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GTA1 in windowed mode


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i made a shortcut to make it -w at the end of the file location and it still not working


i normally use 16bit to get it working (like gta2).


i tried googleing and i get incorrect results for gta windowed mode i get san andreas instead


the reason why i needed windowed mode so i can talk on MSN while i play


please help



Edited by FREEBBC
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try searching for "Gildos" or "DxWIN" in google.

i tried them


no luck for the searches sad.gif

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  • 1 year later...



I'd also like to know how I can enable windowed mode, or a way to have a widescreen resolution (preferebly 1680x1050). wow.gif

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  • 4 months later...

I think only on GTA DOS version+dosbox... (i tried here and works fine. Otherwise, my joystick dont work well, the char start spining like a retard... im using a usb joy. On keyboard its okay)


Dxwnd dont work. Tried with all modes and they just start at fullscreen. Using dx6 it show the menu windowed and you can select the missions but they dont start and freeze after that...


Glidos dont worked. It dont run nothing. Maybe is something with os (im using windows 7).


Somebody must have a trick to make the window mode work on gta provided by rockstar games on their site.


Edit: Theres a sh*t bug with side axis right and left (up and down too) while you try config your joystick for gta from dosbox... this makes the character spining all time. I believe its because usb compatibillity...

Edited by bolha
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