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Grand theft auto MOST WANTED


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Do you like my GTA Next? that game is about:

A character call Ted

There will be more stars like 9 in the gameplay

Maybe 120 missions in it, I don't know.

7 star- Cops using better and powerful weapons

8 star- Swat team using powerful weapon then 7 stars

9 star- Jet using rocket and shoot to Ted!

Weapon its up to you!

Story: All the gang factions were involved in a war and Ted's gang were killing every polices they see in 1991 then, in 1993 Ted's gang decided

to kill the President for sending Ted's gang to prision. Ted escape his city and went to New York without people noticing he was wanted. But in 2006, people from Ted's previous city were talking about the wanted peoples. But no one ever know who are they yet. But on 2005, Ted's gang broked up and leave. So now Ted needs to hide his identity and bring his gang back together and find the teller and now the news was spread all over the place. If Ted's doing mission for someone he don't trust, he'll changes his name into Barry. If Ted's doing mission to someone he trusts, then its ok to be call Ted. Then, in mission 40+.... Ted trusted gang assistance will betray Ted and then in mission 90 to 100, Ted's identity will be broken due with idiots from mission 60 to 80........... The last mission is about him, himself without help, 8 stars and he's betrayer fight together in fist only because the cops shoot Ted's and Ben(That Betrayer) weapon so they run to the New york's musuem and when up to somewhere like an attic up in the museum... They fight. Then if Ted wins, he will have to go and steal a Jet with armed weapons(Thats a checkpoint). Then he has to use it and shoot every police station and the army site places then destroy ever cops near the museum.... then he has to destory the Jet he was using and go to his main house and meet up with sombody that can be always trusted and a play scene will show about them talking about solving the problems. After that, Ted promote him to be his new assistance and then MISSION PASSED! The new cops from some other contries will move to NY and will not know about the WANTEDS. So thats free roam! Yeah! that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif

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I think the story's a little far-fetched, to be honest.

When was the last time you saw a rocket shooting some guy on the street?

And the one star cops would have to be right pussies, if you have a 9-star wanted system.

Rockstar keeps using the classic wanted system 'cause it works, no need to change that.

And Ted deciding to kill the president 'cause he sent Ted's mates to jail? What?

At least you're enthusiatic.

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i don't see how you go from swat team using powerful weapons to a jet launching missiles at you.

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This is one of those topics which nobody actually thought through before posting. 9 stars? How are you supposed to get away from that? 5 stars in IV is almost impossible


The story sounds a bit like Just Cause. Blowing up police stations and army bases?

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the story is definitely far-fetched. the 9-star system will make first 2 stars very easy. i like the name, GTA: Most wanted. but R* probably wont use it cause of Need for Speed most wanted. (copyright issues)

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