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GTA Vice City with Xbox 360 controller problems



Hi guys first post here so I hope this is in the correct section etc. Been having trouble getting Vice City working with my Xbox 360 controller on the PC.


I got Xpadder to start so i could configure buttons etc but I've found I can only look around up/down left/right etc with "standard" control setup but I need "classic" control setup for target auto aim with weapons as it's pretty difficult to play with joypad without this. Is there any way of getting this all working?


I also tried Vice City Analogic Mapper 2.1 which I managed to get almost everything working with including analog triggers for accelerate brake and then used Xpadder to map the rest of the controls to other keys.


Has anyon got an Xbox 360 controller or any controller working perfectly with vice city on pc? Ie. analog controls for aiming, walking etc perfect along with auto aim (ie on classic settings)?!




Edit: I'm using Vice City version from Steam if that makes any difference!

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4 answers to this question

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To my knowledge, I don't think the Steam version is compatible with mods, saves, and controllers from other versions of the game. I can't test it though, as I have the Original VC for PC release. I can confirm, that on the Original PC version, the PS2 controller works pretty good on it. Hope this helps.

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I have heard that the 360 controller does not work on PC. There is this seperate XBOX controller for Windows that you need to buy.

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Thanks for the replys...I've had a decent look into this and it seems there's no way around it...you can either look around but no auto aim or auto aim but you can't change where the camera points. Lazy programming on Rockstars behalf basically, lets hope if they do GTA4 on PC they do a better job!!


Girishb the Xbox 360 controller is the "PC" one i bought specifically for playing games that work best on gamepad on my pc. It's basically a standard xbox360 controller but you get a device to plug into usb for the wireless link. V. impressed with it so far!

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Well, I've got my PS2 controller working just fine with an adapter that cost 8 bucks at Wal Mart. I tried my 360 controller, but my problem is that I can't program the triggers.


Unfortunately, you cannot auto-aim if you are using standard controls. This is actually better though I believe. You have the free-aim ability, which is preferable to me. Only recently have I decided this though.


The 360 controller only works really well with the more recent games. Games that came out before the 360 don't seem to work very well with it. Morrowind was just a pain in the a**, and I still had to use my keyboard and mouse for a lot of things. As a matter of fact, the only games I've been 100% satisfied with using the 360 controller on PC are Resident Evil 4 and Jade Empire.


On a side note, you can use auto-aim and be able to control the camera in San Andreas. So, it's not laziness on R*'s part, it was that Renderware engine probably couldn't do that yet.

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