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Are there other humans out there?

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Ok, it's kind of obvious there's some kind of life out there. Whether its the huge eyed green/gray aliens view in American culture or some kind of mysterious being, we don't know whats out there. Is it possible that we aren't the only humans in the whole universe. Maybe there's humans elsewhere who are possibly the same as us or more advanced because of different materials on their home planet. I think it's possible that there's other humans out there, and hopefully if there are then we'll get to come in contact with them. Who knows what would happen though. Would we become allies as we are of the same species, or will we fight for control over a part of the universe?


That would be extremely interesting if we found another Earth like ours with humans being dominant on it. That means they might have different materials, metals, minerals, animals, and a whole history of them. Different Empires, different languages, different cities, different technology and different religions. Of course we could find similar things possibly.


Anybody else believe there's other humans out there?

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Breaking Bohan

Only in the best of all possible worlds could there be something as wonderful as us!


Who can say, but if we did find them ---

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My mind blew up. Of course I'd think Grays wouldn't look like those creatures eveyone in pop culture imagine, but thinking that they could likely be anexact replica/similar state of us?


You know - What if those "aliens" are thinking about us? In the sense that "they" think that there are aliens out there. Which equals us.

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Possibly but I doubt they would be considered humans. Since human and homo sapien are Earth termolgy then if other human like cretures did exsist they wouldn't be classified as humans.


Also I think it's highly inpossible for other cretures to look exactly like humans or have the same structure. I think the other race of human like creatures would probably have at least 1 abnormality on them in our eyes compared to us. Maybe they look like Elves.


But since it's probably 99.9 % certainty that there has no be other life in this huge infinite structure called the universe where it is speculated to be other universes besides our own, alternate universes and other dimensions then I'm going to guess there are probably millions of Earth like planets that are as varied in species as our own Earth.

Edited by Sergi

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Well, I think we'd probably have some inherent difference at an anatomical level that would reflect the differences in our planets, if there were. So, things like our natural resources may be different, but in order for us to be the same anatomically. things like our atmosphere would probably have to remain identical.


The semantics behind "human" aren't really irrelevant, because they would likely have a completely different language and of course different terms, but I think on a whole our bodies could remain pretty similar with the only real differences being in our technologies. I think the science of planet Earth would lend itself to some pretty dramatic differences in technology because our tilted axis is quite unique and a lot of things like magnetism, tidal currents, seasons, temperature, and night and day are drastically different.



When you really start thinking about it like that, they might have a totally different system of telling direction than we do, or even a totally different system of telling time.



I think that the very humanoid imaginations like the grey type aliens probably wouldn't be far off from what we would find. I don't think that they would look necessarily at all like the greys, but just very alike to humans, with sharp contrasts. Perhaps they would be tall and lanky, or very short and bulbous, but anatomically we would probably be very close, I just don't think we would be exact if there were differences between the atmosphere or perhaps they would need a totally different molecule than water.



It's kind of hard to imagine another species on another planet evolving to be that humanoid, without that planet being very much like our own. When you think about it, most of what makes us human was an evolutionary adaptation given our environment. If there wasn't a large ecosystem, stable atmosphere, seasonal weather, and basically every peculiar thing that Earth has to offer that we can't find all together on any other planet, then we probably wouldn't have evolved the way we have. To make a simple example; I very much doubt there will be bipedal, carbon-based humanoid life-forms on a planet that had no surface or atmosphere.

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I don't think there are any other humans as i'm Christian, believing God created us as his chosen people. However, there maybe other life forms for humanity to embrace as sort of a test from God, but humans can hardly work amongst themselves let alone advance and find these things.

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