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Actual Gta iv sequel

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well the ending of gta iv sort of left a few doors pen for our main man niko, he still has an emptiness inside and hasn't truly succeeded.


I think perhaps niko moves to a new san andreas, if not just one of the cities, because san andreas as one state is a bit small, for gta next gen. Seeing as liberty city is almost as big as san andreas. so therefore perhaps making it a bit bigger or using an individual, or vice city/new city.


Though a story with niko wanting a new life would be a bit old now, maybe a new story in which he has to work for UL paper again, or some plot twist of revenge or Saviour. Still finding that emptiness inside of niko.



In every gta game it has always been a different character and a different tale. Maybe niko's tale does not stop at IV.

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It may work but trusting R* they wouldn't do that they just keep updating and forgeting about the past they just move to the future.

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I would like a sequel to completely wrap up Niko's story but i dont want them to drag it out to the point where we'll just begin to hate the game.

How about it could be a few missions, like in San Andreas where CJ has to go to Liberty City and kill people, that would be awesome. I dont think it would be cool to have all these epic crazy shoot outs because thats's the reason why Niko is empty, he knows that revenge doesn't help, it just gives closure and even with Darko that wasn't the case.

I mean the OP idea about the UL Paper was pretty good, maybe he is a hired gun helping get rid of notorious criminals... hmmm.

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D- Ice

That is what R* wanted all along. They were fed up of the "complete" rags to riches and personal fulfillment stories as they were just childish and unrealistic. R* wanted this tale to be "rags to better rags" - and Niko already (in my last save) got like over $800,000, Playboy X's awsome penthouse, as well as several others throughout the city, some awsome specially-coloured cars from missions and everyone he cared about except Kate, who was a useless bitch anyway, alive. To me that's way better than merely "better rags" - I envy him, and I only wish I had those things in real life.


The end of this story has been more than fulfilling enough to Niko under R*'s original intentions, so Niko's story is more than over in GTA IV mate. I highly doubt there will ever be any sort of continuation except for in DLC.


I also highly doubt Niko himself will "guest stars" in the next GTA - except if it'll be set in whatever war-torn country he was in before, which I highly doubt despite it'll be cool playing GTA in a total war-zone. Or if the next game is set either in the present (couple years after GTA IV at that time) or near future, which unfortunately also don't seem too likely.

But I wouldn't put it past for other characters - even Roman - to be present. colgate.gif

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Perhaps Niko could provide our new protagonist with some missions (a strand) in the next title if they wanted to truely close the book on Niko. But I don't think this is their intention because GTA IV's ending was opened-ended and open to interpretation, regardless of user choices.

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