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I believe its in Meadows Park. It looks like an abandoned fair ground or something. But you can climb to each tower and snipe down. Pretty cool! colgate.gif

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Yeah, I remember those towers, there is one ladder that goes from the bottom to the top tower. It is funny to get cops after you and they try to climb the ladder and keep falling to their death. lol.gif Also, if you take a helicopter up there, there is one of those Liberty City cleanup guys that usually water plants, rake grass, and sweep sidewalks. He runs away though, but someday I'm going to catch up to him and push him down the part with the large ladder. It's also weird if you slide down that huge ladder or any other ladder you don't get hurt.

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They're the observation towers left over from the 1964 World's Fair (those and the unisphere). As mentioned great for a knocking up a few stars and watching the cops fall to their death. I haven't seen anybody at the top though (gardener), will have a look...

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