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[REL][CLEO] Detach trailer

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Get some truck, drive near a trailer, get out of the truck (take care to NOT attach the trailer yet! And keep some distance to the truck, 1 1/2 car length is ok) run to the trailer and stand beside it. Hold D+T one time. If lights are bright enough, you maybe see them light for 2 secs and switch off for 1 second, repeating. maybe its daytime, you might not see it. Take care no other vehicles are too close (MEd and CLEO distance: 20.0).


Now enter the truck (max distance from trailer is now 250.0) and connect the trailer. Drive around and do sh*t if you want, but if you drove truck+trailer to the point you wanted, press D+T again while slowly forwarding the truck. Trailer detaches.


You may leave the truck, run to the trailer and restart all that from beginning or just drive away. If you accidently re-atached the trailer while in truck, exit the truckand go to trailer, press d+t .. well you get the point.


A bit tricky first, but you will get used to it wink.gif


Have fun. Works not on missions, and only with rdtrain, linerun, petrol, petrotr, artict1-3.


http://rapidshare.de/files/40300670/trailcontrol.rar.html Link 1, Rapidshare

http://www.filebam.com/download/66193-38aec6/trailcontrol.rar Link 2, filebam


Don't forget, it can be a bit tricky to get teh trailer activated.





//edited the links for a slighty newer version, I have noticed I have uploaded an older one. Sorry for that.

Edited by Threepwood

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This works in sa-mp too?

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This works in sa-mp too?

yep icon14.gif


Nice mod. icon14.gif

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Thanks smile.gif

Due to no bbcode working I did no big presentation, sorry for that. But I am uploading a Vid to YouTube atm.


Maybe I will give a v1.1 if I can improve the behavior a bit more. You will be noticed here.


best, Threep

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Nice, I like this mod icon14.gif

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cannot download it

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