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Rants about GTA's past and ideas for the NeXt

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I'm going to kind of "nit pick" Rockstar developers because over the past 10+ years of my gaming life they've given me such awesome gaming experiences with the orig top down GTA games, to the 3D experience of GTAIII and the pastel colors and night life of Vice City, to the 90's "South Central" influenced vastness of San Andreas, to the present day IV "crap your pants" experience...and all the little "in betweens" on handhelds and consoles (Stories/PSP) that have kept me on tap.


It's easy to sit back and look at all the (extremely few in number, if possible) imperfections or "things that I wish" developers and producers did in making the next incredibly awesome GTA game. Oh sure, we can point the finger and say coulda, shoulda, woulda, but I think every single GTA game has brought something forward/introduced something new for hardcore GTA'ers like ourselves to just enjoy...which brings me to my only little request...


The thing is, when word hits of the latest batch of something stewing over at Rockstar, we all jump on teh internets and leaf through our newstands finding out all the little latest tidbits of information we can gather on what the next epic game from RockStar we'll be able to enjoy. Awesome storylines, new weapons and gadgets to destroy and terrorize entire city populations, new cars, new characters, new manueverability for dodging/firing a weapon, new EVERYTHING! It's just a never ending laundry list of rich chewey goodness.


Here's where I'm gonna rant a bit and sound like a fanboy so, try not to flame too hard sigh.gif


The thing that really stirs me in to a video game is just an epic storyline that invokes emotion, feeling, perhaps sadness and joy from oneself during gameplay. Something believeable, something true, and just something absolutely enjoyable and playable, day after day, month after month, year after year (which is what RockStar has delivered for every single GTA game), but my biggest complaint here is just that as the games progress, the storylines just seem to get a little kooky and hazy. They seem to deviate on cookie cutter runabout pizza delivery style missions, and while this has really changed completely in the most recent of GTA games, I'm gonna nitpick IV a bit here because in a few later missions its present. Missions start to seem like a "take down this guy, run me here, get Schmojo over to Point B", things along those lines. My idea for an EPIC GTA game would be something along the lines of just a really kickass, livable, breathable story line, in which we really see a character develop. Sure, Niko "matures" through IV and has the ability to "Live & Let Live", but I'm REALLY talking about character development here, when this can really involve some feeling on the gamer's part in how the character is involving. My dream for a "perfect GTA" would maybe be a focus more of just daily life activity; maybe the main character would have to get a job at Cluckin Bell and would have to work a little shift in order to get a paycheck to pay for his car payment. Maybe the character is sent to the back to retrieve food, and has the opportunity to steal money from the safe or something like that. Or maybe, the car in the driveway needs to be taken down to the garage for an oil change, because when you're blasting down the interstate with your foot on the floor its blowing blue smoke out of the tail pipe. On Sundays, you can see cars pulling into church for morning mass, and on Saturday nights, you see punks in muscle cars and hopped up imports lining the parking lots of Well Stacked Pizza. Referencing San Andreas, strolling around outside of Grove Street, you can actually see one of Mrs. Johnsons' elderly neighbors returning home with a bag of groceries in one hand and a cane in the other. "Good mornin' CJ! How's your sister!" she greets. Just little subtleties on daily life being involved on the main aspect of the game. The game would work more behind just performing little things here and there as opposed to jumping in a car, and shooting up a gang outside of a building, then trying to run the remaining members off the road. Once again, this kinda IS what GTA is all about, but it would just really kickass to see GTA take a "different" take on character development throughout the next game.


I'd like to just say that my absolute favorite, my favorite GTA game, hands down...San Andreas. Out of all the current GTA titles, this is one that will keep the PS2 out of hibernation. Experiencing the hardship and plight of Carl Johnson and his pursuit of bringing some sort of justice back to his city and his family is just simply enjoyable and incredible. I'm not trying to say that Niko Bellic doesn't fit this sort of bill, but for some reason San Andreas just seems to have that "extra ingredient" in the storyline that makes me want to pick up the PS2 controller after I've conked out from playing Halo3 or WiiSports against my wacky little cousin. Even after completing the main storyline, theres just something that makes me want to highjack an Infernus and drive it for miles. I don't care if it's in the heart of Grove Street or the boonies near Muholland; every little aspect of this game I've kinda felt that way...


The genius and creativity behind GTA is unbelieveable, and I thank the producers, programmers, and everybody involved with putting together these games have a career that I can only dream about. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to sound like some ranty fanboy here; I just wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with you guys. If you've read this far, thanks for your time. Took me a bit to write this but sometimes I just get on a little rant-roll here. Ever since I ran over some pedestrians on the little PC demo I sampled back in the late 90's, to the time in 7th grade I'd pretend the arm of my computer chair was a stick shifter slamming it back and forth as I drove a Beast GTS through Hackenslash, or the times that I sat around at a friends house waiting for my turn to play a few missions on Vice City when I wasn't fortunate enough to own a PS2, to April 28th, 2008, when I sat outside a Gamestop at 11:04PM playing VCS:Stories on my PSP listening to some new friends explain their love and passion of GTA with me, I hope that I'll be able to experience the awesome-ness of Grand Theft Auto for many years to come smile.gif

Edited by bananabis

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Aw c'mon, somebody read this! I spent alot of time writing all that blush.gif

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Tony Mozzarelli 80

Hahaha, try using smaller paragraphs dude, it makes it a lot easier to read. seeing a large wall

of text, only puts people off. Also there is a whole lot of text in there which isn't really related to

your point, But hey we all rant sometimes.


As for your point, yes i agree that some character development would go down a treat, provided

that we get to choose, in which way our character develops, otherwise your just watching while

the character makes decisions you think are preposterous and you don't really feel connected to

him. The character should be moulded to your tastes, and should be an extension of yourself, in

order for you to truly connect with him


It is fine for a movie character to do as he chooses, if he cares about a certain bitch named Kate,

then it's fine in a movie. This is because we are watching events take place rather than taking part

in them. When i'm watching a movie character who is generally a good guy walking down the street.

I can't make him start killing old ladies, and therefore his actions will remain consistent with the

writers vision of him.


With a game character it should be left up to you. You're the one controlling him, you should choose

how he feels, and how he reacts. whether he cares or whether he doesn't. whether he is vengeful or

merciful. whether he is a violent psycopath or whether he just 'needs the money'

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hahaha sorry dude lol, thats like 20 lines of text, the great wall of text haha


i read the title and i think i understood what you mean, here is the way your topic should look like:


"post what bugged you in past GTA's and how it should be worked on, write what you want in the next GTA too"




now heres what bugged me:


i didnt have much place to roam around, i was stuck inside a crappy city and i had the feeling of being trapped, in broker i had a 2 lane street, buildings at the sides of the roads and a railroad above me, it didnt give me enough room for pwnage or free-driving, offroad etc.


i didnt like the fact that liberty city has been used 4 times, use a new city, a new feel, a new world.

(off-topic: you arent working for rockstar and smuggling ideas off the forum right?)


why do we have to use specific buildings as hideouts? cant we just find an abandoned warehouse and use it as a big garage, repair garage and a hide-out? anywhere where we are hidden from the police(as long as they didnt see us entering) is a hideout, a boat wreckage or anything


in GTA IV you could use the enviroment as a weapon but why not use it as defense too? finding a dark cave, hide in there and wait for the cops to come, set some traps and BOOM, it can also be used as a hideout


cars can be stored at any abandoned place, that would be awesome


make the character express himself, lets say the engine notes that he is close to a wall, moving very slowly/stopped and is surrounded by cop cars, he will shout "arggg this isnt over now!" its like the multiplayer "killed by" text, the bot always hits right "f*cked up 'me' " or "shocked and awed 'me' " at the correct time, lol



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