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Alexander Blade

[REL|SA] Quick Opcode

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Alexander Blade

Can we move this topic into "Mission coding" ?



- = GTA San Andreas Quick Opcode Library = -


Description :

This library realizes basic functions for work with opcodes , so if u wanna

create ur own opcode and u have much exp in programing - this is for u .


Supported gta_sa.exe versions :

- 1.0us (14383616 bytes)

- 1.0us compact (5189632 bytes)


Download from



I've created 3 test plugins for this :

-some string stuff

0B10: alloc_string "blahblahblah" store_handle_to [email protected]

0B11: free_allocated_string handle [email protected]


-for work with GXT entries


0B20: reset_GXT_entries

0B21: add_GXT_entry name "gxt_entry" value "blahblahblah"

0B22: add_GXT_entry name "gxt_entry" string_handle [email protected]

0B23: delete_added_GXT_entry name "gxt_entry"


-for INI-files

0B30: create_ini_file name "CONFIG.INI" handle [email protected]

0B31: create_ini_file name_handle [email protected] handle [email protected]

0B32: destroy_ini_file handle [email protected]

0B33: read_int ini_file [email protected] section "SECTION" param "PARAM" store_to [email protected]

0B34: read_int ini_file [email protected] section_handle [email protected] param_handle [email protected] store_to [email protected]

0B35: write_int ini_file [email protected] section "SECTION" param "PARAM" value 18

0B36: write_int ini_file [email protected] section_handle [email protected] param_handle [email protected] value $Value

0B37: read_float ini_file [email protected] section "SECTION" param "PARAM" store_to [email protected]

0B38: read_float ini_file [email protected] section_handle [email protected] param_handle [email protected] store_to [email protected]

0B39: write_float ini_file [email protected] section "SECTION" param "PARAM" value 18.27

0B3A: write_float ini_file [email protected] section_handle [email protected] param_handle [email protected] value [email protected]

0B3B: read_str ini_file [email protected] section "SECTION" param "PARAM" store_to [email protected]

0B3C: read_str ini_file [email protected] section_handle [email protected] param_handle [email protected] store_to [email protected]

0B3D: write_str ini_file [email protected] section "SECTION" param "PARAM" string "VALUE"

0B3E: write_str ini_file [email protected] section_handle [email protected] param_handle [email protected] str_handle [email protected]

0B3F: del_section ini_file [email protected] section_name "SECTION"

0B40: del_section ini_file [email protected] section_name_handle [email protected]

0B41: del_key ini_file [email protected] section_name "SECTION" key_name "PARAM"

0B42: del_key ini_file [email protected] section_name_handle [email protected] key_name_handle [email protected]

Edited by Alexander Blade

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Damn this looks great. Definitely must try that.

Great work!

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ya it looks great but having trouble inserting the opcodes.can you make a readme.txt that goes deeper in detail of inserting the opcodes? suicidal.gif

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Alexander Blade

for people who know any high level programming language that readme is full )

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It really is a great tool, but could be more flexible, it should work with the same versions that the CLEO library works.

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Alexander Blade

but works only with 1.0 us / compact

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but works only with 1.0 us / compact


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