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Will the next GTA be on PS3?

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I know this may be a dumb question, but the only reason I bought a PS3 last week was to play GTA 4 and GT5 (when it comes out), I was wondering if it's likely the next GTA will be out on PS3 also? I hope I won't have to buy an even newer console to play the next in the series...

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I have no doubt it will be on the ps3 and 360. Unless the next generation of consoles come out before then, which is unlikely.

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From the last interviews Sam Houser has given, Rockstar North have no plans to follow-up GTA IV. Reportedly R* North are working on an all new franchise said to be taking advantage of blu-ray technology on PS3, hopefully multi-platform too if only eventually.







Rockstar could spend this entire generation, instead of just milking the gta-cow every 2+ years or so, actively diversifying their portfolio of games and creating several major franchises, because they can't be seen to be relying on gta forever, and if they don't grow moving forward they will be swallowed-up by the EA-machine. It is quite possible that the next one could very well be Grand Theft Auto V (Vice City) on the next generation of hardware, i.e., PS4, etc.


The new franchise might be even better, even more profitable, anything's possible with R*. In which case they would probably devote all their time to it like the past era of GTA. It's very unusual to find a developer of Rockstar's caliber only having one major gaming franchise.

Edited by Guanxi

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Mainland Marauder

I would be surprised if it's not followed up at some point during the PS3's lifespan, and even more surprised if it ended up being the end of the series. But yes, I'd say it's time for Rockstar to mix it up more.


GTA is still a major moneymaker and it is still the big part of the price tag of any potential EA buyout.


die.gif EA (and I was once a fan)

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D- Ice

It better be on this gen of consoles. I'm not gonna buy another console just for another GTA which might disappoint me - or rather not be as good as expected as with GTA IV.

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Gabriel Constantin

I cannot blame R* for wanting to expand their franchise portfolio, but I think it would be foolish to abandon their most profitable series to date. Especially considering the fact that Rockstar is made up of several different studios, and it only really tends to be R* North who deal with major GTA releases (with Leeds working on the Stories series).


I can see them releasing another GTA title before the PS3 is replaced by another generation of consoles (which I doubt will happen within the next couple of years). Even if it is just to make more money for their other projects. I just can't see them giving up on their key franchise. That would be like Nintendo dropping Mario or Pokemon!

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somehow i see a new xbox coming out in time for the next gta because i don't microsofts goal is to make a console which can last ten years as oppossed to sony, so expect microsoft to start using blu-ray on their console and if that happens then expect a bigger and better gta.


but none of that has happend so lets just wait and see biggrin.gif


i also r* will not abandon the gta series, its there most profitable series and they have just started the IV series i can't see them stopping at one game. also they have just chinatown wars which indicates they will keep making gta games. rahkstar2.gif

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