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Ghost of Kate


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I just completed the story of GTA IV, and in the last mission (out of comission) i chose the revenge option in the level with dimitri and so kate got killed etc.. etc...

now after i completed all the missions the game started again as i would expect and then i did one of the friend missiosn and then i got a phone call from kate who DIED!!???

any one else had this?

all the other characters in the game are still ringing me crying about her death but i can still go on dates with her?

any one able to explain this? mercie_blink.gif


thanks everyone!

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Well I've seen many videos on youtube with this glitch can you date her still? If no then this is the only time to see the ZOMBIE KATE! lol. Don't have this bug and never will what system are you playing on?

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playing on the 360. i should have checked u-tube! forgot about there


i can't ring her from my phone either but i just thought it weird that she rang me and that i could still go on a date with her.

may be Niko was far too hung up on her lol biggrin.gif

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strange,Kate never called me,might be because I rejected her so much,her fondness was about 95 percent when the game ended (I chose revenge),maybe you should get it up to 100 percent to have her call you

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