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cool GTA 4 crashes


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liberty city ninja

nice vid i was going to make a video of this myself cookie.gif :cookie:oh and did you make a drift video that was a nice vid to if you made it

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I wish I had a capture card.. I've done some pretty sweet crashes sad.gif

i record online. also i think the next xbox/ps would have a video capture in it built in. too bad © holder would not like that much. also i use a dazzle. its cheap and works.


Also TheSamurai Hobo really like your sig. thats what i alway say to my friend.

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nice demonstration o how sh*t the damage system is. the cars survive everything without a scratch. WHAT HE HELL would you want a tank for when the cars are almost indestructible? And you can shoot from windows.
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Than you people. its just fun to see what you can do with just running into stuff.

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