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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang IV

Recommended Posts


Pegorino Crime Family



Chaper 24: Light at the end of the tunnel


The big day had finally come. Today we were going to strike down on Frans the jew once and for all. I had heard from my police source in Algonquin that Frans was going to be moved through the Booth Tunnel at one a clock. That meant that we still had some time to organize everything together. When we were done we got out to the cars that Terry and Sally Boy was gonna drive. The group in Terry's car that included me, Dog and Benny Jr. was gonna focus on killing Frans while Sally Boy's group that included Johnny and Chucky was gonna highjack the police van and kill the driver. All the members in both groups had an handsfree so we could communicate with each other.


"You need to slow down a bit Sally, we don't want to be early." I said while talking to Sally Boy in the handsfree when we reached the Star Junction district.

"Albert, we see the police convoy. How close shall we stick?" Sally Boy asked.

"Stick right behind the last police car, when you get into the tunnel you need to drive up next to the van so Johnny and Chucky can highjack it." I explained.


Sally Boy pulled his car right behind one of the police cars. Terry pulled behind Sally Boy's car while Dog, Benny and me loaded our guns. Our plan was to hit the police van hard from behind to destroy the backdoor. When we got in the Booth Tunnel Sally Boy did as instructed, he did a drived by one of the police cars and pulled next into the police van. Meanwhile Terry DiMarco started to knock his car into the back of the police van. The police car behind us started to shoot on us. Dog pulled out his shotgun and blasted a couple of times on the police car, killing the driver. The police car exploded against the wall of the tunnel.


"That police van is hard as steel. I don't know how much more of this knocking I can do." Terry said.

"Just keep on doing it. It will get easier when Johnny is done with the highjacking." I said.


It looked like Sally Boy had got into some trouble with the other police car. That problem was solved quickly when the group did a drive-by on the remaining police car. Sally Boy pulled the car next to the door of the van, Johnny and Chucky tore up the door of the van and tried to highjack it. In the same moment Terry managed to break the backdoor of the police van. Me, Dog and Johnny jumped from Terry's car into the van. I could hear gunshots from the driver cabin. It seeed like Johnny and Chucky had managed to kill the driver since the van slowed down near the end of the tunnel. I could even see the light now. Dog and Benny Jr. shot the police guys guarding Frans. Frans looked confused and scared when he saw my face. I shot him once in the head with my gun. We got back to our respective cars and got out of there. I was relieved that Frans now wasn't gonna be able to testify against me anymore.


"You all did a very good job today, you deserve a lapdance." I said when we parked the cars outside Honkers.

"You ain't coming?" Dog Corella asked.

"Nah I catch up with you later. I gonna meet my girlfriend." I said.


I knew Cloe finished work early today at Tony Vario's brothel, where she worked so I headed up to Alderney City. When I got there Tony Vario said that she just left.


"She told me that someone was gonna pick her up, I figured that maybe it was you but obviously not." Tony explained.

"Did you see what kind of car she was picked up in?" I asked.

"Yeah a grey Washington." Tony said.


That didn't say me anything, I knew many people who owned a Washington. I headed to her house in Leftwood. When I got there I saw the grey Washinton parked up outside her garage. When I got closer I recognized who's car it was. It was Victor Martiano's.


Chapter 24 end.


Chapter 25 coming soon...







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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 25: Mario vs. Vario


I was sitting at one of the tables at Drusilla's, trying to organize the day together. But all I got inside my head was Vic Martiano's car outside my girlfriends house. Right now it felt like I wanted to kill them both. I told Benny about it and he wanted me, Vic, Joey Toro and for some strange reason Terry DiMarco at the backroom of Honkers later this day. He said he had worked out a plan for the problem me and Victor got. While I was continuing with the organizing of the day Tony Vario, the owner of the brothel where Cloe my girlfriend worked.


"Hey the king of ho's. What do you got on your mind?" I greeted Tony.

"Hey Albert. I'm sorry about that with your girlfriend, but that's not why I'm here." Tony started.

"Okay, then what?" I asked.

"The Faletti Brothers came to visit. The younger one, Luigi told me that he wanted to buy the brothel from me as compensation for that drugdealer you killed some weeks ago. They told me that it was that Ancelotti capo Mario Angelo's orders." Tony said.

"Nobody is going to buy you out, don't worry. I'm gonna talk to Mario and the Faletti brothers about this. Their request is reasonable." I said to Tony to cool him down a bit.


Later that day I got to the meeting at Honkers. I hoped that Vic would be punished for what he did. Steal another made members girlfriend means death, but I was sure Benny would not take it that far. When I got in the backroom everbody except Vic was there. After a few minutes he showed up.


"I guess you all know why we are here today." Benny started. "Victor I know that you have been creating some troubles around you and other people in the family. You put Phil's nephew, Frankie in a coma, you killed that Ancelotti drugdealer and now you have been with Albert's girlfriend."

"For the record, Albert helped me to kill that drugdealer so I don't know why he is ratting on me." Vic said.

"Anyway, I feel that you don't have what it takes to be a capo. I'm gonna let Terry DiMarco here step up until I think you can handle the job again." Benny said.


Vic left the backroom of Honkers with smashing the door. Now I understood why Benny wanted Terry to attend on the meeting, he was going to be the new capo over the Martiano crew while Vic had to step down. For my own sake Terry was much more easy to dealing with, we had got a good relationship since that hit on Frans the jew. We got out o the bar together and shared a drink with Joey Toro.


"This is great. I've looked forward this day for so long." Terry said.

"Just watch your back, I don't think Vic is happy about this situation." I told him.

"That guy is done. Honestly, force him to step down was for the best." Joey said.


The same night me and Tony Vario visited a nightclub in North Algonquin called The Meat Factory. The club was owned by Luigi Faletti, the younger brother of the Faletti brothers. We were going to meet Mario Angelo and the Faletti brothers in there. I tried to convince them that Tony's brothel was bringing in alot of money to the Pegorino's and that the compensation had to be something else. Mario did agree, he still wanted to buy brothel from us. When I got out from the club I got a phonecall from Benny. He wondered if I had seen Terry, he was missing from a meeting him would have. I told Benny that I not had seen Terry since the meeting.


The next day I got a call from Dog Corella.


"Yo, you heard about Tony Vario's brothel in Alderney City?" Dog asked.

"No what?" I asked.

"A bomb exploded. Your girlfriend, Tony Vario and everbody else in that place are dead." Dog said. "The bomb was probably set by Mario and The Faletti brothers.


Chapter 25 end.


Chapter 26 coming soon...





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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 26: Destruction


The Lower Algonquin construction, also called the CS Construction was finally finished. It was now over a year ago Jimmy Pegorino signed the contract with James Thorne about being a partner in the construction. Both my crew and the Martiano crew, det former La Villa crew maked alot of money during this year becouse of the construction. The game company Rockstar Games who buyed the office buildings we builded was throwing an opening party tomorrow night. Me, Benny, Terry and James Thorne was invited but Benny didn't have time to come, so there was only be three of us. Right now me, Benny, Phil Bell and Dog Corella was celebrating the finishing of the construction with a football evening at Benny's mansion. Missing was Terry DiMarco. He had been missing in two days, but we figured that he was home with his sick wife.


"Liberty City Giants are on top tonight." Phil said while we was looking at the game.

"Yeah they're doing pretty good." Dog said and grabbed a beer.

"Where the f*ck is Terry. I reminded him about this football evening a week ago." Benny said while he tried to call Terry.

"You think something might have happend?" I asked.

"Like what? You think Vic would kill his best friend just becouse I changed their positions? Vic knows better than that." Benny said.


We continued to look at the game, suddenly the news breaked in to report about a murder in vest Alderney. The police had found a man floating around in the water, near the shore in vest Alderney.


"The police has identified the man as Terence "Terry" DiMarco, a soldier, and parhaps a caporigime in the Alderney based Pegorino Crime Family." The news reporter said.

"Holy sh*t!" Dog said when he saw the news.

"You guys think it's Vic?" I asked.

"Honestly I don't know. But for now on I think the best thing to do is to promote Vic into the position of capo again. Until we have found out who the killer is." Benny said.

"But what if it's him?" Phil asked.

"Then we kill him." Benny said with a definite voice.


The next night at the opening party of Rockstar Games at the old construction site, me, James Thorne and Vic Martiano arrived in a limo. Becouse Vic was promoted to capo again and his crew was in charge of the construction he was welcomed to the party. I could hardly talk to Vic, all I got inside my head was that he banged my girlfriend and maybe killed Terry. At the party me and James Thorne tried to get away as far as possible from Vic.


"So you got any new plans now when the CS project is finished?" I asked James.

"Yeah actually I got a plan, I'm moving to Vice City this night. I got a plane waiting for me at Francis International, so I need to go early from the party." James said.

"No sh*t? Are you sure, becouse Benny said he might get into another construction project. We might need your help." I said.

"Albert, I've been making millions from this construction. It's time for me to retire." James said.


James and me were approached by Dan Houser, co-founder and VP of creative on Rockstar Games. He was carrying on something. It looked like one of those gaming consoles or whatever they were called.


"Hey guys I would like to give you these to show our gratitude towards you." Dan said with his english accent.

"What's that again?" I asked.

"Xbox 360 consoles with a copy of our best selling game, Grand Theft Auto IV." Dan said and looked at me like I was stupid.

"I don't play these things but I'll give it to my nephew. He loves this sh*t." I said and shaked Dan's hand to show my gratitude.

"Look Albert, I got to go. My plane is waiting for me." James Thorne said.

"Okay James. Thank you for all the work you shared with us. I'm sure Pegorino would be grateful if he was still alive. Take care of your self now." I said and hugged James goodbye.


Vic Martiano who now was drunk approached me some hours later. He had talked to Dan Houser and said that Dan had prepared a helicopter for us that would take us back to Alderney. We headed up to the roof of the 50 stories high skyscraper to wait for the helicopter. It was raining alot. Now when there was only two of us I decided to confront Vic about my girlfriend, Cloe and the Terry DiMarco murder.


"Was she any good my girlfriend?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"I told you I was sorry about that." Vic said. "And that explosion at the brothel wasn't my fault."

"No that wasn't your fault, but what about Terry DiMarco?" I asked.

"You think I got anything to do with that?" Vic asked. He now started to sound real angry.

"I didn't say anything." I said.

"You do think I killed Terry huh?" Vic screamed.


Without any warning Vic rushed against me and started to attack. He gave me a punch and then tried to push me of the roof. I was alot stronger than him so I pushed back. I gave him a couple of punches and a kick in the stomage. When he gave me another punch in the face I understood that I had to finish this. I pushed Victor Martiano of the roof of the Rockstar Games building. He fell with a scream, then it all became silence. All I could hear was the traffic. After a couple of minutes in the rain the helicopter arrived.


"I thought there was two of you?" The helicopter pilot said when he got out.

"It was awfull, he was drunk and fell." I said.

"Come on, we can call and ambulance from the helicopter." The pilot said.


Chapter 26 end.


Chapter 27 coming soon...

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Build Up Your Gang


Chapter 23: $43.

Chapter 24: $40.



Chapter 1: $34.



Chapter 24: $44.

Chapter 25: $42. $100 for multiple of 5 story.

Chapter 26: $47.


Rucke has been appointed staff member of BUYG! This is due to your dedication to BUYG, maturity, and quality writing skills. Congratulations and good luck. icon14.gif

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Okay people it's time to start writing! I'll rate your chapters every second day.


Help us increase BUYG's activity.

Edited by Rucke

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I'll write one up in wordpad once I get time on my hands icon14.gif ]

BTW: is $34 any good?

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BTW: is $34 any good?

For a first story, yes.

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Okay people it's time to start writing! I'll rate your chapters every second day.


Help us increase BUYG's activity.

Yeah finally an active BUYG staff. I wanna be one too sad.gif , just kidding.



Chapter 6: Earn and Conquer



Episode 1: What do you do with 10 billion dollars?



The M.O.B were just sitting at the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts thinking of the death of our former beloved leader, Loud Dogg. What a loss we had.


I gathered the M.O.B and opened up the suitcase that contained 10 billion dollars. Jermaine asked, "So what are we gonna do with it?"

I told him, "We earn and conquer with it. We will try to find business opportunities for the M.O.B. So my homies, are you all down for it?"

Everybody agreed.

Cash X then asked, "What we gonna do first?"

"The Pegorinos were partly responsible for the death of Loud Dogg. Unfortunately we do not have the arms to finish off the Pegorinos. I suggest we do some favors for the Gambettis and then we asked favor from them in return."


I called up Roy Zito and asked is there is any work to be done and he said, "Funny that you asked that because I have. I need you to rob a truck that's containing large amounts of cash."

"Sure. Which truck?"

"A Gruppe 6 truck. It is well guarded. It is located near the industrial area in Alderny. Just look for a lot of feds guarding a truck and you will have your truck. Good luck my boy."


I called Ruffer, Wheelman and Cash X. Wheelman took his Landstalker and drove with Cash X while I drove my Sabre GT with Ruffer. We saw lots of feds guarding a green truck. I saw the words 'Gruppe 6' on the truck. I told my homies, "Ok guys me and Ruffer will kill all the guards and lead them away from the truck with my Sabre GT while Cash X and Wheelman hijack the truck and load the cash into the Landstalker. Got it?"

"Got it."

"Then let's do this!"


Me and Ruffer got into my Sabre GT while Cash X and Wheelman waited for the guards to go away.

I told Ruffer, "Hit em' hard!" Ruffer then blasted his AK-47 at them. The guards noticed us and they gave chase.

I pressed my foot on the pedal hard and we drove away with the guards on our asses. As Ruffer and me were leading the guards away, Cash X and Wheelman killed the driver of the truck and load the cash into the Landstalker. They then just drove away.


After Ruffer and me lost the guards, we met up with Cash X and Wheelman at the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts. The cash was there safely. Roy Zito then arrived and collected the cash. "You M.O.B are really good. Call me up if you want a favor eh?"

"That's what we will do Roy." I bid farewell to Roy and went back to my apartment. Lina was there and we had sex for the rest of the night.


The next morning, Jermaine was knocking on my door. I asked him, "What?"

"The 10 billion has been stolen."

"What the f*ck? By who?"

"Some Dominican drug dealer. Come on let's get him!"


Nobody messes with my cash!

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Build Up Your Gang

mrpain: A good and solid chapter, $41.


Rated by Rucke

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The Irish Mob: Chapter two:Part 1

I woke with a thumping pain in my head from last nights celebrations at the McCreary place, my blurred vision took a while to return to its norm. I rubbed my eyes, and there was young Kate cleaning away empty cans of Patriot beer and a quater full bottle of Jameson.

"What time is it?" I asked

"Time you got up and f*cked off, haha" Packie said as he walkied into the living room "Nah, just kidding"

"Wheres Jim?"

"Ah, he had to get off around 2am, you were passed out by then"

"Wheres the money? "

"Its in the lock up, Gerry took it around there this morning, what are we gonna do with it? we need to get the mob strapped and tear down these Itallian f*cks one by one"

I stared down at the empty cans "We need to get some f*cking hardware, we cant have our boys walking the streets with those sh*tty 9mm when all those Mafia goons are strapped up to the eye balls" I got up, which was a struggle, my back ached, my knees felt like they were about to cave in.

"Right...well, I still got the money from the bank job, maybe we can put the money together and get some AK's from Joe, hes got a shipment coming in later from Europe"

"How much are we talking here?"

"I have no idea, al lI know is that the stuff Is cheap"

"Right, well, give me a call when the sh*t is about to go down, Im heading off to Purgatory now, so I'll leave you in peace, haha"


I decided to get a Cab, which would take a while, but I was in no mood for catching the train over the Broker bridge. I held my hand out at the first cabby that went past Meadows park. As I got in, I told the driver to take me to Lucky winkles, where some of the boys were most probabally at. As we were heading over the Algonquin bridge, I fell asleep, In no time I got home. I lived just a block away from Lucky winkles, in a small appartment, which was handy as I never have to take a cab home.

As I stepped into lucky winkles, the strong smell of smoke and ale hit me in the face, waking me from last nights fiasco.

"Hey Brandon, you look rough as hell" Aideen shouted from the back of the bar, he was leaning against the jukebox playing some early Flogging molly tracks. Aideen was just a kid, he'd only just really started to hang with the mob, but he was a good fighter, with a gun or without.

"Yeah, had a rough night at the McCreary place, I think I'll get a pint, hair of the ddog always works for me"

Aideen made his way over to my table, which was quietly tucked away in the corner

"Listen, man, I haven't been out on a job in ages, have you got anyting going down tonight?" He seemed eager to join in on some action, I could just see it in his eyes.

I turned up the juke box as salty dog was playing. sat down and leaned over to Aideen

"Do you want in on something?"

He nodded his head and took a huge swig from his glass.

"Tonight, were buying some Ak's, from some guy who packie knows, over in Broker, you know, that old Navy yard"

"I'll be down with that, but who exactly are we buying off?"

"Who knows, some guy from Carcer, he has been supplying us for years apparently"

Aideen stood up, there was a lot of life in this kid, a lot of pride.

"Well, I'll meet you guys at the McCreary place at 8 o'clock then"

"Sure, and hey, prove yourself tonight and you might be able to come with me more often"

He smiled, put on his leather jacket, and left the pub. I left shortly after.



The Irish Mob: Chapter two:Part 2

It was 7.45, Jimmy pulled up at the McCreary place, he had a pump shot gun in the back, I got out of the passenger side and knocked on at Packies place. Gerry answered and invited me in, Jimmy followed. Shortly after, Aideen knocked on, I had already let Packie know that he was involved. In the living room was Gordon, Packie and Gerry and two men who I have never seen before. Packie offered me a beer, I declined as I wanted to keep a level head.

Packie stood up and got everyone attention.

"Right boys, we, we are going to get the mob back into power, no more hired guns, we pull together from now on, we are going to take each and every Itallian family in Liberty city out, one by one, we are not going to take sh*t from those Russian pieces of sh*t, this family used to be the biggest organised crime family in Liberty city, we are going to take that back, and this starts tonight"

Everyone cheered Packies speech on and raised their glasses.

"Come on everyone, lets get out back and get the show on, we've got a lot of guns to bring back, any one could be in on this" Gerry said, looking around and pointing.

Me, Jimmy & Aideen got into the Oracle, Packie, Gerry & Gordon got into an oracle, but this one had a body kit, the other two guys followed in a Burrito.


Jimmy pulled up behind Gerry, I got out and approached Packie, who had got out to light a cigarette.

"So, where is this guy?" I asked

"Should be here in 5 minuites, hes already docked over there" Packie points to a small jetty at the corner of the dock.


A black schafter pulls up and a stocky guy gets out, followed by an Angels of death biker.

"Hey, packie, you ready to do this?" He said anxiously.

"Yeah, lets get this done,John"

We approached the Reefer where John had gone inside, the biker followed. A few minuites had passed when they both started to carry a large crate out with them.

"Theres about 10 in here, ive got about 3 more boxes inside"

"How much are we talkin?" Gerry asked

"$4,500 a crate, like I said, they are cheap because we got them stolen"

I picked up one of the AK's, viewed down the scope and noticed two cognosceti's speeding down towards up, they slammed on and four Itallians got out and started firing rounds towards us with Micro uzi's.

One of the two guys got sprayed with a full round, he dropped to his knees and lay in a pool of his own blood.

I slid into cover behind Packies Oracle, followed by Aideen. Packie, Gerry and Gordon took cover behind the Burrito, and started firing blind shots at the Itallians. Aideen pulled out an SMG and fired a few shots at one of the Ancellottis, each bullet connected with him, sending him stumbling back into the white cognosceti, which was now stained with his blood. John, the arms dealer, was on the floor cowering, he had loaded an Ak, he slid it across the floor to me, I stood up, strafing to the left firing straight towards one ofthe cognosceti's, it started smoking. Packie and Gerry strafed towards the right, firing SMG rounds at them, Gordon caught one of the wise guys in the face with his 9mm, it was a luck rather than skill. Aideen catches a few more rounds into the car, it explodes killing the rest of them. I looked around, the Angels of death biker was lieing dead on the floor, two Irish mobsters lay in pools of their own blood, John, the arms dealer was cowering in fear.

"sh*t, get those gun in the van!" Packie ordered.

Aideen was the first to carry a box, as he was eager to prove himself amongst the veterans.


Once the Burrito was packed, Gerry decided to drive it back to the lock up. I took some of the cash which was in the boat, about $500 in total, Packie pushed some of the bodies in the river.

Jim, Aideen and myself got off as sirens were evident, Packie and Gordon follow.

"Where we goin' Brandon?"Jim asked

"f*ck..just go back to Purgatory, we'll speak to Packie about this later, the feds are around"


As we returned to Purgatory, I handed Aideen the spare cash I found.

"You did well out there man, I'll give you a call sometime"

I went into Lucky winkles, effortlessly sat down on the bar stool "I'll have a whiskey, make it a triple!"





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Chapter 6: Earn and Conquer



Episode 2: Making a Withdraw



Jermaine and me got into my Sabre GT and went to get back our cash. I asked Jermaine, "Where's this Dominican f*ck?"

"He's up in Northwood driving a van." We sped to Northwood. Jermaine pointed me to a van and said, "Our cash is in it!"

I slammed my Sabre GT onto the van. There was the Dominican guy and a gay dude. The gay dude said, "Get that f*cks off of us, Luis! This cash is meant for Gracie." The Dominican guy then shot his Uzi on us.


"Motherf*cker shot my car!" I slammed the van once more and the van came crashing into a playground. Jermaine came out shooting his AK-47 at them. The Dominican guy and the gay dude fled while we collected our money. The gay dude stopped for a while and was calling somebody on his phone but Jermaine and me could not be bothered.


"Alright we got our cash back. Hey Pack sent me back to my apartment?"

"Sure thing my homie."

We got into my Sabre GT and I started to drive. "Motherf*cking gangsters tried to steal our cash we stealing!" Jermaine and me heard someone shouting that and we were soon in a pursuit with some mobsters.

"f*ck Pack! Get these guys off our tail!"

"I'm on it Jermaine!"


There were 4 cars of those mobsters and they were each at our both sides, front and back. We were trapped but I had an idea. I told Jermaine, "Shoot that motherf*cker in front of us would you?"

"Of course." Jermaine then shot the mobster driving the car in front of us and the car was out of control and it crashed into a hydrant. "3 cars left." I then jammed the brakes hard and slammed the car at the back. Suddenly all the mobsters' cars got all out of control and Jermaine and me headed for the rest of the journey smoothly.


When we got to Jermaine's apartment, Jermaine asked me, "Keep that cash safely alright? People may steal whenever they want."

"Don't worry I will."

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Build Up Your Gang

Pr0xy: $37 for chapter 2. Try to use less dialog and more description. You get $39 for chapter 3. You're improving alot in this chapter.


mrpain: A bit too short, but the story is good as always. $38


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The Irish Mob: Chapter four

I stepped out of my appartment into the icy Purgatory morning, it was exactly three days since the provoked gun deal took place. The McCreary's had been laying low, the Ancellotti's weren't happy, they were after revenge since a few of their made men got wacked.


I briskly walked past Lucky winkles, dodging the pile of vomit from the previous night. I was on my way to Aideens place, he mentioned something about getting hold of some Charlie from the Torres cartel. We had a tip off from a friend who lives up on Guantanamo that it would be stashed behind some basketball courts near the projects.


Aideen met me outside, where his dark green Oracle was parked.

"Hey man, I had a rough night last night, you better drive" he said

I was always willing to drive, I enjoyed crossing the Northwood heights bridge, it was never heavily congested.

My foot didn't need to be pressed down very hard as the Oracle was so sensitive, I was hitting 38mph over the Northwood heights bridge, where I put down the breaks and drifted right towards Guantanamo. The streets were empty, it was only 9.00 am. I parked in the small parking area next to the projects, I turned the car round so the getaway would be easier, if needed.


"Right, according to Eoghan, the C is stashed behind those courts over there" I whispered.

I climbed over a brickwall, it was about two feet larger than me, Aideen followed. We kept crouched as we made out way towards the courts.

Suddenlt, two hipanic men made their way onto the courts, collecting the Coke.

"sh*t, Aid, you go back to the car and make sure they dont make an exit"

I followed the men, I over heard them say that they were going to deliver it to a buyer in Dukes.

They made their way towards a Black Huntley sport. They fired up the engine, I quickly jumped into the oracle, this time in the passenger side.

"Follow them, dont lose them"

Aid put his foot down but kept a distance behind them as to not be noticed. The Huntley made its way over the East borough bridge. They passed the booth, where we followed them to an alley in Schottler.

There was a Voodoo parked beside the huntley, two Rastafarians met the two Hispanics. The two Rasta's checked the cocaine, as they showed the Cartel duo a suitcase with roughly $5,000 inside.


Aideen took cover beside the right hand side of the alley way, I was on the left, armed with a 9mm. I signalled a count of three to my "apprentice" Aideen, he was first to fire, hitting one of the cartel men, he was shot under his rib cage sending him into a screaming frenzy as blood poored from him. I ran towards them, taking cover behind a small wall as Aid fired at the Raastafarian before they had chance to likft out a weapon. I stood up and fired one directly into the heart of a wounded rastafarian, he fell back into his counterpart sending them both into a heap of carnage.


As I reloaded, I was caught in the shoulder with a bullet ripping away a piece of flesh, this caused unholy agony. I now relied on Aideen who put a full load into the Hispanic's exposed hest.


"sh*t, Brandon, you okay?"

"Im fine, just get the coke, and that money"I ordered

The Oracle was left running, I got into the back, where I lay down in agony.

Sirens flooded the area, people rushed to the scene, where smoke hung around the bodies of the four unsuspecting men.

Before any authority was in sight, Aid had rushedn us out of the area, clipping a few objects which lay in his way, ruining the lush green paintwork.


He drove to steinway, where a few friends lived. We stayed there for an hour or so, the car was taken by a friend who was willing to fix it up, and disguise it as it was potential evidence from the schottler shooting.


Later that night, I headed back to Purgatory on the train, it was a long and painfull journey accross the Humboldt.






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Build Up Your Gang

Pr0xy: You're imroving alot. Keep up the good work and you'll start to earn even more cash. For this chapter you'll get $40.


Also a tip: I saw that the Irish Mob got 1 gram of heroin. When you have written your sixth story you can sell it for a good price.

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Pr0xy: You're imroving alot. Keep up the good work and you'll start to earn even more cash. For this chapter you'll get $40.


Also a tip: I saw that the Irish Mob got 1 gram of heroin. When you have written your sixth story you can sell it for a good price.

Aye, never knew that.

Next time I will take some time and consideration into it, I will admit that these have been made in one sitting and therefore rushed.

Edited by Pr0xy_fl00d3r

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chaper 27: The M.O.B against the MOB


It had been a week since the death of Vic Martiano. Most of the family members believed in my story about that Vic was so drunk that he fell of the roof. Those who didn't believe me hated Vic so much that they didn't bother to care. Anyway, now the Martiano crew needed a new capo, that's why Benny had called a meeting at Honkers later this day. When I got to Honkers I met up with Benny, Phil and Joey Toro. I was surprised when I saw that Dog Corella attended at the meeting.


"What are you doing here, Dog?" I asked when we got in the backroom.

"I don't know, Benny told me to come." Dog said.

"Sit down gentlemens." Benny said and showed us to our respective chairs. "Now when Victor Martiano is no longer with us we need a new capo over his crew. I want it to be Douglas Corella." Benny continued.

"Congratiolations Dog! You earned it." We all said and hugged Dog.

"Thanks everybody. I thought this day would never come." Dog said.


I was happy for Dog. I knew this meant that I would have one less soldier in my crew, but on the other hand this was very good for business. I always had trouble with the capos in crew he was going to command, Dominic La Villa, Vic Martiano. Dog Corella was my best friend so what possibly trouble could I get with him? Benny, Phil, Joey, Dog and me started to celebrate with a couple of drinks and lapdances. Some other wiseguys had arrived to congrat Dog. I was standing at the bar with Joey.


"So Albert, you know Mark is going to be released soon?" Joey asked me.

"I thought he was going to face up to 2 years?" I said.

"They're going to put him under house arrest the up coming year." Joey said. I could hear on his voice that he didn't sound happy.

"What's the problem? You don't want him to be released?" I asked.

"It's just that he's wanting his old crew back. That's mean that I'm gonna have to step down. It's not fair, I'm bringing in twice as much as he ever did." Joey said.


While Joey was talking I heard someone near the entry yelled: The Pegorino's are gone. M.O.B control this city now!

Six black guys stormed the place and started to shoot at us. They hitted two associates of us and a costumer. I grabbed my gun and started to shoot at them. I hitted one of them 4 times in the chest, which killed him immediately. Benny tried to escape throught the backdoor of the club, two of the black guys noticed this and fallowed him. Dog Corella and Phil killed the remaining guys while me and Joey got after the blacks who followed Benny. Benny started to ran for his car, the black guys catched up Benny and shot him three times. Joey managed to shoot one of the two black guys and the head while I chased the other one down the street. When I got close enough I shot him a multiple times in the back.


Benny was critically wounded, he was taken to the hospital in Westdyke. The doctors told us that Benny was in a coma and it was not sure I he was going to wake up. Many family members, including me spended the whole night at the hospital to be with Benny.


"I'll kill the one who was behind this." Benny Jr. said when he saw his father in the hospital bed.

"No, you let us deal with this." Phil said. "You won't be able to focus with all this anger."

"I heard one of the black guys say that they belonged to M.O.B, short for Money Over Bitches. It's a street gang based in Broker." I said.

"But why did they attack us? Somebady in the family got a beef with them or something?" Dog Corella asked.

"The Ancelotti's got connections with that gang, maybe it was payback for that drugdealer Albert and Vic killed." Joey said.

"No I think it's the Gambetti's who got connections with them." Phil corrected.

"Anyway, we need to arrange some kind of payback on them." I said. "They use to hang out at the pay'n spray in Broker." I said.

"Okay let's get there. I'm calling Johnny, we're going to need some backup." Dog said.


Me, Phil, Dog and Johnny got in my car and headed to the pay'n spray in Broker. When we got there we started to throw some molotovs that Johnny got on the pay'n spray. The place catched fire and we could hear the screams of the M.O.B inside. We killed everyone who tried to escape from the place.


Chapter 27 end.


Chapter 28 coming soon...



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Chaper 27: The M.O.B against the MOB



Lol when you used my story. Oh yeah I use one of your characters in this story.



Chapter 6: Earn and Conquer




Episode 3: The MOB against the M.O.B



I was thinking of the good ol' times in Broker at the Pay'N'Spray. The M.O.B had fun there. So I figured that we should just rebuild the Outlook Pay'N'Spray.


I informed the M.O.B that we were going to rebuild the Pay'N'Spray and told them to meet me there. The M.O.B were at the burned down Pay'N'Spray and we were happy there as we were remembering the good ol' days. It was a moment where we forgot our gang activities and just focus on our friendship. I was relieved that I was out of the gang business at that time.


Outside the Pay'N'Spray, 4 mobsters came out of the car and threw their molotovs at us. The M.O.B were running and screaming as we were not prepared for it. "Hey Pack! It's the f*cking Pegorinos!" Ruffer told me and then I got pissed. I took out my Uzi and fired at them. One of the Pegorinos said, "This is for Benny assholes!"


After they were done throwing molotovs at us, I figured it was the best time to strike them. I came out and fired my Uzi at one of them. One of the Pegorinos said, "Nooooo Dog!" And then the rest drove off. Ruffer and me were standing beside that Dog guy. "Do we take prisoners?" Ruffer asked.

"Yes we do now!" I picked up Dog and slapped him in the face. "Hey Dog or whatever your name is. Do you see our Pay'N'Spray? Can you f*cking see it? It was already burned down and yet you f*cking Pegorinos still wanted to burn us down eh? Well right now you wish you have not messed with us!"

"Let me go! The Pegorinos ain't gonna be happy about this!" Poor Dog.

"I ain't happy with the Pegorinos."


Ruffer threw Dog into the back of the Landstalker and we drove him to my apartment in East Holland. Roy Zito and a couple of Gambettis mobsters were waiting for me. "Hey Roy. We got a friend with us." I then showed Roy the bloody Dog.

"What you gonna do with him Pack?"

"Lure out the Pegorinos and kill them all!"

"We will help."


Ruffer, Roy Zito with his guards and me got back to my apartment. Lina was there and she wanted to bitch slapped Dog for burning down our Pay'N'Spray again. She slapped Dog and Dog was crying. Lina said, "That felt good."

Roy Zito took out his gun and pointed it at Dog, "Where's the Pegorinos?!?"

"I just called them. They should be here any minute now!" Gunshots were coming into my windows. The Pegorinos were waiting for us outside my apartment. I told Roy,Lina and Ruffer, "You guys stay here! I will take Dog as a hostage and lead the Pegorinos away from you guys."


I picked up Dog and took out my Uzi. If they want Dog so bad, they going to have to fetch him their selves.

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Build Up Your Gang


mrpain: I think the story was a bit confusing. Try to add a more serious description in your next chapter. You'll get $39 for this.

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So, let me get this straight, I can sell that smack in my next story?

Also, can I buy a pump shotgun? Apparently, the irish mob has $584

Edit: Also, why not add some of TLAD vehicles in the vehicles section and add The Lost MC.

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So, let me get this straight, I can sell that smack in my next story?

Also, can I buy a pump shotgun? Apparently, the irish mob has $584

Edit: Also, why not add some of TLAD vehicles in the vehicles section and add The Lost MC.

You need to write 5 stories before you can sell the smack.

Pump shotgun bought.

Most vehicles in TLAD are bikes but maybe we do that later. I will add the Lost MC alter on, maybe you can give me some info about them in the meantime?

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The Lost MC run mainly in Alderney, there main chapter is in Acter, where their safehouse is situated, they also run in Tudo. (I think) Their main choice of Bikes are Lycan and Zombie.


EDIT:Im writing one up now

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Build Up Your Gang

Does the Lost MC got anymore hangouts than thier clubhouse?

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Does the Lost MC got anymore hangouts than thier clubhouse?

On the wiki it says the bar in Acter. But check it out I guess.

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The Irish Mob: Chapter five

It was saturday, about 19:00pm, I just finished my second beer of the night, and probabally my last, untill he came in. I was sat at the bar sweet talking the teenage girl who was working there part time. I slammed back a shot of Tequila, it knocked me for six, but before I knew it, a large hang grasped my shoulder, I rolled my eyes and glanced at his olive skinned hand before rolling them up to discover Pavano caporegime Frankie Enzo.

"Excuse me"he said, before signalling me to move to the back, next to the old juke box.

I knew who this guy was, we owed him from way back, in the mid 1990's when he loaned us some charlie.

"Listen, you dont like me and I dont like you, but I think I can help you with something" Frankie whispered in his thick Alderney accent. He lifted an envelope from his jacket and pushed it to me. "Thing is, those Ancellottis have got your boy Jim, the guy who drives the contender, they have got him held captive in some loading bay in Port Tudor"


I opened the envelope, I still couldn't believe what this guy was saying, inside was a picture of Jim, he was tied to a pillar in a shabby warehouse.

"What the f*ck" I stood up and clenched my fists, I walked over to the juke box, which was thumping out Sally MacLenanne by The Pogues, I slammed by head into it, held it there for a second and turned to Frankie, who seemed somewhat casual. "How did this happen? Where is he?" I asked abruptly.

"Woah woah woah Brandon, you owe me, now If you want to know where your boy is, then you've gotta do something for me, kapeesh?"

The smug grin on this snakes face made my blood boil. "What? what the f*ck do I need to do?"

"Look in the envelope, then go to the multi storey car park in westdyke, where you will find an old sabre" He handed me some keys, knocked back his double brandy and left.

I was left standing in confusion, untill I read the letter. Which read:

Some Ancellottis are running a Heroin deal in Chinatown with a group of Triads, I cannot let the Ancellottis get one up with the commission, we are already looking bad recently. I want to remain in tact with the Ancellottis, so I dont want to make it look like we have tried to whack their main man, thats where you come in.

In the car, you will find a pump shotgun, I dont want those f*ckers to be seen with their legs again, now, the deal is taking place on saturday @ 23:00 hours. Dont screw this up if you want to see Jimmy alive


I phoned Aid at 10, he has come on leaps and bounds with the mob, and couldn't miss an oppurtunity like this to be rolling with the boys. He had agreed to meet us at the car park in west dyke. Packie has chosen to watch over the meet in Chinatown, he will be on the rooftop above the meet and will be keeping me intouch with everything upon my arrival.


I had arrived in westdyke at 22:20 in my Oracle, I had broken the speed limit once or twice on my way here. Aid had caught a cab and was waiting by the old, rusty sabre.

"f*ck man, im freezing here" He said, shivering uncontrolably.

"Sorry dude, had to speak with Patrick, get in why I look in this junk heap"

I rustled through the side pocket in my black Harrington jacket, the keys were caught up with another set of keys, one for the appartment and the lockup.

I pulled out the key, it shook vigorously in my hand asI struggled to fit it in the key hole, as I opened the boot, it seemed that the hydraulics had bust so I needed Aid to hold the door up why I rummaged through the endless junk before finding a black box. I took it to the Oracle, there wasa key hole on the box, it was about 3 feet wide and very heavy, I got the other key and opened it, inside was a brand new pump action shotgun, It wasn't from one of those illegal gun shops, this thing was brand new. It came with a small box of shells.

"Holy sh*t, this'll blow the sh*t out of someone, haha!" I said.

I made Aid hold it, who was also carrying his customised 9mm and micro-smg. I started the car up and put my foot down,I had no time to lose If I wanted to see Jim again.


I parked the oracle into an alley almost a block away from the meet, loaded up my 9mm and put it into my side pocket. I carried the heavy shotgun by my side.

We was there, a black feroci was parked at an angle near the opening of the alley way, and three mobsters stood waiting, one of them was huge, about 320lbs, the other two were quite small in comparison.

Two Triads showed up shortly after, I got a text from packie saying he had the Triad with the Heroin lined up in his sight.

The Ancellottis seemed to be arguing with the triads, it seemed that they weren't willing to pay as much as the Triads desired.

I didn't want to wait any longer, the andrenaline was building up inside me, before I could have a chance to think of a conscious decision I took my 9mm and shot the fat one in the heart, I was about 10 yards away from them, this wasn't part of the plan, Packie was meant to take a shot, which would have distracted the Ancellottis. Aid pulled out an SMG and sprayed a full round into both Triads, who were about as clueless as the other two Itallians. They fell back into a small wooden fense, which was destroyed by the velocity of their fall.


The two Ancellottis took cover, I ran in closer and slid behind a small wall, the Itallians has me pinned, untill one of them fell to their knees, Packie had clocked one of them with his assault rifle.

I blindfired the other with the shotgun, it connected with his body, he staggered back and another shot blew his arm almost off before he had a chance of hitting the floor, I stood up and shot him in his face. His arm was hanging on my a couple of tendons, there was blood gushing out of his rib cage which was blown to smitherines, and as for his face, lets just say that it looks like he has been hit 1,000 times with a steel meat tenderiser.


I rushed to the Heroin which was still in the dying Triads hands, his blood was splattered across the bag, I wiped it across his jeans and ran back to the Oracle which was parked a block away.

Packie came running out of nowhere "f*ck me boy, you were a prince out there, damn!" He looked tat the smack "Oh boy, we can sell that off, nice" He tossed the heroin between his hands and jumped in the passenger seat, Aid got in the back.


I rushed off as police and paramedics were swarming the area.

"Remember, we did this for Jim, hopefully we can bust him out tomorrow" I said calmly to the raucous Packie.

"Yeah, those guido mother f*ckers cant get away with this, the McCreary mob is coming back in this city, anyone f*cks with our boys then we deal with 'em!" He shouted "Turn that radio up, I love this song"


Edited by Pr0xy_fl00d3r

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Build Up Your Gang

Pr0xy: Now that's how it's gonna look. $42 + your 5th story bonus on $100.


-- rated by Rucke


Rucke: Chapter 27; great stuff. $44.


-- rated by radicell

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Where are the assets? I wouldn't mind buying a drug plant or something or the ability to have protection rackets on places, like in the SA BUYG.


Just an idea.

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 28: Internal Conflicts


It was a sunny evening, I was standing outside my house and washed my Conquette. I was just finished with my PMP 600. The latest new was that Mark Toro had been released again after serving one year in prison. The coming year he was going to be put under house arrest. That meant that he under no circumstances could leave his house, except for food shopping and funurals. Associate in my crew and my regular driver Steve Baretta had just stopped his DF8-90 outside my house. He was going to drive me to Mark's house in Westdyke. When we got there Mark got a visit not only from us but his nephew Joey and his close friend Daniel Vanillo. Mark and Joey seemed to argue again. Now when Mark was released he wanted his crew back from Joey, but the thing was that Joey brought in alot more money than Mark ever did. Joey felt that he did a better job as capo than his uncle and wanted to remain in the same postition.


"Without me your crew would be gone. You owe me Mark!" Joey said.

"I owe you sh*t, it's a part of the job. When someone is away another one must step up and take his place, but I'm back now." Mark said.

"f*ck you. Come on Danny we're leaving." Joey said and left with Danny Vanillo.

"Hey Albert. Seems like I have missed alot, I hear you took over as capo after Ray's death. Congratulations." Mark said and hugged me.

"Hey you look good. So what was that argue about?" I asked.

"Joey wants to remain capo over my crew but now that I'm out again I should be in charge right?" Mark said.

"I'm not taking a stand, you guys need to solve this out yourself." I said. "So you coming to the made ceremony tomorrow?"

"Of course I do, I tell my parrole officer that I went out to buy some food." Mark said and hugged me goodbye.


We were going to have a made ceremony for three of our associates. The family had lost many made members and now we needed some new ones. It was my driver Stevie Baretta that was going to be made into my crew. Then it was Tommy Gilradi who was the bartender at Honkers, he was going to be made into Dog Corella's crew. Also Danny Vanillo who was going to be made into the Mark/Joey Toro crew. The ceremony the next day was taking place at our usual place, the old mansion up in Westdyke. We were all standing in the basement, Stevie, Tommy and Danny had to hold a burning card of a saint. Then I stuck a needle into their finger. A couple of minutes later they were all soldier of the Pegorino Crime Family.


After the ceremony we had a party at Honkers to celebrate the new members of the family. Just when I was about to get a lapdance I was approcahed by Joey Toro.


"Albert, I need to talk with you. I know you're almost like an acting boss while Benny is in coma so I got something to ask you." Joey said. "I want permissions to whack Mark."

"What? He's your uncle, you can't whack him!" I said.

"He treats me like I'am nothing and you know I'm bringing in more money then him." Joey said.

"Yeah but your uncle is respected, he got many friends, including me." I said.

"Think about it at least." Joey said and left.


The next day at Drusilla's all family capos and consigliere Phil Bell had come to choose a new acting boss over the family until Benny wake up from his coma. Dog Corella, Mark Toro, Joey Toro, Phil Bell and me was sitting at a round table.


"We're starting off with Dog, who do you want as acting boss?" Phil asked.

"Albert. He's good at making fair decisions and is a strong leader." Dog said.

"I agree with Dog." Mark said.

"Me too." Joey said.

"Then we are agreed, Albert will be our acting boss until Benny can return." Phil said


I couldn't believe it, only a year ago I was a soldier who served drinks at poker games and did all kind of sh*tty stuff. And here I'am, acting boss over the Pegorino Crime Family. After everybody had left the meeting Mark Toro approached me.


"Albert, I think Joey wants me dead." Mark said and looked real scared.

"What make you say that?" I asked even though I knew it was true.

"He made some remarks. I can't believe he wants me dead, I'm his uncle for christ sake." Mark said. "Now when you're acting boss, maybe you can take him out?"

"Let me think about this." I said.


I understood that either Mark or Joey had to go. Conflicts like this wasn't good for business. But the question was who? Mark was respected and was also a good friend of both Benny Marcone and Jimmy Pegorino. He had some problems with rage but everbody liked him. Joey on the other hand was bringing in almost twice of what Mark ever did. He was young to had many connections.




I'm gonna let the reader decide the fates of Mark and Joey Toro. Whoever gets 4/7 votes win.


Kill either Mark Toro or Joey Toro



Chapter 28 end.


Cahpter 29 coming soon...

Edited by Rucke

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El Zilcho

I love these stories, I might sign up. But for the moment, I'm voting for Joey Toro to get whacked.

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Colt M14

Can I join up? I'd like to be able to write some more Grand theft auto themed storys. If I can join would it be too much to ask to be in the M.O.B. or do I have to get accepted first?

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Build Up Your Gang


Can I join up? I'd like to be able to write some more Grand theft auto themed storys. If I can join would it be too much to ask to be in the M.O.B. or do I have to get accepted first?

Yeah everbody can join, just pick a free property within the M.O.B gang.


Edit: Joey is one point closer to get whacked.

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