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GTA: Philingtonland

Recommended Posts


Ok this is long but very good ideas are in it. I also wish for people to add ideas as well. Now SR 2 and The Godfater 2 are adding true next gen features that seperate them from GTA and these are ideas that will make GTA revolutioanry gaian.


Ok now this would be a great next step for the next GTA. R* could bring back the state elements and make the game go in a new direction as well. 1st off there will be 8 main areas on the map consisting of the cities of Bodingmore(Baltimore, Maryland), Quaker(Philadelphia, Pensylvania) Atlantic Beach(Virginia Beach) and the last main city would be Capital City which is based on DC.


There would be 4 smaller cities or towns based on places in Baltimore County, Norfolk, Suffolk, and a place located outside Philadelphia. A major aspect for this game R* could use is government corruption, drugs and crime. The story could be extremely gritty and R* could use The Wire for a inspiration.


Basic Storyline


The game would start you off as a small time stick up boy in Bodingmore where you end up robbing the wrong dealers who are actually big time drug czars outside of the city. You end up having to do a large portion of your missions in Bodingmore for the big czars before you finally start working with other people in Bodingmore. The whole Bodingmore aspect would be just about your charcter being basicly a lapdog for these drug barons. The charcter would have side missions which we would expect in other GTAs such as Taxi, Paramedic, Vigalnate, Most Wanted, and numerous different type of robbery missions.


Finally a big crackdown happens in Bodingmore where you end up having to leave for a place in Bodingmore County. While in the County our character has about 20 missions for various contacts and all the side missions that were in Bodingmore are still present. After our charcter finishes his last mission in the County members of the drug czar's group picks our charcter up and says they aren't finished with him. We wake up a few hours later and are now introduced to Quaker City.


In Quaker police corruption is rife and gang crime is at an all time high. Our first few contacts in Quaker are the members of the drug czar and a corrupt police cheif. After finishing up our missions with the czar we are opened up to a new strand of missions which are from a local drug dealer in the city. While in Quaker new gameplay elements are introduced such as Empire building and street racing as well as customization for cars and weapons. About halfway through our missions in Quaker the corrupt police cheif is charged with a RICO as well as about half of the Quaker PD. Soon all hell breaks loose and a Stae of emergency is called on the city. The National Guard takes the place of the QPD and the Stae of emergency last as long as it takes for you to complete the mission strands in the State of Emergency. After completing the missions that took place to the state of Emergency the corrupt police cheif announces that he'll become a witness and testify against everyone he worked with including our character. Now we have to get out of Quaker but not with out the FBI chasing us down on the last mission while in the city.


Our charcter's car flies off of an incomplete bridge into the river and he's presumed dead. In all actuality our charcter survived the crash and is now in the small city of Gooch( based on Suffolk) where our charcter is trying to make his way to Atlantic Beach. after numerous missions in Gooch and the surrounding areas our charcter is now trying to build his criminal empire to be at the top of the food chain. Our protagonist finally makes in to Atlantic Beach. While in Atlantic Beach our charecter meets numerous new contacts including some high level gnagsters from Liberty City, Alderney City, Los Santos and Carcer. One of the missions even involves our charecter going to Alderney City( simialr to CJ going to Liberty in SA) for a metting with the guys he plans on doing business with. The meeting ends up going sour because the men are actually associates of the big czar from earlier and they were beleiving that our charater was dead and now the beleive it was all a set up and a huge shootout begins.


After killing all the goons in the building our charecter goes back to Atlantic Beach to continue building his empire and is getting ready for the impending war with the czar. During our last few missions in Atlantic Beach a big time mafioso from Vice City comes to town and our charcter is tricked into beleving that if he kills this mafioso then the czar will let by gons be by gons. The truth is the mafioso from Vice is actually one of the czar's connects and after a huge shootout our charcter kills the Vice City mafioso only to find out he was lied to and tricked. Now the czar is sending hit squad after hit squad after our charcter. Our charcter is finally able to get out of Atlantic Beach now knowing that he has to kill the czar to make sure he doesn't get killed. Curing the Atlantic Beach levels new Empire Building options are made availabe such as casino buliding as well as all the other options from previous areas.


Our last stop is Capital City the heartland of the state. The RICO trial for the corrupt cheif is now starting but you are now orderd to shut him up by a mysterious man who has captured someone close to you. Our charcter now has to get a crew of his men rush into the courthouse and murder the Cheif as well as other people inside. We soon find out that the man who orderd the hit is a government official who the cheif was going to testify against. Fianally after about 25 missions our final mission strand would be taking down the czar. We get into constant shooutouts with the czar's people until finally we meet him face to face. We soon find out that the czar is actually the same government official we had to do hits for. He has his hands involved in evrything and tells us that almost evryone is corrupt. After killing him we get control over his empire as well as our own empire and then the game is free roam completly after that.


Gameplay Elements

Empire Building is an addition in the game and you don't actually have to expand your empire any besides the main storyline missions.


-There will be around 250 buildings that you can buy in game and convert them into any type of business you want ranging from drug front, prostituiton, gambling etc.. You can also make the buildings have legitimateness to the as well. You can make casinos, strip clubs etc. and run illegal activities inside the buildings.


-A Respect and Repuation Gauge will be in the game. Repect will be towards how the various groups treat you in the game including your friedns such as Girlfriends and depending on how muc they repesct you they will do various things. Say your girlfriend has low respect for you. She will constantly nag to you and may ned up dumping yo. If her repect for you is high she'll always gloat about you and you'll get bonuses such as if she's a cop you won't get arrested and she always do what ever you want.

The same goes for gangs. If a gang or police have high respect for you they won't bother you but depending on what you do the meter can either go up or down.


- Repuation will differ from Respect. Your Rep will a number meter that shows over the various places in the citiers. Say you have a high Respect meter with a certain gang but in that city your Rep is very low then you'll bascily be an unkonw person but if your rep and respect is high across the boards then you'll get numerous benefits.


-You can buy places such as Movie Studios and Record Labels to enhance your rep and respect simialr to how you could buy things like that in Scarface


-You can buy henchmen to be your bodyguards as well as work at your places. Depending on your respect and Rep you can only get som many henchmen. If your Rep and Respct is maxed out then you can hire the maximum ammount and that would be 20 hnechmen for each place and 3 henchem to be your personal bodyguards at all time


- Rivals can attack you at all times. If you make reivals with certain people then you're open for attack at all times. They can send hit sqauds after you or your business at all times including missions. But the good thing is you can chose when you want to make rivals. Since 250 buidlings will be purchasable for any reason in the game we can only have a maximim ownership of 30 buyable buidlings at a time. So if we diceide that we want to take over a certain business we can send a hit squad in or go in ourselves and take it over but that will also make your respect go down for that certain gang and they will be after you until you you get wasted or until the War time limit goes down.


- You can fully customize all of your properties. Meaing you can customize any of the buildings you want to fit how ever you want them to be. You can customize your body gurads such as giving them full kevlar and high power weapons. You can customize your weapons such as giving guns slip extenders, imf beams, surpressors etc... You can also customize your cars and your chartcter but you can't change his weight.


-You can sell and buy any of the 250 purchasable properties. So say you make a high price casino in Atlantic Beach. You can sell that casino at the asked price and then you can buy it back later for a lower price.


-You never feel like you have unlimited money. Since you can be attacked at any time when certain business go down then you have to either pay to fix them or don't pay at all and you stop making money on that particular business and someone else takes it over. You have to keep your charcter appearance up with nice suits and cars to make him look like a boss but only if that is your intentions. Yo can pay off cops so you don't get wanted levles and you can get lawyers so when your busted you pay a smaller fee and keep your weapons but that depends oon the lawyer. A top notch lawyer may cost $10,000 an in game dayand you keep him for how ever long you can afford him.


- Buying cars and weapons has benifits. Not all the cars on the sreets will be the best cars. You can olny get top notch Infernese or Banshees at dealerships and when you buy them you get perks that come with them as well as car insurance so if they get stolen or blown up you them back for a fee. Top quality cars will be in good neighborhoods aswell but if they get stolen or blown up they're gone for good until you find another 1. But you can get certain cars for free or cheaper prices if you own the dealerships


Early in the game with weapons you start off with sh*tty guns but as you advance you can actually go to a Ammunation and take a license test. If you past you can get legal guns and some of the better guns at a lower price but it won't be the best thing to kill with them because it can be traced back to you and you'll have a 4 Star Wnted level for 4 in game days unless you pay a police lutneit or cheif enough money. Street dealers will have illegal gun parts and illegal guns as well as the Ammunation guns but some guns will cost more then others even at the Ammunation. The customization will be similar to how it was in Army of 2


-You'll earn 6 safehouses in the game that are permenant.


- You have a bank account where you can store your money so you won't have cash on you 24/7. You can have Debit Cards and Credit Cards as well as a maximum of $10,000 of cash at any time. Your Debit Card will have the maximum of your money in the bank so if you have $100,000,000 in the bank that's how much is on your debit. Credit Cards will have a maximum of $20,000 and you can own up to 3 at a time. But you have to pay them off.


-There will be loan sharks where you can borrow up to $50,000 but you have to pay them in a certain ammount of time. If you don't they will be after you. But you could kill them and take over their business, make your own laon shark business or buy them out. Then of course there is the possibility of never paying them.


- You can store both wepaons and money in you properties and safhouses. You can store unlimited ammo and uns in your safehhouses and properties and up to $1,000,000 in safehouse and properties. Meaning you'll never have to put moeny in the bank if you don't want to and if you own the maximum of 30 buyable properties on top of your 6 permanat safehouses you can have up to $36,000,000 in your properties. All money and wepoan storages will be in safes that only you will know the combo to.


-You'll have over 100 NPCs that can become friends or GFs in the game and 40 NPCs that will become your GF or Friends just because R* programmed it that way. You can dump friends and GFs at any time.



-The cellphone and computer will be even more importnat then ever. You can arrange meting with contatcs including mission contacts, side contacts and your employees when ever you see fit. You can downlaod games on your phone and computer as well as buy things off the computer such as weapons off illegal gun websites.


-In terms of the Wanted System it will be even more complex then ever. I'll break it down below.

1 Star= Beat copos chasing on foot and searching the perimeter of where you were last seen. They don't show too much interest and they carry taser guns. Last 1 in game hour

2 Stars= 1 Cop car searches the perimeter for where you were last seen. They are more agressive then 1 Star cops and carry Glock 40 pistols. Last 2 in game hour

3 Stars= 2 Cop Casr, 1 Swat Van, 1 Chopper and spike strips as well as Wanted posters for the chharcter and if people see you they can call the cops. All cops are equiped with kevlar and SMGs. Last 1 in game day

4 Stars= 4 Cop cars, 2 Swat Vans, 2 Choppers, DEA getting called in and everything mentioned above happens here. Last 2 in game days

5 Stars= All of the above but now the FBI joins in with Buffalos. Last 4 in game days

6 Stars= All of the above but now the National Guard is here with mini tanks. Last 6 in game days.

Now all of this makes doing misisons harder as well as managing you empire because now the police are on you at all times. The radius will encompass where you were last seen and all f your know places on interest. Aslong as you saty of of the eye of the police and public maybe by wearing a hoody and sun glasses things will be easier. Aslo you can just call your lawyer or the police cheif if you have them on payroll to bring down your heat.


- Another new addition to the Wanted System is apporoite cops come for the appropriate situations. Homicide will come to homicide scens. DEU will come to drug scense and etc..


Mission Structure


-Mission structure will be next gen. There will be no repeat missions and if you fail the missions you fail them meaning your Rep and Respect will go down. But there will be side missions to make up for the failed missions and the story will alter a little bit.


-Choices will be expanded on meaning you can choose who you want to wrok with and who you want to kill. Depending on you choices the outcomes will deiffer


- You can contact firends who may happen to be criminals to help you on missions wether they acompany you or wether they feed you tips and advice. One you hire bodyguards they will accompany you at all times until killed and you rehire different bodyguards.




With multiplayer players are able to run amok in all the areas of the state in MMO style and creat their own orginizations and battle it out 24/7.




These aren't all the weapons and feel free to add your own. All weapons will be customizable.




Desert Eagle

Glock 40

Glock 380


Mini Uzi

Tech 9



Grenade Launcher


Baseball Bat

Brass Knuckles




All the cars from past GTAs in both old and newer models. Certain cars can only be brought from dealerships or on online dealerships.




2 mainstream rapstations ranging from an old school West Coast/East Coast Station and 1 mainstream new music station

1 Underground Rap station

1 R&B station

1 Old School R&B station

3 Talk stations

3 Rock N Roll Station

1 Foreign Station

1 Opera Station


The ingame cellphone and ingame MP-3 player will alwo for music saved on hardrives and you can purchase music in game from various music stores. You can eve purcahse whole cds including fake artist such as Love Fist and Madd Dogg


Side Notes


There will be numerous cheat codes including the loved spawn Tank, ped riots, peds have weapons, no wanted levels etc.. Finally R* will inclue fan favorites that won't appear in game what so evr such as jetpacks

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Wow nice story! I really like the idea.




-Mission structure will be next gen. There will be no repeat missions and if you fail the missions you fail them meaning your Rep and Respect will go down. But there will be side missions to make up for the failed missions and the story will alter a little bit.



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Tony Mozzarelli 80

Nice work dude, it sounds like an excellent game. I'm gonna go ahead and paste some ideas i had in another thread. So remember, if they seem to cover some ideas you already had, it's because they weren't originally addressed to you, but i still think you might like the ideas, and you can probably expand upon them. By the way i love the thought of invading the courthouse haha, now that's a mission. anyway i'll add them one at a time, and give you the chance to discuss whether you like them or not, or give possible ways on how to expand upon them.



Like it would be great if you had the option to run your own rackets. We'll use Drug dealing

as an example. There would be a number of people around the city, from whom you could

buy your commodities. and a number of fences through which to sell them. Some fences and

suppliers would perhaps be involved with certain underworld politics, meaning that if you deal

with 'x' supplier. 'y' fence won't take goods from you anymore, until you make ammends.

In this way you would be forced to use your brain a little and take a few things into consideration

before you acted.

There would also be a number of informers around the city, with whom you would have to gain

favour by doing little tasks and jobs for them. Once you reach a certain amount of respect with

them, you can the pay them for information. They would tip you off to the location and time

of big deals going down, so you could choose to rob them. Or they may tip you off to certain

people who intend to betray you, or betray someone else.


Things like this would add an immense amount of replayability and require a minimal amount of

thought from the player, while simultaneously keepin a dynamic story upon which you can have

a real effect

Edited by Tony Mozzarelli 80

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cooooooool mercie_blink.gifmercie_blink.gifmercie_blink.gifmercie_blink.gifmercie_blink.gifmercie_blink.gif

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What the f*ck kind of qualities does Virgina have to be in a GTA game?

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What the f*ck kind of qualities does Virgina have to be in a GTA game?

Wow I was suprised to see this thread up here lol. After days of no replies I wanted people to see my ideas so I just posted this topic into the make your own GTA thread lol.


But anyways Virginia Beach is a well known drug operation city espoecially for cocaine. Alost of East Coast traffickers go through Virginia for cocaine and ecstacy pills.

Edited by Sergi

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I like the current wanted system better than yours. I like the hoodie and sunglasses idea though.

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I like the current wanted system better than yours. I like the hoodie and sunglasses idea though.

Wow. That's all I can say. My wanted systme is nothing more then an updated Wanted System that truly feels as if it's a cat and mosue game and you really think that a wanted system where plice cars randomly appear on the map as long as you're in the wanted radius and they find you no matter where you are if you're in the radius. Well that's your opinion but oh well.

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