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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang IV

Recommended Posts


Petrovic Bratva

Cabaret Club

Chapter 3

A Russian Confession

"Me? I didn't kill Lenny!"

"Don't bullsh*t me," said Black shoving his pistol in Dimitri's face.


Dimitri cowered on the car bonnet, pushing the gun away from his face.


"Don't point that gun at me!"

"Oh, did you hear that Ruddy? He's scared of my pistol."

"How ironic."

"Maybe you could show him your gun?"

"I'd be glad to," said Ruddy, taking out his pistol.


He began walking over to Dimitri and slapped him across the face with it. Dimitri fell to the hard ground, blooding dripping from his mouth. Ruddy and Black both began laughing at the petty man on the ground.


"Shut up, you f*ckers!"

"Oh, big mistake," said Ruddy, stomping on Dimitri's back.


Dimitri let out a yelp, like a abused dog. This caused Ruddy and Black to laugh even more.


"Listen to the pathetic bastard," said Black, enjoying Dimitri's pain.

"He's acting like the dog he is."

"More like a rat."

"I'm not a rat!" screamed Dimitri.

"Oh yes you are," said Black, bending down to the fallen Dimitri, "your a rat and you know it."


Cars passed by the alleyway as Dimitri was submitted to more abuse. Within five minutes he was cowering in a corner, trying to stand up. Ruddy and Black were laughing hysterically at his attempts to stand, Dimitri starting to get very angry. Another five minutes and Dimitri was begging for mercy. This was what Ruddy and Black had wanted.


"Please, please stop," said Dimitri, on his hands and knees, his mouth dripping blood.

"Why should we stop?" asked Black.

"I'll tell you about Lenny Petrovic..."


They had broken him. He was going to tell the two what they wanted to hear and what Mr Petrovic wanted to hear. Ruddy pushed Dimitri to the ground with his foot and pointed his gun at him.


"You'd better tell the truth or I'll blowing your motherf*cking head off," said Ruddy, finger on the trigger.

"Don't worry, I'll be completely truthful with you."

"Who killed Lenny?" asked Ruddy.

"A Slav."

"Who's the Slav?"

"His name is Niko Bellic."


"He was a rat."

"That's bullsh*t!"

"You think I would lie to you when you are pointing a gun at my head?"


Dimitri had a reputation as a rat who would do anything to cover his own ass. He would rat anyone out so he wouldn't end up pumped full of bullets, even Faustin.


A silence began in the alleyway. Lenny couldn't have been a rat, he wasn't that type of person.


"I don't believe you," said Ruddy, cocking his gun.

"You should! Lenny was a rat, he ratted out me and Mikhail!"

"I still don't believe you!"

"Well you should."


Ruddy turned around to see Black leaning on the car.



"I said, you should believe him."

"You don't really think Lenny was a rat."

"I don't know Ruddy. He was a shady person."


Ruddy thought for minute. His teeth clinched, his eyes looked back and forth, his hand on his hip. Suddenly he turned to Dimitri.


"Go, you've done your job."


Dimitri got up and stumbled over to his car. He opened up the door and reversed quickly away from the alley. Black walked out of the alley, Ruddy staying behind, hands on hips. How would he tell Mr Petrovic his son was a rat...

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I would like to buy 3.5 grams of Cocaine.



Chapter 4: The Holland Wars



Episode 1: Drug Rage Part One




Cash X called me saying, "Yo Loud Dogg ordered us to buy 3.5 grams of hard cold cocaine from some dudes who stashed it behind a dumpster at Chase Point on Rocket Street. Loud Dogg already paid for it so all you have to do is take the cocaine and give it to LD."

"Alright I will take the drugs, is there any catch?" I asked knowing that there will be some other guys who would want cocaine too.

"I'm glad you asked. The catch is that the North Holland Hustlers is going to get the drugs too. Keep an eye out for them."


The North Holland Hustles or the NHH. They experienced a downfall months ago when one of their guys, Playboy X was killed. Now that a former crack seller, Dwayne Forge took over them, their gang business increased by a lot.


I called up Ruffer telling him that we doing another drug deal. He agreed and I asked him to meet me at Chase Point. I got into my Sanchez and drove to Rocket Street at Chase Point. When I arrived there, the usual thing happened at Chase Point, hookers, gangsters and cops all over the place. I saw Ruffer and noticed Wheelman with him. I asked, "Why did you bring Wheelman along?"

"My Sanchez was destroyed. So I asked Wheelman to drive his Futo and me to here. He's my getaway driver." After Ruffer said that, I walked over to Wheelman and I said, "Hey keep a look out for any NHH thugs alright?"

"No problem." Wheelman then started his engine in case we get into any trouble.


Ruffer and I saw the dumpster and had to dig through massive loads of sh*t just to get the cocaine. Ruffer asked, "How much is 3.5 grams of crack?"

I basically replied, "How the f*ck should I know? Do I look like a drug addict to you?"



As Ruffer and me were leaving, Wheelman called me saying, "Get out of there now!"

When he said that, NHH thugs were storming the place. One of them said, "We're here to collect our crack!"

I said, "Your crack? Hey man f*ck off! We paid good money for these!"

The NHH thug said, "Well then, we would have to kill you then."


Guns were spraying everywhere on Ruffer and me. We were running from the NHH and were heading to our vehicles. I got onto my Sanchez while Ruffer got into Wheelman's Futo. "Hey Ruffer and Wheelman! Split up! Meet me at the Outlook Pay'N'Spray later." We then split up and drove off.


The cocaine was with Ruffer and Wheelman. None of the NHHs were chasing them but they were all chasing me. I had no other choice but to kill them all. I drove my Sanchez into a ramp nearby causing me to fly in big air. While I was enjoying my small little stunt, I took out my Uzi and shoot most of the NHH guys while landing on the ground. I checked my back and three cars of the NHH were left. Two of the cars were just beside me and I jammed my brakes hard. I was behind the two cars and I shot everyone in the cars. Now it was only one NHH car left. "Oh sh*t my Uzi outta ammo!" I then got an idea. I drove through an alleyway near a police station. It was actually a dead end. The NHH car stopped in the alleyway and two dudes came out. One of them said, "Come out with the crack tough boy!" They then shoot their guns all around the place. i was hiding behind a dumpster. After the gunshots, I heard someone saying, "LCPD! Freeze motherf*ckers! Put that weapon down!"

Then the NHH guy said, "I ain't putting my weapon down! I gonna kill you all!" I then heard 9 gunshots. I came out of hiding and saw the NHH guys were dead and the cop was making a call, probably to the paramedics. I took my Sanchez and just sneaked out of there.


I met Ruffer and Wheelman at the Outlook Pay'N'Spray and Wheelman asked, "What took you so long?'

"Long story. Where's Loud Dogg?"

"Yeah he's on the way here now."


Loud Dogg arrived and said, "Nice job. Those damn North Holland Hustlers does not know who they messing with! Hey sell the cocaine to some guy at the funfair in Firefly Island. It should be an easy sell."


As I got onto my Sanchez and put the cocaine in a small sling bag, NHH thugs were at me again. Loud Dogg saw them and shouted at me, "Protect the crack! If these guys want a battle then we will give them a war!"


So the Holland Wars begin...

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Many chapters need to be rated.

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Many chapters need to be rated.

Yeah Radicell had not been here for many days.

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 20: Banana Boat


I woke up early this morning becouse I knew I had much on my agenda. I started my day at work at Drusilla's. When I got in, Benny Jr. and a guy I had never seen before was sitting in the bar. The guy looked to be the same age as Benny and was wearing a tracksuit.


"Hey Albert. Let me introduce you to my childhood friend and partner in crime, Chucky Ricotti." Benny Jr. said.

"How you doing?" I said and shaked Chucky's hand. "Benny, you got those TVs I asked about?" I asked Benny.

"Yeah we got them in the car. You want em now?" Benny asked.

"Nah it's better if we take that tomorrow." I said.

"Albert, can I asked something?" Benny asked. "Can me and Chucky take care of Ruben Gomez's coke from Vice City this week?" Benny asked.

"Me and Dog was gonna run it this week... I got to think about it. Remind me later about it." I said.


Someone called my cellphone. It was Phil Bell, he told me that capo Nick Dilano finally had died early this morning after the long peroid of cancer. His wake was gonna be this afternoon. When I got there Benny Marcone, Phil Bell and all the Pegorino crime family capos, including me had come to pay their respect.


"It's a tragedy. Cancer." Benny said.

"No wife or children?" Terry DiMarco asked. Terry was a soldier in Vic Martiano's crew and Vic always said him to be his best earner.

"No children, the wife died two years ago." Phil said.

"No wonder he got diagnosed cancer then." Vic said.

"So Benny, who are you gonna put up as new capo over his crew?" I asked.

"Nobody. That crew is finished, we all know it. I'm gonna put his remaining soldiers in your crew." Benny said and pointed at Vic Martiano. Vic looked happy becouse he knew that if he got more soldiers on his side he was gonna earn more.


Later that night I was having one of my regular poker games in the backroom of Drusilla's. No highrollers played tonight, Benny Jr. and Chucky, Phil nephew, Frankie Gallo, the bartender at Honkers, Tommy, Tony Vario, who managed the brothel where my girlfriend worked and some degenerate gambler from Algonquin. The stakes were low and the jokes bad. Suddenly I remembered that Benny Jr. asked me if he could come along at the drugdeal.


"Benny, meet me and Dog at the docks tomorrow night. I want you and Chucky to attend at the drugdeal. You need to see how things work."

"Thanks Albert, you won't regret it." Benny Jr. said.

"Son of a f*cking bitch!" Frankie Gallo yelled after he blow his 5000.


The next night me and Dog drove down to the docks in Acter. The ship had just reached the harbor and they started to load of the goods. When me and Dog got out of my car a black Feltzer parked up next to us. It was Benny Jr. and Chucky. We met up with Carlos, Ruben Gomez's righthand man whom we met down in Vice City last year. It seemed like coke wasn't the only thing they were smuggling in to the US, people, cars and bags with money leaved the ship all the time.


"Hey Carlos, long time, no see!" I said when we approached Carlos.

"Alberto! Ruben says hello and is honored to work with you" Carlos said with his still bad accent.

"So, you got the coke?" I asked.

"Sure, one gram huh?" Carlos asked.

"Yeah. So you are smuggling people too?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's like a f*cking banana boat." Carlos laughed.


Carlos's guys loaded the drugs of the ship and Chucky loaded it into my car. Then we took it the the warehouse in Northwood where we always used to stashed our drugs. When we got to the warehouse the gate wasn't locked, I found it strange but it didn't concern me too much. I figured that maybe some of our guys forgot to lock it. When we got inside I heard i ticking sound, BOMB! We got out just in time, the whole warehouse blowed into pieces and the only drugs we got left was the one we bought tonight. I had only one thought inside my head, whoever did this was gonna pay for it.


Chapter 20 end.


Chapter 21 coming soon...


I would like to buy 1 gram coke. How much can I sell it for in the next chapter?




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Build Up Your Gang

mrpain: Molotovs obtained for MOB.

12th chapter: $37.

13th chapter: $32.

14th chapter: $41.

15th chapter: $39, $100 for multiple of 5 story.

3.5 grams cocaine bought.



2nd chapter: $40.

3rd chapter: $41.



19th chapter: $39.

20th chapter: $41, $100 for multiple of 5 story. Choose any vehicle under $500 and you will get it for free.

1 gram cocaine bought for $50. Its wholesale price is listed in the drugs table. In this case, you can sell it for $90.


Cleaned out the list, removed inactive people.

Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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I would like to sell the 3.5 grams of cocaine in this story and take over a property which is called Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts at East Holland in Algonquin, the place where u did the mission Photo Shoot.



Chapter 4: The Holland Wars



Episode 2: Drug Rage Part Two




The North Holland Hustlers were shooting all over the Pay'N'Spray. I had to sneak out the crack before they steal it. Loud Dogg shouted at me and said, "MrPain! Get out of here and go sell the crack! We will lead them away! C'mon my M.O.Bitches! Lets go!"

Loud Dogg and some other M.O.B homies lead the NHH away from me. After that I just drove away to the funfair. I saw an Irish guy and thought that he must be guy who wants the cocaine.


I asked that Irish guy, "You here for the crack?"

"Yeah I am. Where is it?"

I took out the crack, gave it to him and received the cash. It was quite and easy drug deal as there were no cops, no desperate drug addicts and no NHH around. I got back to the Outlook Pay'N'Spray and I was shocked. It was burning down.


Loud Dogg and the whole M.O.B were standing in front of the burning Pay'N'Spray. Ruffer was there and I asked him, "Who did this?"

"North Holland Hustlers, f*ck!" I can tell Ruffer was pissed, so as the rest of the M.O.B.

Loud Dogg then went on to make a speech to the M.O.B, "If the Holland Hustlers want a war, we will give em' one! They destroyed one of our beloved properties and now we got no place for the M.O.B. So what should we all do now?"

I answered, "Take over a property and kill all of those f*cking Hustlers!"

"Hell yeah you are right but where are we going to take over?" When Loud Dogg asked that, I knew the perfect place.

"Why not the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts? It has a movie theater and a newly opened Cluckin' Bell nearby. Plus, we can shoot through some hoops and apartments and shops surround the place."

"Good choice MrPain. Alright my homies, do you wanna take over or just stay here and cry?" Loud Dogg question was followed by cheers of taking over.


The Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts was a great place for me when I was in my childhood. Me and my dad would always play basketball there. Now the place is populated by drug dealers and NHH thugs. The place was in East Holland, right next to North Holland where the NHH is. Well the NHH wanted a war so we would give them a war in Holland.


The whole M.O.B arrived at the Rubin Swingers Basketball Court. NHH filled the place. One of them came out and said, "Hey what the f*ck? I thought we burned the M.O.B down?"

Loud Dogg in anger said to him, "You took over something that is ours, we will take something for yours!"

Then the gang war begin and I was shooting my Uzi all over the place. A Futo was crashing through the basketball courts and ramming down most of the NHH. I checked who the driver was and it was Wheelman. He asked, "Need a lift?"

"Nah I don't. It's fun shooting while on my feet. Good fun with ramming!" I then continued shooting.


The M.O.B cleared the basketball courts and the whole place is ours. Jermaine said, "Our new home."

"Yeah we can make good business here." said Cash X.

"Look around, shops surround the place, the place feels so alive, I think we might do well here." said Ruffer.

Loud Dogg then made another speech to the M.O.B, "My homies, this is our new base. You see all those apartments around? There are all yours. Since we are in East Holland and the Hustlers are in North Holland, the fight of the Holland Wars will be tough as we are neighbors with them now. But we gonna f*ck them up right?" The whole M.O.B then cheered.


Loud Dogg gave a nice apartment. The windows were overlooking the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts so I can checked what's going on there. Cash X gave me a call and said, "Yo my sis been kidnapped!"

"Lina! Oh f*ck by who?"

"Who else? The NHH f*ckers. I know where they are holding her, come quickly meet me downstairs!"


I rushed downstairs as I really wanted to save Lina. I loved that girl a lot and I don't want anything to happen to her. Cash X was waiting in his own Manana and we speed off to North Holland. When we arrived there Cash X said, "That's the building. She's been held up on the 21st floor."

I asked, "How did you know?"

"I followed the NHH f*ckers who kidnapped her and they brought her here. Let's kill them all!"


He opened up his trunk and there were two AK-47s in there.

Cash X told me, "Hey MrPain, thanks for doing this for me. I cannot do this alone."

"I love Lina as much as you do. Now let's go get her back."


We charged through the building and opened fire. I was doing that for Lina.




Alright since I sold my cocaine, can I buy the Assault Rifle (AK-47)? Also can I change my property from the Outlook Pay'N'Spray to the Rubin Swinger Basketball Courts which I just took over?

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Choose any vehicle under $500 and you will get it for free.


Okay, I'll take the Coquette.

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Chapter 4: The Holland Wars



Episode 3: Rescue the Princess




Cash X and me were shooting our AK-47s like mad. I really liked my new AK. Killing other people with it felt more satisfying than my Uzi. We got to the lift and got inside while North Holland Hustlers were shooting at us. Cash X pressed the button and closed the door. He then said, "Up to the 21st floor. If anything happens to my sis I am gonna kill em' all!"


The lift jammed at the 17th floor. Cash X said, "Ah sh*t, they must have stopped it. C'mon! I ain't gonna leave Lina behind!" We broke opened the lift door and stormed through the staircase leading up to the 21st floor. The NHH must have took over the whole place as every single room had at least a NHH thug inside. What I saw as I kept shooting my way through the 21st floor were drug addicts and hookers banging some guys. They were oblivious to what was happening. We finally made it through the 21st floor and the place was heavily guarded. I shouted at the guards guarding there, "Hey f*ckers! Better not mess with Lina! I am taking you all down! You hear me!"


Cash X told me, "Yo MrPain, I will take the left side of these apartments while you take the right side. Go now!"

We split up and checked every single apartment. I checked three apartments without any luck. I kept shooting my AK-47 at any NHH f*cker I see and made my way. I saw another apartment and the door was locked. I shot the lock and went inside.


I could hear Lina's cries nearby. I opened a door and saw one of the NHH raping Lina. I shouted at that guy, "f*ck you! Get the f*ck off her!" I shot two whole rounds of my AK into that guy. At that time, I was so pissed.

Lina came up to me and said, "Thanks MrPain, I had a terrible experience. Where's my brother?"

Cash X came in and said, "I'm here, glad you are okay. Why are you naked?"

I hated to break the news to him at that time, "You see that dead guy with his cock out?"

Cash X then got furious but Lina just chuckled. I called Wheelman and said we needed a getaway driver.


It was time to get back to the 1st floor. Wow it was a hard f*cking time. Lina asked me for a gun and I gave her my Uzi. As we came out of the apartment, Lina was killing anyone she see. She was one hot gunner. We made it to the 1st floor and Wheelman was waiting for us. Cash X told me, "MrPain! Take care of my sis and drive her away from these Hustlers! I will take the car with Wheelman. Go!"


I told Lina to get into the Manana while I cover her. The NHH were already getting ready in their cars. I drove Lina away but those NHH were chasing us. I found a box in the Manana and Lina found Molotovs inside. She said, "Sweet." She then threw the whole box out of the window causing an inferno behind me and burning the NHH cars. Three cars were still chasing us.

I said, "Why did you threw the whole box out? We could have used those Molotovs."

"Don't worry there are two more here." Lina then threw each Molotov from each box one by one onto the NHH cars. One of the cars blew up and then there were two left.


I drove into an alleyway and thought we lost them. The Manana was useless now as the engine was overheated. "Sorry Lina but we gotta walk." As Lina exited the Manana, the remaining two NHH cars came into the alleyway. 7 NHH guys came out of those cars. I shouted at Lina, "Get out of here! Run! I will hold them off!"

She replied, "I'm not going to leave you here to die!"

"Don't worry about me! Just worry about yourself and get out of here!" I then kissed Lina and she looked at me like she did not wanted to leave me but she had no choice and she ran away.


The NHH thugs shouted at me, "Hey bitch! Where's the other bitch?"

I basically said, "You know what? Just f*ck off!" I then sprayed my AK-47 all over them. I wanted to make a break for it and run. I ran and reached the end of the alleyway and NHH cars surrounded the whole alleyway. I had nowhere else to go but get shot. One of the NHH said, "No where to go bitch!"


I then felt bullets went through me and I collapsed onto the ground. My eyes closed and I thought, Am I dead?

At least Lina's safe.

Edited by mrpain

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Chapter 4: The Holland Wars



Episode 4: End of the War



I woke up and felt the pain of the bullets that went through me. I was thinking, Where am I? And then I realized I was in my new apartment in East Holland. Lina was sitting beside me and she said, "You okay?"

Although the pain was killing me, I did not wanted to sound weak in front of her so I said, "Yeah, I'm feeling superb."

"Cash X and Wheelman kill the guys who shot you. So just relax."

"I ain't gonna relax until the war is over." I got up of my bed, took my AK-47 and was about to drive my Sanchez to North Holland to kill some Hustlers even though I was still injured.


Lina stopped me and said, "Wait don't go. What if something happen bad to you?"

"Nothing will happen. I will have you and the whole M.O.B on my back."

"Be careful." Lina kissed me on the cheek and I drove off.


I called Jermaine, Cash X, Wheelman and Ruffer. I told each of them to meet me at North Holland [email protected] internet cafe. I met them there and said, "My dudes, those NHH f*ckers kidnapped Lina and shot me. This Holland Wars gotta stopped. So do you want to end it as winners or losers?" They all knew what was the choice is and they chose winners. I continued, "Alright here's the plan. Wheelman will drive with Cash X around North Holland and drive-by anyone you see. Jermaine you gather the rest of the M.O.B while me and Ruffer will start a gang war here. Let's do this!"


Cash X gave each of us an AK-47 except me. We all then did the plan. Ruffer and me decided to create some noise to attract the NHH for a gang war. We shot our AKs all over the place. The noise attracted the NHH and we were ready to take them all down. Wheelman and Cash X then drove by and did a drive-by on most of them. Jermaine then came with our boys and the gang war started. I was so pissed at the NHH and decided to blow up every single NHH car I see with my AK-47. I kept shooting and shooting. Ruffer pointed to me one of the NHH big heads, Jyler Jack. Jyler was Ruffer and me childhood friend but now he is my enemy. I remembered him in school that he would create chaos in every single class he went.


I saw Jyler and Jyler saw me. We walked towards each other with bullets whizzing past by us.

He said, "Hi."

I said, "Sorry man, I'm gonna have to kill you."

"Wait listen, why not settle an alliance?"

"f*ck the alliance! You are my enemy!" I was about to shoot him Jyler but he had something to say.

"You got it wrong. There's currently a civil war in the NHH. Just look."


What I saw was one guy from NHH killing another guy in NHH. I told my M.O.B homies to stop firing. When they stopped, the NHH were just killing each other. Jyler said, "I wouldn't betray friend of mine. There's a war between Dwayne Forge's NHH and a faction of some rat in our gang. Please understand and it wasn't us who wanted the crack, burned down your Pay'N'Spray and kidnapped that girl of yours."

"Alright my man I believe you. Can I have permission to kill this faction anyway?"

"Sure." I then killed the rest of that faction by myself. That whole faction was dead. Jyler thanked me and the M.O.B and we apologized to them for accusing them.


Jermaine came up to me and said, "Well then, the Holland Wars is over I guess."

Loud Dogg arrived and I explained everything to him. He said, "So it is over? The NHH and M.O.B live in peace together? That's good. But we got another problem. Lina called me and said some drug dealers are in our basketball courts."


Lina? In trouble again? I did not cared about the rest of the M.O.B and just drove off to the Rubin Swingers Basketball Courts without telling anyone.


When I arrived there, I saw Lina shooting all of the drug dealers down. She said to me, "Glad you are okay. Oh I killed all those drug dealers so there isn't a problem anymore." Wow I love that girl.

She continued saying, "So MrPain, now that we are in a relationship, where should we date?"


I took Lina out the whole night watching a movie and eating at a restaurant. I loved that girl.

Hope my gang involvement does not trouble her.


End of Chapter 4: The Holland Wars

Chapter 5: Liberty City coming soon...

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Chapter 5: Liberty City




Episode 1: Bank Heist



I woke up on my bed with Lina still sleeping beside me. What a night we had.

As I was getting ready for the day, I looked out through my window and saw the Liberty City skyline. What a view it was. At that time I realized the purpose of me joining the M.O.B is to take over Liberty City. So I thought about what can I do to Liberty City to show that I mean business.


Should I start a gang war? I can't because I did not had any trouble with any gangs yet.

Take over a Mafia? It's too risky.

Rob a bank? I thought about that hard and I was like, f*ck it lets just go rob a bank!


I called up Ruffer and Cash X. I told them we were robbing a bank near Chinatown. Ruffer said that Jermaine wanted to come along for this job and I let him in. I told them to wait at Chinatown with two Futos ready. As I was leaving, I kissed Lina who was still sleeping and left her a note that said 'Gone to some M.O.B business'.


I met Ruffer, Cash X and Jermaine there. Cash X brought ski masks and AK-47s to rob the bank.

Jermaine said to me, "This bank been robbed before so security is gonna be tight,"

"So what? We shoot one of the guards to show that we mean business and soon everybody will be afraid of us. Simple." I said that with ease.


We charged through the bank and I shouted to everyone, "Get the f*ck down! We here make a huge withdraw so everyone just stay put and don't try anything stupid!" I told Jermaine and Cash X to watch the door and the hostages while me and Ruffer went to get the cash. I told one of the bankers to open the vault door and she refused. I pointed my gun to her and said, "I'm gonna blow your brains out if you don't open it now!" She still refused. I shot a guard's leg and then finally the banker told me, "Okay I will open it, please don't hurt anyone."


The banker opened the vault door and what Ruffer and I saw was millions of cash. Screw this I'm taking them all.

We only had 8 bags with us so we stole as much cash as we can take. After we load up the cash into the bags, I killed one guard by head shooting him. Cash X asked me, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Making our mark." I took out a spray can from one of the bags and sprayed 'M.O.B' onto the guard. I told my crew, "We need to show Liberty City we mean business." I then pressed the alarm for the cops.


As we were waiting for the cops to arrive, I told them that each person must carry two bags and must kill as much cops as possible. Ruffer asked, "Why kill cops?"

"Gain attention. We gather as much attention as we can until we reached our Futos. Cash X will drive with me to the away from the cops while Ruffer will drive with Jermaine to the basketball courts."


The cops arrived. I never seen so many cops gathered in one place before. Police helicopters swarmed around the bank too.

"Alright my homies, lets do this!" I came out blasting my AK-47. I was followed by Ruffer, Jermaine and then Cash X. We were charging through Chinatown like it was the end of the world. Two NOOSE trucks blocked off our escape route. We had no choice but to kill them all. I took down most of the NOOSE and more cops were coming. I told my homies to take cover behind the NOOSE trucks as they were bulletproof. We killed the remaining cops and got to Chinatown. I was riding shotgun with Cash X and we drove away. I looked back at saw Ruffer and Jermaine driving away.


So far me and Cash X had not seen any cops so we decided to take our masks off. We then drove to the Rubin Swingers Basketball Court and saw Ruffer and Jermaine playing basketball. I said to them, "What the f*ck? We just robbed a bank and you guys are shooting some hoops?"

"Um...yeah?" Ruffer said.

"Then I wanna shoot some hoops too. Two on two?"

We ended the day with a nice game of basketball. It's funny because the start of the day was all about action but in the end, we all had a relaxing time.


I went back to my apartment after the basketball game and saw Lina in the showers.

She asked, "What was the gang business?"

"Robbing a bank. I had nothing else to do so I might as well get some cash right?"

"Well you have something to do with me now." She giggled and we had some sex.


The next day I woke up and turned on the early morning news and the news reporter said, "A bank was robbed yesterday by 4 gangsters. Police can only confirmed that only a guard was dead. The guard had the letters 'M.O.B' sprayed onto him and police are not sure why. This is Mike Wiley, Weazel News."


After that news broadcast, I got a call from an unknown caller. I pick it up and the unknown caller said, "M.O.B huh? Robbing a bank? Well lemme tell you this tough guy, the Gambettis ain't going to let some wannabe gangsters to take over Liberty City. You M.O.Bitches better watch out!"


Looks like I made a new friend.

Edited by mrpain

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Chapter 5: Liberty City



Episode 2: Mafia Work



That guy from the Gambetti family kept on talking, "If you M.O.B guys don't wanna get hit you better see us in Colony Island at the graveyard. Be there with that friend of yours, Ruffer."

A Mafia family threatening to kill me? Wow I'm in deep sh*t.


I did not want to anger the Gambettis as once you pissed off a Mafia family, your life will be a living hell. So I just agreed to that guy on the phone. He said, "Good. My name's Roy Zito and I'm the new head here. When you come down to the graveyard, asked for my name to one of my guards." He then hanged up the phone.


I called up Ruffer and he said, "What the f*ck? The Gambettis? Okay meet you in Colony Island." I started my Sanchez and drove to Colony Island. I still remembered the graveyard there as my dad was buried there. I saw Ruffer waiting at the front gates of the graveyard. He said, "Yo, I think those guys are the Gambettis." He pointed to me guys with suits. I walked up to one of them and asked, "Roy Zito please." He then led me to this guy who was sitting down in front of a grave.


"Hello MrPain and Ruffer." That guy was smiling.

"You Roy Zito?"

"Yes I am. Have you noticed anything about the grave?" That Roy Zito showed me the grave.

"What the hell? Why you sitting in front of my father's grave?"

"Your father, Jake Rock, was a good friend of mine who would do some dirty work for the Gambettis. Too bad he's dead eh Pack Rock?" Pack was my real name. Nobody has ever called me that except my dad. Now it's Roy Zito.

"How well did you know my dad?"

"He was selling crack and earning good profit. So we asked him to work for us and now he's dead. Now I need you to take over his place."


Ruffer came up to me and said, "Hey MrPain, take the job. Pay respect to your father"

So I said yes to Roy Zito and he said, "Good boy. I need you to take out some Pegorinos for me. This will earn you a lot of money kid. There are at the Honkers strip club in Tudor, Alderny. Benny Marcone will be there and killing him is optional but will earn you extra cash. Go now."


Me and Ruffer bid farewell to Roy Zito and we hopped onto my Sanchez. I was driving and Ruffer was my gunner. As we I was driving, Ruffer asked, "Pegorinos? Does the Gambettis expect us to die or what?"

"Relax, we robbed the Pegorinos before remember? Also, Benny Marcone is there. We kill him, we take one big step into Liberty City."


We reached the Honkers club. The bouncer there said, "Enjoy but don't cause some action if you know what I mean."

Yeah, I know what you mean.

The Pegorinos were all over the place. Me and Ruffer then took out our AK-47 and blasted everyone. The Pegorinos were caught off guard and many of them were still enjoying the strippers. I fought my way through the end of the strip club and saw Benny Marcone. I said to him, "End of the line Benny."

More Pegorinos entered the club and I turned my attention away from Benny. As I was shooting the Pegorinos, Benny Marcone escaped through the back door. Ruffer shouted, "MrPain! Let's get him!"


Benny Marcone was about to get into his car but I shot him. He was still alive and he drove off.

"sh*t he escaped!"

"Don't worry Ruffer, he was just the extra cash. At least we shot him."

"I know MrPain but look behind you. More Pegorinos."


The Pegorinos were swarming the whole place. We got onto my Sanchez and drove off quickly. I called Roy Zito while I was driving and told him, "I killed the Pegorinos there. I shot Benny but he's still alive."

"You shot Benny? Good, you will still get your extra cash. The cash is in your apartment. Very well done."


I then dropped off Ruffer at Cluckin' Bell in East Holland and waved goodbye to him. I then headed to my apartment and saw the cash there. Lina who was there said, "A guy in a suit came and said the cash is for you."

"Yeah I know. He must be from the Gambettis."


I then sat down and looked at a picture of my dad. I know my dad so much and yet I do not know him well enough.

Perhaps with Roy Zito I could maybe learned a lot more about him.

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 21: Sign up for muscle work


I was driving around in Acter when I got a call from Vic Martiano. He wanted to meet me over at his socialclub. I knew that his place wasn't far from where I was driving so I got there right away. I parked up and got inside the socialclub that was located in the middle of Acter. Inside was Vic Martiano and his righthand man Terry DiMarco.


"Hey Albert, come on in." Vic greeted me.

"Thank you." I said.

"Terry, can you give us a minute?" Vic asked.

"Sure. See you later." Terry said and took off.

"Listen, I've found a buyer for the coke you got from Ruben. If you want I can arrange a deal." Vic said.

"Oh yeah? What do you want for that?" I asked.

"Half. But I'm also going to do you a favour. I'm gonna help you find the guys who burned down the drug warehouse, okay?" Vic said.

"Okay." I said after doing some thinking.

"Good, the buyers are some jewish guys. Meet them over at Charge Island." Vic said.


When I got of from the socialclub I called Benny Jr. I wanted him to attend at the deal to see how things were done. If I ever were forced to depend on the kid I wanted him the know the business better. When we got to Charge Island the jewish guys were already there, the guys was two brothers called Elliott and Frans. Elliott appeared to be the older brother and did all the talking while his brother Frans was more layed back, much like Benny Jr was to me.


"So, you got the coke?" The older brother Elliott asked.

"If you got the money" I said.

"Sure." Elliott said and signaled to his brother to come with the briefcase. I did the same thing with Benny Jr.

"Pleasure doing business." I said when I got their breifcase with money.


Me and Benny Jr. got back to my car with the breifcase. When I started the motor FIB cars stormed the place. Elliott reached for his uzi and started to fire at the FIB guys. Only a frew seconds later, Elliott was laying dead on the ground while his brother Frans was arrested. I did a burnout at headed up to the bridge that connects Dukes, Bohan and Algonquin with 4 FIB cars on my tail.


"Open the window and try to shoot them of the road." I said to Benny Jr.


But Benny was only armed with an 9mm and did bearly do any damage on the FIB cars.


"Get in, I got an idea." I told him.

"What?" Benny Jr. asked.

"I'm gonna call an old friend called Red the Trucker." I said.

"Why is he called that?" Benny Jr. asked.

"You'll see." I said.


When we got the point of the bridge where one of the lanes is connected to Algonquin a big truck headed towards the FIB convoy. It was Red the Trucker. He totaly smashed two of the cars into the side of the road and now we only had two left. Red the Trucker falled back and put his truck behind the remaining FIB cars. The started his liftcrane and lifted one of the FIB cars into the air, then he throwed it of the bridge.


"Benny, you get the last one." I said and Benny wind down his car window. The started to shoot at the remaining car and finally managed to get em. The FIB driver was shot in the head and the car was crushed by Red the Trucker who was right behind.


We waved goodbye to Red the Trucker and got back to Drusilla's with the money. The backroom at Drusilla's was almost empty. The only one who was there except from me and Benny Jr. was Johnny Spaneglia.


"Yo, where is everybody?" I asked.

"Dog is sick today, I just talked to him. So now nobody is picking up collections from our protection rackets." Johnny said.

"What about Sally Boy then? Can't he pick up for Dog today?" I asked.

"Well... He's sick too." Johnny said.

"Benny, you did a good job today so you can get home. I'll tell your dad you did good." I said. "You and me are going to pick up Dog's and Sally Boy's collections" I said and pointed at Johnny.


We got in Johnny's car, my old Sentinel. First we headed the the diner in Tudor. When we got there the owner immediately asked "Where is Sally Boy?" and I had to tell every shop owner that we picked up from that Dog and Sally Boy were both sick. I got really tired of doing that. Our last stop was Tony Vario's brothel in Alderney City, where my girlfriend worked.


"Albert, Johnny, what are you guys doing here? Where is Dog?" Tony asked.

"He's sick. You got our money?" I asked.

"Yeah, and I got to tell you, your girfriend is going pretty well upstairs." Tony said and handed over the last envelope of the day. Finally.


Chapter 21 end.


Chapter 22 coming soon...


I sold my drugs so thats $90 huh?




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Hey I just realize my last story was the 20th story. Wow what an achievement for me considering I join just last 3 weeks. Anyway I can have a vehicle under $250 right? Then I will take the Sabre GT. Awesome car. Oh and that means I have unlocked the Landstalker for the M.O.B too.



Chapter 5: Liberty City



Episode 3: Vehicle Overload



Thinking about my dad made me think about Jason Klack, the bastard who killed my dad. And thinking about Jason made me think about SamO, the f*cking rat. Jason's dead but not SamO. I wondered where was he.


I was bored and had nothing to do. So I just phoned Roy Zito.

When he picked up, he said, "I'm glad you called. Come down to the Northwood Pay'N'Spray with a couple of your guys. I got a present for you guys." I hanged up and called Loud Dogg. Loud Dogg agreed. I asked Lina who was putting on her clothes to come along and she also agreed.


Me and Lina met up with Loud Dogg and we headed to Northwood. When we reached there, I saw Roy Zito and a couple of his bodyguards standing at the Pay'N'Spray. He greeted me, "Hey Pack, we've got presents."

Loud Dogg then asked, "Who the f*ck is Pack?"

I said, "Pack Rock is my real name."

"Why the f*ck then we called you MrPain?"

"I did not want to let anybody think I was related to my dad. Many people hated my dad."

"Yeah but we don't. Hey if you wanna change your name back just do it. Don't be ashamed."

Roy Zito interrupted, "Okay guys, can I talk? As I said before, I got presents." He then ordered his bodyguards to open the garage doors. Inside the garage were two types of vehicles, a four door van with a big ass trunk and a sweet looking shiny car. There at least 10 of them for each vehicle. Roy Zito said, "The van is called the Landstalker while that sports car is the Sabre GT."


I asked Roy Zito, "Why are you giving us these?"

"You did me a favor so I am giving you one back. Besides when your dad worked for us, we will usually reward him."

Loud Dogg then said, "Thanks man. If you need anything just give us a call."

Loud Dogg called up some of the M.O.B to drive our new Landstalkers and Sabre GTs back to our houses. Roy Zito told us he would supply us with more of these vehicles. I chose my own Sabre GT, a green color with purple stripes. Sweet.


I drove with Lina in my new Sabre GT and it felt great.

Lina said, "You know, ever since you joined the M.O.B, things have been great."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really. We got the Sanchezs, Sabre GTs, Landstalkers, Uzis, AK-47s and managed to have successful drug deals. I'm really glad you are here MrPain, or should I call you Pack?"

"You know what? Call me Pack."


I had to change my name as everyone knows I'm Pack.

From now on my name is Pack, no longer MrPain.

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Build Up Your Gang


16th chapter: $42. 3.5 grams of cocaine sold. Assault Rifle bought. New property acquired ($350 since you are expanding into a new city), switched over there.

17th chapter: $41.

18th chapter: $39.

19th chapter: $44; love it. icon14.gif

20th chapter: $41, $100 for multiple of 5 bonus. Landstalker unlocked; you can actually have any vehicle under $500, but since you chose Sabre GT, I'll add that. icon14.gif

21st chapter: $35.



Coquette obtained.

21st chapter: $43. Drugs sold; PMP 600 unlocked (it was a while ago but I forgot to do it).


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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 22: In the trunk


The morning started of like always, I got to Drusilla's, opened the place, telled everyone what to do and then read the newspaper. I was chocked when I saw the firstpage. Jewish drugdealer is going to testify against the Mob. I knew that if this Frans testified it was me and Benny Jr. they would be after. Then in the middle of everything my cellphone called, it was Vic Martiano.


"Albert, I found the guy that burned down the warehouse." He said.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"Meet me over at Red Wing Avenue." Vic said.


I got into my car and headed over there. Vic had parked up his Washington near the water. When I asked where the guy was he opened his trunk. Inside was an tied african-american man who was beaten and harmed.


"That's the guy? Who is he?" I asked.

"Just some drugdealer who disliked that we were dealing in the same town as him." Vic said and grabbed his gun.


I did the same thing, we looked at him a few seconds and then we shot him. Bullet after bullet. When we were done we dumped him in the ocean nearby. The next day I was hanging out at Honkers with Benny Marcone, Phil Bell and Joey Toro. I told Benny that we had killed the guy who burned down the warehouse, I also told him about the jewish drugdealer that was gonna testify against me and even Benny's own son. He gave me the promision to kill him but I knew that was gonna take alot of planning becouse right now he was spending his time in jail. In the middle of our discussion Mario Angelo showed up with his bodyguard Rocco Faletti.


"What the f*ck have you guys done?" He asked with an angry voice.

"What?" We asked.

"You have just killed my most skilled drugdealer. An associate of mine saw when you killed him and throwed him into the ocean." Mario explained.

"Nobody told us that drugdealer worked for you, and beside, he burned down our drug warehouse in Northwood." I said.

"I don't care, I want compensation for this." Mario said.

"I won't give you anything. He burned down our warehouse." Benny said.

"Believe me, you are going to compensate me." Mario said and left with Rocco.

"Great, now we got another f*cking problem." I said to Benny.


Then I got back to Drusilla's to gather some of my best soldiers and associates. We were going to take out Frans the jew, but first we needed a plan. All I knew this far was that Frans was going to be moved from an Algonquin prison to Alderney State Correctional Facility and that might be our only chance. When I got to the backroom of Drusilla's Dog Corella, Johnny Spaneglia, Sally Boy Florente, Frankie Gallo, Benny Jr. and his partner Chucky had showed up.


"Glad you all could come." I said. "Our target is called Frans Goldstein and next week he's being moved from Algonquin to Alderney through the Booth Tunnel."

"Is he going under heavy guard?" Dog Corella asked.

"We can assume that the police is using a bulletproof van plus some regular police cars." I said.

"Easy." Sally boy said.

"Alright here's the plan, Sally Boy and Frankie are driving two different cars. The rest of us are divided into two groups, one group goes with Sally Boy and the other one with Frankie. The two cars catch up with the police van, one crew is trying to highjack the van while the other is cutting up the backdoor to the van and killing Frans."


In the middle of the plan my phone called. Benny told me that Mario Angelo had send down his boys to rob the construction on expensive working material. They had hurted some employees, including James Thorne. Since James Thorne was our manager at the construction Benny wanted me to hurt Mario's manager.


"Johnny and Sally Boy you're coming with me." I said.


We headed down the the construction to look after the Ancelotti manager called Bobby Mezzo. When we got there an ambulance picked up James Thorne. I asked the emergency personel how bad it was but they said we would be fine in no time. We found the Ancelotti manager hidning inside one of the barracks. We gave him a beating he would never forget.


Chapter 22 end.


Chapter 23 coming soon...








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Can I be in the Irish mob @ Lucky winkles, Purgatory please?



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Sorry for my inactiveness. Will have a story up soon.

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havent wrote a story for a long time. Will write 1 soon

Edited by mrpain

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Maybe BUYG IV should have mods like the San Andreas one does, because BUYG has been offline for a while and Im still waiting for confirmation. confused.gif It would be easier if other people had the duty of doing that.

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Maybe BUYG IV should have mods like the San Andreas one does, because BUYG has been offline for a while and Im still waiting for confirmation. confused.gif It would be easier if other people had the duty of doing that.

BUYG already have a couple of mods but only radicell is active in the IV section. Maybe we need a few more here.

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 23: Conquette


I was sitting outside a Café in Alderney City. Me and my crew had started a smalltime loanshark operation and right now I was gonna meet a guy who owed me money. The guy was a compulsive gambler from Algonquin who had been at my cardgames at Drusilla's sometimes. He owed me over $20.000 I started to lose my patience. After awhile the guy named Eric showed up in his Conquette sportcar.


"Hey Albert, thanks for seeing me." He said.

"Let me guess, you need another day?" I joked.

"Yes actually. I have a guy who owe me over 30.000, when I get the money tomorrow you'll get your 20.000." Eric said.

"Alright, but if you don't pay me tomorrow I'm gonna send one of my guys to pick up the money regulary every week." I warned Eric.


Now I had to head down to the docks in Tudor. Vic Martiano and Frankie Gallo got a truck loaded with H ready for transport. We had expanded our drug business with Ruben Gomez down in Vice City, so indead of just dealing with coke we had started with heroin. When I got to the docks I couldn't see any truck, nor did I see Vic or Frankie. I stepped out from my car and looked around a croner of a warehouse nearby. I found Vic giving a beating on Frankie who was laying down on the ground. He was bleeding alot but Vic kept on punching and kicking him.


"Hey what the hell is going on? What are you doing Vic?" I asked while I pulled him of Frankie.

"That f*cking moron forgot to put in the handbrake in the truck, it fell down the water and sink!" Vic yelled.

"sh*t, that H was worth alot." I said." "But that's no excuse for beating up Frankie. He's Phil's nephew." I said.

"I better call an ambulance or something." Vic said and pulled out his cellphone.

"You ain't getting away that easy, you know we gonna have a family diner tonight. Phil is gonna be there." I said.


The same night I was ready for the family diner that was gonna be at Drusilla's. I waited outside my house for Johnny who was gonna pick me up and drive me. After a couple of minutes I saw a familiar car park up infront of me. It was Johnny in my old Sentinel, the one I gave to him soon after his release. I got in and we drove to Drusilla's toghter.


"You heard about Vic and Frankie?" I asked.

"Yeah Dog told me. Phil ain't gonna be happy tonight." Johnny said.

"So you like the car?" I asked.

"Yeah it's perfect. I discovored that it got A/C, that did barely exist before I went inside." Johnny said.

"I can only imagine what it's like to be out again after all those years inside." I said.


At Drusilla's the tables were already set. The hierarchy was very important at big family diners. At one table the administration and the capos were sitting, in this case Benny Marcone as the boss, Phil Bell as consigliere, Vic Martiano, Joey Toro and me as capos. The other tables were filled with soldiers and high ranked associates. When Vic arrived at the administration table Phil rised, ready to leave.


"I won't be sitting next to that animal." Phil said.

"Sit down Phil, you two don't have to talk to each other." Benny said.

"After what he did to Frankie? f*ck that." Phil said. My nephew is gonna be a retard, he ain't gonna talk or move. He married my sister for christ sake."

"It's a very sensitive topic, let's talk about it later." Benny said.


Phil got back to the chair but he didn't say a word to Vic during to whole diner. After the diner I approached Vic about what he did to Frankie. I wanted compensation since Frankie was a part of the plan in the upcoming murder of Frans the jew. Vic told me that I could use his best guy Terry DiMarco. I knew Terry was even better than Frankie so I agreed. In the backroom of Drusilla's the next day I introduced Terry as Frankie's succeeder to the rest of the group. Since Frankie's mission was to drive one of the getaway cars that now became Terry's mission. After going through the plan one more time I remembered that I got a meeting with the compulsive gambler Eric, about the 20.000 he owed me. I got to the same Café where we met before.


"You got my money?" I asked when Eric stepepd out from his Conqutte.

"Albert, the guy didn't have the money. Just give me one more day." Eric tried.

"You know what, I'm tired of you, I take your car instead." I said and grabbed the car keys from his hand. I drove away in my new Conquette and stashed it next to my PMP 600 in my garage.


Chapter 23 end.


Chapter 24 coming soon...





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Maybe BUYG IV should have mods like the San Andreas one does, because BUYG has been offline for a while and Im still waiting for confirmation.  confused.gif  It would be easier if other people had the duty of doing that.

BUYG already have a couple of mods but only radicell is active in the IV section. Maybe we need a few more here.

Maybe those who have wrote about 20 stories should become a BUYG MOD. This is just my suggestion.



Chapter 5: Liberty City



Episode 4: Changing my name



I told Loud Dogg to tell the whole M.O.B that I change my name back to my original name, Pack Rock. So I'm no longer MrPain. I was getting tired of being call Mr. anyway.


Loud Dogg said he had something for me to do. He needed me to race some bikers from the Uptown Riders. "Hey this bikers are fast. Bring your Sanchez." I did as I was ordered to do and drove to the race start at Northwood. When I arrived, I could see sweet looking sport bikes all lined up and getting ready for the race. The Uptown Riders were waiting for me and I asked, "This is the race?"

"You must be Pack right? Alright lets race."


Everybody got on their bikes and started their engines. Just when the race was about to start, some mobsters came and fired their guns at us. "Hey Pack! You thinks you can mess with the Pegorinos!" Those guys were aiming for me as I shot Benny Marcone a few days ago. All the bikers fled while I stayed to fight back. I called Ruffer, "Yo Ruffer! I need helped. Bring AKs along."

"Sure thing Pack. So your name now is back to Pack right? Not MrPain?"

"Yes it is Pack and hurry the f*ck up! Pegorinos are shooting me! I am at Northwood."


Ruffer arrived in my Sabre GT. I asked him, "How the f*ck did you managed to get into my Sabre GT?"

"You didn't lock the door and you left the keys inside."

Ruffer then opened up the trunk and inside were two AK-47s. I took the AK-47 and started blasting those Pegorinos. There were only 2 cars of them so it was pretty easy for me and Ruffer to kill them all.


After me and Ruffer kill all of those Pegorinos, I told Ruffer, "Hey I gotta drive my Sanchez so take back my Sabre GT back to my apartment would ya?"

"Sure thing Pack."

As I was walking towards my Sanchez, I heard a ticking sound. 'TICK,TICK,TICK'. And then suddenly 'BOOM!'. My Sanchez exploded by a hidden bomb. Right after that more Pegorinos swarmed in. I shouted at Ruffer, "Hey let me drive. You be my gunner."


I sped off and 3 Pegorinos cars were chasing us. I like my new Sabre GT. It was smooth and fast. Perfect for getaways. Me and Ruffer lost them. We got back to my apartment and then I got a call from Roy Zito. "Pack, Jason Klack did not kill your dad. It was..."

"Who the f*ck was it?"

"Sonny Botino."

"Are you f*cking kidding me? The guy who's in hiding now? I heard about him before."

"Do you hear me laughing? He was wanted for murder before but no one really knew who he killed. He framed Jason for killing your dad. I'm sorry but I just wanted to let you know. And besides, Sonny Botino owes the Gambettis big time so you will be doing a favor for us and your dad."

"Thanks Mr.Zito. Now I am gonna do my dad proud."


I did not know where was Sonny Botino hiding but once I find him, wow he's so going to sh*t his pants.

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I just want to write a few stories ¬_¬

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I just want to write a few stories ¬_¬

yeah these are intersng

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Build Up Your Gang


Chapter 22: $45.

Chapter 23: $42



Welcome back, hope you decide to stay this time. You have been added.



Chapter 22: $37.

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I might not have a story up for a while. I got a severe case of Writer's Block, it's killing me.

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Yes this is my 23rd story! I finally caught up with Rucke.



Chapter 5: Liberty City




Episode 5: Hunting the Hidden



That Sonny Botino killed me dad and now poor Sonny is in hiding as he's wanted for murder. Well now I am going to make him come out and play.


Roy Zito told me, "The best place to look for Sonny is at Acter, Alderny at an abandoned clubhouse for some bikers or something."

"Thanks man. I really appreciate you doing this for me."

"Anything for you and your dad, Pack."


I got into my Sabre GT and drove to Acter, Alderny. As I was driving there, I was searching for an abandoned building that looks like a clubhouse. As I was there, I saw Johnny Klebitz, the guy who I worked with before for a drug deal. He was standing next to a customized chopper bike. I said to him, "Hey Johnny! Long time no see."

"Hey man. Yeah been a long time. How's it going?"

"Well I am trying to hunt down a guy who killed my dad so it's been going good I guess. Do you happened to know any abandoned clubhouse?"

"You heading there too?" Johnny then pointed to me an abandoned building with the LOST MC logo teared but visible on the front door. Johnny then said, "That was my clubhouse. You must be hunting down Sonny Botino eh?"

"Yeah I am. How about you?"

"Me? I just want to get rid of that clubhouse. That's why I brought bombs."


I then saw bombs beside his bike. I asked him, "You serious? I thought the clubhouse belonged to the LOST?"

"Not anymore. Tell you what, lets do this together."

"Sure. Glad to be back killing people with you."


Me and Johnny then went into the clubhouse. What I saw inside was a burnt down place. Johnny looked sad, I guess something bad happened here to him and that's why he wanted to destroy it. Some bodyguards were in the place and I blasted their faces off with my AK-47. Johnny just used his sawn-off shotgun. Johnny said, "Sonny must be at the top floor. Go while I plant the bombs!"


I shoot through my way to the top floor and the top floor was well guarded. I finish off all the guards and scanned the place. I saw one important dude hiding. "You must be Sonny Botino?" I said to that hiding bastard.

"Yes I am. And you Pack? The son of the dad I killed?"

"Just f*ck you! Why did you killed my dad?"

"He was an important person in the Gambettis. He needed to be silenced if not my position would be taken off."

"So it is okay to just kill my dad?"

"I guess it is. Hahaha!"


I was pissed as hell and I didn't cared of anything except of shutting up Sonny Botino.

"Good night Sonny." I shot Sonny in the face about 20 times and headed to the ground floor.


Johnny was waiting for me and he asked, "Is he dead?"

"Yes and I feel good."

"Then lets blow this place up."


Me and Johnny headed to a safe range from the clubhouse and Johnny dialed a number onto his phone. It was then followed by a loud explosion from the clubhouse. I thanked and bid farewell to Johnny and walked to my Sabre GT. While I was driving back to me apartment, I called Roy Zito.


Roy said, "Sonny dead?"


"How do you feel?"

"Relieved. Now I do not need to hunt down anybody."

"That's good."


I drove back to my apartment and saw the M.O.B waiting for me.

I asked them, "What's wrong?"

Lina came to me and said, "Loud Dogg's dead."

"What the f*ck! By who?"



SamO. I forgot about him. I spared his life before but this time he crossed the line. Now that f*cking rat still wanted to disturb the M.O.B.


I made a speech to the whole M.O.B, "Loud Dogg was a good leader. In fact he was a good man. SamO on the other hand is a f*cking rat. We find him, we torture him to death. Since Loud Dogg is dead, I guess I am your leader now. Now lets do this for Loud Dogg!"


SamO is going to die with the whole M.O.B after him.

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Chapter 5: Liberty City



Episode 6: Top of America



The whole M.O.B was in silenced at the graveyard. It was the funeral of Loud Dogg, our beloved leader. Now that Loud Dogg's dead, I am the leader of the M.O.B now and Jermaine and Cash X are my 2nd in command.


Cash X came up to me and said, "SamO is gonna die a terrible death!"

"Yes he will Cash X, yes he will..."

After the funeral, the M.O.B split up to find SamO. I was searching for SamO with Lina in my Sabre GT.


As we were driving, Jermaine called me and said, "Hey a couple of us found SamO. We overheard him talking to a dude and guess who is he? Benny Marcone!"

"That f*ck! Nevermind Benny, we are after SamO remember? He's the one who killed Loud Dogg."

"Alright Pack but Benny has given SamO protection. I heard Benny said to him that his SamO's payment is at Rotterdam Tower."

"Payment for what?"

"Payment for causing a major impact on the M.O.B."

"That f*cking Benny. f*ck Benny, lets just get SamO and bring the whole M.O.B with you. We will give SamO his payment alright."


The whole M.O.B were headed to Rotterdam Tower. The government like to call Rotterdam Tower the 'Empire State Building' for some reason but Liberty City citizens like to call it Rotterdam Tower. It is the tallest building in America. The whole M.O.B were waiting at the 1st floor of the Rotterdam Tower. We saw about ten cars and one of them was SamO. I shouted to my homies, "Lets get him now!"


I shot my AK-47 at SamO and his guards and so did the M.O.B. SamO was running for the lift. "Hey Ruffer! Come with me! We will get SamO." Me and Ruffer headed to the 2nd floor. SamO was already in the lift. Me and Ruffer opened the 2nd floor lift door and jumped onto the lift. SamO pressed the button and me and Ruffer went along. We all stopped at the 22nd floor and SamO ran out. The SamO guards and the M.O.B were already shooting each other at the 30th floor. SamO ran to the rooftop and me and Ruffer gave chase.


We were already at the rooftop and the view from there was amazing. SamO grabbed a briefcase which probably contain the payment and he climbed to the top of the Rotterdam Tower. I shouted at SamO, "It's over you f*ck! You were one of us homies!"

"I was your homie but I got other friends!"

Ruffer then added, "So you think it was good to rat out the M.O.B? You f*cking gonna die."


Me and Ruffer then shot our AKs at him and SamO fell. SamO was screaming as he was falling for his death and then came the splat sound. I said to Ruffer, "Well that SamO is dead. He ain't going to bother us anymore."

"Damn right you are Pack, hey the briefcase is here."

We opened up the briefcase and I said, "Holy sh*t! 10 billion dollars?"


Ruffer then said, "We are the top of Liberty City now."

I then said, "No we are not, more like the top of America."

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Thanks, Ill stay biggrin.gif


The Irish Mob: Chapter one

I stared gleefully into the quater full pint of stout, slammed it to the table and threw the lady in Lucky Winkles bar a $10 tip. I burped, almost throwing up a little, as I steped out into the cold air of the night. Purgatory was usually buzzing with life at 11.00pm, I had no idea why it was so dead. Suddenly, a green contender pulled up beside me, the tinted windows slowly scrolled down, it was James Flemmi, he was a veteran within the crew,he has fought so many battles with other crime families across Liberty City.

"Damn, how many have you drank tonight lad?" he said.

"Haha, about 10 pints of Murphys, a few patriots and a double whiskey" I slurred

"Damn, I wish I could still knock that much ale back" James said shocked.

"Why the hell is Purgatory like a barrron desert tonight Jim?" I asked, calling him by his preffered name, he seemd tlo hate being called James.

"Ah, everyones at the McCreary place, they're mourning that St. Michael guy and at the same time celebrating over something"

"Oh, yeah, Gerald told me aout that, I never thought there would be a house full"

"You getting in? I'll take you down there" Jim asked

"Sure, I dont think i'll be drinking though, haha"

I stumbled into the passenger seat of the contender, Liberty rock radio was on, Joe walsh-Rocky mountain way played.

"Turn this up Jim, I want this to be played at my f*ckin' funeral"

The sound of Joe walsh grew louder, Jim was a damn good driver, he knew how to get out of hostile situations in the blink of an eye.


As we were crossing the Algonquin bridge, there was a road block, seemed like someone had hit a securicar, there were three men in suits, wearing ski masks and onyx suits, the men seemed to be packing money out of the securicar into a Cognosceti.

"Damn, these must be those Ancellotti's, rumour has it, they were planning a hit on one of these things"Jim said

"Uh, just ignore it" I slurred

Suddenly, Jim stepped out of the car and sneaked arounf the back, he pulled out a pump shot gun and sneaked over to the Ancellottis. He clocked one of them in the gut as he tried to pack a bag full of $20's into the back of his car, the other two who were also armed with 9mm too cover, one of them shot jim in the arm, causing him to dive behind another car.

I stepped out, pulling out my micro uzi (Which I always kept with me) and sprayed an ancellotti in the face, the other, guy dropped his 9mm and put his hands up, Jim got up, holding his injured arm "f*cking assholes" he shouted.

I stumbled over to the remaining wiseguy and punched him in the face, sending him down to the ground. I then collected the three heavy bags of money & packed them into the contender.

"Are you ok Jim? can you get usto the McCreary place?" I asked

"Sure, get in"

Jim sped off quickly, the bridge wasn't busy, so it was easy to evade the oncoming sirens. Looking out of the back mirror, all you could see was a police cruiser pull up at the scene, Jim had lived up to his reputation and got us safely to the McCreary place, where the memory of St. michael was being celebrated the Irish way.


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