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Im trying to meet all of the random characters to acheive 100% and I've met all of them at least once, but every time I go to the location to meet them they're not there. I need to meet Marnie again, Pathos again, Brian again and Jeff two more times. Is there something Im doing wrong, do I have to wait or something? Thanks for any help.

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You'l meet them all in different locations from when you met them first. Jeff will give you a phone call for his second meeting. Pathos will meet you a second time a little further down Star Junction. He's on the middle of the street by a newspaper stand. Marnie's second meet is by a bus stop sighn along the same street as Bernie's house is. A little further up. Jeffs third meet is next to Drusilla's where you get the missions from Ray.

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It also differs which time of the day they will be at their meeting point. Through personal experience Marnie, Pathos and Brian will be out from early to late afternoon. The blue stickman icon will only show up on the radar when your in the vicinity.

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