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A GTA game when you are a cop

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you have all the rights to become a cop but three people stand in your way


Cider- you biggest worry he can sell you out in a matter of seconds, the reasons people call him Cider is because all he drinks is Cider. he can get you from doing anything from stealing a car to breaking into a a drug den and selling the lot. if you dont do what he tells you he will sell you out to the cops



Box Boy- he use to be a Box Boy but he worked for the local mob to get his street rep up soon he was killing people and stealing there wifes. he would never hit a woman but would easily hit a man wait not hit kill. he is a danger to you because if you dont do what he says he will get you and torture you


Diet- he use to way 46 stone but he went on a diet and ended up only weighing 14 stone know he is a crazy gangster who isnt afraid to kill everybody you love


this gta game would be set in a the gritty streets of london with the gangs and the youths around you helping with every step but you cant get caught by the police our its all over for you







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EaStSiDe SoUlJa



Cider,Box Boy and Diet.....????

nice names

Edited by EaStSiDe SoUlJa

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There is a True Crime series if your into the cop stuff.

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Oxi Oxi

If I was you suicidal.gif

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