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Build Up Your Gang

BUYG: Build Up Your Gang IV

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It will get more exciting in chapter 2, chapter 1 was to set it up.

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Chapter 1: Proving Yourself



Episode 5: Final Test MONEY OR BITCH?




I seriously hate Jermaine now. Having to choose to either take the money or save an innocent girl. This was the hardest choice ever in my life. Do I take the money and let a girl who I do not know die or do I save the girl and leave the money causing a feud with Jermaine? Well I had no choice. I had to take the money.


"Go ahead, shoot the bitch." my throat felt dried right after I said that.

"You say so bloodclot'." I saw the girl got shot in the head for doing nothing. It was very sad. I could have shoot Greedy Boi, save the girl and took the money. But it was too late for it now.


Jermaine shot Greedy Boi and off we took the van with the loads of cash. I was driving the van with sorrow.


"Head over to the Pay'N'Spray." Jermaine ordered me to.


I was curious about the relationship of Jermaine and Cash X. Jermaine said that Cash X can be a rat because he wants to take over Liberty City. Well I too want to take over Liberty City so I asked Jermaine what's wrong with that.


"If you take over Liberty City, you will change it in a good way but if Cash X takes over, things will be different."


That doesn't make any sense! "How different?"


"Like killing me different."


Killing Jermaine? I never thought of that. Maybe in the future when I got some respect in the M.O.B I might kill Jermaine. Right now is all about me getting into the M.O.B. Most of the M.O.B including Cash X and SamO were waiting for Jermaine and me. Once we reached there, Jermaine introduced me to one of the rookies of M.O.B, Ruffer.


"Alright both of you, MrPain and Ruffer, have just officially joined the M.O.B gang."

f*ck yeah! I knew who Ruffer was, he was my childhood friend but I didn't know he joined the M.O.B. Jermaine said he would be my homie in crime.


"Hey Ruffer! What up!" I was glad Ruffer was my homie because he was my boy back in the day. He's a straight up guy who takes in no bullsh*t.


"MrPain my man! Been a long time eh?" Ruffer was pleased too to see me.

"I didn't know you joined the M.O.B." I said with joy.

"I didn't know about you too." Ruffer replied.


Cash X was walking towards us. He wanted to speak with us privately so we got into his car and talked.


"Alright, do both of you want to take over Liberty City?" Cash X asked us surprisingly. I didn't like where this is going but Ruffer and me just said yes.


Cash X continued, "It's been my dream to take over Liberty City but unfortunately I don't think I would live long enough to see that dream come true."


"Why?" I asked thinking who would wanna kill him.


"On the down low, I think Jermaine wants me dead."



I don't f*cking get it. Jermaine thinks Cash X wants to kill him while Cash X think Jermaine wants to kill him. It's confusing but I liked Cash X better than Jermaine. I suspect Jermaine is just jealous of Cash X. I got an idea. I whispered the idea to Ruffer and we explained the whole thing.


"What if we kill Jermaine?" after Ruffer said that, Cash X almost look like he's about to blow his brains out.

"At the right time, we will finish him off but right now we gotta do some gang business." I was so stunned I came out with this idea because killing a gang leader isn't an easy thing to do.


Cash X gave a long pause but after a while he said, "Agreed, after we kill him, we will take over M.O.B and then Liberty City."




So it's set. Jermaine will die....eventually



End of Chapter 1: Proving Yourself

Chapter 2: Gang Business coming soon





EDIT: We should update the weapons list since The Lost and Damned have the grenade launcher and the sawn off shotgun and the other stuff.

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Just to tell you mrpain, I think there's a limit of 2 stories per day.

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Just to tell you mrpain, I think there's a limit of 2 stories per day.

Well, since it's increasing the activity around here, it's not actually bothering me. tounge.gif I'll log in and grade them soon, hopefully add the new gangs by then too.

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Build Up Your Gang

Unggoy1957 and DanManUtd have been taken down since they requested it.



Sanchez bought.


Aside from small typographical errors, I'm really enjoying your chapters. $36 for the 1st, $38 for the 2nd. In the 2nd chapter I liked how you described the difficult choice your character had to make, it sounded authentic and gangster. icon14.gif You also got $100 bonus for the 5th chapter.



A nice setup to a second chapter, but agreeing with mrpain, it is mostly dialogue. However, since it looks pretty well-formatted and free of technical errors, you earn a $31. Nice to see you back at BUYG, looking forward to your chapter 2.



The Pavano Family
Location Property Gang Member Story Count
Auto Eroticar
Leisure Center
Marco's Tobacco & Beer Shop
Weapons Knife, Micro-SMG
Vehicles Sentinel, PMP 600
Money $100
Assets ---
Drug Facilities ---
Drugs ---
Once again, thanks William, for the new gang as well as finally choosing to take part. smile.gif Edited by Build Up Your Gang

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Note - This chapter is basically an introduction. More information on the 'deal' (briefly talked about at the end of my first chapter) will be revealed in the next chapter.



Pavano Family: Leisure Center


Chapter One: I'm Only Getting Started


I walked outside of the airport. As I breathed in the fresh air, I scanned my surroundings. It was a busy, hot day. Some people looked at my clothing, and their faces told me that they thought I was crazy. I was wearing a fancy, three-piece suit. I didn’t care of what they thought. I glanced at my watch. It showed 4:35 PM.



I tried to remember what my auntie had said over the long distance call. Something about a ‘fancy black car named Sentinel’..?



HONK! A loud horn disrupted my thoughts. There it was. Approximately twenty meters away from me, on the other side of the street, sat the Sentinel. A man with a vague stare stood outside the car, waving at me. I crossed the street over to the car.



“Hello, Mr. Moretti,” the mid-aged man spoke with a heavy Italian accent. “Please, step in. I will take you to your place.” As I stepped in the passenger seat, I told him to call me Franco, although I wasn't sure if he was even listening.



Although the car ride to who-knows-where was a silent one, I took in the scenery outside the window. This place was beautiful, more beautiful than my old neighborhood in Italy. After a while, we crossed a bridge. Not soon after, we had apparently reached our destination-the driver’s GPS told me so.



“Mr. Moretti, follow me, sir.”



I walked outside and looked at the building laid out in front of me. A sign on the entrance door labeled ‘Leisure Center’. I wondered why we were here. Should I actually trust this guy? I thought.



My question was quickly answered. The moment I stepped through the doors of the Leisure Center, the first person I glanced at was my auntie. Her name was Maria Valvona, and she was the Don of the Pavano family. She had ice piercing eyes, yet a warm smile. She had graying hair, but it looked as if she recently died the tips of her hair hot pink.



“Welcome, nephew. I’m so glad you’re finally here! Here, come along now,” she said, and abruptly took my hand. She led me into a swimming pool room, and then through a locked door behind a cramped room marked ‘JANITOR ROOM’. She gave me the keys to the door, and we walked inside.



All I could say is that this… this is not what I expected. The room looked like a suite in a hotel; everything was laid out so neatly... so perfectly. “Th-thanks,” I muttered, stammering in English. The only reason Maria was doing all this for me was because we had agreed on a deal-a deal that made me a new contract killer for her. I honestly hated my aunt, and the only reason I agreed to this ‘deal’ was because of the money involved. I also needed a new start in life.



The old crone rummaged through an expensive purse, and took out some more keys. I noticed that one of the keys had tape attached to it that, in pen, marked ‘Franco: Sentinel’. Jingling the keys, she whispered; “I’m only getting started, honey.”


I could only smile.

Edited by williamk76

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I want to buy the Uzi ( Micro SMG )



Chapter 2: Gang Business



Episode 1: Robbing the Mafia



It's been a month since I joined the M.O.B and I got some respect around the gang. Cash X gave a call and said to call Ruffer and have we meet him at Colony Island near the graveyard. I knew something big was about to go down. I called Ruffer and he agreed.


We reached Colony Island and I saw Cash X standing in between two Mananas.

"We are robbing the Mafia." Cash X told us.

What the f*ck! "You kidding me right?"

"I aint kidding kid. We are robbing the Pegorinos. They are doing a deal at the graveyard with some Irish guys."

"Pegorinos? They still around? I thought Jimmy Pegorino is dead?" Ruffer asked as he saw a news article with a headline that said 'Pegorino dead with Russians.'

"A new boss has been made for them, Benny Marcone or something." Cash X told us what were the dealing and what was the plan. There are four bags of cash waiting to be deal. Cash X will take two bags and Ruffer and me will take one bag each. We will load the cash into two separate Mananas. Ruffer and me will take one car while Cash X will take the other. We gotta do this before the Irish arrives and makes the deal.


I actually worried about this job. Three guys against a mafia family. This is like suicide suicidal.gif .


"Wait before we do this, I want to give Ruffer and you, MrPain, this. Consider it as a present."

Cash X gave both of us an Uzi. Best present ever!


After the joy I had of receiving an Uzi, I wanted to play with it. So I suddenly felt so anxious to do this job. We came in guns blazing at the mobsters. The graveyard felt so familiar with me like I've been here before. We saw the bags and we hurriedly took it. As were running like mad to the exit, I stopped in front of a familiar grave. It was my dad's grave.


My dad was killed by a corrupted cop. That cop killed my dad because my dad would not sell him cocaine. My dad was a small time gangster and would only sell crack to people who feels like dying. He didn't do anything wrong and yet that f*cking cop is alive. The cop's name is Jason Klack. He's in jail but once he is out, he's dead.


I came back to my senses and noticed Ruffer was shouting at me to hurry up. We got into our Mananas. The mobsters were chasing us and damn their cars were very fine. As we were driving like crazy, Cash X called me and said to park up behind him when he stopped. Once we reached Broker, Cash X stopped at a gas station and told be to barricade the gas station using our cars. We then hide behind a dumpster.


The mobsters came speeding towards us but crashed into our parked Mananas at the gas station.

Cash X then shouted "Shoot the gas tanks now!"

So I took out my Uzi and shot the gas tank causing a huge explosion at the gas station thus killing the most of the Pegorinos' mobsters. We finish the last of them and headed to a porn shop because Cash X wanted to relief himself there.


Once we reached there and after Cash X ordered a porn DVD, he told Ruffer and me "Good job guys, keep the Uzis cause you both deserved it my brothers. I'm gonna deliver the cash to Jermaine now." He then remembered the conversation we had in the car about killing Jermaine. "Jermaine still gonna die right?"

"We can't assure that now, maybe after we take over properties and be more well known in Liberty City, then maybe just maybe we could kill Jermaine." That's what Ruffer said. I actually didn't agree with him but just said yes to him. I'm still not sure who should I kill, Jermaine or Cash X? Either way if I kill one of them, you can expect me to have a high position in the M.O.B.


If I go with Cash X, I will have respect as many people look up to him

If I go with Jermaine, I will have fear as he is the leader of M.O.B.

If I kill em' both, I will be invincible.



Decisions, decisions.... sarcasm.gif

Edited by mrpain

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Build Up Your Gang


$36, nice introductory story there.



Micro-SMG purchased


$39, I enjoyed the style of your ending. Good work.


Skimask101 and Bill2451 have been removed.

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Here's another story. I dont think it is gonna earn me alot of money anyways.




Chapter 1: Gang Business



Episode 2: Respect your betters.



I was drinking at an Irish bar. Dizzy as hell. Anyway Jermaine called me while I was drinking.

"Yo I need you right now." What does Jermaine want now? I finished my drink and drove my Sanchez to Jermaine. Jermaine looked piss. He was arguing with Cash X. I didn't like this. I hate to be involved in this argument.


"You lost the f*cking cash!" Once Jermaine shouted that I knew something happened to the cash that me, Ruffer and Cash X stole from the Pegorinos.

"I did not f*cking lost it, it got f*cking stolen by those damn bikers!" Oh crap now they are gonna have me get the cash back confused.gif .


"Yo MrPain, I want you to kill those bikers from the Angels of Death and..." He paused for a while and then shouted at me,


Someone's in a bad mood today.


Angels of Death. I f*cking hate them. I actually liked this job just because I get to shoot some bikers. So I took my usual weapons, Uzi, pistol and knife, took my Sanchez and drove off. Jermaine then shouted at me again, "How the f*ck do you know where you are going and what the f*ck are you gonna do?"

Oh yeah, forgot to listen to Jermaine's instructions. "Ok fine what am I suppose to do?"

"The bikers who stole my cash are bowling at Memory Lanes. I'm killing them with you."

Ah sh*t! Must Jermaine come along? He would surely shoot his gun and hit no one. Oh well, he's the boss, for now.


I got on my Sanchez and Jermaine got into his Manana. Once we reached Memory Lanes at Hove Beach, we can already see the Angels of Death bikes. I don't mind doing this job but with Jermaine, things are about to get worse. We were outside the door of Memory Lanes. I wanted to ask Jermaine what's the plan but he went through blasting his Uzi. Surprisingly, he shot most of the bikers inside. I wanted to shoot some bikers but Jermaine already finish all of them.

"f*ck the cash isn't here!" Jermaine scanned the place and so did I. He was right.

"Yo Jermaine, where the f*ck is the cash?"

"How the f*ck am I suppose to know." Jermaine isn't behaving himself that day. He's always calm and serious about jobs. Now he's pretty much f*cked up. I didn't knew why.

I thought about the cash and then saw a biker still alive. "Jermaine, lets ask him."


I pointed my pistol to that biker. I told him where was the cash and he refused to tell me. Since he would not tell me, I picked him up and threaten to put his face into the bowling ball polishing machine. The biker finally talk, "Ok please stop I will tell you where the cash is. It is at 69th diner with Mack. He's one of our guys so you should know him when you see him."


"Ok Jermaine, we know where's the cash now." I then popped a bullet into the biker's head. Poor guy.


We were waiting outside the diner. We saw Mack. Cops were around. I heard one of them saying, "We got to bust this biker."

They were onto the cash too. I asked Jermaine to follow my lead. I walked inside the diner and pretended to buy a coffee. I saw Mack and one big bag of cash beside him. Jermaine was about to take out his gun but I stopped him.


"Yo MrPain, lets take this motherf*cker down already!"

I was gripping tight on Jermaine's hand from taking out his gun. "Cops are around! Just do it my way!"

"Ah f*ck your way! I'm the boss and you gotta do as I say."

"Do as you say? Everything you say is always f*cked sooner or later." Arguing with the leader felt really good.

"Watch your mouth kid, you gotta respect your betters." I released my grip on him as he was right. He was the better of me at that time and I needed respect from everyone in the M.O.B. I knew Jermaine was gonna shoot Mack so I ran past Mack and grabbed the bag of cash. The biker was about to give chase but Jermaine shot him. I put the money in Jermaine's Manana and drove off with my Sanchez. Cops heard gunshots and quickly rushed into the diner. By the time they got there, Jermaine was gone.


Jermaine called me, said he wanted me to do another job. He said to meet a cold Slavic hired gun called Niko Bellic at the docks in Broker Navy Yard at East Hook. He said he wanted me to do a drug deal.


Drug deal? I didn't like that. My dad was a crack seller and he was killed for that.

"And MrPain, I gave the cash for the drugs to Niko so he would buy those drugs for me and you two gotta deliver it to me."


Who the f*ck was Niko Bellic?

Edited by mrpain

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"I aint kidding kid. We are robbing the Pegorinos. They are doing a deal at the graveyard with some Irish guys."

"Pegorinos? They still around? I thought Jimmy Pegorino is dead?" Ruffer asked as he saw a news article with a headline that said 'Pegorino dead with Russians.'

"A new boss has been made for them, Benny Marcone or something." Cash X told us what were the dealing and what was the plan. There are four bags of cash waiting to be deal. Cash X will take two bags and Ruffer and me will take one bag each. We will load the cash into two separate Mananas. Ruffer and me will take one car while Cash X will take the other. We gotta do this before the Irish arrives and makes the deal.



Haha I liked how you used one of my characters in your story there icon14.gif

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Wanted Assailant





The humming of the Badger cellphone brung Valon Topali to swipe it off the small, kitchen table. A blaring ring sunk into the left side of his face toward his ear, letting the ring pull along until a voice came abrupt and spoke, a very familiar accent to Valon’s numbing conscious.


“Val’, I need you to come meet me around the back of the old Burger Shot on Huntington Street. Some things have come up.” As soon as Valon answered the phone he just had been finished with it when he heard the dragging beep on the other line. He scratched his irritating, bagged eyelids with his bare knuckles, trying to get the sleepiness forever out of his eyes. It was an early morning and Valon was in full garments contained of a leather jacket over a black and red tracksuit outfit, and a pair of runners. He grabbed the foam cup of water also on the kitchen table and chugged it down, sighing and brushing his black and slight receding hair with one of his hands before walking out of his apartment complex on Carson St.


He sniveled and coughed hoarsely, the mucus spewing from the inside of his mouth and rocketing through the air. The medium-built thug grubbed through his stubble facial hair with his gloved hands and latched it around the handle of his Futo. The pink-lit clouds hovered over the buildings and citizens of Liberty City, a rather chilly morning to start the day off with. Valon’s Futo rumbled to life as he locked in his keys, quickly stomping one foot on the gas pedal. He forwarded his way below the Huntington Street Station, nearing an abandon, run-down and boarded up Burger Shot, parking neatly near the curb.


Valon eyed around his surroundings, quickly spotting Gazmend’s Manana parked in a sandy fenced in space right behind the building. As Valon stepped out of his vehicle and clipped the door shut, he found Gazmend Nicolla across from him leaned against a wall in an open alleyway between the Burger Shot and another building. Valon squinted quizzically, before strutting across the plain, slumping his downcast face toward the ground. He finally approached Gazmend successfully, a burly, paunchy, taciturn man in leather gloves, with a large jacket over a double-breasted coat and slacks.


Gazmend Nicolla shifted his head sideways between the alleway, before reaching inside his pocket and pulling out a cigarette and lighter. He popped in the rolled substance in his mouth and leaned his head toward the gear-driven mechanism, the flame touching the tip of it.


“Come on, we need to go for nice walk,” He uttered through bared teeth and bellowing smoke. Soon, they started to walk down the alley; two backings of the buildings on each side, each having rear entrances. Gazmend began the lonely converse with a grueling and gruff voice.


“ How is your sister? Is she doing alright?” Rather unexpected to hear of, Topali lunged for casual words about the circumstances with his troubled sister. He spoke out with a mildly thick European accent.


“Blerta is okay. She is doing well with a man who doesn’t have a job and is the bastard of her baby.” Valon’s sister, Blerta, was a reason he even thought about coming to America. Blerta had fell madly, but stupidly, in love with the man of her wonderful dreams. Story made short, she became impregnated after quite some time in the relationship. Both not capable of holding a good job due to both not graduating high school, they were living on welfare and lent money. Firstly, Valon was not interested into his sister’s troubles as she had brought it on herself, but the content of the trouble the struggling couple came into with criminals lead Valon to leave his dumpy hideout in Italy and travel to Liberty City to hopefully help them, risking his life as he was a targeted man in the underground world of Albania. 2 and half years with his stay in America and aiding his hopeless sister.


31-year old Valon Topali then turned to questioning Gazmend on his true intention.

“So, Gaz, what is it that you need to speak of?” Gazmend let the black and dirty smoke play wildly in his mouth and lungs, before solemnly answering.


“Bledar and Kemal are dead, Valon.” Valon continued to walk despite his heart being caught by surprised. He studied Gazmend’s stern and cold face, trying to quickly fix himself out of this abnormal blast of words. Valon later replied after moments of ponder.


“You are... kidding, right? Those two, dead?”


“And Dardan, who is believed to be missing.” Valon slowly came to realization and quietly pinched the skin on the bridge of his nose, shaking his head softly. He knew the abruptness and spontaneity that came in the crime-infested underground dwelling, but the stakes that have been trusted in these three men were too much to take lightly of. Now there is only speculation, confusion, and questioning over the matter.


“Who? Who killed them, Gaz?”


“ We do not know, and that is the problem here. Now that they are dead, we lost all the money we could of ended up with.” He shortly took a drag out of the cigarette before exhaling the toxic fume


“ I don’t get it. Don’t we know the man Dardan and Bledar loaned to? Didn’t they inform us?”


“I’m afraid not. Those two only talked subtle of it. You knew when Xianni lent them their powers to shark alone but organized. With them all dead, there’s no hope of getting the money.”


“All that money,” Valon shook his head dearly. He scowled to the ground as he and the mob lieutenant reached the end of the alley where they stopped. Gaz turned to Valon.


“Listen, Xianni wants you and Loran to collect in on the loan off a client of Fatmir’s. Go over behind the old hardware store on Dillon Street and meet up with them. Call me however you can and bring in the cash to Fatmir at the 69th street diner.”


“Heh. I thought this was Fatmir’s job, not mine?”


“ Fatmir is too busy doing something for me. We are all very busy with our lives here, Valon. I will see you.”


As Gazmend Nicolla departed on his way back to his Manana, Valon stood there with his hands glued in his pockets as he looked out into the street. He sighed exasperatedly and soon walked back to his Futo to go take a nap back at his apartment. Maybe he’ll check on Blerta on the way.










-(You guys planning on bringing in assets?)-

Edited by Wanted Assailant

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"I aint kidding kid. We are robbing the Pegorinos. They are doing a deal at the graveyard with some Irish guys."

"Pegorinos? They still around? I thought Jimmy Pegorino is dead?" Ruffer asked as he saw a news article with a headline that said 'Pegorino dead with Russians.'

"A new boss has been made for them, Benny Marcone or something." Cash X told us what were the dealing and what was the plan. There are four bags of cash waiting to be deal. Cash X will take two bags and Ruffer and me will take one bag each. We will load the cash into two separate Mananas. Ruffer and me will take one car while Cash X will take the other. We gotta do this before the Irish arrives and makes the deal.



Haha I liked how you used one of my characters in your story there icon14.gif

Haha yeah I liked your story very much so I needed to make a hint to your story.


On topic: Oh this is a drug deal and the drug I'm buying is a gram of heroin.



Chapter 2: Gang Business



Episode 3: Drug Dealing Part I



Jermaine asked me to take his Manana. That was the first time he ever let me used his stuff. So I drove to the docks and saw this Russian or Serbian looking dude. He came up to me and asked "You MrPain?"

"Yeah, and you Niko Bellic?"

"Yes, let's do this drug deal and faster get the heroin."

"How much heroin we buying?"

"About a gram for 90 bucks." The moment Niko said a gram, wow I was so pissed. A gram only? Damn that Jermaine is so greedy. Niko said that the drug will arrived in a speedboat from Vice City. So we waited.


I grew tired of waiting and decided to make a conversation with Niko.

"So Niko, how do you know Jermaine?"

"We met through my cousin's cab business. Now that the cab business is down a year ago, I needed to find some cash. So I'm working for Jermaine and some few other guys."

"You must be a small timer hired gun then." Niko laughed at that.

"Not sure whether I'm a small timer, but I took out Jimmy Pegorino and the Russians that he was dealing with."

What the hell? He's the one who took out Pegorino? Ah sh*t better not piss this guy off.


I was still curious about Niko so I asked him more questions,

"Why don't find a real job instead of doing this dirty work?" I noticed Niko gave a sad expression.

"A year ago, someone close to me died by the hands of Pegorino's work. I avenged that person but still doesn't do me any good. That person also told me to let go of all this criminal activities. Unfortunately I can't because it's the only thing to do since my cousin's cab business got closed down. So now I will do anything just for the sake of cash and survival."


Sad story. I understand that he had been through alot. When I asked him who he has worked for, he said, "Drug dealers, mafia, Jamaicans and all that people you know."


Finally the boat arrived. Niko paid the cash and I put the gram of heroin into the Manana. I still can't believe we are doing this for just a gram of Heroin. The guys from the boat when off to Vice City while me and Niko headed to Jermaine at the Outlook Pay'N'Spray. Niko was driving while I keep checking for cops around. I noticed a black color Buffalo car was following us. I knew something was wrong.


I told Niko about it and he told me to check through the driver's window to see if there is any police alarms.

"Oh f*ck! I see alarms and I see FIB."

Niko then speed up.


I took out my Uzi and fired the FIB at surprised. They took out an SMG that looked like a MP-10 and fired it at our Manana. I was scared sh*t as hell if they shot the drugs or worse, busted us. Niko then shouted "I ain't going to prison for just a gram of Heroin!" Niko then pressed on the brakes hard and let the FIB drive in front of us. This created a good opportunity for me and I shot all of the FIB in the black Buffalo. Niko then said "Ah sh*t, I don't even take drugs. So why am I risking my life for heroin?" I just chuckled at that.


As we were driving to Jermaine, I kept talking to Niko about life, our stories and all the criminal things we have done. I really like Niko. He's one cold motherf*cking hired gun. Once we reached to Jermaine, I was sad that my job with Niko has ended.


Jermaine said he wanted me to sell the heroin to a massive drug dealer called Elizabetha Torres. Niko said she just busted out of prison and want to get back into the drug business.


At the time, I was like ok but then I thought about it and said to myself,

"Who would want a gram of heroin?"



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((Before I begin, I'd just like to suggest renaming the Cabaret Club into Perestroika Club, so people know what you're referring to.


Anyway...it's been almost 4 years, but I hope I'm not too rusty. Here goes...))


It was a sleepless night, my thoughts focused almost solely about what I was about to get into. The cold Atlantic winds ruffled my hoodie as I stared out the window of my tenement at Firefly Island out at the famous South Algonquin skyline. It was the sort of "stars on earth" panorama that could be found on postcards and picture frames in European travel agencies, but not even a thousand words could tell the stories behind the American Dream that lured immigrants to these shores for centuries.




1700 hrs

Adult Shop, Hove Beach


I took a heavy sigh before pushing the door open, a small beep alerting the store owner. I could smell the odor of the backroom studio slowly seeping into the room, though it wasn't as noxious as I'd thought it would be for a place like this.


"Can I help you?" asked the store owner, a heavy-set bearded man in a sweater and jeans.

"I saw the help wanted sign," I replied, trying to sound confident.

"Auditions closed yesterday."

"Hmm? Semyon texted me this morning that auditions were open," I replied, withdrawing my cellphone from my hoodie pocket.


The comment perked the bearded man's attention. "Semyon doesn't send out texts to guys," he replied with a bit of a sneer before I handed him my cellphone, which had been switched to a new message.

"See for yourself," I replied calmly.

The bearded man looked at the displayed message briefly before handing my phone back and going into the back room. Another man came out, a rather portly clean-shaven fellow in a sweater.


"Let's talk outside. The smell is starting to make me dizzy," Semyon said, gesturing me to leave.


The two of us exited the shop and started walking up Delaware Avenue toward Firefly Island.


"So...why do you come to America?" Semyon began, "And don't tell me what you read on the internet." That was to say, the seedy internet forums where I had found his "help wanted ad" a week or two ago.


"Same reason everyone fresh off the boat does though," I replied, "Fame, fortune, and the big American..." I smiled sheepishly and made groping motions in front of my chest to emphasize the last word.

"Well, you'll find that this isn't the best time!" he then added with a smirk, raising his voice as the El-Train rumbled and roared overhead. "Plus, most of those are fake! Trust me, I know!"

"It wasn't the best time for most people," I added, "Most of them started in places like these!"

"And they died here too, or ended up in the less savory trades!"

"Not that they couldn't find prosperity there, either!"


Semyon chuckled as we sat down on a bench by the Firefly Island dock. The Atlantic breeze was warmer this time of day, and there was a lovely view of the South Algonquin skyline. Neither of us took our eyes off it as the conversation continued.


"Times are especially tough," Semyon took a sigh before continuing in a graver tone, "This economic crisis has got everybody panicking and this new president is not the miracle worker everyone claims he was."


"That is not new," I replied nonchalantly, "American media hype and politics as usual."


"What is new is that the city thinks it can solve this by clamping down on our industry, and that has everyone scrambling for what's left of the pie. There have been gang wars like a motherf--ker. A couple of thugs even came into our store a few months back and shot our actors, just like that." Semyon snapped his fingers.


"Everyone for themselves," I replied, "The law of the land."


"The American Dream, but you can't just do it with the tools you have," Semyon added, "You need that one thing valued above everything else on this earth in order to prosper."


Out of an almost childish curiosity I asked, "A working gun?"


"Trust, boy, trust," Semyon said, turning to face me, "People are willing to buy the best deceptions over the smallest trust, and too often it leads to their demise. I want to know if I can trust you."

"I would be lying if I said...probably not."


There was a brief pause before Semyon answered. "You have honesty at least, and it is a start. Are you really that interested in employment with my boss?"

"Yes...yes I am."


"Then I have to warn you, my employer does not offer health insurance," he said, maintaining his tone of voice. Not that he had to sound ominous to push that point across.

"That's fine with me..." I replied, my confidence slowly starting to drain.

"Hmm. Well then, the calls will go out this evening. You can hang up if you like but there is no turning back once you answer," Semyon replied. He briefly put his hand on my shoulder as he got up. "My advice to you, you will be better off with a hot dog cart."


He didn't say another word as he started walking back to the shop. I closed my eyes and leaned back on the bench, taking a deep breath and closing my eyes.




The Fast-Pounder meal from Burger Shot was getting cold quick, something I realized as I took my first bite of it since I bought it on the way back from Semyon's shop.


The sound of my cellphone ringing helped take my mind off the aftertaste of the additives and reflexively made me gulp it down. I took a deep breath as I put the receiver to my ear and accepted the call.


I was reluctant to say hello, but the caller decided to skip to business.


"This country is not so bad. I met this steroid-pumped gearhead called Brucie, and we are the best of friends. He tells me he wants a Cavalcade to cruise in. Go get one for him, there are some cruising around East Island City. You will receive a number, text it when you have the car and I will tell you where to meet him."


The caller hung up, no names apart from "Brucie", no other details save for what I presumed would be the incoming number.


It was going to be a long night. As I left the apartment, locking the door squarely behind me, I cracked my knuckles.


Hopefully, it would also be a night to remember.

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Build Up Your Gang


You're really getting into this. $36 and $40. 1 gram of Heroin bought for $90, you can sell it for $130.


WelcomeToLibertyCity has been scrapped.


Wanted Assailant

$46, great story there. Keep up these installments. icon14.gif About the assets, we're not sure- we were hoping for more activity and now that we've got it, I'll take it to the other staff, and we might get them up soon.



nice to see you back.

$40, nice return to your BUYG career.

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Lost and Damned is out. Radicell, pls update the weapon list because I really wanna buy the Street Sweeper.



Chapter 2: Gang Business



Episode 4: Drug Dealing Part II



Jermaine asked me to take my Sanchez, put the heroin in a small bag and drive to Elizabetha Torres to sell the heroin. I heard about Elizabetha. She was sentenced to 300 years of prison but got busted out of a prison bus by some bikers a few months ago. I started up my Sanchez and drove to Bohan where Elizabetha was located. Jermaine said she would be located at the Community Projects. As I reached there, I saw a cool looking unique bike. As I was walking to Elizabetha's apartment, I saw a small house with a graffiti that said 'MANNY R.I.P'. So I reached the apartment and saw a big lady with big boobs. Beside her was a dude with a tattoo on his neck. He had a jacket which reads, THE LOST MC.


Elizabetha greeted me and said, "You must be MrPain. So you got the heroin?"

"Sure I do, have fun with it." I gave the heroin and got the cash.

As I was leaving, Elizabetha called me back in, "So MrPain, I heard a lot about you. Wanna do a quick favor?"

Oh well, might as well do it as I had nothing else to do. "What's the favor?"

"Johnny here, is helping me to a deal the heroin you sold me to some Vietnamese guy. I want you to protect his back."

"Yo what up!" That Johnny said to me. I was curious about him. I knew he was the biker of The Lost but he's actually the MC of the gang. "So Elizabetha, where is me and Johnny gonna deal?"

"At the Triangle Club."

Strippers hello!


I said before, I hate bikers but Johnny and the Lost are ok I guess. I just hope I don't get involved with a gang war between the Angels of Death and The Lost.


As Johnny and me were walking to our bikes, I asked him whatever thing I wanted to ask, "Why did you help bust out Elizabetha?"

"She's a friend, and I protect my friends."

"Must be cool to control the Lost right?"

"Not sure what you meant by cool, but it's troublesome sometimes. Sometimes your brothers will die or worse, betray. Liberty City is a cruel place."

"Yeah, Liberty City can be a bitch sometimes." But it's still worth taking over.


So Johnny took his unique bike called Hexter which he said that was the name of it and I took my Sanchez and we drove off. As we were driving, I noticed Johnny had a baseball bat attached to his bike and a sawn-off shotgun hidden in his vest. We reached the Triangle Club, and wow! Strippers all over the place. "Don't get distracted, feds maybe watching the place."

How am I not gonna distracted with all these fine ladies around? "So where's the buyer?"

"He should arrive later."


Again the boredom of waiting was killing me. A stripper approached me and said "Wanna dance sweety?"

Of course I said yes and I had a one on one time with her at the private room. As I was enjoying my action, Johnny stormed through the room and shouted, "What the f*ck you doing! Get up! He's here."

As we walking to the parking lot of the Triangle Club, Johnny told me that he once deal with another Vietnamese but turns out he was a cop. "So keep your eyes sharp MrPain."


We saw the Vietnamese guy coming out of his car and Johnny said, "Hey that dude look familiar." As we walking to that Vietnamese, Johnny shouted "Oh sh*t that's the cop!" The Vietnamese noticed us and we ran to our bikes.

"LCPD, freeze motherf*ckers!" Cops that came from all over the place.


"Yo Johnny, follow me, I got a plan to loose them." Johnny agreed and I said we were driving to the Outlook Pay'N'Spray. Cops were always on Johnny's tail but Johnny kept shooting his sawn-off shotgun while on his bike driving at the cops to back them off. A barricade of cops were blocking an alleyway which I wanted to go through. I managed to dodge most of them and drove through the alleyway at ease. Johnny instead took on the cops. He did a drive by baseball bat on every single cop he saw. What a cocky guy.


We finally made it to the Outlook Pay'N'Spray. We lost the cops and Johnny said, "MrPain, good bike driving skills. I will tell Elizabetha you did good." Johnny drove off and I went to saw Jermaine.

Jermaine finally look calm. He said to me, "Dude, what took you so long?"

"You do not know how long it went." I told Jermaine as I opened a can of beer and drank it as I was so damned tired. I gave the cash for the heroin to Jermaine and picked up a newspaper nearby. The newspaper can be interesting. It features a lot of stories. One story was about how cops were trying to hunt down Elizabetha who was busted out of a prison bus few months ago, another was how the Pegorinos are re-growing and how the North Holland Hustlers, with their new leader Dwayne Forge, are taking over North Algonquin. But the one that catch my eye the most was just a small article covering probable just about 10% of the page. The headline was 'Cop who was sentenced to jail for killing crack seller released and set free.' I read through the article and I was ready for revenge.


The cop in that article was named Jason Klack. He's the one who kill my dad. When I read that he is still a cop, wow I was so ready to put a bullet through his head. I was planning to kill him that next day and I checked my watch and that time. That next day was going to be Friday the 13th. Bad things are going to happen, hope it doesn't happen to me.

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Hey guys.

Could I please write for the Petrovic Bratva at Cabaret Club?

Edited by Chunk

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Hey I dont see the sanchez that I bought in the M.O.B vehicle list. wat gives?

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Build Up Your Gang


Hey I dont see the sanchez that I bought in the M.O.B vehicle list. wat gives?

Mistakes and sloppiness from trying to update at 1AM in the morning, that's what.

It's been fixed now.


Chunk you've been added.


mrpain, your last chapter = $40.

About the Lost and Damned weapons, I haven't played IV personally so I'll have to do some research. The new weapons should be up soon.

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 18: Speedfighter


I parked up outside the restaurant in my new PMP 600. When I got inside I found Benny Jr. and Sally Boy Florente sitting at one of the tables. They were counting money from a smalltime rubbery the pulled some days ago.


"You guys having fun?" I asked.

"Yo Albert. This should be enough for this week huh?" Benny Jr. asked.

"Depends of how much you got there." I said and pointed my finger at the table with the money.

"10 G." Sally Boy said proudly.


I was just about to say how good they had been when Dog Corella rushed in. He had the tracksuit he always used the wear.


"Albert I need your help. I've promised Marty Cipollini that I would race with him today." Dog said.

"Yeah so, what do you want from me?" I asked.

"I'm not sure if I'm fast enough. I thought that maybe you can drive for me?" Dog said.

"I want 40% since I'm your captain and another 10% becouse I'm doing you a favour." I said.


When we got the the race in Alderney I saw that the guys we were gonna race with was real hardcore. One of them got a Stallion another one a Dukes and the guy who appeard to be Marty Cipollini drove a red and white Sabre GT. When I saw his car the bells inside my head started to ring.


"Marty Cipollini!" I yalled

"Yeah?" Dog said.

"Marty Cipollini, the fastest street racer in the whole Alderney. That Marty?" I asked.

"Yeah, that Marty." Dog said and looked at me like I was a fool.

"We're screwed." I said.

"Don't worry, you got my advices in your right ear." Dog said.


Marty was a fat momma's boy Italian guy but he was also the fastest street racer in the whole Aldenery. What's why he earne his nickname, "Fast Marty" Cipollini. The race was a hard one. I was into street racing before I got made into the Pegorino family so I knew the game. The guys in the Stallion and the Dukes was easy to beat but this Marty was a whole different matter. Everytime I tried to drive by him he pushed us away. Dog's car got some heavy scratches but he didn't really seem to care. All he had in his head was to win. After a hard fight a managed to drive by Marty when we only got like hundred meters left of the whole track. I had never seen Dog Corella so happy like when we passed the finish line. Marty was furious becouse the loss of his title.


"So how much money was in the pot?" I asked.

"50 G. And like you said, we split it 50/50." Dog said.

"Holy f*ck." I said.

"You wanna get a drink with me?" Dog asked.

"Nah, I need to be at the construction site. Gonna meet up with Vic Martiano and Joey Toro, discuss some things." I said.


When I got to the site I found Joey standing next to his Huntley Sport, smoking on a cigarette. It was raining a bit but that didn't seem to bother him.


"Hey Albert." He said.

"Hey Joey. How's your uncle doing in prison?" I asked.

"Good. Last time I heard be beat a guy half to death just for calling him the small guy." Joey said.

"Yeah that sounds like our Marky boy alright." I laughed.


A grey Washington showed up at the construction entry. Vic Martiano got out from the car and met up with me and Joey. Vic was a rising star in the Pegorino Family and that's why he was choosen to do the hit on a made Ancelotti member who was pushing into our territory. He was also the kidbrother of well liked and respected capo George Martiano. Vic already knew I killed George and he said he was okay with it since he was a rat. When George was killed some peopel still wanted Vic killed so he couldn't come back to take over as capo after his brother. But now when Dominic La Villa was out of the picture his time had finally come.


"Albert, Joey, have guy guys been waiting long?" Victor asked.

"No we just got here." Joey said.

"So Benny want me to be your new partner in this construction. What exactly are we building here?" Vic asked.

"A new office for a videogame company called Rockstar Games. They already own an office up at the Triangle but new they want something bigger after their success with a game called Grand Theft Auto or something." I explained

"Rockstar Games? I wonder who came up with that name?" Joey said.

"Yeah anyway, Benny told me that the Ancelotti's wanting a piece of the construction through one of their capos, Mario Angelo."

"Well, it looks like it's all comig together." Victor said.


I had to agree with Victor. This construction was gonna make the Pegorino family rich and powerful. It was expected that the Ancelotti's was going to claim a piece of the money and we didn't want any trouble. Our only problem now was the keep the Ancelotti's price low.


Chapter 18 end.


Chapter 19 coming soon...

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Why is my gang list so screwed? I sold a gram of heroin in my last story but I still havent got my $130.

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Chapter 2: Gang Business



Episode 5: Cop Hunting



Killing Jason Klack the f*cking cop. That's the moment that I've been waiting for. The guy who killed my dad just because my dad does not want to sell him crack. I remembered how he killed my dad. A bullet to the back and then a bullet to the head. I know because I saw it. Now he's gonna f*cking pay!


I can't kill Jason alone. I needed help to hunt this cop down. So I thought about it for a minute.

Ruffer? No, he's my man back in the day and I don't want to risk his life.

Jermaine? What the hell am I thinking? He can't be trusted.

Cash X? He will surely refuse to help me because Jason's a cop and Cash X will surely be paranoid about this.


Then I thought of another person and I was glad I thought of him. That person was SamO. The business man of M.O.B. So I called up SamO and asked whether he could help me take a cop down.


"Alright who's the cop?" I was happy when SamO said this.

"Jason Klack." I said with fury.

"The motherf*cker who got out of prison yesterday?" SamO sounded pissed at that time, but he also was sounding like he's was going to do this for me.

"Yeah, that's the guy." I replied.

"Why pop this guy?" SamO was really curious about it.

"He killed my dad."

"Sorry about that. Hey listen, I know some connections to Jason so I will call you in a couple minutes time. You do realize it's Friday the 13th right?" SamO was pumped to do this. Not sure why.

"Yeah I realize that. And I don't give a sh*t. Happy cop hunting." I hanged up my phone and waited a few minutes.


It wasn't few minutes that I had to wait for SamO to call me, but it was just few seconds.

"Alright I found Jason. Meet me up at the abandoned Sprunk factory in Alderny. I got him."


Hell yeah he got him! But how the f*ck he did it? At then I could not give a sh*t as I was ready to take this motherf*cker down. Since Alderny was quite far, I decided to take a cab there. Once I reached there, it was pretty quiet there. No wonder SamO chose this place. I opened the door to the entrance and saw SamO with Jason.


"Hey Jason, do you f*cking remember me?" I made Jason look at me, and slapped him in the face.

"Of course I f*cking remember you. You that boy of the crack seller I killed. You've grown up." That slimy cop dared to even say that.

"Since I've grown up, I have the right to kill you now!" Loaded my gun and was ready to fire."

"Killing a cop isn't easy boy. Besides, other people unlike you will cheer me on for killing a crack dealer." f*cking Jason!

"Yeah but he was my dad!" I shouted at him raising my voice and shot two shots with my pistol in the air to scare the f*ck out of him.

"Go ahead and f*cking shoot me! Kill a cop! See what's gonna happen!" Well he asked for it.


Just when I was about to shoot him, two bullets went into my back. As I turned around, it was SamO who shot me. SamO and Jason were laughing their asses off while I felt like dying.


The next day I woke up in a bed. The place I was in looked like a place that people go to when they do bad things as I saw gangsters and the likes all around the place. I was in prison.


A lawyer came up to me and said, "You okay?" He explained everything to me. The reason I'm in prison is because I'm charged with attempted murder on a cop. He said he would testify for me but I said I would testify for myself. "Alright, but I'm still have to drive you to court." He gave me his card and his name was Lhyster or something. I didn't look at his name properly because I was ready to leave.


Once I reached outside the court, photographers were snapping their cameras away. Once we were inside, I saw Ruffer, Cash X and Jermaine in suits pretending to be photographers. They then went into the toilet.

"Hey lawyer, may I pee?" I asked.

"Sure, but don't try any tricks."


I went into the toilet and explained everything to Ruffer, Cash X and Jermaine.


"What the hell? SamO is a rat! I f*cking trusted him." Jermaine was so pissed again.

"Whoa I thought SamO was reliable." Ruffer said that.

"Ok MrPain, you go testify your court case while the rest of us will hunt down SamO." Cash X said that and patted me on the shoulder.

"We will also hunt down Jason that f*cking cop." Ruffer added.

"If you go inside prison, good luck anyway." Jermaine was so sure about that.

I bid farewell to them and off I went to the court.


I lost my case so I had to go back to the prison in Alderny. Once I'm out, I will seeking out revenge. Too bad I have to wait 2 years for it. I was transferred to prison by a prison bus. I was jailed at Block D Cell number 29. Inside the cell was my cell mate. He asked me something, "I heard about you on the inside. You MrPain from M.O.B.?"

I said yes.

"Great, I'm from M.O.B too but I got jailed for murdering a hooker. My name's is Loud Dogg. Call me LD."


I'm glad I have a fellow M.O.B as my cell mate. Prison life is going to be my life, for now.



End of Chapter 2: Gang Business

Chapter 3: Prison Life coming soon.

Edited by mrpain

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Petrovic Bratva

Cabaret Club

Chapter One

The Odd Couple

Laughter erupted in the smoke-filled Perestroika Club as The Incredible Klienman had his left hand cut off by his assistant, Laurel. The club was occupied by many men with bottles of vodka on their tables. Most of them had pistols visible in their coat pockets, the others had their pistols cliched tightly in the hands, fully visible. The stage curtains closed as Klienman had blood pouring from his handless arm, the crowd still laughing. The only man who was not laughing was wearing a black suit and tie, black loafers matching.


“Ýòî ôàëüøèâàÿ,”said the still stone-faced man to the man beside him in a thick Russian accent.


The entire crowd had thick, Russian accents. The man sitting beside the stone-faced man was no exception.


“Are you kidding me? This is hilarious. You wouldn’t have anything close to this back in the Old Country,” said the man, who was wearing a dirty denim jacket and jeans, with white trainers.

“We had bear-baiting.”

“Bear-baiting? You got to lighten the f*ck up Black.”


Black looked at the man in the dirty denim with a scowl.


“I’m going for a smoke,” said Black, taking out a packet of Redwood cigarettes.

“You know you can smoke in here?”

“There’s a smoking ban you know. I don’t wanna break any laws.”

“You kill people for Christ’s sake! That’s breaking the biggest rule of all, and smoking a cigarette in a club isn’t gonna piss God off as much as murder.”

“Buy yourself some vodka. I’ll be back in a minute.”


Black stood up out of small leather chair and made his way for the door. Outside was the litter-ridden streets of Liberty City. Homeless people wondered aimlessly through traffic, banging on car windows, begging for some spare change. This sh*t-hole was called the greatest place to find the American Dream; instead Black had found himself in a bad place in a terrible city. Working for the Petrovic Bratva wasn’t easy, Petrovic was becoming increasing paranoid about the Faustin Organization’s increasingly risky moves. A Slavic hired gun had recently replaced Vlad Glebov, who was killed recently and Faustin’s right hand man, Dimitri Rascalov, has been gaining a reputation as a rat that would do anything to cover his own ass.


Black light up his cigarette and took a drag. His favourite brand was Redwood, but that was everyone’s favourite because of their subliminal messages. The skyline of Algonquin was distant, the island being completely closed off because of terrorists. But the real terrorists were already in the city, the criminals, the people who kill, smuggle and sell people. Hove Beach was full of Eastern European criminals, including Black. You could see a harmless pedestrian getting the sh*t beat out of them on every street corner. In fact, Black saw a poor guy getting punched in the face right now. The attacker was wearing a brown jacket, black bottoms and boots. He looked like he was just off the boat. The man looked over his target as he lay on the floor, badly beaten. The man then looked at Black. He began walking to him but Black was ready if anything happened. He had his hand on the gun in his belt, ready to pop this motherf*cker if he tried anything. Just as the man walked past him, Black’s phone rang. He took a last drag on his cigarette and dropped it to the ground. He took his hand off his gun and pulled out his phone.



“Hey, Black. Listen, the boss wants you and Ruddy up at the house. Something’s happened to Lenny,” said the gruff Russian on the other end of the line.

“Lenny? What’s happened?”

“ That’s what the boss wants to tell you. Get up here A.S.A.P.”

“Sure thing.”


Black put away his phone and walked back into the club. As he looked over at a table in far right corner, the man in the dirty denim, Ruddy, was punch-drunk. Black jogged over to him and grabbed him by the arm.


“Ruddy, come on, we need to leave.”

“Leave? Why do we have to leave?”

“Mr. Petrovic wants us at his house. Something’s happened to Kenny.”

“Something’s happened to Kenny? Why didn’t you say before? Come on!”


Ruddy got out of his seat and hurried for the door, followed by Black. As Ruddy went out the door, Black paused and saw the man who passed him at the door earlier. This time he saw a scar on the man’s eye. A mark of a veteran of war. But Ruddy shouted something at Black before he could look at the man in more detail. Black rushed out the door and spotted Ruddy by his Sports Rebla. He took out the keys and opened the doors for Ruddy to bundle into the passenger seat. Black got in the driver’s side and started up the car. He reversed and turned into a road, narrowly avoiding a homeless bum.



“Shut up, Ruddy! If you were driving in your state, you’d have killed that guy!”


The car continued up the road, eventually making their way past a sign labeled Dukes. Soon enough they had reached a suburban house, with many Reblas parked outside.


“You stay in the car,” said Black getting out of the car, “if you go inside in your state, Mr. Petrovic wont be happy.”



Black walked up the steps and into the house.


Soon enough, Black was back outside in the car. His slamming of the door woke Ruddy from his drunken sleep.


“sh*t, you scared me,” said Ruddy, his eyes still stinging after being woken up, “what happened to Lenny?”


Black didn’t answer. Instead he tightly gripped the steering wheel, a scowl on his face.


“Black, what happened to Lenny?”

“He was killed…”

Edited by Chunk

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Here's the first story for my new chapter.



Chapter 3: Prison Life



Episode 1: Hustle. Loyalty. Respect.




Loud Dogg (LD) has been in prison for 4 years with 5 more to go. He's a cool guy. He told he's a senior member for the M.O.B and he was the leader before. Before he went to prison, he gave the leadership to Jermaine. Stupidest decision ever!

Since LD was kind of a higher rank than me in the M.O.B, I had to follow his orders. If I want to take over Liberty City, I had to go with LD.


"So MrPain, want to break out?" LD asked me that while we were shooting some hoops in the prison yard basketball court.

"Must you say that so loud?" I was just scared as hell at that time since there were guards everywhere.

"That's my name boy, Loud Dogg LD! Oh and relax, guards here are sh*tty."

LD was right. I looked around the prison yard and saw the guards lazying all over the place. One was smoking when convicts were fighting right in front of him while another guard was reading a porn magazine.


"Breaking out of here should be a breeze. See that payphone over there? Go call Jermaine. Tell him his mentor is about to be back soon." Loud Dogg was onto something but I did not know what was it. He gave me some coins he smuggled in and I called Jermaine. I told Jermaine everything and he sounded like he was not looking forward to it.

"Loud Dogg? LD wants to get backed?" Jermaine asked and then said something really soft. I think he said, "Oh sh*t."

"Yeah I met up with LD, cool guy. Anyway we gonna break out someday, so I will put your name on my visiting list."

"Alright MrPain, try not to get too close with LD." Jermaine hanged up the phone. I was wondering why Jermaine said that.


So I put Jermaine on the visiting list and is expecting to meet him tomorrow. Loud Dogg then talk to some people who would help us. So far we only got one guard called Dan O'Lay. LD said he's okay and he would make some guards not to pay attention to their jobs. LD is going to give him $10000 for helping us. I was curious on how LD got the money so I asked him and he said, "I kept a secret stash of cash in a hidden place away from Jermaine. In case you didn't know, Jermaine has a fetish for hard cold cash."

"I think I knew that already." I said that as Jermaine was pissed when he did not get his cash some time ago.

"I bet you did boy, I bet you did..." Loud Dogg then went on to make an "appointment" with Dan the guard. LD told me about Dan as he left. He said Dan is just a young dude trying to find the American Dream to support his parents. Poor dude.


In the next day, I got a visitor. It was Jermaine. This was the first time for me in the visiting room. It's the kind of visiting room you see in normal prisons, bulletproof glasses with phones on each end. The usual.


My visiting table was at the end. No cameras there and no guards there. Nice. I saw Jermaine and he picked up the phone.

"Yo MrPain." That's all Jermaine said.

"Yo," That's all I replied.

"You and LD getting along?"

"Sure we are."

"You do realize once he's free, he's gonna take over my leadership again right?"

No wonder Jermaine sounded like he was not looking forward to this. "Well I'm now realizing that. Thanks for the info."

"Oh f*ck you. Anyway if he wants to be set free, he will need help once he's out."

"Oh does he?" I asked that curiously. Then I noticed Jermaine was speaking with sarcasm.

"Yeah he does. A car will be waiting outside the gates of the prison for him. Just confirm with me the time and date of it. I will be visiting you tomorrow again. Take care." So we hanged up and I got back to my cell. I saw Loud Dogg lying on his cell bed while watching some jail mates arguing. He then asked me, "Hey MrPain, I need you to prove your loyalty."

I needed to do that, "Sure, what's the problem."

"See those two guys? I hate em'! Go prove your loyalty and hustle them up to earn some respect would you?"

I agreed. Beating up guys was no problem with me. As I exit my cell, I realize I did not have any weapons with me at that time. The only weapons I had was my fists.


The two convicts were arguing loud at each other. I asked "What's the problem guys? Can't we all get along?"

One of them said, "f*ck off!"

"What did you say?" I asked jokingly.

"He said f*ck off fa**ot!" The other guy shouted that at me. Some guards were about to solve the problem but I said to them,

"Can I deal with it myself?" I asked one of the guards and then over the PA system,

Dan was saying "Let him deal with it boys. Lets enjoy the show." Damn that Dan. He really can tell the guards to do anything.

"Thank you very much!" I then threw a punch into one of the guys face and threw the other guy off a stairs. Their both still alive but they going to have to spend their prison sentence in a hospital prison. Everybody was just clapping for me even the guards. I went back to my cell and saw Loud Dogg smiling.

He just said "Good job. Your time in prison will be smooth, at least it will be smooth by the time we break out. Hey while you were making a lot of noise, I dug a tunnel."

"What the f*ck? Where's the tunnel?" I asked as LD wanted me to beat up those convicts just to make a lot of noise.

"Check our toilet."

I checked and almost vomited. "It's full of poop!"

LD said, "That's to repel the guards away from the toilet for now. I will flush it later. Remove the toilet please."

I removed the toilet and saw a massive tunnel. Loud Dogg asked me to get into the tunnel and keep climbing up. I did as what he said.


As I was climbing up, I saw an end with light shining into it. I got out of the tunnel and I was on the rooftop. The view I saw was amazing. The skyline of Algonquin with the sun setting in, damn I was missing out so much. I then checked around the place to see any guards around. The guards all around the area were snoozing around. A door nearby opened and I scared as sh*t! The person who opened the door was actually Dan. "Hey MrPain. Loud Dogg told me to meet you here."

"Meet me for what?" I asked as Loud Dogg was not telling me anything about the plan.

"Meet you to give you these." He gave me two guard uniforms with two knifes and two pistols.

I climbed back down to my cell and Loud Dogg asked "So you know what's the plan now?"

I replied, "Oh I get it, we are supposed to wear this uniforms and pretend we are guards and just walk out of here? Brilliant idea!" I said with sarcasm.

"Well actually that's not the plan. We wear the uniforms, erase all of our data about us going into prison at a data station somewhere in the prison, get back to our cells, make it to the rooftop, slide down a rope ladder that Dan is gonna deliver to us, cause some noise by shooting some guards, run out of the prison by a locked door in which I got a key for it at the carpark, get into Jermaine's car and just drive off. Simple and no one will ever know we existed."

I lost my mind there. I did not understand what the f*ck Loud Dogg said, "Could you write it all down please?"

"When the time comes, you will know."


I got a lot on my mind now but I have to focus on this prison breakout thing.

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Why is my gang list so screwed? I sold a gram of heroin in my last story but I still havent got my $130.

You have to be patient. There's only one person on the BUYG account that's updating this, you know.

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Build Up Your Gang


I recommend that you summarize your transactions in each story at the end of your stories. Something like "I sold my heroin in this story" or "I'd like to buy a Sanchez" would be good. If you don't do that, there's a chance that the staff might miss your transaction and not update it (as was the case with your last story). Also, please don't double post.


stories = good job, you've got a nice storyline going on and your installments are pretty quality. You get $40 and $42 for those two stories. ($100 extra for your 10th story)



$42, a good, solid story, but the Russian is a bit screwed up for me.



$44, a brilliant real world reference with the R* games and all that. icon14.gif

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Alright since my last story was my 10th story, I can have a weapon under $150 right? If yes, then I will take the molotovs.



Chapter 3: Prison Life



Episode 2: Befriend the foe.




Loud Dogg was arranging our escape plan like mad. I was almost seeing him in two places at once. Loud Dogg said we are breaking out of prison in the next day at noon but we are also doing something big on that day.


Jermaine was going to visit me so I was escorted to the visiting room. Jermaine asked, "So what's the time and date LD is leaving?"

I said, "Tomorrow at noon. Be ready. Look's like he's gonna need help after all."

"Tomorrow? So fast? Alright see you man." We hanged up after that.


I met up with Loud Dogg in the yards. He asked me, "Yo MrPain, I need you to explore the prison."

"Explore? How the f*ck am I going to do that? It's not like I was given a tour around here." I said with confusion.

"I know a way. You know the warden? He's one f*cker but I need you to ask him for a favor. Say you want a tour around the prison and you will do something for him back. Understood?" The instructions Loud Dogg gave to me was pretty clear.

"Alright, when do I meet the warden?" Over the PA system I heard Dan saying,

"MrPain, report to the warden's office please."

"I guess it is right now." After Loud Dogg told me that, I went into the warden's office.


I saw the warden's name on his door and it said 'Shane Casey'. I was greeted by him when I entered his office.

"Hello MrPain! I heard you rough up two convicts. So I need a favor from you."

"Sure, what favor?" I asked.

"I need you to beat some sense into a guard." When he said that, I almost laugh. All guards here did not have any sense.

"Which guard?"

"The guy coming in right now." A guard threw another guard into the office. That guard looked scared as sh*t. "Go ahead, teach him a lesson." Well since I needed trust from Shane, I just kick that helpless guard in the nuts. That should make some sense alright.

"Good job!" That Shane patted me on the back and laugh his ass off. I laughed with him too.

"Alright since I did this, can I have a tour around the prison?"

"Sure you can! Dan! I want you to take this guy on a special private tour." Dan came in smiling and I went on a very special tour around the prison.


Dan showed me the data station. "Alright MrPain, lets erase your identity." Dan turned on the computer there and erase my and Loud Dogg criminal charges and erase the time we had in prison. He then took out a file and burned it. "That file contains you."


I really liked Dan. He's one guy who acts like a good guy/bad guy. I asked him what's the reason for helping us and he said, "I need cash and I will take any job for it. Besides, I'm good friends with Loud Dogg." So that was the reason.


Alright my charges has been erased. So as Loud Dogg's charges. Nobody will noticed us when we are gone anywhere because we are minors in Liberty City.


It was noon in the next day. It was time for the breakout. Loud Dogg and me climbed up the tunnel and put on the guard uniforms. Dan met us at the rooftop. He had the rope ladder. Loud Dogg said, "Once the rope ladder is down, there ain't no going back."


I thought about that and said, "I want to go f*cking in front."

The prison break was on.



Chapter 3: Prison Life



Episode 3: Prison Break




Loud Dogg and me slide down the rope ladder while Dan went back to his guard duty. Loud Dogg and me were wearing guard uniforms and we were just walking around peacefully.


"Wow this is better than I expected!" Loud Dogg was surprised. We just got to the far back end of the prison, opened the gate door and walked to Jermaine's Manana. Jermaine said, "Well that was fast, how come I didn't hear any gunshots?"

Loud Dogg said, "Peace and prosperity my friend."


Ok either this was the most boring thin I ever did or it is the most easiest job I ever did. Either way, I'm free from prison.


Loud Dogg called Dan to see things are okay.

Dan said, "Everything is normal here. Nobody noticed you are gone."

"Thanks Dan, you will get your cash soon. See ya."


I thought cops were going to be all over our asses but we just drove like nothin ever happened. Oh well I'm free and back in the game anyway.


Chapter 3: Prison Life end.

Chapter 3.5: Back and Loaded

Edited by mrpain

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Chapter 3.5: Back and Loaded



Episode 1: New in command



The whole M.O.B is gathering at the Outlook Pay'N'Spray. Everybody was waiting the return of Loud Dogg. I was standing beside Loud Dogg when he was making a speech to the M.O.B.


Loud Dogg carried out his speech, "Alright my dudes, your leader is back!" Cheers for Loud Dogg followed after that.

Loud Dogg carried on, "I could not got out of that hell hole prison without this guy, MrPain!" Cheers for me then followed.

"MrPain was betrayed by one of our own, SamO. We will bring this motherf*cker down and the cop he's rolling with! And to Jermaine and Cash X," Jermaine and Cash X then went to Loud Dogg. "I am sorry Jermaine and Cash X but I am gonna be the leader and MrPain is gonna be the 2nd in command for now on." Everybody was shocked to hear me as the 2nd in command for M.O.B including me. The whole M.O.B thought about it, and then said it is a good idea. I asked Loud Dogg, "Yo LD, why the f*ck me?"

He answered me, "You're smart, have common sense, not afraid to do anything, loyal and you are a good earner."

Yeah Loud Dogg was right alright.


Now that I am 2nd in Command for M.O.B, I needed to make a small crew of mine in the gang. I needed a treasurer, a business man, an enforcer, a getaway driver and a supplier . I had no choice but to put Jermaine and Cash X in my crew as I owe them a lot. So I put Jermaine as my treasurer and Cash X as my business man. Both are going to have to work together anyways. Ruffer is my man and he's good with the gun so I put him as an enforcer. Now I need two more guys. I knew one M.O.B who's good at cars and bikes. He's name was Wheelman. So I hired him as my getaway driver. Now I need a supplier. I need someone who knows where to get stuff on time. Cash X told me to get his sister. He has a sister?


"You have a sis?" I asked Cash X.

"Yeah I do. Her name is Lina. She's very good at getting stuff. Oh and there she is." Cash X pointed to me to Lina and she was walking towards us. Wow she was one fine lady. Smokin' hot!

"Hi, you MrPain? I look forward to work with you." She sounded cute.


Ok it's set. Here's my crew list:

Treasurer- Jermaine

Business Man- Cash X

Enforcer- Ruffer

Getaway Driver- Wheelman

Supplier- Lina


I really like my crew. It's the most proudest thing I've ever done. This is going to be a new era for M.O.B. So watch out Jason and SamO. Motherf*ckers!

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Chapter 3.5: Back and Loaded



Episode 2: Sweet ol' revenge.




Jason Klack and SamO. The two men who put me in prison. Now they are going to die!


I spoke to Wheelman, my getaway driver, that I needed him to get ready his Futo car as I'm about to find Jason and SamO. I called up Lina and said I needed some good weapons since all of my weapons were confiscated before I went inside. I met Lina and I collected my usual weapons, uzi, pistol and knife. Lina then said, "Hey MrPain, I got a present for you." She then gave me a box of molotovs. Hot!

"Thanks Lina." I waved her goodbye to that hot chick and was ready to go kill Jason and SamO. The only problem was that I did not know where were they. Ruffer was calling me and he said, "Yo, I was driving with my Sanchez to the Triangle Club and guess who I saw there?"

"Your mom?" I asked insulting him as his mom has a record breaking of f*cking the most people in one day.

"Oh just f*ck you man! I saw Jason and SamO there. Better come here quick."

"Ok thanks dude. Sorry about your mom." As I hanged up the phone, I got into Wheelman's Futo car and off we speed off.


As the drive went on, I was talking to Wheelman, "So Wheelman, make it fast. I'm taking this motherf*cker down."

"I know what you feel like. I once had a cop kill my girlfriend. And that cop was my brother." At then, I was interested in hearing Wheelman's story instead of killing Jason and SamO.

"So did you pop your bro?" I asked.

"Hell yeah I did. Back then I didn't cared about my family, only my girlfriend. Now everything's f*ck up for me. I have nothing now."

I thought about what he said and I replied, "Well, at least you have me and the M.O.B."

"Ain't that the truth." Once Wheelman said that, we were at the Triangle Club. I told Wheelman to wait in the Futo and I walked into the Triangle Club. The bouncer there said, "No weapons, only pussies." There won't be any weapons alright.


Ruffer was there. He called out for me and pointed to where those two f*cks are. "They are in the manager room."

I asked thinking what are they doing there, "The f*ck they doing there for?"

Ruffer said, "It appears that SamO has started his own mini gang."

"That f*ck! All of them are gonna die!" I was piss as hell and stormed into the manager room. I saw them and said, "Hello Mr.Klack and SamO. Ready to die?" SamO broke through the glass wall and ran off leaving Jason behind. I took out my molotov and lit it up. Jason was begging for mercy, "Please, I am so sorry. Please don't kill me."

"Is too bad and too late you f*ck!" I then threw the molotov onto his head and burn his face right down to his ass to all the way to hell. I went out of the office and said to Ruffer, "Jason's dead."

"So what does that makes you feel?" Ruffer asked.

"Honestly, I it doesn't make me feel anything. It's just like killing another person." I said it with sorrow.

"Well at least you killed him. Now it is SamO's turn." When Ruffer said that, I got pumped back.

"To hell it is!" After I said that, cops surround the Triangle Club. f*ck!


As Ruffer and me ran out, Ruffer said, "SamO must have alerted the cops. That screwing motherf*cking bastard!"

Ruffer got into his Sanchez and drove off. I got into Wheelman's Futo and shouted at Wheelman, "Go! Goooo!"

Wheelman then put his foot hard on the pedal. I told him to lose the cops then go to the Outlook Pay'N'Spray. I took out my molotovs and just started throwing it everywhere. "sh*t MrPain, must we drive with all these molotovs in the car?" Wheelman asked and I just basically said, "Fine I will throw them out of the window then." So yeah, I threw all the molotovs out of the window and lit up some cops cars. "Yo Wheelman, go to that unfinished bridge!"

"There's a reason why it is call unfinished!" Wheelman said as the cops were getting hot.

"Ah f*ck it just do it and drive off that ramp!"

"You expect us to fly? Do you see any wings on these cars?" Wheelman was just driving insanely because of the cops.

"Yes I expect it to fly! Now go!" Our car zip off the ramp and was flying towards the bridge connecting Broker and Bohan.

"Holy SSSSSHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!" That was all I heard from my mouth and Wheelman was we were crash landing onto the bridge.


We landed and wow what a ride. I looked at Wheelman and he said, "Lets not do that again shall we?"

"Agreed." We finally lost the cops and arrived at the Outlook Pay'N'Spray. Loud Dogg, Jermaine and Cash X were there. I told them Jason's dead but not SamO. Loud Dogg said, "Don't worry about it MrPain. Jermaine and Cash X are working on that."

"Alright. I'm tired and I need some rest. See ya guys." I said and went back to the Triangle Club. I needed some rest there.


I met up with Ruffer there and he said, "I can't believe they are letting us in here after what had happened."

"Yeah most strip clubs are f*cked up." I said.

"You got that right. Hey remember the promise we made to Cash X? About killing Jermaine?" Ruffer asked.

I totally forgot about that. "Oh yeah I remember." I lied.

"So how about now? Now that Loud Dogg is back, are we still killing Jermaine or what?" I noticed Ruffer's face became an awkward look.

"As long Jermaine and Cash is not in command, we ain't killing anybody. But if there is a must, we kill em' both." I said with pride as I'm the 2nd in command now in the M.O.B.

"Let's see how that works out in the future." After Ruffer said that, we cheer our beers and had fun with strippers.


Chapter 3.5: Back and Loaded.

Chapter 4: The Holland War coming soon.

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Petrovic Bratva

Caberet Club

Chapter Two

Rat Trap

"I can't believe he's dead," said Ruddy, mourning his fallen friend.

"Me niether," said Black, keeping his eyes on the road.


A Sports Rebla sped through the traffic, narrowly avoiding the cars. It's two occupants were Ruddy Kintovski and Black. Ruddy was holding his head in hand while looking at the window. He saw the many citizens of Liberty Cty, despite it being eleven o'clock at night. At this time of night the drug-dealers opened up shop, selling anything from crack to smack, dope to coke. They all got their supplies from the Docks, some kingpins from Vice City sent up some goons on speedboats with every drug you could imagine. Whoever gets to the Docks first get the drugs, and the goons return to Vice City richer than ever. Ruddy would never touch the stuff, his dad was a dealer who got gunned down by the Mafia for not letting them in on my profits. From that day on, Ruddy vowed he'd never touch the stuff. Black was the complete opposite.


The reason Black got into the criminal underworld was because of drugs. His dad, like Ruddy's, was a drug dealer that Black helped. He spent his teenage years being a drug mule, which was difficult for a young boy who still had no understanding of Liberty City. Soon enough his dad was arrested by the cops, Black went back to Russia to live with his mother. But when he turned 21, he returned to Liberty. But that was when he got involved with the Petrovic Bratva.


"So, what does Mr Petrovic what us to do?" saked Ruddy, looking away from the window and at Black.

"Find someone," said Black, his face emotionless.


"Dimitri Rascalov."


Silence engulfed the car. Ruddy sat wide-eyed at Black, they were going after Faustin's right hand man.


"Why are we going after Rascalov?" asked Ruddy, wondering why Mr Petrovic wanted him.

"Because he's a rat."

"Yeah, but why does Mr Petrovic want him?"

"Because Faustin ordered Lenny's killing," said Black, taking his eyes off the road for the first time.


Black swiftly put his eyes back on the road, just in time to avoid an oncoming Stallion. A few minutes later, Black stopped the car opposite a mansion in Broker. This was Faustin's mansion. Shouting could be heard from inside, wails from a women and a man roaring, most likely Faustin. Suddenly, the shouting stopped and a man walked out the front door. It was Dimitri, the target. He got into a sedan and reversed put of the driveway.


"Time to spring the rat trap."


Dimitri made his way past the toll booth, followed by Ruddy and Black. After a few turns, Dimitri stopped outside a grocery store and went inside.


"Come on," said Black, taking off his seatbelt and getting out of the car while Ruddy followed.


The two walked over to the sedan, which Dimitri foolishly left unlocked. The two got in the back seat, taking out their pistols. After a few minutes they heard some shouting inside the grocery store.


"I'm an associate of Mr Faustin," said Dimitri, carrying a bag of groceries.

"You still have to pay!" shouted the shopkeeper.

"Piss off!"


Dimitri opened up his car door and got in, not noticing Ruddy and Black. He started up the car and started driving. He turned on the radio and began singing along to Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy. Ruddy had a little smirk on his face after hearing Dimitri sing. The car stopped at some traffic lights, the perfect opportunity. Black jumped up from the backseat and put his pistol to Dimitri's head.


"Park in that alleyway," said Black calmly.

"What the f*ck?" said Dimitri, terrified.

"I said, park in that alleyway, we need to talk."

"f*ck off!"


Ruddy jumped up from the backseat and put his pistol to Dimitri's head.


"He said park in that alleyway, you rat motherf*cker!"

"Ok, ok."


Dimitri turned the wheel and drove into an alleyway. The alley was littered with newspapers and broken bottles and one solitary homeless person.


"Get out of the car and put your hands on the bonnet," said Black, thrusting his pistol even harder to Dimitri's head.


Dimitri followed these orders and leaned on the bonnet. Ruddy and Black got out too with their pistols drawn.


"What do you want from me?" asked Dimitri, his knees wobbling with fear.

"We want to ask you some questions."

"Like what? I don't know anything!"

"What about Lenny Petrovic?"

"What about him?"

"He was killed."

"By who?"


Edited by Chunk

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Pegorino Crime Family



Chapter 19: Smokin' Chases


Vic Martiano, James Thorne and me walked in to the backroom of Mario's Italian Pizza. At a table in the middle of the backroom Ancelotti capo Mario Angelo had bugged down. Behind him was Rocco and Luigi Faletti, also known as the Faletti Brothers. Rocco was a well known enforcer in the Ancelotti family and his younger brother Luigi managed a nightclub in lower Algonquin, where he had a loan shark business. They were both soldiers in Mario's crew. The reason why me Vic and James payed them a visit was to keep their prize on our construction low.


"Sit down." Mario said.

"You can probably guess why we are here." I said.

"I won't change the prize. After all the harm you Pegorinos has caused us, forget about it." Mario said.

"This is business." James Thorne said.

"What do you suggest then? Should we just forget about the attack on Tony Black, or when you and that rat f*ck Mike Stabino ruined my union, or when that animal sitting next to you tortured one of my guys to death." Mario said and pointed at Vic.

"Let's not get in on that now." Vic said. "If you guys don't want to change the prize, then fine."


Now I had to tell Benny about the bad news. He was usually hanging out at Honkers at hour time of the day. When I got there Benny was having a drink with Phil Bell. I also noticed Dog Corella and Johnny Spaneglia.


"Was Mario ready to lower the prize?" Benny asked.

"No. He was in a bad f*cking mood." I told him.

"Alright, we don't want a beef with the Ancelotti's so we have to accept their prize." Benny said.

"Even still, I think the prize is too high for us to accept." Phil Bell said.

"What can we do? They're a member of the Commission. Albert, why don't join your guys for awhile, huh?" Benny said.


Dog Corella, Johnny Spaneglia and the bartender, Tommy looked to be in the middle of a discussion.


"Yo Al. Tommy just tipped us off about a cigarette smuggling operation in south Alderney." Johnny said.

"A van loaded with cigarettes is gonna be moved from south to north Alderney. We're gonna highjack it, wanna come along?" Dog asked.

"Sure. Let's do it." I said.


The cigarette van was driving at the Plumbers Skyway, the biggest highway in the whole Alderney. It took awhile but now we had nearly catch up with it. Dog was driving while Johnny was gonna highjack the van by jumping from Dog's car to the van. A was ready with my gun I anything would happend. We approached the right side of the van and Dog tried to get the car as close as possible. Johnny grabbed the van's door and open it. He popped a bullet into the drivers head and throwed him out. Johnny stopped the van so we could load the cigarettes into Dog's car. When me and Dog opened the back of the van, two guys with uzis started to fire at us. Dog and me killed them both and then we all started to load Dog's car. When we were done we headed to Dog's mothers house, where we could hide the cigarettes.


"Oh look who's coming to visit." Dog's mother said when she opened the door to her house.

"Hey ma, we need to borrow cellar, we got some stuff we need to hide." Dog explained.

"That's alot of cigarettes, you're gonna destroy your lungs if you smoke all that." Dog's mother said when she saw all the cigarettes.

"No need to worry Mrs. Corella. We're gonna sell them later on." Me and Johnny explained.


When we got down the cellar we started to count the cigarette packages. When we were done we got over 5000.


Chapter 19 end.


Chapter 20 coming soon...

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