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[LSTS] Liberty State Tatical Squad


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This is for Playstation 3.


user posted image

Thank you Vanja.


The Liberty State Tatical Squad is a group of law enforcers that have no law to follow, they always stay in teams. We have three major squad classes, members in their squad split up with 3-4 members of their squad then follow plans.


The squad classes are Snipers, Tactical Assault, and Air Support.


Snipers are a class that have sniper rifles and split up onto rooftops, sometimes they give ground support if needed. Tactical Assault members always stay with each other, they are some of the best at their job, they carry heavy weapons.

Air Support members fly around in helicopters, they follow ground troopers and if a building is really high they carry snipers, if someone requires air transport they are able to get a ride in a helicopter. Sometimes we go undercover, therefore Tactical Assault members psn's will not be disclosed. When you join you will recieve a list of Snipers and Air Support members with their PSN's.

The only people who know the Tactical Assault psn's will be the leaders of squads and me.


To join just add me on psn, TheFMC.


Names in red are Head Commanders of those squads.



Snipers Tactical Assault Air Support
Anoucing in a few. Vacant Vacant
Edited by TheFMC
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There's a table generator by Barguast, but I don't know the link.





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Fixed up. I added a few new things, Im not disclosing PSN's on this topic, only when you join you get a list of members and their psn's.


I will give the first people that join a squad commander spot, but you got to put what your best at...


Oh and for Air Support people, you must be good at flying and landing a helicopter.


We will be starting training in a few minutes wink.gif Im making a private game free roam for us, add me on psn if your joining and ill invite you.

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Destroyer Of Cheese

Sounds great. I'd love to join, but I won't be able to get on a PSN for at least another hour. I'll contact you when I am on though. This should be interesting.

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Ok, well what i'd like people to also do when they psn message me is to include their forum names.

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