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Woody Rains


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This is the story of Woody Rains, a legend.



Woody was just a normal kid living in a well of family in the outskirts of Detroit in a semidetached house. but as woody grew and time progressed, the factory his father worked in closed which forced them to move. Finding himself in the slums of Detroit at 16 woody found life to be hard and things didn't get better when his father was killed by a local drug dealer thinking he was an undercover cop. Woody was forced to drop out of school to get a job to support his mother who still hadn't recover from his fathers death. Woody had a few minimum wage jobs until he met Chris, a 18 year old hustler that had done a few small time jobs before. Chris and Woody started to rob a few stores and stole a few cars and Chris had gotten hold of a gun that he gave to woody.




It was a could day in march and Woody was 17. For the first time since Woody moved he felt like his life was taking a turn for the better as he walked to his house with a bundle of cash in his pocket and a gun inside his jacket. But when woody came home he felt that something was wrong, something was very wrong.



He ran to his mother room only to find here laying on the floor passed out, beside her were a few needles. Wood picked up one of the needles and checked it's contend. It was heroine.



Furious and full of anger, Woody ran out of the house wiles putting bullets into his gun. He hot wired an old brown car standing in the dinner parking lot across the street and headed downtown to a old run down house with gates on the side of the building leading to the rear entrance. Woody backed up the car and rammed down the gates with it. All was silent for a while untill Woody remembered where he was and saw two men in black suits running towards him. Woody rolled out of the car and Shot them bout in the leg and then stood up and shot them both strait in the face. after picking up one of the guys body armor and some ammo Woody stormed into the house dodging several bullets and shooting some guys wiles running to the end of the corridor. after running up some stairs he kicked open a door and walked straight towards a black man in his late twenties wearing and expansive suite surrounded by some young ladies.


- Motherfu... , was the only think the man had time to say before woody unleashed his whole clip into the mans body.


- that for killing my father, said woody.


- And this is for selling heroin to my mom! screamed woody as he threw the man out of the window so that the body fell and hit the street below where a big lorry traveling a bit over the speed limit ran him over.


Woody could here sirens in the distance and ran up to the top floor from which he jumped from roof to roof until he got on to the roof of an old apartment building and ran down the fire escape stairs on the side of it. he quickly jacked a Buick Riviera from a man that was just about to park it next so the sidewalk. the man got out of the car and woody punched him in the face until the man fained. It had started to rain and woody could feel the smell of the leather interior of the car which reminded him of life back when he was young and his fathers leather couch on which he used to sit when he told stories to Woody. Woody made a right hand turn of the exit as a tear fell from his eye. He was now a wanted man.





to be continued......

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