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"Insert CD" problem


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Ok well few a few weeks ago my vice city was been running fine and i unistalled it for some stupid reason! now i installed it again and now! it keeps saying "please insert cd or press esc to cancel"


how do i fix this? I unistalled a mod from it a while ago but i just want to play it again!


confused.gif please help guys confused.gif

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I think this might help you.

he never wanted a GTA:LC mod fix. he just asks when he wants to play the original VC, a 'please insert cd or press ESC to exit' problem.

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Check if maybe your CD has become damaged/scratched. This can prevent the CD drive from recognizing the CD, sometimes.

Or Get a NO-CD patch. It really speeds up loading time..




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Are you trying to run the game in Windows 98 compatibility mode? Because I had that problem when I was trying to get it to work of my Vista laptop and when I selected that compatibility mode, it didn't recognize my CD even though it was in the drive, but it recognized it for the other compatibility modes.


If that isn't the case, try uninstalling it again, delete the user files folder in "My Documents"-if on XP/"Documents"-if on Vista, plus all remaining folders in the install directory not touched by the uninstall, then try a fresh reinstall and see if that helps. It also wouldn't hurt nothing to try cleaning the CD as well. Vice City is the only game to date, that gives you the option to install the radiostations to your hard drive, or just run the stations from the CD.-If you have a low end PC, it would be best to just have the radiostations running off the CD rather than the harddrive, but on a higher end PC, it is best to run the stations from the harddrive. Hope this helps.

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