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WIP | Jeff Hardy


Recommended Posts

This is my first mod , so i guess it aint that good ..... sad.gif


I got the attire right , but the face looks more like David Blaine that Jeff Hardy biggrin.gif


user posted image


user posted image


Jeff's Biggest swanton biggrin.gif


user posted image


oh , btw it would be helpful is someone could tell me how to change the color of the hair , cos i'd want to make it multi-colored .....


Links to the images :





Edited by Aanjan
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thanks ..... yeah the hair and face needs some work ..... gotta read some tutorial for making the hair style ...

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yeah,i can see the pic.its lookin' nice there.jeff hardy is one of my favourite wrstler after john cena and rey mysterio.

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yeah .... he's one of the greatest wrestlers of all time ....


OT : The DVD - Twist of Fate - Matt and Jeff Story , one of the best DVD's , my respect for Jeff grew even more after watching that .....

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yeah .... i hope he gets his title shot soon ..... he's been in the business for quite some time ....

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anybody have a head model of Claude ( GTA III ) ??? i found few models , but the .dff files come with a preset hairstyle , which cant be changed ....


i just thought of having Claude's head since the facial structure is similar to that of Jeff's ....

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sry to double post , but new pics of the rainbow haired warrior biggrin.gif


user posted image


user posted image


does it look too awful or what ??? .... i need to find some good hair model .....

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i havent completed the hair part yet sad.gif , so i guess the download is still not available right now ....

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hey Aanjan,

Can you please teach me how to do this making and stuff, I really want to learn, how do you edit faces and stuff..please! whatsthat.gif

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hey , it's no big deal ... there are lots of tutorials available here , but i didnt read any , i learnt the basics thru trial and error ..... but lemme tell you , you need lots and lots of patience ....


and let me also tell you this : am a Noob at all this stuff ..... so u cant expect much from me...

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