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transformer or mech


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anyone ever made a playable Transformer (edit: AUTOBOT) that moves (not like that chees crappy old transformer model which just stands up), like a real trasnformer (edit: AUTOBOT) or mech in which the parts acutally move and its programmed to scare people and such? imagine how fun taht would be


yes imagine how hard it would be too, but there are a LOT of people in this community


edit: to avoid misunderstandings - i'm not looking for a transforming vehicle (because i know very well its not possible), i'm just looking for a big giant destructive robot which scares people and walks.


on a slightly different note, whats the largest vehicle mod ever made for SA? because i want it. something huge.


as u can see, i'm in the mood for huge.


but yes, a biped mech in SA would make me pee in my pants

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