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Making and Spending money.

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I was very pleased with GTAIV, even though it became quite a bore after you beat the game. Everyone knows why it is boring afterwards (even if some people don't consider it boring), it is simply because there is nothing to do. No doubt was GTA IV a great sight seeing game, but people want action and things to shoot at and be interactive. The visuals is what made GTA IV, and it showed how much potential R* has with this engine and the consoles.


What would be better? I think dealing drugs would be actually be entertaining. When I mean "dealing drugs" I don't mean a street deal, I mean moving a lot of merchandise, from pills to cocaine to heroin. It would be one of the gaps of the whole money problem GTAIV had, all that money and no where to spend it. So, instead of spending it why not take a chance of dealing drugs and making a profit? I liked how the Scarface game did with drug dealing, it was fun and addicting but also difficult to move the drugs around (via, moving the coke from the islands to miami). But when you deal with drugs there are always the law to deal with, I think if you get too big or are not sneaky enough the feds will come with ruthless aggression. I think this could be great side missions, you don't have to deal drugs, but you get more money out of it.


So.. you are making money with the drugs so what to do with the money? Ever since Vice City I was wishing R* would properly add a feature to own property and land. Not just a lame casino or strip club, I am talking about watching it slowly build up from a building then you can choose what you want to place there (hotel, apartments, skyscrapers, store fronts, whore-house, hell possibly a trap house for drug dealing?). You build that and make sure no rivals come to vandalize it or destroy it. And when it comes to building and owning a business, that means you become a business man. I really don't know how R* could imply that, but being a business man in GTA world would truly make it a criminal master piece of a game.


I think R* should think the next GTA over very good and do things that they've never attempted. Being able to buy/own land, building buildings in that land, and being able to own and cooperate a business would be something very entertaining(if done right) and could cause a bit of the whole "boredom" to go away.






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Tony Mozzarelli 80

I couldn't agree more. When they began to implement stuff like that in VC i was

baffled and extremely disappointed that they never expanded upon it. owning

properties and running businesses and illegal rackets, is the way the series should

turn in my opinion

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Saints Row 2

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Saints Row 2

HAHAHAHA!! Good one! lol.gif

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