. The cops were swarming around Pack and Ruffer, but they barely got away, but not before being scraped with a buller. I got up and limped away, narrowly avoiding the police who were sweeping the area.


As I fell down in the industrial estate, nursing my wounds, my phone rang.


"Carlos, what is it." I asked.


"It's Doc Juarez." Carlos was speaking in a cold, solemn way.


"What about him? Is he ok?" I said, my voice wavering.


"No, he's dead."

Edited by El Zilcho

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NOTE: This gang takes place in GTA IV: TLAD


Chapter 1: The Forgotten MC


I remember what it was like before The Forgotten. I remember all too well. It was a living hell. My name...well...what my brothers call me is Clock (Reference to Gamertag: ClockworkMishap). Right now, I'm the Vice President of my lil' slice of paradise, the Forgotten Motorcycle Club, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Before T.F.M.C, I had nothing. I was no one, and nothin' was comin' my way. It was me and my bro', Hand (Reference to gamertag: DisembodiedHand), how is now the President of our little club. We were born in Liberty City, Alderney...and we've lived there all our lives. We lived out on tha' streets, in some random alley we found one day. It was our usual, good fer' nothin' day. Me and him were were lookin' for some food to grab...or steal. We approached a hotdog stand and went about our usual routine, I would walk up and order two hotdogs, and two sodas. Then, Hand would come up and run into me making a scene, and while everyone was distracted he would snatch the two 'dogs and sodas and run off. But this mere little steal would change our lives forever.


Just as the stand owner had finished the hotdog, we witnessed something we had thousands of times before: Gang violence. But this time we were caught up in the middle of it. Down the road we heard the gentle purring of motorcycle engines, then...from the other side of the road we heard another group of roaring engines. Eventually the reached eachother and stopped, hopping off their bikes and confronting one another. Now, we've seen this tons of times before. Yelling, cursin', threats, disses, it was all the same. But during this encounter, I noticed something. Neither of the two groups were takin' anything from anyone. They lived free. But of course, the arguement turned into a gunfight. Shots popping off, people running frantically, sirens soaring through the air like an archastra, and of course the grim screams from those who were killed. My brother and I ran down the street and found a safe place to hide behind some poor deadbeat's garbage cans, and we watched from the distance.


A good ten minutes later, the fight ended. Myself and my brother started walking to where the fight ended as the last police car pulled away. It was someone's house. We heard someone shout "That traitor Brian's Safehouse!" So, we figured it was some guy named Brian's SafeHouse, whatever that was. We walked inside, the door creaked with age as we pushed it open. We looked around for a good while, noticing the various bullet holes, the dirty matress on the floor, the broken windows, the boardered front door, and taking in the over-all atmosphere. This place was abondened. I turned to Hand, with a sidden burst in inspirtation and hope, "Brother...this could be our new home. I know this is gonna' sound crazy, but hear me out. You saw those guys before. They didn't take nothin' from no one. I say..." I paused as I sat down in the couch, on the last remaining cousion that wasn't scattered across the floor, "I say...that we start our own Motorcylce Club. I'm tired of livin' on the streets man. This city has forgotten us and left us behind, its time we get some payback....whattya' say bro'?" Hand sat down next to me on the couch, even though it had no cousion and he simply shrugged, "I hear ya' man. I feel the same way, and to be honest...I've always wanted to be the President of a Biker Club. I mean...ever since my dad left me and my ma' with his biker club, I've wanted to feel the same freedom he did. I'm down brother." I stood up and smiled to Hand, resting my glove-torn hand on his shoulder, "Then its settled, Mr. President. The Forgotten MC is now in buisness. Lets have some fun, huh?"



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Ignore this post, I did a mistake.

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Build Up Your Gang

El Zilcho: Now that's what I'm talking about! Lot of good action in your last story and the length was perfect. You get $44. Let me just ask you something, whatever happened to Paulie Donut? I liked his nickname tounge.gif


ClockworkMishap: Nice story but you can't make up your own gang. You need to choose a gang to join on the frontpage of this topic. Sorry but I can't give you any money for this story, even though it was a good one.


Rated by Rucke

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El Zilcho
El Zilcho: Now that's what I'm talking about! Lot of good action in your last story and the length was perfect. You get $44. Let me just ask you something, whatever happened to Paulie Donut? I liked his nickname tounge.gif

Haha, thanks! Don't worry, Paulie will return!

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El Zilcho

The Hunter and The Hunted: Chapter 15


With Gio Spoleto dead, I had lost the main bkacing from the Ancelotti's, they were going crazy with the huge blow dealt to them by Pack. And since the day we blew up Big Bad Al's, I was falling apart. Doc Juarez was my best friend, always reliable, always up to hang out and always calm, I guess he was the polar opposite to Carlos. Carlos was a leader, Juarez was someone you wanted to be with. So when I heard he was dead, from injuries sustained in the Booth Tunnel chase, I was mortified. When someone you know for your whole life, just disappears from it, you feel lost.


After his funeral, Carlos become more insular. He turned to coke more, to bury his sorrows. He even considered Heroin, before I barely stopped him. We were strong together, a pair who took no sh*t and stuck close, ever since Elizabeta got us together to start dealing; professionally. So I had to look after him, and him after me. He was like the big brother I never had, someone to look up to. So he deserved that person to keep him from anything heavier than the stuff he was already hooked on. But we held together. I called another meeting with the five families, this time organised by Paulie Donut.


He called them all together and Jon Gravelli Jr was their, giving us all dirty looks. War had been barely averted, Albert Drusilla killing some mobsters in the basment of the restaurant. It seemed like having a tied up M.O.B member in the basement made him think trouble was ahead, so he acted. I would have done the same myself, but unfortunately that caused Pack to slip the net once again. I couldn't have that, so I had this second meeting held. This time, I had a perfect plan, a plan bred from anger, sorrow and a lust for revenge never so strong in my life before.


All the heads of the families were here, with higer security too. They didn't want no M.O.Bs to barge in univited. It was held at the Majestic Hotel, in the penthouse suite used my Isaac Roth last year. Everyone was gathered around the large dinner table, sitting or standing to listen to what I had to say.


"Gentlemen, I am sorry to waste your time today. No doubt Mr Gravelli wants me dead at the moment, but our delicate peace is probably all that stops us from all out war, I believe the descision to release Pack was flawed but nessecary to mantain the truce. As for Benny Marcone, I wish him well in his awakening, I believe he may have awoken from the coma of which has kept him knocked out for 3 weeks. I also believe he forgave the M.O.B, relising that they were hired muscle, but he will not forgive what I am about to tell you.


Please, do listen. For Roy Zito, the man I killed myself not 4 days ago, was indeed helping the M.O.B conduct a war against the Pegorino's. Despite the constant hardships by the Commision, Roy was the one who not only supported the M.O.B, but helped them wage war against the Pegorino's in order to tip the balance to thier favour; Gentlemen, Roy Zito was using the M.O.B to not only attack the Pegorino's, but cowardly avoid full blown war by using an entitiy totally independent to the Commisions powers. He broke the rules, and was kiled before he could answer for it."


Rauscous shouts and curses broke out, all directed at me. Of course, Roy had always been power hungery, but a traitor and a cowardly one? Who used exterior gangs to wage a war financed by him, surely not!


"Gentlemen, please. I captured an M.O.B member not the other day and after intterogation, he confessed to this. Roy himself told me, on the boat where he died that warm night. I have evidence that you will see now. Roy was a traitor, and Jimmy Brasi has shown this."


Jimmy stepped forward, a top Capo and a reliable man who opposed Roy when his plans were made common knowledge to the top echelons of Gambetti leadership. He told everyone here what Roy did, and they soon came to my side. Jon Gravelli was totally amazed, his personal friend has revelaed to him Roy's plans. Jimmy spoke of how Roy had overseen the kidnap of Dog Corrola, and had personally been responsible for the calndestine killing of many Ancelotti's and Pegorino's, he had also been the perpetrator of the kidnap of Old man Ancelotti.


He finally spoke "I cannot believe that Roy Zito himself was responsilbe for this? Using some black gangbanging mob is something I do not stand against, but using this unprofessional men for his own needs, so he could move up in the world! Unacceptable. I truly apologise for his actions, but that is not enough. I will do wahtever in my power to right those wrongs done by him," he said, looking to me "I believe you have a plan?"


"Yes, I do. To right these wrongs you must cut the connections with M.O.B. They bring the war to us! We must strike back with fury and show just who is boss of this city, and I propose to help you. For a small payment of $50,000 from each of you, I will use your men and my knowledge of the M.O.B to systematically crush everyone of their operations, kill everyone of their members, burn their disgraceful presence. I must ask everyone's permission, Vicenzo Lupisella, Jon Gravelli, Harvey Noto, Maria Valvona's representative Marco Tuttici, and Ancelotti Capo Paulie Antonori, and finally Pegorino acting leader Albert Drusilla, do you accept these terms?"



"Sure thing."


"Of Course."


"Yes." Albert Drusilla finished, sitting back.


"Good. Then we know were we stand. United again, to go after these treachorus snakes. I know just where to start, with their leader. They are weak, about half of their men perished when Big Bad Al's was destroyed, only 30 remain. They are weak, no where to run. The NHH faction they drew from are now totally abosrbed into the M.O.B, they have no other men to recruit, apart from street novices who can't hold a gun. If we strike now, they will be broken." I said with a bristingly voice of confindence.


"So, who do we go after." Vicnezo Lupisella finally spoke.


"Well, Pack survived the chase the day before yesterday, I am sure of that. But Ruffer, he was hit at least 8 times, in the chest and neck. He is probably dead, he had bled a huge puddle at the scene, not to mention in their car. On the journey to the nearest hospital or back to Broker, he would have probably passed out. Therefore I reason to believe he is in hopsital. So I say we strike. Kill Ruffer at Hospital, we break further. Who is agreed!" I was surprised how a Hispanic gangster had managed to unite the Five (or was it now Six?) Families once again.


Their response was unanimous, and M.O.B were in the worst situation ever now, with a $10,000,000 total contract on their heads, and the whole Italian Mafia after them, how could 30 ghetto gangsters surive? The simple answer was, they couldn't. Or could they? That was to be seen. For the moment, we had an appointment in hospital.


Ohhh, there's trouble to come in for Ruffer in Chapter 16, Deathbed Blues! Will he escape? Me killed? Or not even be found? That remains to be seen. Make sure not to miss it!

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Is it too late to join, I am new, but Im willing to put down the necessary time into the stories. I dont mind being put on the probation ruling, and I just hope its not too late.


Spanish Lords:

Willard Street Auto-Shop. Please.

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Im going to post my first story here, if it isnt wanted/needed then just ignore it, i want to put down something so you get an idea of where I am skill wise.


Chapter 1: Welcome to Liberty City



Piss, that’s all I smelt when I stepped out of the train. Dirt and dust hung in the air, it clung to people. Afraid to let go, its grasp touching and caressing the unfortunate souls trapped in its claws.


I looked up and sighed. The sun glinted at me through the grimy windows, its refraction sending a rainbow of colour across my face. I spotted a sign hanging limply from the roof.

“Welcome to Liberty City, the city of dreams.” I chuckled to myself the dark humour that the sign conveyed was enough to break my deep contemplation, but not for long.


Nothing could stop me remembering, nothing could stop me from hating what had happened to my family in Spain. I had run far to escape from the gangs that had attacked me and my relatives, but it made no difference. Liberty City was my last chance; I made it here or died trying.


I heard a scream in front of me, it was close and immediate, desperation mixed with despair. I looked up in time to see a youth, no older than eighteen sprinting towards the exit, two men in hot pursuit. I smiled with casual interest and waited to see what would happen. The youth vaulted over a bench and sprinted towards the light. The child never made it. A man stepped out in front of him and pulled out a pistol, the kid stood still arms raised in mock surrender, two shots. The boy fell and the station screamed in panic. It chilled me to see how no one cared till someone died.


I sighed once more and made my way to the exit, stepping over the pool of blood. I did not want to be around when the police arrived and asked questions. I needed to meet my brother; he said he would set me up with a place to crash and a way to earn money. By all the gods in the sky I did not want to become a criminal here too. But I needed money, wherever it came from.


“Welcome to Liberty City,” I muttered


To be continued…


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Chapter 9: Rise Again




Episode 4: Stepping On Rats




I knew there was a rat in the M.O.B and everyone thinks it's a guy called SloMo. I actually trusted SloMo. He seemed the kind of guy who asks to many questions but is loyal.


I told SloMo, "Prove your loyalty, find the rat."

"Will do boss."


The next day, SloMo called me and said, "I know who's the rat."


"Kaz. I was in charge on security last night at Big Bad Al's and I saw him planting bombs."

"That f*ck! Okay tell you what, tell Jyler, Lil' Smoke and Ruffer to meet me there. I was supposed to have a peace meeting with the North Holland Hustlers at there."

"Alright boss."


I met Jyler, Lil' Smoke and Ruffer there. About more than 25 North Holland Hustlers were there. They did not know what was coming to them. There were only 7 M.O.B and many of the North Holland Hustlers. One of the NHH said, "Let's do this..." Then came the explosion that kill all the NHH.


Me, Jyler, Lil' Smoke and Ruffer ran out to our Landstalker. 3 PMPs were chasing after us. Jyler said, "Pavanos and Torres Cartel. Don't they ever give up?"


I J turned and my homies were firing at them. I saw Andriano in one of the cars and I threw molotovs. "Burn in hell Andriano!" Another car showed up and we kill all of them inside the car. With a dead driver in that car, it crashed behind Andriano's car.


Jyler got out firing his AK-47 but he fell out of the car. He then got into a fist fight with Andriano. Jyler lost and fell out of the car. He fell under the car and got rolled by an oncoming bus. I look behind to check on Jyler. Jyler was dying, but not dead yet.


We got all the way to Alderny on the Plumbers Skyway. Lil' Smoke was shot and he laid in the car to heal the wounds. Andriano's car was flying off the skyway. I followed them with the gunshots in my body.


Both cars were on fire. Andriano's guys were dead and he was left. He got ready to shoot us but BOOM, Andriano was sent flying back because of his exploding car.


Ruffer and me were pulling Lil' Smoke out of car. Ruffer got shot and was bleeding badly. I also got shot but in the arms. Lil' Smoke got out and fired the his shotgun but then BOOM! Another explosion.


Andriano and me were having the battle for our lives. Cops were closing in and everybody retreated. SloMo arrived with his Landstalker and I told him, "Pull Lil' Smoke into the car. I will get Ruffer!"


Ruffer and Lil' Smoke were bleeding badly. SloMo and me got them into the car and drove them to Broker General Hospital. We dropped them off and nurses came to their aid.


A few hours lated, a nurse told SloMo and me, "Your friends are being treated in that room."


We went to that room and saw Ruffer and Lil' Smoke lying there.

Lil' Smoke got up and said, "We are okay."

Ruffer then said, "You guys gonna get Kaz?"

SloMo replied, "Of course we are. He ratted us out."

Ruffer then told us, "Hey, Jyler is in the serious condition room."

I asked, "Jyler? He's not dead?" After that I rushed to the serious condition room.


I saw Jyler in a coma and the doctor there said, "His skull is crack and maybe having the risk of brain damage. I'm so sorry but there is a 25% chance he will make it alive."

"Don't worry doc. He will."


SloMo and me got back to the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts and planned on how to kill Kaz. A few minutes later, Pegorinos with Albert Drusilla and Gambettis with Jon Gravelli Jr came.


Jon Gravelli Jr said, "We had a meeting with Andriano."

I asked, "Did you kill him?"


Albert Drusilla added, "No, we were being sarcastic with him. He tried to informed us that Roy was a traitor."


Jon told me, "He said Roy had use the M.O.B to rise up in the levels. What a pathetic way to make us betray you."


I was curious and asked, "So you guys are not going to go with Andriano and stick with me?"


Albert answered, "Of course we are not going to betray you. You have done a lot for us, well except for shooting Benny Marcone. Andriano set up another price for your head and he's going to take down Ruffer in the hospital with the other families."


I said, "Andriano will never give up. Alright I gotta deal with Kaz first then I will be at the hospital to take out Andriano."


Jon then said, "Oh you know the Big Bad Al's explosion? Andriano though he killed some M.O.B guys instead of the NHH guys. Haha Andriano does not even know what's he doing."

The Pegorinos and the Gambettis then left.



I called Kaz and told him, "Hey Kaz, important meeting with the M.O.B at the Monoglobe. We will be in SloMo's Landstalker."

"Will do Pack."


SloMo and me waited for Kaz. Kaz arrived and got into the Landstalker.


Kaz asked, "What's this meeting about?"

"About this. SloMo tie him!"


SloMo then tied him in the car and we drove to the hospital. Ruffer and Lil' Smoke was already being discharged but Jyler was still in a serious condition. I toss Kaz onto the bed and tied him to it. I told Ruffer, "Hey Ruffer, exchange your clothes with Kaz."


Lil' Smoke, SloMo, Ruffer and me then went to hide and eavesdrop on the mafia families and Andriano were outside the hospital.


Andriano asked them if the mafia families were ready but Jon Gravelli Jr and the Gambettis with Albert Drusilla and the Pegorinos said they were not.


Jon said, "We love our friend Pack and we love his friends."

Albert added, "That's why we are going to kill all of you here."


There was a massive shootout outside the hospital. Albert Drusilla, Jon Gravelli Jr and their bodyguards just drove away from the scene. The Pegorinos were having a massive shootout with the other mafia families while the Gambettis went inside to protect 'Ruffer'.


Lil' Smoke, SloMo, Ruffer and me went to help the Pegorinos by finished off the rest of the mafia families while Andriano shot his way through the Gambettis to get through 'Ruffer'.


I heard gunshots in the hospital and I ran inside to see what was happening. I ran to the room where Kaz was held. I saw from outside the window that Andriano had shot Kaz by mistake. Andriano checked Kaz and was pissed it was not Ruffer.


I laughed as Andriano had kill his own info guy. Andriano heard my laugh and gave chase to me. My homies were already done with the mafia families and were waiting for me in the Landstalker. I got in and drove off. Andriano fired some bullets into our car but it did not hit us.


Jon Gravelli Jr called me, "You did a good job. To tell you the truth, we were actually had the intention of backstabbing you."


"Well Jon, you made a good choice then. Thanks for the help. Now that Kaz the rat is gone, we are aiming for Andriano." There was a silenced from Jon for a while and I heard him beating somebody.


Jon then said, "We actually got Andriano from the hospital. He's tied up in your apartment."


"How the hell did you get him and how the f*ck did you got into my apartment?"


"Long story. I will tell you later on how I got him. Could you hurry up? I'm about to put a bullet in his head. Oh and you left your keys under the door."



Ruffer and me got back to my apartment and we were shocked to see Jon Gravelli Jr's bodyguards dead. Jon Gravelli Jr just woke up and said, "Andriano escaped! He knocked me out cold!"


"Don't worry Jon. Ruffer and me will get him soon someday."



I just hope that 'someday' will come soon.

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El Zilcho

That story makes no sense. Lil Smoke got blown to pieces. The M.O.B were the only ones there, and how the hell does SloMo find out in one second? Your taking apart plot devices like their bulding blocks, it makes no sense. And Jon Gravelli Jr couldn't do that, he was in with the Commision. He would be hunted down for that, and Adriano would have shot jon if he was out cold, for a betrayal like that.


No one else from M.O.B was going to die anyway, but this previous story was rediculous. Sorry, but if that's how it is, I'm out. Your comitting other people's characters into war, I only said the Pegorino's agreed to go along with it. I never said that Albert Drusilla would kill the other families. If he did, then they would have a full war, and he wouldn't be able to operate with 4 other families constantly attacking him. It maks no sense.


And why would the Italians stick their necks out in a full scale war for the most stupid reason, to protect a street gang? A mafia family wouldn't fight their own kind and business partners for some stret gang. "We love Pack" isn't the case when hundreds of thousands come into play. It just doesn't fit.


I'm considering backing out. Seriously.

Edited by El Zilcho

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Build Up Your Gang

El Zilcho: Whoa, "I'm out". What does that mean? That you're out of the gang war with mrpain or out from the entire BUYG game? You don't have too give a sh*t about mrpain is writing, you got your own storyline. For example, mrapin kidnapped one of my characters called Dog Corella in an earlier episode, but I didn't give a f*ck. In my storyline Dog wasn't kidnapped, instead he became capo over one of my crews. I can also see that both you an mrpain is using my main character Albert Drusilla alot, but I'm okay with that. My storyline isn't affected by yours unless I want it myself. I hope you consider staying with us. You are a good writer, that can't be denied.


Anyway, your chapter 15 was awsome and you get $44 for it. You're imroving alot.

You get $43 for chapter 14. I was glad to see that Paulie Donut returned tounge.gif


mrpain: Chapter 17 was very action loaded, I like that. You're improving on your dialog too. You get $43.


Grimreaper500: It's never too late to join BUYG! Welcome onboard icon14.gif

You're first chapter was VERY short, try to write something longer next time. Anyway, it was a nice start and I'm giving you $31.


Rated by Rucke

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Thanks the second chapter is ready:


Chapter 2: First Steps


I stepped out of the station into the sunlight; it bathed my face in its warm glow. It was comforting and calming, yet it reminded me of sadness and pain. I still could see that child, who had lost his life, trying to make an extra buck. He had lain so still, so pail, no life left just death. I would not dwell on the death of a single person, plenty more would die in this city, it was just a statistic, a tally of pain and corruption. Still I had to get out of here quickly if the cops caught me I would be a dead man, being deported back to Spain the death warrant.


As I stared aimlessly into the car park I saw a Black Primo role out of a parking space, it came slowly towards me and I began to feel nervous. Had I been followed? Had my enemies from Spain already caught up with me? The thoughts began to chase me and I felt the first signs of panic. However when I saw the driver all of the tension of the past minutes fell away, I saw the man who was behind the wheel and smiled. It was my first of the day; I just hoped it would last.

“Brother, long time no see, but we can’t talk, just get me out of here.”

“Why what you do this time? Can’t handle a little train journey” He laughs at his own joke; it’s the same deep, harsh laugh that I remember from childhood. It brings back old memories, memories that warm my heart.

“Its good to see you Alexandros, but we really have to go, some kids been shot up and the pigs are bound to start asking questions about how I got here. Best I just disappear.” He shakes his head and moans.

“You can’t go anywhere without having trouble explode around you, but hell… its good to see you Deci.”


“So, where have you put me?” I ask.

“Somewhere out of the way at first, I’ve got you a little bed put up above Willard Street Auto-Shop. You can work there for a few weeks and see how things go.” He smiled at me. “You’ve come to me at a busy time, I’m sure you’ll make a lot of money with us. We’ve got a lot of goods coming in and the trade is booming.” I grinned at that and laughed.

“Looks like my luck is going to get a lot better, real soon.”


“Well, this is where I leave you.” I opened the door of the car and was about to walk into the fenced compound. “Wait, almost forgot to give you this.” Alex hands me a beaten up phone out of the car window. “Not much I know but it keeps us in touch, enjoy.” At that, he drove away smiling to himself.

“So funny, just like your face!” I shout after him.


As I walk into the compound I hear a metallic clack and feel cold steel pressed to my head.

“Turn around motherf*cker, just give me a reason to use this.”

“Easy brother, I’m with Alex.”

“Oh… my apologies, I’ve had three cars stolen this month. Thought I’d catch the basta*ds and put them in Hospital.” He smiled as I turned around and offered my hand. “Names Ollie, been waiting for you to arrive, good to finally meet you.”


As I turn the corner I see a run down warehouse. I look at him in astonishment.

“This is where I’m staying?” At that, Ollie laughed.

“You got a lot to learn son, this looks shabby but it’s much more than meets the eye,” he chuckles to himself as I groan, why does everyone here think their a comedian.


“So, what brings you to Liberty?”

“Escaping mostly, there was a huge turf war back in Spain and my family was on the losing side. I lost most of my family in the ambushes and open street battles. I ended up running I had no choice, but they found me every time. They followed me everywhere I went, vandalising and burning anything and everything I had. A couple of weeks ago I got a message from Alex, I was wanted here to help out with the business.” I sighed and looked down, even telling the short version of the story hurt. I wasn’t ready to reveal all of my past though… not yet anyway.


“What do you do for my Brother?” Ollie’s face fell, and he looked decidedly sour.

“I work the auto-shop, and I deal with the goods that are brought in. I also work the chop shop. Your brother has been… good to me.” I could tell that he meant the complete opposite. This could be a way to show my brother my loyalties.


To be continued…


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Lethal Nizzle

Just a quick notice, I'm seriously considering joining this. Looks a whole lot of fun, and has a good lot of mods to criticize and reward people for their writing, which is a great system. I'm considering picking the last Russian Bratva spot, but I have to think of a backstory first. icon14.gif

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El Zilcho


El Zilcho: Whoa, "I'm out". What does that mean? That you're out of the gang war with mrpain or out from the entire BUYG game? You don't have too give a sh*t about mrpain is writing, you got your own storyline. For example, mrapin kidnapped one of my characters called Dog Corella in an earlier episode, but I didn't give a f*ck. In my storyline Dog wasn't kidnapped, instead he became capo over one of my crews. I can also see that both you an mrpain is using my main character Albert Drusilla alot, but I'm okay with that. My storyline isn't affected by yours unless I want it myself. I hope you consider staying with us. You are a good writer, that can't be denied.


Anyway, your chapter 15 was awsome and you get $44 for it. You're imroving alot.

You get $43 for chapter 14. I was glad to see that Paulie Donut returned  tounge.gif



Out of gang war. It sucks. I'll write a story later about how in my story Torres Won or something like that. Thanks, I'll stay don't worry biggrin.gif .

Edited by El Zilcho

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El Zilcho

Signing Out: Chapter 16


"Alright boys, let's do this." I pushed the clip sharply into the modified MP5, cocked it and took off the safety. I jumped onto the Gambetti chopper and we took off, Paulie Donut in the front seat, Rick DeCarlo as our pilot, Frankie Lupisella as one of the gunners and two others, plus me. A mighty thunderstorm struck, covering the sky with a menacing black. I waited as the helicpter sppoled up and we lifted off, rising up into the darkness, engulfed in the storm. We flew from Acter all the way to Northwood, where Ruffer was being held.


"Ok, I'll spray the M.O.Bitches with fire through the windows, and then you get close enough, I jumped thorugh Ruffer's room window. I finish him off and you guys pick me up on the rooftop. Hang around and give some covering fire first though." My voice was quiet against the loud rotors, but they understood. I had coordinated this helicopter attack and now I was confident this desicive strike would allow us to crush our competitors and finally get a good business relationship working with all the Five Families, and make good money without some low level street gang interfering.


When we reached the hospital, I found out from a contact of ours that Ruffer was on the 18th floor, so we hovered just outside the large window. I saw an M.O.B come to the window and look through the blinds. I welcomed him with a blast of teflon-tipped bullets, tearing through the glass and flesh, sending him sprawling and landing hard across the floor. He crawled back and I sprayed him a little more. His partner got up from his chair and shot at us with his 9mm peashooter, I blasted his brains onto the wall. Then Ruffer tried to get up, he turned and was riddled with bullets, and fell to the floor.


I sprayed the bed were he had been a little more, and reloaded. As I did so, he ran for the door. He smashed it open, and limped at great speed out. I riddled the wall were he was on the otherside of and made sure he was hit many times. I reloaded again and gave Paulie the thumbs up, I kicked the window glass and jumped. The cold city winds hit me hard, but I smashed through the window and landed hard on the floor of the room. Dusting myslef off, I saw a cop come to the door, guns drawn. I made quick work of him. I moved into the corridor and blasted three more M.O.Bs, running out and falling down; soon dead.


The door Ruffer made for was still open, I ran through it and shot a cop, finding myself on the walkway outside the hospital, high above the city, showered in rain. I reloaded, and continued up the walkway, finding one M.O.B final guard. He attack me with a knife; I played along. I grabbed his arm, twisted it back and embedded it in his neck, he scream out in pain, I grabbed him and threw him from the stairs, and he fell onto a taxi below.


"Enjoy your flight, Bastardo!" I contiued up, to Ruffer. A trail of blood littered the ground and I fired one more bullet into Ruffer before he disppeared out of site, further down the rooftop. I ran after him, and found him staggering near the edge of the abysmal fall, 20 stories below the LC traffic continued, none the wiser t the carnage and drama occuring not metres above them.


"You M.O.Bitches, think you can rule this city! You think your mafia backing makes you invincible to anything? You think it's that simple, you can run around and grab and bail? Your time has come, it's time to sign out."


"No man, come on. Every dog has his day, you'll have your too." He was nearly collapsing on his bloody knees, I could see he was in agony.


"My day, is not here yet. Your is. Goodbye." I drew my revolver, and planted three shots into Ruffers chest. He coughed up blood, and fell back, mere inches from the edge. He raised his hands, like a last chance of begging for life. I pointed the gun to his face, as the thunder boomed and lightning lit up the roof. Rain littered the ground and I fired three times into his neck. He let out a gurgling shout of anger, and fell back, down 20 stories. A loud crack latter and Ruffer came to an end on the raodside below. His brains splattered the road, and I put my Revolver back.


The Maverick came up to the rooftop, and I ran towards it. I was hit in the shoulder by the cops though, I span around and saw 3 of them. Paulie Donut blasted one with his Deagle, and I finished the other two. I jumped into the Maverick, and Paulie handed me a grenade. I rolled it across, and it landed at the top of the stairs. A cop ran up and shot Frankie, who fell from the chopper and landed on the ground far below. I cursed in anger but was pleased when the cop was blown into large chunks by the nade.


We rose up, showered by small arms fire. I let the MP5 go crazy, covering yet more police wih bullets. We soared higher and flew forward. I sat back and closed the side door, the cold air was getting to my wounds.


Paulie turned to me and declared

"Today Ruffer, tommorow Pack, then M.O.B will be no more."


"That's right, we'll show 'em who's boss." I lay back and dosed off, to awake back at the Majestic, where I was greated by Jon Gravelli Jr, who was pleased with my work. He gave us all a warm hug and welcomed us back into the suite, where he introuduced us to some Triads he was doing business with. I fell asleep in the master bedroom and awoke the next day, refreshed. I turned the TV on to see the news of the night before.


"8 LCPD officers, and a total of 7 other casualties were reported alst night when a mafia helicopter attack was orchestrated at the Northwood Hospital. The believed target, known only as Ruffer, was found dead on the streets below, crime claims another victim in this city. Will it ever end? Special correspodant Mike Whittley at the scene; Mike what can y-" I turned off the TV and got up, twisting my arm back. Jon came in and pulled me aside.


"We found out where SloMo and their bitches are hanging. Can you believe they tried to get me to screw you over? Stupid ain't they. Like I'd stick my head out for them and screw the relationship over with my Italian allies just to hoonur Roy's bullsh*t with some f*cking black street gang? I don't think so. All the Five Families were unanimous, M.O.B have to be eliminated. I think your gonna earn your pay, you got skills. Now go get 'em, their at the XXX Video Store in Firefly. Good Luck." Jon Gravelli shook my hand, and I left.


It was time to finish this.


Chapter 17: Finale part 1 of 3 coming soon. Mrpain, when you kill Adriano, just have him shot in battle. I'm sure you will in your story, so I'll give Pack an honourable death if the same favour is extended to your story universe. Because they are seperate, he can die there. Thanks.

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El Zilcho

Vengeance - Finale Part 1 of 3: Chapter 17


The same Triads who were working with Jon came with me to Firefly. They were amred with M4's and Uzi's, and I had an AK and a Grenade Launcher. I parked the Triads Intruder (which was heavily modified) and I exited the car. I walked into the shop, and talked to M.O.Bs inside.


"Hey f*ckers, suck on this!" I fired the grenade launcher and it had a satisfying plunk sound, it rolled down the steps and into the main area where the M.O.Bs were playing cards. They got up and tried to run, but one second later crimson flames and dark smoke blew out and showered us in fine particles of M.O.Bitches and large sections of wood and flaming porn flew right over us. We knew that SloMo was inside, wo we continued in. I fired another grenade, that blew a large hole in the wall, exposing more injured M.O.Bs. they were screaming, and then I saw why.


One of them was missing both arms, and another lost his head. I saw the crawling and dying men, and mercifully ended their pain with my AK. Then I saw him, SloMo ran out back and jumped onto a NRG, and I grabbed a Bati 800 there, an amazingly good looking white one. It's engine roared and I gave chase, sticking close. I had no one handed gun on me, so I dodge past cars sticking close so I had a chase to kill this guy. I drove next to him and punched him in the face! He quickly braked and swerved around drove through the contruction site.


He continued across the Algonquin bridge, and a Cavalcade of pursuers arrived. I shouted back at them

"What's the matter, sad about Ruffer?" I fired a grenade from the launcher and hit bounced a few times, exploding behind the car and flipping it over, hitting the hard roadside and blowing apart in a fire ball. I stuck close and then SloMo did something unexpected, he dorve off the bridge and onto the Subway tracks. I follwed and narrowly avoided another car and a bridge pillar.


Finding the train tracks hard to drive on, I stuck to the side as SloMo did. he was panicing and swerving. Then a train came and we both turned and hit the rails hard, sending us flying and falling from our bikes. I quickly got back on, and grabbed SloMo. I trailed him behind the bike, and he was screaming.


"Ahh, please, I don't wanna die. Help me!" he was scremaing, terrified. I was trailing him so close to the oncoming trains he was sh*tting himself. I pulled him up,


"Where is Pack?" I asked.


"Please, don't kill me. He, he, he's at the courts. In the apartment above it. Please, I don't wanna die." I held him low to the tracks, his legs hitting the ground hard, causing great pain.


"You killed Doc, you killed D-Ice, you killed Paulo, Alonso, your gang killed them all! I've had enough of yuor arrogant dealings. I won't stop until you are all dead, and that includes you!"


"No, Pleease!!!!" He screamed and saw the oncoming train, and he struggled to break free, and I let go of him. He tried to get up, but the train went right over him. His shouts and screams silenced and his head and legs were severed and crushed by the wheels. One down, more to go. I emerged from the subway in Bohan, and drove off the elevated tracks. I was ready to kill all the M.O.B, and finish off the last of Pack's friends.


Once I returned to Liz's Apartment, I found Maria dead, and an M.O.B member trying to escape. I ran and stamped on his leg in bare fury, and broke his arm. He screamed and tried to stab be, futilly attacking me with his broken arm. I dragged him to the window and lifted him up, and hung him over the edge. His feet dangled and he saw the ground 40 floors below.


"Who sent you f*cker!" I shouted at him, leaving him precarious.


"Screw you Torres bi-" I smashed his knife into his mouth, brutally slicing his cheek open. "AHHHHHH!" He screamed and spat out blood, which fell to the ground far below.


"Your still alive, quite while your ahead. Who sent you, tell me or you meet the ground in 10 seconds." He was choked on blod but spoke.


"It was Pack, he wanted Carlos dead. He ain't never gonna stop, he's gonna kill all you."


"I'm never gonna stop. The only thing is, I'm going to win. Goodbye." I released my grip slightly, and he started to slip.


"But you said-" He was desperately grbbing my hand with his borken arm as he slipped.


"I never promised. See you in hell." I spat onto him, and released my grip. A look of pure terror flooded his face and he fell, screaming and kicking all the way. When he hit the ground, a crack was heard. I could see all the way from here a puddle of blood war forming. I ran over to Maria, she was cold. A single shot was in her head, I punched the wall hard. Just then Carlos walked in. He fell to the floor and cried, I had to explain I dropped the assassin just to stop his howling.


"How, How did it happen! She never hurt anyone, she was just my sister!"


"I know. That's why I'm gonna kill Pack. Finish this once and for all. The whole city wants him dead, I'm doing everyone a favour. Let's go, while revenge is still fresh with us."


Part 2: Retribution coming soon!

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Build Up Your Gang

El Zilcho

16: $44, I'm really enjoying the gang war stories, keep up these excellent installments.

17: $42.


Lethal Nizzle

Hey man, nice to see you around here. Hope you decide to join, it's good fun.



A quality chapter, $40.



30: $42; $100 for the bonus.


-- rated by radicell

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That story makes no sense. Lil Smoke got blown to pieces. The M.O.B were the only ones there, and how the hell does SloMo find out in one second? Your taking apart plot devices like their bulding blocks, it makes no sense. And Jon Gravelli Jr couldn't do that, he was in with the Commision. He would be hunted down for that, and Adriano would have shot jon if he was out cold, for a betrayal like that.


No one else from M.O.B was going to die anyway, but this previous story was rediculous. Sorry, but if that's how it is, I'm out. Your comitting other people's characters into war, I only said the Pegorino's agreed to go along with it. I never said that Albert Drusilla would kill the other families. If he did, then they would have a full war, and he wouldn't be able to operate with 4 other families constantly attacking him. It maks no sense.


And why would the Italians stick their necks out in a full scale war for the most stupid reason, to protect a street gang? A mafia family wouldn't fight their own kind and business partners for some stret gang. "We love Pack" isn't the case when hundreds of thousands come into play. It just doesn't fit.


I'm considering backing out. Seriously.

Alright so we have separate stories now.

A 'WHAT IF' stories for me.



Andriano's gonna die in this story.



Chapter 10: Rise Again




Episode 5: Got a Deathwish?



I helped Jon Gravelli Jr up and laid him on the bed.

Jon said, "This is the reason on why I did not want to betray you."

"What reason?"

"You, helping us out even though you don't need to. Your father, Jake Rock was part of our family when he was killed."

"Yeah my dad, great man."

"Too bad he's dead, he would have been so proud to see you now."

"Why didn't Andriano kill you?"

"He just sprayed some bullets but I played dead."

"Alright then, lets get Andriano and have a victory.


Jon Gravelli Jr gathered all his Gambettis mobsters while I gathered my M.O.B homies. Mobsters and homies together, really odd team.


Jyler was still in the hospital so he was not available in action. The Gambettis and the M.O.B searched Liberty City for Andriano. Lil' Smoke, SloMo, Drift, Ruffer and me got to the South Bohan Community Center to find Andriano.


When we arrived there, some Torres Cartel guys were guarding the place.

I told my homies, "They are asking for a deathwish so lets give it to them!"


We went through charging with our AK-47s. We caught them off-guard and we killed most of them. We headed into a building and one of the Torres Cartel guys shouted, "Andriano! M.O.Bitches are here!" That guy then got shot by Drift.


I saw Andriano running out of his apartment and headed to the rooftop. I threw away my AK-47 as it slowed me down and took out my pistol to give chase to Andriano.


Andriano was on the rooftop and so as I. Some Torres Cartel guys were there but I kill all of them. I threw a molotov at Andriano's legs and it made him fell down.


I loaded my pistol and pointed it to Andriano, "Ready to die?"

"f*ck you!"

"Well then," I picked up Andriano and made him look 30 floors down the building.


"Andriano, look up in the sky, it's heaven. You are not going there, you are going straight to hell!"

"Let me go Pack!"

"Wrong choice of words."


I let go of Andriano and he fell down 30 floors below. His head landed on the ground first and an awful amount of blood were coming out of his head.


Ruffer just got to the rooftop and said, "So, it's finished?"

"Maybe it is, but we still are doing some M.O.B business right? The Torres Cartel are done but the North Holland Hustlers are not."

"NHH? Jyler was from there, and now we are going to have a gang war with them?"

"I'm afraid we are going to have a gang war with them. No worries though."


The Torres Cartel were done as Andriano is dead. Now there was the North Holland Hustlers to deal with.

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Lethal Nizzle

Alright guys, sign me up for the Petrovic Bratva at Kenny Petrovic's Mansion. Is the mansion the boarded up place next to Sultan RS spawn? Just wondering...

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El Zilcho

Retribution - Finale Part 2 of 3: Chapter 18


Carlos and I went outside to the early afternoon light. It was warm and a generally good day for revenge. We got on my Bati 800 and I revved the engine loud, almost as loud as the rage building inside me. I drove into Broker with the intentition of revenge, it was going to be bloody. M.O.B were on the run, for all the stupidity and pointless arrogance about them, they never stuck around for a last stand. But today, they would be finished, Pack and every other M.O.Bitch. The streets were mostly quite, leaving only the sounds of my bike to echo the sounds up to the high rise buildings.


Soon enough we were at the M.O.B headquarters, where there were 45 M.O.B's or more. They were all partying, after they believed Carlos to have been killed, loud rap music was almost shaking the windows and the beats were driving me to the battle. I took the M4 with grenade launcher strapped to the bike off it, and placed a single grenade into the launcher, and fired. I pierced the 2nd storey window, and blew six men out of the large panoramic glass. They flew and landed, their necks breaking and they were covered in small arms fire by a revenge thirsty Carlos.


I took to another position and angled another nade into the top floor, and then Carlos threw several molotovs into the tenement. Screams and flames flowed like water. Many M.O.Bs tried desperately to fight back or escape, but the entrance was riddled with lead by my M4, and at least 10 died. The ones who fought from the lfaming 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors also fell, the flames engulfing them. We moved to the back entrance, and found three climbing through the top of the door. I unloaded into them and moved left. Another man attacked me with a knife, I kicked it away and shoved the barrel of my M4 into his eye, a moment later his brains were splattered everywhere.


Some of my Torres Cartel men arrived and they burned everything, including the loft. When the black smoke rose and all of the 45 odd M.O.Bs died, the whole gang as burning. Just as we turned, four cars came from the garage that was aflame, one with Pack and some of his close friends, and the rest full of other survivors. Looks like their were more than we expected. I fired a grenade from the launcher, it impacted the front car and it flipped forward, hitting the burning building. It exploded, and bricks and mortar collapsed onto the vehicle, just before the three other cars set off.


My men made sure no one escped the inferno while I hopped onto my bike and Carlos got on the back, we gave chase to the bastards who killed are closest friends. It was intense, 9MM shot at us from the passenger seats and we dodged the shots, but their were many close calls. The chase took us through Broker and away Firefly, but not before Carlos blasted one more car with a launcher, it broke apart into flames and the wreckage smashed into the Rubin Basketball Courts, a symbolic finish to M.O.B. No the cowardly Pack and his men were fleeing, perhaps thinking they could survive?


No, not today. It was their end now.


I stuck close but at the last minute they switched lanes, onto the oncoming traffic. The two final cars, all that remained of M.O.B swerved and veered away, driving and fighting for their lives. They weren't able to shake us though, and I called Paulie to get some Mafia backup.


"Paulie, yeah listen I driving and have gotta focus. So just get down here with backup now!" I didn't have time to pay attention to the conversation but he replied fast.


"Ok, I'm with the Messina's and Gembetti's, we'll be their soon."


"Alright. Were nearing Little Italy, come quick." With that I hung up and focused on driving. I neared the second car, and surprised them by jumping! I flew through the air and landed on the side of the Huntley. I smashed the window and sprayed three of the men. They fell back and I grabbed another one. I shot him and pulled myself throug, avoiding a sawn off blast. I kicked the gunner and grabbed the shotty, blasting his brains out of the open window. Pushing him aside, I struggled with the driver, who was fighting to keep the car on the road. When I broke his neck, he slumped right and I pushed him his lifeless body out of the car.


The chase was on. We exited the bridge and drove on the highway toawrds Little Italy where the 2 back up cars met Carlos bike and my Huntley, and we shot at the final car. One of pack's men blasted the second back up car, and it exploded in a fire ball and flew off into Helitours, as we crashed into the wall. Pack got out of the car, and Paulie Donut and Jimmy Brasi followed me as we chased him, and he got into a chopper. His men got in too and they took off. I ran and grabbed the landinbg gear, but an M.O.B shot my arm and I fell off. Collapsing in pain I watched them take off, our battle lost. I cursed and shouted, but Jimmy had a plan.


He got our own chopper and we took off, following them. We could not let them escape, they'd probably fly to f*cking San Andreas! We couldn't let them start afresh or escape, we had given up too much for that. As I leaned out of the door and fired on Pack, I felt the energy inside me. The power of revenge. I knew Pack wasn't going to make it, we had him now. He was running scared.


To be Continued...


Adriano's death in your story was cheap mrpain, so don't expect heroics from Pack when I finish this epic story arc off with Part 3: Execution. Stay tuned!

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Build Up Your Gang

mrpain: Too much dialog in this chapter. Try to add some more description next time. Other than that it was good. $38.


El Zilcho: Good chapter, I'm very excited about what's gonna happend in your next one. $42


Lethal Nizzle: No idea where that mansion is located, but you've been added icon14.gif Write something soon.


Rated by Rucke

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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El Zilcho
El Zilcho: Good chapter, I'm very excited about what's gonna happend in your next one.

Thanks mate, I'll make the last bit a really good one, you won't be disappointed. But can I ask, how much did I make?

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Build Up Your Gang

Sorry I forgot to give you your money. Fixed wink.gif

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Can I join the pegorino's crime family in Pegorino's Mansion? colgate.gif

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Lethal Nizzle & Unoriginal44: Welcome to Build up your gang, have fun and stay active.


That reminds me, I have to write one up but I've been busy with work and all.

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 31: Like father, like son


I was on my way to Drusilla's when I got a call from the hospital in Westdyke, Benny Marcone was gonna make it. After almost a month in coma our boss was soon about to wake up. I knew I would have to step down to the rank capo again but I didn't care, Benny was a good leader. He had missed alot though; the Joey Toro whacking, that three new mambers had been made, and of course that he's own son had went into hiding after we tried to kill Mario Angelo. That reminded me that I had a meeting with Mario later this day at Drusilla's. He said he had an offer for us to consider. Later that day me and Phil was sitting in the backroom when Mario Angelo and Luigi Faletti walked in.


"Please, sit down." I greeted them.

"I'm going straight to the subject, I want Benny Jr. whacked."

"No way, it's the boss's son." I said.

"Then I got no choice, I will start a war between our two families." Mario said.


I knew that a war with the Ancelotti's would mean the end of the Pegorino family. Even if they were the weakest family in the commission, they were still alot stronger than us. I understood that I had no choice.


"Alright, I'll do it." I said.

"It's a wise decision, you should be glad I'm not wanting you dead too. I know you drived that getaway car for Benny Jr and his friend." Mario said and left with Luigi.

"You ain't gonna kill Benny Jr. are you?" Phil asked.

"We got no choice, is someone in my crew around?" I asked.

"Yeah I saw Johnny at one of the tables." Phil said.


I got out from the backroom and approached Johnny who was eating lunch. I told him about the Mario Angelo and Benny Jr. situation and that I wanted him to come along and help me whack Benny Jr. When we got out from Drusilla's, Stevie Baretta was standing next to his car.


"You want me to drive you somewhere, boss?" He asked.

"No, this is something me and Johnny need to do ourselves." I said while we got into Johnny's Sentinel, the one I gave him soon after his release from prison. We headed over the the safehouse apartment in Have Beach, Broker where Benny Jr. was hiding after the failed hit on Mario. We knocked the door a couple of times, and Benny Jr open after asking "Who is it?"

When I said it was me and Johnny he let us in.


"Albert, Johnny I'm so glad you guys are here. The only human contact I got this week was some drunk russians upstairs." Benny Jr. said. "So is this sh*t with Mario over now?" He then asked.

"Not really. We were given a choice this morning, kill you or go to war with the Ancelotti family." I told Benny Jr.

"And...?" Benny Jr. asked.

"You know that if we go to war with the Ancelotti's our family is doomed." I said. "They are twice as big as us."

"But you can't kill me, I'm the boss's son. Plus, I'm one of your biggest earner now, Albert." Benny Jr. tried.

"I got to say that you really impressed me kid. When you were made I had no fate in you at all, but look at you now, one of my biggest earners." I said.

"You were a big help to me during those drugdeals with Ruben and Carlos. I will never forget about it." Johnny added.

"Thanks. Alright, do it." Benny Jr. said and turned around. "Do it for the family."

"I'm real sorry kid." I said. Then me and Johnny pulled out our guns and shot Benny Jr. a couple of times until he fell dead to the floor.


Johnny and me got out from the apartment and got back into Johnny's Sentinel. I felt really bad about myself, Benny Jr. was a nice kid, only 32 years old. Johnny and me didn't say a word to each other during the trip back to Alderney. He probably felt bad about himself too. When we got out of the Booth Tunnel, Lumpy, the Ancelotti drugdealer called my phone.


"Yo Albert, I just heard that Mario is sending a squad up to the hospital in Westdyke to whack Benny Marcone once and for all." Lumpy said.

"sh*t, drive to the hospital in Westdyke, they're going to whack the boss." I told Johnny.

"You mean that we killed Benny Jr. for nothing?" Johnny asked.

"That f*cking Mario!" I said.


When we got to the hospital Ancelotti mobsters stormed the place. I knew of a secret backdoor from the time when I stole morphin together with Anthony Corrado that led into the morphin locker. From the morphin locker we could get to Benny's room even before the Ancelotti mobsters. Benny was glad to see us after all this time, we explained to him that we had no time to talk right now. Johnny and me escorted Benny back into the moprhin locker and out through the backdoor. We put him into the back of an ambulance. I was gonna drive, and Johnny was gonna shoot any Ancelotti's who fallowed us. Some of the mobster saw us leaving the hospital and started to chase us. Johnny managed to kill them all before we reached Benny's mansion. We escorted Benny into his bedroom and we then decided it was time to tell him about Benny Jr.


"We just wanted to keep the family out of trouble." I told Benny.

"You did the right thing." Benny looked like he was going to cry, but then he pulled himself together. "Mario Angelo is going to pay for this. Johnny, get Phil and Dog on the phone." Benny demanded.


Chapter 31 end.


Chapter 32 coming soon...

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El Zilcho

Just wondering whether I still get any of the bonus' for my story multipliers. e.g When I did my 10th story I don't remember choosing a free gun under $150. So, if so, could I choose the Combt Pistol as my free weapon. Did I also get the $100 bonus'? If so, sorry but I never released. On my 20th story I'll decide on the vehicle.

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I'd like to join the Angels of Death, Navy Yard.


May I post the first section of my story straight away?

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