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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang IV

Recommended Posts

Colt M14

I'd like to be in the M.O.B stationed at the XXX store. (Best place I can remember.) And I have a few questions.

1. Can I use objects bought by other people in my gang?

2. What do I include in my first 5 stories if I can't buy drugs yet?

3. Lastly, do I have to write my stories as Niko or what?

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Added to M.O.B XXX store.


1. Yes you can.

2. Introduce some characters, kill someone or something like that.

3. You need to make up your own main character. It can't be a character that already exist in the game.


Welcome to BUYG!

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Welcome to BUYG Colt M14, stay active.

@El Zilcho: Sign up imo, I told you its great and it would be nice to see more members as some of the gangs dont have active members.

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El Zilcho
Welcome to BUYG Colt M14, stay active.

@El Zilcho: Sign up imo, I told you its great and it would be nice to see more members as some of the gangs dont have active members.

What can I say? The people have spoken! I'll sign up soon, I'm considering joining the Pavanos. But I'm not descided yet. I'm currently writing in Writers Discussion, so please, be patient.

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I'd like to be in the M.O.B stationed at the XXX store. (Best place I can remember.) And I have a few questions.


Welcome to my gang!



You are lucky to join me as we have the most weapons and vehicles. Hope you write a story soon!




Oh another story by me. Kinda short. Will think up of a long story soon.



Chapter 6: Earn and Conquer




Episode 4: Burn In My Light




Pegorinos were all over the place. I held Dog tightly as a hostage. I dragged Dog to one of the M.O.B Landstalkers and threw Dog inside. As I was about to start the engine, some Pegorinos started shooting at the Landstalker. Dog then ran out. It was too late for me to chase after him as the Pegorinos were surrounding the Landstalker. I just sat there praying that they would not kill me. One of them poured oil onto the Landstalker and then threw a lighted matchstick. I was burning in the Landstalker. I was beginning to pass out and I saw a light heading towards me. This must be the end.


The next day, I woke up in a hospital bed. Ruffer was there sitting beside my bed. "You survived that burning wreck."

"Those Pegorinos are damn f*ckers."

"So what you gonna do about it?"

"I will make them burn in my light."


I told Ruffer to meet me at the abandoned casino in Alderny with boxes of molotovs. Ruffer arrived at the abandoned casino and I was waiting for him there. "Hey Pack, what are we doing here for?"

"Pegorinos are inside. Lets set the whole place on fire dude."

Ruffer and me then threw the molotovs into the casino. We heard every single member of the Pegorinos inside screaming while trying to survive those molotovs.


I could not give a damn about them anymore. The next time anybody tries to mess with the M.O.B have to go through me.

Edited by mrpain

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El Zilcho

I'd like to sign up for the Torres Cartel, at Elizabeta's apartment please


I took a long, hard gulp of gin and tonic, and started to chew on the little curl of lime, savouring it's unique sour flavour. The sun was going down, but I still had one thing to take care of. Ever since Elizabeta went down for 300 years, our business had become more and more difficult to hold onto. Some gangbangers, like the M.O.B and others were muscling in on our operations. It wasn't good. Sure, we had some help with the Spanish Lords covering our backs, but times devinetly weren't easy. But today, today things would be different.


I walked out of my hideout, the rancid smell of week old garbage from upstairs made me run to the door, I hated this place. I was gonna move into Elizabeta's old house as soon as I could. I stepped into the streets of Bohan, the crisp autumn evening air hitting my face and slowly wiping away the odours of garbage and cigarette smoke. I walked over to my old Primo, a borrowed ride from the Spanish Lords. I unlocked the boot and saw my old buddy, Funk Shizzle. He was beaten bad, and he was bleeding all over his face. The bastard honestly thought skimming proceeds from our drug business was a smart move.


"Adriano, please Mr Ortega, I didn't mean nothing. I honestly, didn't know it was the Torres Cartels! Please, one more chance, for old times sake!" he started to cry, and I withdrew snub nose.


"Sorry Shizzle, no can do. You've got a one way ticket to el diablo." I smiled, cocking the pistol.


"No, please...!" PAAH! The shot rang out into the streets. I quickly fired two more shots into his head, tossed the revolver non-chalantly into the back with his blood stained body, and closed the heavy boot. I drove towards Northern Gardens, took a right onto the beach, and drove the car into the sea. Believe me, it is cold this time of year. I opened the door of the car, and swam to shore.


I'm back in business.

Edited by El Zilcho

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Nice to see you joining man icon14.gif Nice chapter right there, keep it up wink.gif

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El Zilcho
Nice to see you joining man icon14.gif Nice chapter right there, keep it up wink.gif

Thanks mate, I will.

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Build Up Your Gang

mrpain: A very short chapter, it was not even a story. You get $29 for it. Try to write a longer story next time.


El Zilcho: Welcome man, you've been added. The quality was very good but just like mrpain you need to write a longer story. The you will earn alot more money, you already seem to have a good storyline icon14.gif

You get $34 for this one.


Pr0xy: When are we going to see another story from you? You had a great storyline there.


Rated by Rucke

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El Zilcho

An Old Friend... Chapter 2


I walked through the streets, watching for the main target. We had an informant. Six guys arrested in three days, was just too much. I knew our man. And I was disappointed, by the realistion of the traitor. He wasn't a new comer, far less. He was my earliest childhood friend, Miguel Fernando Sanchez. I had known him since 3rd Grade, and we always fought together. Back in '04, we killed Mike DePatellio, and we saved each other's lives. Yet now, he was selling us out. I wasn't enraged, I feel remorse. Remorse for what had to be done.


I made sure to find his exact whereabouts the day before. He was at the Emissary, no doubt guarded by cops. We had reason to believe it was about 10 of them. I brought along my other firends, one's I was sure fo their loyalty (or so I thought). D-Ice and Juan. We reached the 15th floor, searching the floor and continuing to the 16th. This is were we encountered problems.


"Excuse me. This part of the hotel is closed off." An LCPD officer said, looking bored out of his head, and probably fighting his exhaustion with donuts and coffee. I soon dealt with him.


"Is that so officer?" A fist crunched upon his face, and swift left hook left him on the floor, slleping not so peacefully. I ran to the lft and shouted to Ice


"Move, take them out!" He ran to action, rolled to the left and producing a sawn-off, and blasting a cop who had just emerged from room 701. Another cop jumped up, and his Glock scraped my shoulder. It stang like hell, but I stayed firm and riddled him with Uzi fire. He fell to the floor, looking like swiss cheese. Another clip later, and the six cops were dead or dying. We finished them off and walked into 701.


"Oh sh*t, Adriano! Man, I swear I never ratted on you. Or you Ice, or you Juan. I swear, only on Carlos. I mean, he was no good!" Miguel looked angry. Not scared, perhaps just angry at himself. I ran a finger along the mahogany table.


"Nice place here, hm. I'm surprised you would ever rat Miguel. We were like brothers. We were brothers. Then you sell us out like that? What does that stand for? All those years, those drinks, those fights and those memories. What does it mean now?"


"Adriano, I was going away for 20 years! I can't survive in prison, not someone like me! They offered me the chance to get out, the protection program. So I took it. I swear, I never mentioned you guys." He was shaking, standing in front of a large window, overlooking the city. I was distracted momentarily by the patrol cars gathering at the gronud floor.


"You would have mentioned us. I am sure of it. I think I should be on my way." I turned around, because I didn't want to kill him. Could one mistake damn a man for life? Yes it could, I jsut didn't want my lifelong friend to know I was going to kill him. As he relaxed, adamant he would live today, I spun around Uzi in hand and blasted him 30 times. He fell right through the window, down 16 floors and onto a N.O.O.S.E van below.


"Goodbye, amigo." I said, sighing. There wasn't much time to waste mourning and wondering why, we ran for the 20th floor rooftop, where a helicopter picked us up. We flew away, hiding out back at Elisabeta's project. We were lucky to have survived, and unlucky to have lost an old soldier; and a good friend.

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The Irish Mob: Chapter six

I woke up earlier than usual, I drew open the curtains to reveal the cold, gritty Purgatory morning. I decided to completely skip breakfast and get straight on the phone to that slimeball Frankie. He had more info on what was happening to our boy Jim. Apparently, Jim was being transfered from Port Tudor to a safe house in Alderney city. Frankie made it quite clear that If I wanted to see Jim again then we would have to act quickly.

I laced up my boots and tucked my jeans into them, I threw on a leather jacket and a flat cap whilst rushing out of the door, almost forgetting to pick up my hip flask full of Jim beam.

I jogged half a block away to Aid's place where I gave him some body armour, as it might be necessary. I was still unbeknownst on how many wise guys would be there.


I started up the engine of the Oracle, it had just reached 130,000 miles, maybe it was time for a change. It made some uneasy noises as I put it into first gear, it started to move after a fight with the clutch. I made my way to Northwood where I would make a turning over the Hickey bridge. Once I got into Alderney city I checked the text from Frankie with the details of the safe house. I put my foot back on the sticky pedal and shifted her to the Ancellotti safehouse.


I parked in a small alley way next to an apartment complex. Outside was two black Presidente's, I loaded my trusty pump shotgun and threw my old 9mm pistol to Aid. The door to the apartment was heavy, as I entered the hallway I cracked my neck and braced my self for impact. I made my self to the fourth floor of the shabby apartment complex.

"Room 402, get ready" I whispered whilst nodding at Aid.

Aid took cover by the left of the door, I booted it open with my size 12 Dr Marten boot; the men inside were startled, all of them jumping to a vertical base. I couldn't quite tell how many of them were in there, but through the doorway a small guy with a pin stripe suit came running to the doorway with a Desert Eagle. The rest of the wise guys watched and wondered what was actually happening.

As he approached the door I blind fired him directly in the throat, sending him flying back into a small, glass coffee table, it collapsed underneath him as the glass shattered.

Suddenly, the rest of the crew took cover behind different bits of furniture, I leaned in and took another guy out, smoke hung around the room from the gunfire. A plethora of micro uzi bullets came flying at the door frame. Aid popped one of the guys behind the breakfast bar with his 9mm, it caught him right in his left eye.


I cleared out the room with my unforgiving tool of destruction, bodies lay in heaps on the floor, bits if furniture was in pieces all over the floor. I ran to another door, leaned around the frame where Jim was lay. He was on a mattress with his wrists tied behind his back, they had been there for a while as the rope had cut off most of his blood supply to his hands.

I cut open the rope with my switch blade and turned Jims limp cacus over. He was unconcious, I shook his body and he mumbled under his breath. I couldn't make out a word of it.

I tossed Aid my shotgun as I got Jim into the firemans carry position; he was a heavy man, but nothing I couldn't handle. As we got to the bottom of the stairwell I got Aid to bring the Oracle to the enterance.

I put his body into the back seat and made our way to Steinway.


I pulled up outside of the McCreary place, and carried Jim around the back. I lay him down on the floor as Packie wasn't home, I glanced at Jim, his lips had turned blue.

"Oh, sh*t, Aid get over here!"

I knelt down next to Jim and felt his pulse. There was nothing.

Aid came running over "What, what is it?" He shouted

"Hes, umm, hes dead man" I turned away, I couldn't face it. "Ring Packie, were gonna have to get this sorted, and as for them Ancellotti's, well, this aint over just yet"


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I'd like to join alqonquin triad at chinatown arcade. please

Edited by deathhunterex

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Colt M14


Edited by Colt M14

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Build Up Your Gang

El Zilcho: You're improving, I think you can really get into this. You earn $38.


Pr0xy: Good chapter. Now when you have written over 5 stories you can sell your drugs. Would be cool with a drugdeal in your next chapter. You get $39 for this chapter.


Colt M14: A bit short but that's okay for a first chapter. $31.


deathhunterex: Added. Hope we see a story from you soon.


Rated by Rucke

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El Zilcho

Run for it! Chapter 3


A quick roll down the stairs, hitting the ground hard on my shoulder. I stepped up, a shot hitting the cheap plaster behind me. I dove onto the stair banister and slid down it, coming off at the bottom and firing six shots at my attacker. I ran down the next flight, jumping 4 or 5 steps at a time, my heart beating with the rhythm of my jumps. I rapidly reached the 4 floor, and smashed the door. I ran through the apartment, and through a bedroom with a couple having sex. I ran straight past them, obviously surprised and angered by the disturbance. They wouldn't be expecting the two pursuers.


I smashed a window in the hosue, and the man who got out of bed was barged aside by the two armed black men, who where hot on my tail. One kick later and one of them was out cold, and I jumped onto the fire escape, a full 4 floors from the ground. Tanom thug #2 ran at me with a knife. I kicked him, then flipped back nad ran down the fire escape, until I reached the 2nd floor. With him breathing down my neck, I vaulted the barrier and landed hard on the grass below. Spinning back to my feet, I fired the remainder of the clip into the man, and he fell off the 3rd storey fire steps, breaking his neck on the ground below.


I ran around panting, and grabbed my Bati 800, revved the engine and sped away, driving down and over the makeshift ramp on the side of the estate, flying forward and hitting the tarmac, my heart now in rythm with the gear changes. I speed away from Northwood, down the highway and towards Bohan. I was hitting 180MPh, swerving left and rigth all around. I was only when I got to the Torres builing (the project we ran) when I realised I was covered in sweat, and my whole body was sore.


I guess that's what free running does to you. The climb up the stairs to Carlos Santiago's apartment was long, but it gave me time to slow my breathing. I entered the apartement, and his sister Maria was cooking food (it didn't help I and just about everyone had the hots for her). I said hell oand rushed over to Carlos, who was watching South American football.


"Carlos," I said, panting.

"What do you want? Was it the cops again?" He asked, turning the volume down on the TV, which he had been shouting at every time his team conceded a goal.

"No, something else. M.O.B. I went to collect our cash from Dez. He was there, but someone else was collecting already. I told them to f*ck off, and that that was our turf, but they puuled out guns and chased me. I had a hell of a time chasing them." I said, and his expression changed from cool interst to anger.


"Bastards! They'll pay, Northwood has always been our turf!"

"Yeah, but they're at war with Dwayne Forge, you know, North Holland Crew. Dez paid protection to us and Dwayne, and now M.O.B think they can do this!" I said.

It was clear where this was going. I knew it, Carlos knew it. Even Maria, who tried to stay out of our business, knew what was about to happen.


It was going to get bloody.


Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Edited by El Zilcho

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Alqonquin Triad

Chapter 1:the beginning part one


Before I begin my story let me tell you a little about the Algonquin Triads. In the triad group there are division we call family. In the Algonquin triad there are three families. Let me begin with the family I’m currently in which is the Jaoming family. The Jaoming family is led by Hsin jaoming and his son Chan Jaoming. We the Jaoming family are the most powerful family in Algonquin and we are usually the ones who does drug trades with the customers like angel of death and Korean mob. The triad family that is right below us is the Lee family which is under the command of Wu “Kenny” Lee. And the last triad ground is the Ming family which is controlled by Zhou Ming.


Usually we all seem like one happy family but really we are all rivals competing to be in power. To make sure that the family groups all stay in check and are well fed with money we devise a meeting for all three leaders to talk and work on …Things. These meeting are usually very secretive and nobody beside the leaders and their most trusted member know. The locations for these meeting are often chosen in random and this time it happened to be in the Chinese arcade. And this is where my story begins.


I leaned against the wall as I casually glanced outside taking in all the detail of the weather. ‘Rain dropping on ground, rain dropping on car, rain dropping on delivery van across the street…’ I could go on but it would be boring listening to what I’m thinking right? Anyways, today has been a very slow day for the arcade which means that we didn’t any customers. However since this is the freaking arcade we should at least have some customers. I sighed heavily putting all of my breath into exhale as I watch the clock. Suddenly my friend and co-worker Lin came out of the washroom door just zipping up his fly. He looked at me and asked: “why the sad face my friend?”


“This is not a sad face.” I looked with a bored expression and replied: “this is an incredibly bored face.”

He walked over and patted me on the back and told me happily “cheer up, great thing will happen today.”


I looked at his 28 year old face and give him the yea right face. All of a sudden I hear the door open and saw a lot of people wearing black suits coming in. I immediately recognize one of them to be the powerful triad leader Hsin Jaoming. I gasp as I saw the rest of the powerful triad leader walking up and I realized what this is. I could suddenly feel the tension in the air as the leaders walked pass me. The air felt incredibly heavy I almost couldn’t breathe. All the leaders one by one walked into the backroom. The backroom is exactly like a miniature casino because it is the main place to gather for gambling or in this case a meeting. As Hsin’s son, Chan, walked pass me he bow in respect and said: “Be on the lookout, I have a bad feeling about this.”


“Will do sir.” I coughed while bowing back in respect while trying to calm myself down.

He looked at me and chuckled as he continues into the room leaving two bodyguards outside. I looked at Ling and joked: “that was so tense I think I’m going to wet myself.”

He then asked in a humorous tone: “Oh really?”

“Yea really.” I said sarcastically as I walked toward the washroom. “But I really do need to go take a leak.”


Mean while outside in the delivery van an Italian man raised up his self phone and informed his superior: “Hello sir the triad leaders all went in to the building.”

“So the information was correct.” The man behind the phone said with a strong voice. “Then get ready to take them out.”


“Yes sir.” The Italian man replied quickly with an unsure tone. “But sir how did you obtain the information.”

“For my sake will you stop asking me questions!” The man yelled form behind the phone. “I don’t tell you how to do your job do I?”

“A-a-aactually sir you --” the Italian man stuttered but was interrupted immediately by the other man behind the phone “Oh shut up and shot yourself”

“Sorry, mister pegorino, sir.” The Italian man quickly replied.

“Look. I got my information from somebody okay?” Mr.Pegorino sighed and told him. “Is that enough to satisfy your curiosity so you won’t be giving me a bigger head ache as it is?”

“I’m very sorry sir and—“the man continued but was once again stopped by the frustrating pegorino. “OH CAN YOU JUST STOP YOUR YAPPING AND GET A MOVE ON THINGS.”

The Italian man looked behind him and towards his fellow crew member. He glanced at everyone in the eyes and asked: “Are you guys ready?”

Everyone in the back was armed with all sorts of weapons. They all give the Italian man a stare and nodded their head. The Italian man said quietly in the phone. “We are starting now.”


Suddenly the car’s door opened and out came about 8 men armed and dangerous. Then a man with a long beard yelled out: “let’s kill some f*cking Asian.”


To be continued…


AN: yea I know not a lot of action. But i need this to prepare for the next chapter. Also first chapter yeaaaaa. I hope it is good lol.

Edit: AN:add a sentence because i accidentally delete it. also first paragraph has a actual source but the second is mainly made up made up.

Edited by deathhunterex

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Chapter 6: Earn and Conquer




Episode 5: Re-education Through Labor



Things were not looking good for the M.O.B. Ever since we had that 10 billion dollars, our business had been going down. I thought money makes business.


I was sitting in my room in front of the 10 billion. I asked myself, "What the f*ck am I suppose to do with it?"

I got a call from Jermaine, "Hey Pack! Some Chinese Triads guys are in a gang war with us at Star Junction! Where the f*ck are you?"

"Relax Jermaine, I will be over in a minute."

I took my guns and told Lina who just got out of the shower, "Take care of the cash would you babe?"

"Sure thing Pack."


I got into my Sabre GT and drove to Star Junction. Star Junction is a great place for tourists so why the hell was a gang war there? I could already hear gunshots as I was arriving. Police were all over the place. I saw my homies, Cash X, Jermaine, Wheelman, Ruffer and some other M.O.B dudes. Cash X shouted at me, "Yo Pack! Stop sitting there and get out and kill somebody!"


I got out and I was almost shot. I took out my AK-47 and blind fired it. I did not know who I was shooting because I could not see sh*t. I got into cover and I saw some Chinese guys shooting at us. I asked Wheelman, "Why are we in a gang war with em'?

"They think it was us who kill one of their guys. f*ck it though, it's been a while since we had a gang war."

"If it's a gang war they want, it's a gang war they will get. C'mon my homies, lets send em' back to China to let them do their labor work again!"


It was 7 M.O.B homies VS 10 of those Chinese guys. One of my homies died during the shootout. Poor guy. I took out 5 of the Chinese guys just by shooting at them while the rest of the M.O.B took out the rest.

I told my M.O.B homies, "Alright, cops will be here in a minute so split up." I went out alone myself and drove with my Sabre GT away back to my apartment.


I parked my Sabre GT and then I was stunned. My apartment was burning down! I wasn't thinking about my apartment or the 10 billion, I was thinking about Lina. I ran upstairs to my apartment and slammed through the door. I shouted, "Lina! Where are you?!?" It was troublesome to find Lina with the intense heat and the suffocating smoke all around.

I heard Lina whimpering, "Here....here...." I found here lying motionless on the floor.

"Lina, I'm gonna get you outta here. You will be alright okay?" I carried her and rushed out of my apartment. I got outside to the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts and put Lina down.


Ruffer came and I noticed he was shot. Ruffer said, "The Ancelottis came and wiped us out hard. Do not know why they came though."

Lina then woke up and said weakly, "They came for 10 billion..."

I then said, "That f*cking 10 billion! That sh*t is cursed! Did they stole it?"

"Yes they did. They also sho...." Lina then was knocked out. I then realized Lina was also shot.

"Lina please don't die on me! Don't!"

"I love you Pack." Lina eyes then closed. She was dead.


Ruffer, who was still injured, came up to me and said, "I'm sorry Pack. Lina was a great girl. We will hit the Ancelottis hard!"

"You bet I will!"

I sped off without saying a word and leaving Ruffer behind. I was going to take the Ancelottis down myself.


I went to every single mobster in Liberty City and tried to make them squeak of telling me which Ancelottis burned down my apartment and killed Lina. One guy talked when I pointed my gun at him, "Don't kill me! He's at the SuperStar Cafe. You will see 6 Ancelottis mobsters there. They are the ones, not me!" I could not give a damn and I just shot that coward in the face.


I headed to the SuperStar Cafe and found some mobsters. I killed every single on of them. I shot each of them many times until I was satisfied. The 10 billion dollars was there and I took it along with me but the problem is, nothing will bring back Lina. I got out and a car pulled up in front of me. A guy came out and said, "I'm sorry for your loss."

"Who the f*ck are you?"

"I am the boss of the Ancelottis. I really didn't want anybody to die while stealing that 10 billion."

"Then why the f*ck did your guys kill her!"

"They are my guys but I can't always control them. I just told them to get the cash and leave everything else. Again, I'm really sorry."

"f*ck it." I then walked away with the 10 billion.

"Wait." That guy then took out a gun and pointed it at me. "I want the 10 billion."

"You can have it. This sh*t's cursed." I threw the cash at him and headed back to the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts.


I saw Lina being loaded up into an ambulance. Some paramedics had already treated Ruffer of his gunshots. Ruffer said to me, "Lina is dead. I'm really sorry."

"No need to be sorry."

"Well the M.O.B will be here for you always."

"I can't roll with you guys anymore."

"Why not?"

I then walked away and paused for a while before a said something,



"I'm out of the game."

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El Zilcho

A Little Game: Chapter 4


I was sitting behind a dumpster, AK in hand. We tracked down one of the M.O.B guys back here, and we were ready to strike. I was with Juan and Dez, the guy was paying us protection before being forced to pay up for the M.O.B. He was a low life smack dealer who operated in a run down apartment in Northwood, full of smack whores and muggers desperate for a hit. While we all hated his guts, he paid us well so we didn't shot him. Yet.


"There they are!" He said, the distinctive iritating high pitch voice of his rang in my ears, and I immediately recognised the guy who was chasing me that day, the one I knocked out cold. I rolled out and put three rounds into his legs. He fell down, bleeding. He pulled out his 9mm, but I skillfully shot it out of his hands, and it fell to the ground. I walked up to him.


"You low-life f*cking degenerate! You try muscle in on the Torres Cartel, and you gang bangers think you can get away with it? Well, we ain't run by no lesbo-bitch anymore, and we aren't and never where no push overs!" I shouted, putting the AK to his head.


"Hey, f*ck you man. This cartel bullsh*t don't mean nothin'! We're homies, we hang for each other! I'm telling you, Pack gonna make you pay for this..."


I smashed the AK on his head, and then hit him again.


"You think we don't care for one another? Well, we do. And I'll tell you something, what I'm about to do, it's just business." I slung the AK onto my shoulder, and took out my Revolver. I emptied5 of it's 6 bullets, and handed it to him. I grabbed my AK and pointed it to his head once again.


"I'll give you one more chance. Stand down, give us our rackets back. No one needs to die today."


"F*ck off, spic bastard!" He shouted, spitting venomusly at me.


"What's your name dickwad!" I shouted.


"It's Cash X, don't you ever forget it bitch!" He said loudly. I hit him over the head again, and put the revolver to his head. I left him holding it, pointing to his temple. I spoke again.


"I'll let you live. But first your gonna play a little game. In that revolver, there is one bullet missing. Just 1. You are gonna pull the trigger, and you'll either blast your brains onto this brick wall, or you'll survive and go home. It's up to you. And if you choose not to take the risk, I'll slice your nose off? Comprende?" I was getting angrier by the minute.


He looked at the gun in his hands, and then at the knife. He put the gun to his temple, and after the longest 30 seconds of his life, he pulled the trigger.




He sighed, and Me, Juan and Dez started to walk away. Not before he shouted another utterance.


"Take this you spic pricks!" He unloaded into Juan and Dez. I spun around, and fired into his face, unloading and turnig it into a bloody mess. I kept firing long after he passed away, due to pure rage. When I was finished, he was hardly identifable. I walked over to Juan. He was dead. So was Dez. I siged and kicked the wall in anger, almost weeping. Then I heard the sirens. I jumped onto my Bati 800 and sped away, the sounds of the city in my ears.

Edited by El Zilcho

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Since I only got one vote in the "Kill Mark Toro or Joey Toro" poll I'll have to kill Joey. Becouse the one who votes wanted him gone.





Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 29: El Toro!


I was sitting at my favorite table at Drusilla's early in the morning. The whole night I was up and tried to decide who I was gonna kill, Mark or Joey. Now I had finally decided, I picked up my cellphone and called Mark's house.


"Meet my outside your nephews house in 20 minutes." I said.

"Got it." Mark said and hung up.


I got into my PMP 600 and drove over to Joey's house in Acter. When I got there I saw Mark's old Emperor car parked at the other side of the road. I parked up behind him and got to his carwindow. Through the wondow of Joey's house I could see Joey sitting in his livingroom, watching his big ass flatscreen tv.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked Mark.

"It should be me who does it, I'm his uncle." Mark said and loaded his gun.

"Alright then." I said.


Mark got out from his car and walked towards Joey's house. Mark seemed to have a key to his nephews house, he didn't even rang the doorbell, he just walked in. I took a look at the window again, I could see how Mark walked into the livingroom and shot Joey 4 times. Blood was all over the window when Mark got out from the house. Mark and me bailed before anyone could call the cops. The same afternoon back at Drusilla's, me Johnny and Benny Jr. was watching televison. When it was time for the news they mentioned the murder of Joey Toro. The police believed that he was murdered by rival criminal gang or mafia family.


"So you choosed Joey afterall. I think it was a wise decision, that Joey was a real slimeball." Johnny said.

"Yeah, but the money he earned in his age..." Benny. Jr filled in.

"Well now it's done. So Benny, any news about your father?" I asked.

"Nah same as before." Benny answered with a sad expression on his face.


Just when I was about to tell Benny that his father probably would make it, Sally Boy Florente and a man I didn't knew rushed in the restaurant. It seemed to be urgant.


"Salvatore Florente! Who's your friend?" I asked and hugged Sally Boy.

"Hey Al. It's not a friend, it's a business partner. He owns a small plumber firm and has a problem with a family who don't want to pay for the work he have done." Sally Boy explained.

"How come?" I asked.

"Only a day after I was there their pipes were broke again, but I told them that it wasn't my problem anymore." The plumber named Eric said.

"Eric promised us 25% of his business if we helped him out." Sally Boy said.

"Alright then. Come on Sally, we're going to pay a visit to this family who won't pay." I said.


Me and Sally Boy got into my PMP 600. First we headed to an animalshop in Alderney City, we bought us a dog. Then we headed to a butchershop that we owned where we killed the dog and teared out it's heart. We then headed to the family's house in Leftwood and put the heart in their mailbox. The next day at Drusilla's, Eric the plumer came to visit again. Me, Johnny and Sally Boy showed him into our backroom.


"So, did the family pay?" Sally Boy asked Eric.

"Yeah thanks to you they payed double." Eric said.

"Good, becouse 25% ain't gonna happend. We want 50%." I said.

"I can't believe this, yesterday you said 25%." Eric said and looked chocked.

"We changed our mind." Johnny said.

"What else can I do, but it's half my company." Eric said.

"Sorry, but it was you who come to us, remember?" I said.


Now we owened 50% of the company Eric's Plumbing Service. I got the feeling that it was going to be a great source of income for me and my crew.


Chapter 29 end.


Chapter 30 coming soon...





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Build Up Your Gang

El Zilcho: Chapter 3: $38, chapter 4: $39. I really liked chapter 4, but it was too much f*ck and bullsh*t. Less of that and you will earn more money.


deathhunterex: That was a very good start, sure it was a bit slow but it's just becouse you need a solid ground to writing on. I remember that myself. You get $42 Keep up the good work icon14.gif


mrpain: Holy sh*t man, I got to say that this story was your best ever. The storytelling was amazing and your use of grammar was better than ever. I just got to ask, was this your last story? It seemed like that when you wrote "I'm out of the game" Well I hope not, I liked your stories. You get $46 for your chapter.


Rated by Rucke

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El Zilcho
El Zilcho: Chapter 3: $38, chapter 4: $39. I really liked chapter 4, but it was too much f*ck and bullsh*t. Less of that and you will earn more money.



Thanks. I was trying to convey the anger and hatred by the fould language.

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Build Up Your Gang



Chapter 28: $44; the choose-the-fate thing at the end was a brilliant addition.

Chapter 29: $41.


-- rated by radicell

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mrpain: Holy sh*t man, I got to say that this story was your best ever. The storytelling was amazing and your use of grammar was better than ever. I just got to ask, was this your last story? It seemed like that when you wrote "I'm out of the game" Well I hope not, I liked your stories. You get $46 for your chapter.



Well you did say I needed to write a longer story and that was the best story I have ever wrote. Maybe my next chapter will be my last for the M.O.B and then I will switch gangs.




Chapter 8: Out But Not Finished



Episode 1: Before I Forget



I was sitting in the Comrades Bar in Hove Beach. I was out of the M.O.B but before I forget them, I might as well see Roy Zito and informed him of the situation.


I called Roy to meet me at the Comrades Bar. I met him there and I said, "I'm out."

"Out of what?" Roy asked.

"Out of everything."

"Lina's dead right? I'm sorry but do not blame this on yourself."

"Who else is there to blame?"

"Look I respect the decision of you leaving the M.O.B but can you do me a favor?"

"Anything for you Roy."

"I need you to kill a guy who owes me money. His name is Tizo and he works at the bank in Middle East Park."

"Alright I will do this but you gotta do me a favor too."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Take care of my M.O.B homies."


I took my Sabre GT and headed to the bank. Lucky I still have my weapons with me so it was going to be easy but without my M.O.B homies, it felt uncomfortable. I parked outside the bank and walked in with my pistol in my back pocket. I saw a banker with the name tag 'TIZO' and I figured that was the guy. I walked up to him and asked, "You Tizo?"

"Yeah, that's me. Would you like to make a deposit or a withdraw?"

"I would like to make a kill." I then took out my gun and fired him in the face. I ran out and fled with my Sabre GT.


As I was driving away, some Ancellotis were chasing after me for some reason. I called Roy, "Hey what the hell? Ancellotis are after me!"

"sh*t Pack. I think Tizo was working for them. You gotta lose them somehow."

I really wish I had not done this favor.


There were 6 cars of them. It was just me in the car vs 6 other cars. I was pissed that I did not have anybody with me. I used any alleyways I saw and tried to lose them. They were still chasing after me. I had no choice but to give up and get out of the car to kill them all. I came out of the car with my AK-47 and blasted them all. The Ancellotis then got out and shot me in the leg.


I was lying motionless in my car. A guy, who looked familiar came up to me and asked, "Remember me? The boss of the Ancellotis who took the 10 billion?"

"Oh you! What do you want?"

"Unfortunately you kill a guy who was keeping the 10 billion."


"So I do not have the cash now! You are gonna get it from me!"

"How the f*ck am I suppose to do that?"

"Find Tizo's apartment and search it or I don't f*cking know?"

"Fine I will do it."

"Good lad. Here's my phone number, call me when you have it."


The Ancellotis drove away while I just sat in the car wishing I had not done this favor.


Ruffer called me, "Um Pack, wassup. The M.O.B are having trouble with the Torres Cartel and we kinda need your help."

"I'm out of the M.O.B remember?"

"Please just do this once for us?"

"Alright I will. See ya in a bit."

"Oh and we got a bad news about one of us."

"Somebody is dead?"

"Yes. Cash X is dead."


Great now I have two problems in my hands .I thought I was already out of the game. Well right now I'm Out But Not Finished.

Edited by mrpain

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Build Up Your Gang

mrpain: That was an okay chapter, $40.


Rated by Rucke

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El Zilcho

Ancelotti Alliance: Chapter 5


I walked out of the apartment, sipping on a can of E-Cola. The night was warm and I was going out, to Club Liberty. Perhaps to meet a girl, or just get drunk out of my head. As I walked down the steps, three Itlian looking guys stepped out of the thick shadows, their dark suits matching the background like camoflage.


"Who are you?" I said, surprised and slightly unnevered by the unexpected visitors.


"I'm Jimmy Latecio. This is Paulie "Donut" Burrio, and that's Giovanni Spoleto. We've been sent by Old Man Ancelotti. We'd like to talk to you." They looked serious, waiting for a reply with furrowed brows and stern looks of business on their faces.


"About what?" I asked, standing back a little.


"Business, please come with us. And don't worry, if we wanted you dead or with a gun to your head, you'd be there already." They looked serious. So I follwed them down the stairs in grim silence, follwing them. When we reached the ground, a black PMP 600 with a matte black paint job, and tinted windows. Not to mention the spoiler at the back.


We drove for a few minutes before I was suddenly frisked and then the talking began.


"You are Adriano Ortega, correct?" Paulie said, munching on a donut.


"Yeah. But I'm not the leader of the Torres Cartel. Second in Command, you should really be talking to Carlos. You know, Mr Santiago. I don't have the power to deal business with you guys. Not yet, at least." I said.


"We considered doing that, but we came across you first. You seem reasonable and all, I mean we've heard that you ran the Sanchez's out of town, and that's an achievement. You've probably heard the Ancelotti's are on the decline, not anymore. We're planning a "comeback" and your the perfect supplier, you bring in the drugs, we sell 'em. You could back hundreds of thousands. You could be big time." Giovanni was also looking serious, laying back in the left seat, smoking.


I'd heard about his uncle, Tony Black. The guy who got blown up in a car bomb. After the Ancelotti's were on rough ground with the Albanians, Giovanni barely avoided war. He had huge street cred.


"So, will you consider it?" Jimmy spoke again.


"Ok. I'll put it through to Carlos, I'm sure he'll accept," I turned my attention to the streets "Um, I was planning on going to Club Liberty, could you drop me off here?" They stopped the car, and I reached over to exit. Giovanni stoped me.


"One last thing, I heard your having problems with some gangbangers? You know, M.O.B?" He said, putting his cigarette out on the crystal ash tray.


"That's correct. What about it?" I said, looking at them suspicously again.


"We've had a considerable amount of money stolen, and we think some rat bastard called Tizo was responsible. This cash has changed hands more than a Chase Point hooker, and we had this guy called Pack go look for it at his apartment. The think is, we don't trust him."


"Why? Listen man, M.O.B is business. I don't wanna make it anymore personal than it already is," I was lying, they killed Juan. But infront of these guys, I wanted to act casual. "I don't need to get more involved with them."


"No one is going to know, all you have to do is go to Tizo's apartment, get the briefcase of bearer bonds, and wait for this Pack guy. He walks in, you pop him in the head. Capiche?" He said, taking a sip from the mini bar.


"Ok, but what's in it for me?"


"$600,000. Is that enough?" he said, almost as if that amount of money was nothing.


"Ok, I'll do it." I stepped out of the car, and they drove away. What was I thinking! Ambushing the M.O.B again? They wouldn't be happy. I tried to get it al out of my head as I stepped into the club for a night of women, and booze...

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Ancelotti Alliance: Chapter 5






"No one is going to know, all you have to do is go to Tizo's apartment, get the briefcase of bearer bonds, and wait for this Pack guy. He walks in, you pop him in the head. Capiche?" He said, taking a sip from the mini bar.



I will meet you in the apartment then biggrin.gif




Oh and my last story was the 30th story so why didnt I get a $100 bonus?



Chapter 8: Out But Not Finished




Episode 2: Duality



I was still talking to Ruffer on the phone, "Cash X is really dead huh?"

"Yeah, poor dude. He was killed by some of the Torres Cartels f*ckers. Could you help us out man?"

"I will Ruffer. I gotta take care of one thing first."

"Alright we will be waiting."


sh*t most M.O.B homies are dead. First it was Loud Dogg, then the rat SamO, then my love Lina and now it was Cash X. I won't be surprised of who would go down next.


I called Roy Zito and asked, "Hey Roy. Cash X is dead."

"Yeah sorry about that Pack. We heard about it. We will keep a closer eye on the M.O.B."

"Cool. Yo did you know where was Tizo's apartment?"

"It's at Little Italy in Columbus Avenue. You will see a building with apartments in it and his apartment is at the door in the end on the 4th floor. Why?"

"Long story. Thanks anyway."


I headed to Little Italy. As I was there, I drove past by Drusillas, an Italian restaurant. I saw Benny Marcone, the boss of the Pegorinos in there. I had too much history with the Pegorinos so I just carried on driving. I was at the building and just outside the apartment's door. I got ready my pistol and was about to slam through the door. But the door was already unlocked.


I was suspicious. Who does not bother to lock their door? I went in with my pistol loaded. I saw a briefcase opened. It had 10 billion in it. There was something strange of the briefcase, it was like it was waiting for me. Just when I was about to take the briefcase, shots were opened on me. "Business is business." The guy shooting me said.


There was only one guy in the room. I was taking in some heavy fire. I blind fired at that guy back. I hated the 10 billion. Everytime I am near it, it is always bad luck to me. So I decided to get rid of it once and for all. I took out a molotov and threw it on the 10 billion dollars. The guy who was shooting me said, "What the f*ck are you doing?"

"I'm wiping out my bad luck." The money was burning. The 10 billion is gone and I was happy.


I left the guy in the apartment and drove back to East Holland.

I called the boss of the Ancelottis, "Hey this the boss? This is Pack."

"How the f*ck are you still alive?"

"So you sent that guy for me eh? Well he's still alive but the cash is gone. It has gone to hell."

"f*ck you. You will pay for this."

"Yay I will pay a bullet into our head."


I hanged up and drove to East Holland to see my M.O.B homies back. I went to the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts. There lay the body of Cash X. Ruffer came up to me and said, "He tried but he failed. He killed one of the Torres Cartels guys but another shot him. They played a little game of a lucky bullet with him and then he got shot."

"Everybody is dying now."

"I noticed that too. So what we gonna do?"

"What do you mean WE? I'm no longer with you guys anymore right?"

"I thought you were helping us?"

"I am but that does not mean I'm joining back the M.O.B. Let's take some Torres Cartel motherf*ckers down!"


We got into my Sabre GT and drove to the Bohan Community Center. Ruffer was telling me all kinds of sh*t that went dont after I left the M.O.B. Jermaine became the leader back, having troubles with the Torres Cartel and something about Wheelman that his mother just died.


We reached the place. I could already see some Torres Cartel guys hanging out at the Burger Shot nearby.

I told Ruffer, "Let's hit em'. It will be a smooth one."

"Whatever you say my boss."

"I'm no longer your boss remember?"

"Oh sorry. I was used to it."


I took out my Uzi and walked calmly into the Burger Shot. A guy noticed us and said, "Hey Dez, M.O.Bitches are here."

Dez then walked up to us and said, "The f*ck you doing here for? Sad we killed you friend?"

I said, "I'm not sad, I'm pissed!" I took out my Uzi killing all the Torres Cartel guys in the Burger Shot. Dez was left.


Ruffer had no idea whether his pistol had any ammo left. I asked Ruffer to play the little game one Dez.

Ruffer said, "Alright Dez, wanna play a little game?"

"No I beg you! Please!"

Ruffer pulled the trigger but no bullet came out.

I then told Dez, "He maybe has no ammo, but I do." I then sprayed bullets on Dez's legs. Dez was still alive but he just laid there.

"Listen Dez, if you mess with the M.O.B guys again, you will be dead."


Ruffer and me got back to the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts and played some basketball.

As we were playing, Ruffer asked, "So Pack, you gonna join back?"

"I don't know. If I join back, I'm afraid more homies will die."


But if I don't join back, I will have no life.

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El Zilcho

Burning Desire: Chapter 6


I walked into the apartment in the shabby area of Little Italy. It smelled of strong aftershave and I looked around in the room. There were some bags, clothes. Looks like this Tizo was packing, and some plane tickets to Las Venturas were on his bed. Clever f*cker was going on holiday, and with about $10 billion too! I walked over to the case on the floor, but then I heard someone carefully walking up the stairs. I was a slow, deliberate step, this guy knew what he was doing.


The door opened and I ducked behind the kitchen counter. He stepped to pick it up, he was someone from M.O.B. I gritted my teeth and said "Business is Business!" and opened fire with my Uzi. It sprayed along the back wall and barely missed his head. He dove back, and made short work of hiding behind the door on the otherside. I unloaded into it but he moved again, taking advantage of my reload and grabbing the case.


He was blind firing behind the bed, and as I popped back up and wlaked across to get a better angle, I heard a lighter ignite and a molotov smash. The case was in flames and the M.O.B gang member kicked it forward.


"What the f*ck are you doing!" I shouted.

"I'm wiping out my bad luck." With that, he ran past me and towards the door. I sprayed the entire clip and barely avoided showering him in lead. I ran forward to take down the idiot who ruined my pay check, but not before Mr Tizo's bottle of Brandy ignited and blocked my path to the door. Flames were spreading and I spashed a window to the left, walking down the fire escape. I saw him driving away, and fired down from the steps, but to no avail.


"Damn it! Cabrone!" I was shouting and cursing, took out my phone and called Giovanni Spoleto.


"Listen man, the money's burned, that guy you sent me to kill, he burned it."

"He what!" Gio was fuming, shouting down the phone.

"He burnt it. Said something about bad luck, listen we still gotta work together? I'm getting some drugs in and I can still deal with ya right?"

"Yeah, just don't f*ck up again!" He hung up.


A few hours later, I was called to the Burger Shot by Carlos. He said he wanted to show me something.


"Look at this prick, it's Dez." He said, his expressinos were clouded by his anger and the setting sun.

"Yeah, what about him."

"He got himself shot. I think he set us up," Carlos said, I knew Dez never had the balls to call the M.O.B to set us up, he didn't betray anyone. But everyone would betray him, they hated him. I was sure Carlos was glad the M.O.B rolled into town and popped him. Dez was knocked out cold.


Carlos was changing everyday, getting more and more embroiled in business. He took the gun and blasted Dez. After all, times were changing. I left the scene and walked home, to find three messages. The first said the Ancelotti's wanted some of the cocaine we were shipping in next week, and the second said Maria wanted a date! Score! But the third surprised me, D-Ice had gone round to some M.O.B guys house, didn't find him and popped his mom instead.


Now the M.O.B were gonna make this a vendetta, and that wasn't good.


Kinda short, I know. I think I can buy and sell drugs now, so if I get enough money from these last two chapters, can I purhcase 3.5 Grams of Cocaine, and this is only if I get over $52 from these two stories, which I may get. Thanks.

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Build Up Your Gang

El Zilcho: I still think your stories are a bit short, but you got a good storyline that is interesting to fallow. Chapter 5: $37, chapter 6: $39.


mrpain: Many grammar problems in your last chapter but you also got an intersting storyline. Chapter 31: $39.


Rated by Rucke


Edit: El Zilcho: 3.5 gram cocaine bought. $273 - $250.

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Wow, nice to see all this activity, I'll write one up after and sell that smack.

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El Zilcho

Wheelin' 'N' Dealin': Chapter 7


Me, D-Ice, Doc Juarez and Carlos all exited the old Gang Burrito van, and walked over to the "Morning Glory" cargo ship. It had recently come from Colombia, where some big shot had grow some grade A Cocaine. It then was taken to Vice City, and then here. Although we believed that it may well have been tampered with at Vice, we trust the Ancelotti's buyers to be telling the truth, or the Italians would make them pay. D-Ice and Juarez watched the docks while me and Carlos came onto the deck tentatively and spoke with the sellers.


"Ah, Mr Santiago and Mr Ortega, it is so good to see you. In fact, I'm elated. I believe we will both prosper from this deal, no?" He seemed like your quintesential Cuban greaseball gangster, with his tropical shirt and expensive jeans hiding his ruthlessness. We both nodded and showed him the money, making his eyes light up. We took the cocaine and loaded it onto the Burrito, and waited for the buyer to jesture to us before we left.


"I didn't like the look of that guy, he looked like some major Cabrone.I don't wanna work with again," he turned to me again, "what was his name?"


"Sanchez." I said, paying little attention to Carlos' paranoid ramblings and looking out the window.


"Are you listening?"


"Hey Carlos, would you shut up! It's the coke, ain't it? Messing with your brain. I mean you got the pussy, money and the life you could never have got anyother way and all you care about is complaining and complaining and saying who is gonna be the next guy to f*ck us over. Your getting as bad as Elizabeta, and while I appreciate your care and attention paid to business, just chill! We don't want another pyscho bitch and hopefully we won't get one, comprende?" I finished my flusttered monologue.


"Wow, that was a lot. If I was you I would be careful who your talking too, I'm boss, el numero uno! I give the orders, your my second in command so don't bullsh*t me! Come on, your my amigo, let's not argue. Let's do this deal and enjoy the money." He was being reasonable, so I nodded and we left the car, to be greeted by Paulie "Donut".


"Hey, you guys ready to deal." We replied yes and the deal went underway. He exchanged the money and made a tidy profit, and Donut commented,


"Gio was right about you, you guys are solid people. Look forward to working with you again." We walked away, and left the old warehouse, to return to Bohan. But not before we stopped off at Firefly Projects Crack Den.


"What we doing here?" Carlos jestured to the M.O.B over there. Somewhere between 35-40 were all at a large party in the den, and the surrounding rooms on the 3 floor of the tenement. We took some grenades and molotovs. Doc Juarez took a metal bar and D-Ice did the same, the blocked the front and rear entrances; no one was getting out of there.


We stood back, and threw about 10 fire bombs and grenades into the windows of the Den, and it caught fire like a tinderbox. Screams were heard and soon the whole 3rd floor was ablaze. After a minute an explosion was casued by the gas supply, and a fireball sept threw the top 2 floors, 4th and 5th. The 2nd floor was filled with desperate M.O.B members, calombering out. We took our 9mm and Uzi's and fired at them, forcing them back in and killing many more. More fire followed into the second floor.


The last suriving M.O.B members ran to the first floor, but found the entrance blocked, Juarez, opened one door and allowed us to blast about 10 of them. Shutting it again, we threw more molotovs threw the windows and saw as they covered the whole tenement block in orange fire, lighting upthe dark cold night. We waited 5 minutes as the building started to collpse and break before the sirens neared. We finished our work and left, just before a huge gas explosion rippled though the building, collapsing the top floor and throwing black smoke out.


When we arrived at Elizabeta's apartment, I had a distinct bad feeling in my stomach. Burning people alive wasn't cool; I was actually feeling remorse. I slipped into sleep easily enough, but had dreams of flaming buildings, and screams of death...

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