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"disc unplayable"


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Well this may not have anything to do with GTA4, but still, this is the second time I'm going to have to return my F*CKING Piece of defication 360 to get a new one. You know, the only reason I bought a 360 is to so i could get H3, and that was a proven failure.(no offense to those who liked it). Is there anyone else out there who is as unfortunate as me with their 360?

Please now is the time to vent.


...Oh and yes i just realized that there is already a post on the same subject. But this problem is a little different. Because Ive tried everything Microsoft suggested to fix it and nothing worked.

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yes,360 sucks,ps3 also sucks,its the exclusives for the 360 that made me buy (like dead rising,awesome game)


basically,all the consoles suck lol.gif PC is the true one,but all these pansy developers only make console games these days confused.gifsad.gif


(but we,pc gamers,still get a few good games,like mass effect,and gta,hopefully)

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